President Donald Trump Remarks During White House Governors Ball…

President Donald Trump delivers remarks during the governors ball:



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235 Responses to President Donald Trump Remarks During White House Governors Ball…

  1. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Lovely table settings and the First Lady looks beautiful.

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  2. jackphatz says:

    Too soon to tell yet but that weasel Kasich was singing a different song once he got here. I just know he’s not done screwing us Ohioan’s yet!

    Any idea who the four no shows were?

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  3. Jim Rogers says:

    Our president’s remarks were gracious and inclusive….. But inviting a toast from the VA Governor??? I won’t be satisfied until that governor is TOAST!!!

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  4. PatriotKate says:

    Very nice and I was really intrigued by the graciousness of Gov. McAuliffe. Hmmmm.

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  5. Fe says:

    They sure do! FLOTUS Melania is stunning as always and I love her side swept hair style.

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  6. letty bromenschenkel says:


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  7. 3x1 says:

    Melania is beautiful as usual. Trump is polished, as usual.

    But who is videoing this? Starting about 2:30 in, the camera starts wavering all over the place.

    Shall i send the WH a tripod with instructions on its use?

    Anyway, much better than watching the latest Hollyweird self-adoration ceremony.

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  8. letty bromenschenkel says:

    GOP controls 31 Governorships out of 50

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  9. missmarple2 says:

    Terry McAuliffe knows which way the wind is blowing, is how I read that.

    Plus he probably wants to get some concessions for Virginia out of the Obamacare stuff or the budget.

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  10. letty bromenschenkel says:

    GOP controls 37 state houses out of 50

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  11. Sandy says:

    First Lady Melania is beautiful. We have a down to earth President who is awesome and a first class Melania. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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  12. jojo says:

    This adorable deplorable is so proud of OUR CITIZEN SELECTED & ELECTED PRESIDENT. I love saying that. Thank you for making grace & beauty a part of your leadership style. PS. You married well, Pres.

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  13. sunnydaysall says:

    Terry McAuliffe sucks… I know it is a brash statement but he is so deep in the swamp, he camps in the same ooze as Hillary and Bill…
    On the other hand, the room was beautiful and the first lady, stunning! President Trump was, well, was as always, President Trump ❀ πŸ™‚

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    • SoCal Patriot says:

      Every once in awhile we need to put aside our differences and remember we are all Americans.

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      • That’s what got us where we are now.

        So, I’m out on that one. It’s time to put the term “bi-partisanship” to rest, and by rest I mean six feet under.

        See: john mccain.

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      • repsort says:

        The left doesn’t, ever. They are always looking to destroy us.

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      • BakoCarl says:

        Yes . . . but –

        Demonrats want to fundamentally change America so it doesn’t even resemble the America of one nation under God with liberty and justice for all . . .

        Deplorables want to restore America so that there is no doubt that our country is one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

        An big exaggeration here, but to me it’s sort of like saying Christians and ISIS need to briefly put aside our differences and remember we are all human beings.

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        • RICHARD CANARY says:

          Whoa, there! The only trouble with that last paragraph of yours is that some human beings forfeit their humanity by threatening the entire human race with death unless they all bow down to Islamic rule and shariah law. Never. Never. Never.

          The only logical and moral course of action when threatened by Muslims is to annihilate them.

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      • Vince says:

        If there is any place to put away partisanship, it is with this organisation if governors.

        Here we should be talking less about red vs. blue, and more about the tenth amendment and what that could mean to the states. This administration is eager to deregulate at the federal level, but that doesn’t mean blue states need to fight it. Any federal regulation or statute can be replicated at the state level if the citizens of the state want it that way. A good respectful working relationship with the governors will help President Trump move his agenda forward.

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      • SteveInCO says:

        Every once in awhile we need to put aside our differences and remember we are all Americans.

        I’d be happy to do that, with the loyal opposition. But most Dems at that level hate everything this country stands for.

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    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      We all know President Trump won Virginia.

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    • M. Mueller says:

      Have you ever noticed how many times President Trump – or Candidate Trump – introduces or talks about a “bad guy” and reassures us that he’s such a “good guy?” He only does that for the bad guys; he never introduces Rudy or Sessions and says, “he’s a really, really good guy.” I remember him saying it about Ryan and McCain.

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      • El Torito says:

        A left-handed compliment at best. Integrity is measured by actions alone. If you have to tell people that you (or someone else) is a great guy, then you’re broadcasting your doubt. Like a salesperson hyping “value.”

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      • Patriot 1 says:

        I will have to watch for that. I am revolted to hear Mcauliffe’s name in the same sentence with “good” unless it is referring to selling out people for his own gain.

