Here We Go Again – Media Create “Capitulation Narrative 3.0” on Trump’s Immigration Position…

As Gruber famously said: “we rely upon the stupidity of the American voter“, he was talking about administration and legislative lies for ObamaCare.

In the latest MSM round of let’s undermine President Trump with his supporters, immigration version 3.0, (not coincidentally following the aggregate assembly of the MSM praetorian guard at the White House today), and simultaneously create a self-fulfilling  prophecy effort – the media are back off to the races selling a Trump immigration position capitulation effort.

…. and, once again, the media’s success is dependent on the stupidity of the American voter.

Look Familiar?

trump-lunch-media…”Hey, I’ve got an idea.  We were thinking”…

There’s nothing, not a single thing, of substance to back up the eleventieth time the media have created this immigration capitulation narrative other than the exact same stuff, their stuff, they used the last umpteen times.




Sheeesh !

Carry on…


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232 Responses to Here We Go Again – Media Create “Capitulation Narrative 3.0” on Trump’s Immigration Position…

  1. gary says:

    If this lunch was a ON THE RECORD type thing, maybe Trump has his people video it, and can show what anchors said and Trump’s response.

    Then show VERY FAKE NEWS CNN head-line and how dis-honest the whole thing is.

    Trump had to know MSM would try to attack him when they went back to MSM head-quarters. I hope Trump Team takes down the MSM, and it’s a Knockout Punch. 🙂

    MSM is Enemy of the American People (owned by Globalists and Mulit-national Corps)

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  2. IdahoDeplorable says:

    I believe in President Trump. He said he would never lie to us and he hasn’t. He said he would keep his promises and that is just what he has been doing. The MSM is just lying to us once again.

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  3. georgiafl says:

    Remember how the devil sided up to Eve…..began to build doubt and uncertainty….distorted the truth enough to confuse her…. “Did GOD really say…?”

    That’s exactly what the media are doing or trying to do.

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  4. TheTorch says:

    Good grief people, how many times have we been here before.

    The media lies. Fake news.

    and Trump plays the media like a Stradivarius.

    So lets see what we have…

    Tonight, we have Trump in prime time.

    So if you want to maximize viewing potential, what do you do ?

    Ah yes, someone floats the idea of a compromise on Dreamers/Immigration…

    Media pick it up and run with it in frenzied mode. Primary purpose to damage Trump with Trump supporters, anything else is a bonus.

    They are being played again, they really do consist of the most stupid people on planet Earth. Even better Trump knows how stupid they are.

    It works every time. Every single time, without fail.

    There is not one iota of information to suggest that Trump is softening his position on Immigration. Nada. That is because there isn’t any! 🙂

    So tonight get ready for a great speech and with a few juicy announcements, that will have Trump supporters jumping off their couches with joy, the left heading for the nearest clinic or bar and the media wondering what the heck just happened:

    Game, Set and Match.

    Hint 1 – Tomorrow is the new executive order on Immigration.
    Hint 2 – In the audience tonight are invited guests by the President, some of which are families who have lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants…

    Go ahead, make my day

    I could be wrong, but the again it could be EPIC 🙂

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    • Obama's boyfriend says:

      I was amazed that the media said that Trump was going to surrender on immigration. I thought an amnesty was gouing to be declared, but like Gruber they think Americans are idiots who will believe their tripe.

      Trump hit it out of the park but the Demos acted like retarded, spoiled snowflakes Their response was laughable and quite unbelievable, but heck Demos have the IQs of carrots so they might swallow such nonsense. I mean they keep peddling the same old tripe that they cheered when Obama spread it. And we’re to believe this clown who got kicked out of office because of his support for Obamacare? Guess his folks done went and raised an idiot. A fantastically stupid one who spat on his preacher parents and told lie after lie.

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  5. georgiafl says:

    Found this on another thread – my favorite forever!!!

