Egypt’s Sameh Soukry Meets With T-Rex Ahead of President al-Sisi Visit…

t-rex-and-egyptEgyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukry is in the U.S. for high level meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ahead of an upcoming March visit between President Donald Trump and President Fattah al-Sisi.

Readers who are following the assembly of the Freedom Alliance will immediately notice the intention of the Shoukry meeting with T-Rex.  Or, if you just like to understand history before it takes place and hits the headlines, pay attention to these subtle events.


(Egypt Daily News) […] The officials will also discuss ways to enhance their relations in all fields, including political and economic, along with issues of mutual interest, including the crises in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.

Moreover, they will also review the latest developments in the Palestinian territories and the regional and international efforts for the resumption of negotiations. (more)

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42 Responses to Egypt’s Sameh Soukry Meets With T-Rex Ahead of President al-Sisi Visit…

  1. Gil says:

    Waiting for your follow up post on this one sd, once you see what they say and can translate. Thx in advance.

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    • Alison says:

      I’m grateful to Sundance for past analysis on what occurred in Egypt during Arab spring & current situation vis-a-vis possibilities for working relationship. Look forward to following these meetings.

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  2. Disgusted says:

    That’s a pretty big guy if he makes T-Rex look short.

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  3. Willy says:

    Keeping lines of communication open is a huge plus…

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  4. Interestingly, throughout prehistoric times, the behavior patterns of whimpy, fragile, passive beasts demonstrated fear, dread, and avoidance of the mighty T-Rex.

    Fast forward to today…. behavior patterns haven’t changed much if your a Hillary-embracing Democratic snowflake 🙂

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  5. Paul Killinger says:

    What we have going for us is relations between ourselves and Egypt have been historically close, despite Obama’s best efforts to breach this mutual trust.

    If we are going to defeat the menace of ISIS and even bring a wider peace to this war torn region, the Egyptians will be the key to these efforts.

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    • MikeH says:

      Egypt has been and remains close to Russia as well. They are a very friendly nation and are quite happy to trade with anyone.

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      • And they are the Big Dog in the Middel East in GDP and population. That newspaper that SD gave us the link to is fascinating. Our Mr. al-Sisi is having huge problems still with the radical Islamists. Those people (the radicals) are beyond vicious!
        I will say they are equal opportunity monsters and sadists thought – Egyptian women school teachers and Christian Copts, among other unfortunates. The Sinai Peninsula appears to be a special problem. Israel was smart to give it up!

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  6. Pam says:

    Tillerson has truly has been fullfilling president Trump’s campaign promise of draining the swamp in the state department. Mr. Tillerson is also a very smart businessman. He knows what he’s doing and does it very well. Our POTUS is brilliant.

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  7. Betty says:

    Holy Moley, how tall is that Egyptian guy??


  8. litlbit2 says:

    Body language, awesome! Winning with the Trump cabinet, everyday a Blessing from above!

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  9. Troublemaker says:

    This meeting is really important. Egypt’s el Sisi (like the King of Jordan) is a voice for Islamic reform to confront the ideology of Radical Islam from within Islam.

    Flash from the past:

    Egyptian President: Saying ‘Radical Islam’ Important ‘So We Could Correct It’

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Send that to Gen. McMaster who thinks he knows better than al Sisi.

      He suffers Custer’s disease, perhaps.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        What has McMaster said that would lead you to that conclusion? His supposed disagreements with Bannon? I would have to see something other than an AP/Reuters newswire to determine if this was a disagreement of the core or the particulars — one could argue that Bannon sees the wider view, but McMaster sees the smaller picture — both are essential.
        I do know that news reports have been flying about how McMaster is at odds with his boss and is more aligned with Bush, but I tend to not put much credence on what the AP and company say anymore.
        I do agree that the term “radical islam” isn’t helpful to the smaller picture (and that is where the defense forces have to operate — they have to get tasks done, not set political ideology; it is pragmatic to say the things he says then in order to get things done): there are many things within the whole that could justifiably claim ownership, and most are interconnected to an infinite degree, and many things that are not now thought to be are indeed the very thing itself perhaps even far greater than what we have seen up to now…this last should be kept in mind completely. It is a blanket term, and if you pin the tail on the wrong donkey (and there are many tail-less donkeys, of which you only have one tail at a time to pin) you wind up chasing wild geese.
        And we have been sucked into chasing things for quite some time…often for the benefit of others and nearly to exhaustion by ourselves.
        From the big picture, it is better to consider the larger cultural content, as Bannon does (Bannon is political and is there to set an ideological tone — to fashion out a course, but not get the actual things done; this is necessary too, but a different task).
        That those two might disagree, IF they really did disagree, is perhaps logical — and I would hope that the people on Trump’s staff would not be in agreement, or even agreeable, to each other all the time, as we do not need a bunch of “yes” men.


        • Jenny R. says:

          I bring up this as an example:

          To many “radical islamists” this would be a very bad thing….so we should support the person who they think is very bad, no? Or is this person setting up something that is 1) islamist at its core; 2) is far more radical, and potentially dangerous, than anything we have yet seen? (and by the way, I’m sure al-Sisi and King Hussein of Jordan are very much watching what is going on with that situation and jockeying around to try to get some allies of their own — they are between a rock and a hard place, to pardon the pun).


  10. bob says:

    Sameh is a big man


  11. miketrivi says:

    Egypt was once a fully functioning Christian nation. Now the Coptic Christians are a minority in their own country. They, too, thought it possible to bargain with the muslims. They were wrong and they lost their country.

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  12. Madonna Davis says:

    If it were not for the level-headed military leadership of Egypt, they would have gone the route of Libya, which was Hillary’s plan: Thank God and the generals he had in place there, Egypt was stabilized and is still an ally. I believe T-Rex can make a good deal of progress for peace in the area like Sedat did. Let us all pray that the adults will remain in control and calm the school yard after spanking a few fat bottoms for misbehaving.

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    • Maquis says:

      Agree. I pray for al-Sisi. Unfortunately, Anti-President Obama’s Islamist coup put the entire Muslim Brotherhood on an active war footing throughout Egypt. It was much much more peaceful before Zero created Ground-Zero right in Cairo.

      To boot, the Sinai used to be mostly demitarized and almost entirely free of any terrorist outfits, it was a wonderful buffer zone for Israel. Now, it’s utter chaos.

      Fortunately, al-Sisi razed hundreds if not thousands of homes and other buildings to create a greater buffer zone between Gaza and the Sinai. There is greater territory for terrorists to cover if they want to exchange weapons and tunneling mayerials. And tunneling is now more hazardous. They have farther to go, and there’s more opportunity to detect tunneling operations.

      Walls do work. So do no-go kill zones between walls; my favorite approach.


  13. Dixie says:

    T-Rex should have been Vice President.


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