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      • sunnydaysall says:

        Hmmm… I have noticed that! I wonder if he has a reserved meaning for those two words, and he only uses them out of disgust. I remember him saying it for McCain and Ryan, but it seemed contrite for saying it to the American people and it truly was not heartfelt towards the two traitors…
        (Video): Published on Aug 7, 2016
        Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte
        Donald Trump has decided to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sens. John McCain and Kelly Ayotte — after initially declining to do so and in the case of McCain, assailing him repeatedly. Trump broke with his usual form, reading from notes. He expressed his admiration for Ronald Reagan and his “big tent” theory.

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  14. SoCal Patriot says:

    That was very classy of the President and the Governor.

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    • El Torito says:

      It is an improvement in relations – it has to start somewhere. I have a hard time with the word “classy,” because in this case it is obvious both sides don’t believe what they are saying, but I will give it an A for diplomacy. I am glad for the apparent willingness to work together for the common good. Hopefully not an illusion.

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  15. akearn says:

    The candles and lighting are just gorgeous … I believe it when our Prez says the room has never looked better. Absolutely lovely … thank you, Melania, for your exquisite taste. I’m figuring he had to ask McAuliffe up because he heads the Govs association or some such, but graciousness all around. McAuliffe looked like he couldn’t believe he was toasting Prez … gulp … Trump.

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  16. andi lee says:

    Very elegant room. First Lady Melania is simply a natural beauty – magnificent bone structure.

    I do hope the Governors recognize the raw deal we’ve been dealt and rectifies the past wrongs; pretty sure education and health insurance will be the common ground for the most part but the illegals will be an issue with at least 16 governors – those who sued against the EO travel ban.

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  17. letty bromenschenkel says:

    “Republicans have expanded their power in state capitols to their strongest levels in decades, picking up several previously held Democratic governorships while also claiming control of some key legislative chambers.
    The Republican gains in statehouses capped a remarkable election in which Donald Trump won the presidency and the GOP held on to majorities in the U.S. Senate and House.”

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  18. georgiafl says:

    Mrs. Trump chose to use the GW/Laura Bush china, which is lovely with the Spring dinner theme and the green and white flowers.

    PS – The Bush and Reagan china are lovely and dignified – but – the Clinton China is awful:

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    • And yet as much treason was spoken of over the bush china as was over the klinton china, perhaps with the bush crime family still consuming free food off of it with them…

      I don’t have much cause for the pomp and circumstance of it all, I want harsh results and the restoration of freedom, liberty and JUSTICE OF ALL. By all, I mean those traitors that have been selling out the aforementioned virtues of a constitutionally based representative republic, and our very lives and futures of ours and our progeny.

      It’s far past time, and it can’t be changed “prettily”. Period and rant off.

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      • repsort says:

        Yep, the pomp and circumstance rubs me wrong too. People are in pain and hurting out here in the real world, hung out to dry by most of those attending. And they sit there slapping each other on the back telling each other how great they are… Makes me wanna barf, TBH.

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        • 4bleu says:

          An evening formal dinner of governors is hardly ‘pomp and circumstance’. The real meaning refers to this sort of thing:

          Which what a coincidence! reminds us of two things:
          One: Unlike Hollywood, Bollywood knows how to make movies.

          Two: There’s nothing like a head of state announcing a major tax cut to get the population dancing and cheering. Jalaluddin cut taxes 500 years ago, his wife showed up all happy on an elephant to great ‘pomp and circumstance’ and the people still are singing his praises today.

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          • Yeah, but that looked like a potential assassin in the last few seconds. So glad, it quit. Jalaluddin and his new wife clearly loved each other. I think she said something like, “I had to come here, but you have stolen my heart!”


            • 4bleu says:

              LOL. You translated the German?
              Yes, there was big exciting drama next, but everything turned out all right and the Emperor went on to a classic hand-to-hand combat duel in front of two armies against his scheming pro-tax brother-in-law, who had just killed Jalaludin’s other outlaw brother-in-law who had decided Jalaludin wasn’t anything like the news was portraying him as and was trying to flee the camp of the treasonous faction to warn him of the treachery plan, while trying not to upset his own sister too much as he pummeled her husband, she being much nicer than that grotty brother-in-law and thought lower taxes made everyone joyful.


    • Stringy theory says:

      There is no Clinton china left at the white house—they stole it all.

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    • 3x1 says:

      The Clinton China is probably in Chappaqua, along with everything else they stole.

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    • Michelle says:

      The Obama China is dead ugly also.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      The Obama is almost as bad.


    • lorenetn says:

      Oh thank heavens the Reagan china is still there! I thought the Clintons stole it.


    • MfM says:

      I agree the Clinton china is ugly. I like the Reagan china. Often the consideration is what do you have enough pieces of so you don’t have to mix sets.

