Remembering Andrew…


Walk toward the fire, because the other side relies upon fear to stop your footsteps…

Walk toward the fire, because it takes one to spark the courage of others…

Walk toward the fire, because the opposition hides behind it…

…”Walk toward the fire. Don’t worry about what they call you.  All those things are said against you because they want to stop you in your tracks.  …But if you keep going, you are sending a message to people who are rooting for you, who are agreeing with you.  The message is: they can do it too“…

~ Andrew Breitbart

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191 Responses to Remembering Andrew…

  1. Southern Son says:

    Damn, SD.
    I just got over his Birthday.
    That You, for reminding Us.
    And spreading the Story of this
    Amazing and Courageous American Patriot.
    God gave him to us, at the Perfect Time, for the work that God had laid out for him.
    I Miss him so bad.
    He Deserved to enjoy his work being carried forward, and no doubt, he is Smiling Down now.

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  2. jparz says:

    May he rest in peace, knowing that HE WON!!

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  3. sulli159 says:

    RIP Andrew; you are never forgotten and we will carry your WAR onward.

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  4. Just Curious says:

    I love Breitbart and I am sure that he is doing God’s works way above to help shaping us down here in ways that we will never know until the day comes when some of us will be lucky enough to meet him again up there.

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  5. We miss you, Andrew, but your spirit lives on. Breitbart is here.

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  6. louche9 says:

    From Casablanca: “And what if you track down these men and kill them, what if you killed all of us? From every corner of Europe, hundreds, thousands would rise up to take our places.”

    Andrew’s light shows no signs of dimming.

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  7. Mr. Morris says:

    It did not know Andrew Breitbart but I admired him. He assembled facts, presented them and did not back down in spite of attacks by the liberal media. He was determined to call out the BS wherever he found it. He was a very brave and inspirational man. He was a rolling stone who gathered no moss. He died too young.

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  8. Fern says:

    Simply, he was my hero!

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  9. recoverydotgod says:

    You had only begun to fight. You are a teacher and an example. You made the world of difference. You’re a hero, Andrew Breitbart.

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  10. Finalage says:

    RIP Brietbart! Your legacy is being fulfilled!

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  11. Jean . Morris says:

    I will never forget Andrew’s last speech at CPAC, and I haven’t been to a CPAC since. There are so many wonderful quotes from Andrew that will live on, and this is one of my favorites.
    “The truth isn’t mean, it’s just the truth.”

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  12. Lauren says:

    I miss you Andrew! I remember where I was when I heard about your passing. You are so missed.

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  13. Rex says:

    A nice tribute there, sundance. It speaks well for this little website. Sorta reminds me of…
    “Don’t wait for orders from headquarters! Mount up, and ride to the sound of the guns!”
    – Pat Buchanan

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  14. Kaco says:

    I only really learned of Andrew Breitbart this past summer when I discovered his website. And it was through the comments there that someone posted the CTH and I came here. I definitely knew of the Tea Party but didn’t get involved at the time, although I had searched a local one out. I do remember their platform was very much my political views. My “activism” had consisted of faxing Congress through NumbersUSA, after I discovered the illegal aliens invasion was getting out of control.

    Thank you to Andrew Breitbart for being a leader and contributing so much to this movement that has brought many people together to vote for a better future for the U.S.

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  15. sunnydaze says:


    I just went over to the Breitbart site to see how they remembered him today.

    Unless I somehow missed it, there is no mention there of Andrew Breitbart today.


  16. Maquis says:


    Marching orders for a Re-Revolutionary Movement.
    In one short word.

    A Brilliant Model on Saving our Nation and Freedom.
    In one tragically short life.

    May his Lingering Spirit Never Die. May it Burn On.
    In our own short lives.


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  17. Blueduck says:

    Andrew would have fit in with the Founding Fathers very well… a leader and an example.

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  18. alegenoa says:

    I really miss Andrew. Said by a random guy from another continent, and all I did was read a few of the things he wrote. Most people don’t understand how deeply transformative his work was.

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  19. dalethorn says:

    Entering this topic I already had tears in my eyes. What an inspiration!

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