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  6. Jason Ross says:

    Lots of wishful thinking and posturing from both sides, but I say this every day and it is so true … Jake Tapper looks REKT


  7. Just imagine what would happen of we all trusted Trump to keep his promises while the MSM told the leftist losers who still tune into their nonsense that Trump is softening his stance on immigration. Their lies would actually expand his support!

    Stay tough guys! 😀

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  8. HobbyFarmer says:

    Senior Administration official? Folks, this could be a false flag to catch a leaker too.

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    • nimrodman says:

      That’s astute, Farmer. I’ll now go back and read other comments, just started on the thread in this place.

      But just looking at Sundance’s headline and couple lines in the article, I was wondering if the Trump admin floated small hints to get media trumpeting this “softening” and “path to legalization” all day – only to pull the football away in his speech tonight where none of that was delivered. Thereby humiliating the press.

      All the better if it’s a two-fer – accomplishing it by leaking in a way that might expose leakers.

      Too cool.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Ah, after reading on the 1st page of comments I see others had already described the same scenario. Sorry, I just wanted to get the comment out before I lost it. Diminishing memory and all that.


  9. Mike diamond says:

    I hope president trump served the press McDonalds! Maybes ,a happy meal!

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  10. JBrickley says:

    The more the media plays these games the more eyes are opened to their bias and seething hatred. There are quite a few people unhappy with Trump but you’ll be losing more Democrats who are reasonable normal people the crazier you become. Keep it up, double, triple down, get crazy. Meanwhile, Trump ignores it and keeps the Trump train moving all night long and it keeps accelerating. While you flip out about Kellyanne kneeling on an Oval Office couch, Trump has accomplished several rather important goals. Keep chasing where the ball was and not where it’s going. It wasn’t Charlie Sheen with the ‘tigers blood’ its Trump! He has one and only one speed and he’s focused on the end game.


  11. Billydunn says:

    Relief. … he did not sound like he was backing up on anything !
    Stay strong Mr President.

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  12. Joe Blow says:

    Aaaaand another media lie goes poof.


  13. TexasDude says:

    I do not have cable or satellite. I just have the internet and Roku.

    Do not miss the news channels one bit.

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  14. bulwarker says:

    More like the MSM is projecting than reporting.
    Ill voice my concerns if the specter of amnesty is ever raised, but this is NOT the case. I will say, the only thing I’d ever be willing to trade amnesty for is an amendment (yes, amendment not court decision, EO, or congressional clarification) banning birth-right citizenship AND making English the official language and those must come first.

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  15. Jason says:

    hehe… are we sure ur President didn’t just troll the media again to have them hype up the address and potentially get a larger segment of the left to tune in?

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    • Jason says:

      **our** President


      • nimrodman says:

        Yeah, I just wondered the same a couple posts upthread.

        That Trump admin may have floated small hints to get media trumpeting this “softening” and “path to legalization” all day – only to pull the football away in his speech tonight where none of that was delivered. Thereby humiliating the press.

        Nice play, if so.


  16. Pilate says:

    I would guess none in the MSM mentioned Spicer allowed Christian Broadcasting, One America News, and 5 other smaller, AMERICAN owned media outlets to the lunch….

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  17. redsequin4 says:

    Sad that Drudge fell for it.


    • MissV says:

      Breitbart, too. Only hardens my resolve that nothing in the media can be believed.

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      • redsequin4 says:

        Well I’m starting to get pretty aggravated with Drudge, he leads with”Yes She Can” about Oprah running for President. Give me a break. The President gives an amazing speech, rocks the house and that’s the headline we get this am?


  18. Fake news= Fake leaks now.

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  19. Trump must have an iron stomach.

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  20. Everyone fell for it but Sundance! The only place for political truth!


  21. jstanley01 says:

    The way the Lame Stream Media see it, if they lie that Trump is capitulating, then when he does exactly what he said he was going to do, they can come back and say, “See, we told you so.” They think it will increase their credibility, seriously. I know that their thinking is nuts — a loopy excursion into the gooney weeds — but it is the Lame Stream Media we are talking about.


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