      The Trumps might be stuck with Obama or Clinton’s china because of the quantity available for large events.

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    • Southern Son says:

      You are right ga/fl!
      Clinton China looks like the hubcaps off my ‘ol Dodge.

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      • thesavvyinvester says:

        “Clinton China looks like the hubcaps off my β€˜ol Dodge.” Their ya go, it is bad enough we have Never Trumper’s and the left’s TDS going on, now you invited the Ford and GM Performance Guys to pile on!!! πŸ˜‰


    • In AZ says:

      Obama’s is as ugly as the Clinton’s.


  19. Red says:

    Wow, I couldnt get over how cheap McAuliffe’s tux looked compared to our President’s. I strained my eyeballs out to see the tips of his collar but I couldn’t see them. McAuliffe’s shirt was tacky and looked horrible…


  20. andi lee says:

    First Lady Melania Trump is truly a great blessing to our nation!

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  21. liberty2828 says:

    Territories were present to make up the 46 there.

    List of State Governors not present.

    Florida No problem
    New York
    Texas – No Problem
    West Virginia



  22. freepetta says:

    I’m nauseous Terry McCauliffe! Are u freaking kidding me?

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  23. eagle1965 says:

    Rick Scott on the list? He ate dinner with President Trump last night?


  24. eagle1965 says:

    I mean, he was on the list of governors not attending. Confused??


  25. Pam says:

    Our FLOTUS looked stunning as always.

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  26. Duhders says:

    What is the purpose/point of the governor’s ball?


  27. paulraven1 says:

    Terry McAulliffe is a “good guy”? Whoa, Nelly.

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  28. TONYA PARNELL says:


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  29. REP says:

    Can’t wait to see what that place looks like at Christmas time if it looks this elegant now.

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  30. Michelle says:

    The remarks were all around very nice. I would love to see the governors work together with President Trump instead of fighting him out of spite.

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  31. I so wish I was the governor of Illinois right now and actually went to the ball! Maybe someday… πŸ˜€

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  32. What a great idea to have the Governor’s Ball at the same time as the FAILING FALLING HOLLYWOOD OSCARS! I just now heard about it. Didn’t take President Trump long at all to set it all up either.

    Ha Ha LAUGHING AT YOU HOLLYWEIRD! And the walls come tumbling down. The bad OMEN of your stage prop falling down was all I needed to know. LOOOOOOOL! My, how fast the Heavenly Host work. Your dried up and lack creativity and all your movies and TV shows are nothing but mind programming, from the latest action drama to the least of your sitcoms — ALL PRESET and CIA globalist approved to shape the minds of Americans, “to overcome trust in our senses and to accept what these priests said as reality. Controlling what people think of as reality is real power. Hence, the emphasis on propaganda in our society: from the pulpit, to the classroom, to the television to the podium. When seen together, it is everywhere.”

    I just love how Trump works all the time. He found a way for work and elegance tonight. Yes, many unclean in the room of politicians tonight, but that’s different if it’s your job. Trump was there to drink so for him this was all in a day’s work. Trump works in DC now and it’s just part of the job, cleaning out the swamp.


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  33. Timmy-the-Ute says:

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  34. President Trump is bringing back social decorum to the White House in respect to these type of occasions. Record turnout.

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  35. Colorado Conservative says:

    I was doing great watching the video until the part where Trump introduced “a friend of mine” as in Governor McAuliffe. The same governor who registered thousands of felons just so Shrillary would win VA. Does not sound like a friend to me. But that is classic Trump for you, being gracious to people like that.

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  36. Aqua says:

    So love the photos from this event, along with everyone’s comments. I am enjoying all the nicknames everyone has for their respective governors. McCauliff’s ears must have been ringing with that best debate line ever-the “you’d be in jail” line the President gave to Hillary


  37. Publius2016 says:

    President Trump was very gracious and caring as always. He has worked with both sides of the aisle to get things done. Repealing and replacing Obamacare is one of the most important things our President campaigned on and he needs both Republicans and Democrats on board. Imagine freezing federal money allocated to each state for healthcare and giving each state the flexibility to set up the insurance plans. Imagine a federal catastrophic insurance plan that could be marketed nationwide to entrepreneurs and others without compelling anyone to purchase the plans. Obamacare is a scourge upon our land both in philosophy and in practice. Most Governors know that they can do better.


  38. Patriot 1 says:

    I had to turn it off when Trump described Mcauliffe as a “good guy” He’s anything but.


  39. You would think the White House could afford a steady cam, wouldn’t you?


  40. Lynda Forti says:

    Nice. Love the Bush china. Beautiful.


  41. ivehadit says:

    Eagle Eye is in the House! Melania is Donald’s best asset…for more reason’s than one! πŸ™‚
    We love you Donald and Melania!


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