President Trump Meets With Manufacturing CEO’s To Discuss Economic Policy Objectives…

President Donald Trump met with twenty-four CEO’s from the largest manufacturing organizations today for a listening session.   The CEO’s represent over $1 trillion in annual product sales and employ approximately 2 million people.

The objective was to listen to their feedback on what policy initiatives are most important to their growth and stability, and to understand their perspectives on current regulatory hurdles that are negatively impacting current and future growth.

Prior to the closed door session, President Trump made some brief remarks with the press.

@06:30: …”we’re going to have a good relationship with Mexico – I hope – and if we don’t, we don’t… but we can’t let that [trade deficits] happen”….

List of attendees below.


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63 Responses to President Trump Meets With Manufacturing CEO’s To Discuss Economic Policy Objectives…

  1. Hey! Where’s the CoC?

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  2. bessie2003 says:

    Watching their ‘after the meeting’ press statements now. Really happy and impressed to see their enthusiasm!

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  3. Winning so much tends to give me headaches. We’re now at migraine status. Course the treatment is watching the splodey heads on MSM so I’ll deal with the winning.

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  4. booger71 says:

    While President Trump continues to work for us…Congress took the week off to do well….nothing.

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  5. trapper says:

    Don’t need no CoC. Don’t need no MSM. Don’t need no Fox News. Don’t need no CPAC. Don’t need no Republican pundits. Don’t need no State Department bureaucrats. Don’t need no 7th floor shadow government. Don’t need no Pentagon procurement office. Don’t need no middlemen no how.

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  6. TJ says:

    Very impressive! Watched of Fox Business. Our POTUS was on his A game. Varney was gushing over the meeting. He brought on Brett Baier who, surprisingly, had high praise for President Trump. Of course, Varney had to follow withRubio fanboy Stirewalt who was forced to admit the President was very impressive in his dealings with these CEO’s, but he said the question would be in a few months if he delivers on these promises. Poor Stirewalt & the NeverTrumpers. They still haven’t learned. POTUS will win. He will deliver Big League for USA!

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. jparz says:

    President Trump is so flipping cool!!! What a beautiful thing to see this morning (AZ time). I am getting used to winning. I am looking forward to many, many more victories!
    Loved the hole in one story!! Hope Sundance adds the presser after the meeting. I missed it.

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    • mdt123 says:

      Watching these CEOs, they are on comfortable peer terms with DJT. Imagine an Obama or Hillary in same meeting and it will be stuff like how many green jobs created, how many minorities are in your employ and what are you doing for climate change. The guy from Dow Chem was really good as was Caterpillar.

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  9. Mickey Wasp says:

    Ways and Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) 8th District – was hand picked by Ryan and the CoC cronies and is much a DC swamp creature as any … the House Ways and Means Committee, considered by many to be the most powerful committee in Congress with jurisdiction over taxes, health care, Social Security, Medicare, international trade and welfare. Get that? This is where the smoke and mirrors begin. Prior to his election to Congress, Kevin worked as a chamber of commerce executive for 18 years. ~ their opening page has Ryan’s “Better Way” plan. ~ this is the full members link and they, even the Democrats, need a mic stuck in their faces and pointed questions asked.

    Get the mic out of Ryan’s face and start interviewing the Ways and Means members …

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  10. Ploni says:

    When I was little, I always questioned why the President doesn’t use the power of his office in this way, to bring people together, to promote common-sense solutions to our biggest challenges.

    Instead, I lived a lifetime of bought-and-paid-for politicians who smugly said words, hid themselves, and pandered to their partners.

    Then this.

    There is only one Donald J. Trump.

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    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Exactly. Like Solyndra. The story was Solyndra had 1million in financing, but needed another 500K to get going.

      Obama and the government could have fostered some meetings between Solyndra, and any other solar companies, and helped broker a deal.

      Maybe the government could have committed to putting in a big advance order and putting those solar panels on the next ten federal buildings to be built – then, lenders would know the initial start-up would go well.

      But no. Instead, we give Solyndra $500,000, and that goes into the pockets of their leaders, with some then ending up in campaign warchests.


  11. beaujest says:

    Can you imagine the progress the country would make if the congress came on board and helped President Trump !!

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  12. fred5678 says:

    The Arsenal of Democracy is making a comeback!!! MAGA!! Interesting — two of biggest defense contractors — General Dynamics and Lockheed — women CEO’s.

    Obama’s “legacy” is shrinking by the minute. Seinfeld had an episode about that:

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  13. Reena says:

    Here’s how inane some of the regulations for business have become: You now have to spend money on an ‘outsourced consultant approved by the federal government/OSHA/somebigwiggroup’ to come in and assess if your workers need to wear cardboard (composite) toes. It’s always a yes on a manufacturing floor – (accidents COULD happen after all blah blah), but the government couldn’t come out and tell businesses to do that directly w/o declaring outright communist/socialist grabs for power so…tadaaa – workaround. Wonder how many congressional cronies have money in the consultant composite toe business. Or hey – maybe it’s a secret society of foot doctors because those shoes are like Herman Munster shoes and weigh a TON. 😉

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  14. Joan says:

    Did Obummer ever have a meeting like this?

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  15. citizen817 says:

    The best golfer of all the “rich people”

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  16. Pam says:

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  17. Sam says:

    I wonder how many of these companies are going to divorce themselves from the global market. 75% of what we purchase is assembled with foreign, and yes Mexican, made parts.

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  18. Pam says:

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  19. Pam says:

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  20. Spliff Menendez says:

    Not to take a dump in the parade route, but this is just same old, same old. Why do these presidents keep meeting with the CEOs of the most giant corporations while the thousands and thousands of small businesses that actually create real jobs Are on the sidelines fighting for scraps? I’d have more respect for this “meeting” if it was with real job creators and not a bunch of limousine liberals that cash that checks and fleece the public at every chance they get. Not to mention big-name American manufacturing creates crap that you throw away and have to buy all new one instead of manufacturing real quality products that last forever and can be simply repaired.


    • RC says:

      Given CEO euphoric reactions / expressions of regret pre November 8, perhaps the President intends to reduce the flow of funds to the Business Roundtable and the US CoC.


    • Beverly says:

      IIRC, he has met with owners of smaller businesses as well.


      • Sam says:

        “IIRC, he has met with owners of smaller businesses as well.”
        None of this seems to be as visible as that of the high paid, jet owning, class. I doubt that my brother’s four person business will ever benefit from any of this. The “Trickle down” effect will only ever be just only that, just trickle….


    • Beverly says:

      Agree on quality problems. Tho the ones from overseas are FAR worse: Chinese junk, anyone?

      I think it makes sense for him to meet with the big dogs: more bang for the meeting buck, so to speak, getting all that $$$$ in one room.


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