Mexican Government Fear Both Policy and Media Optics During T-Rex and General Kelly Visit – *Update* Video Added…

The Mexican government is strongly controlling the optics of a visit today by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and DHS Secretary General John Kelly.  [An upcoming press conference live stream is embedded below ]  Mexico fears the projection of U.S. strength will undermine their position.

President Trump is taking a hard-line approach with Mexico’s central policies that have allowed, and in many cases facilitated, vast numbers of economic migrants to travel into the U.S.  Trump’s pending policies are going to be weighted heavily on the feedback he receives from T-Rex and General Kelly’s visit.

update-1Added video from joint press conference:


(Via AP) […]  On Tuesday, the Trump administration issued guidance on deportations that broadens the scope of deportations from a previous focus on criminals to apply to every undocumented immigrant in the US. It also enables state and local law enforcement to act as immigration officers.

Another change to asylum procedures would make it easier for immigration officers to send non-Mexican migrants to Mexico if they came through the country on their way to the US. The change could potentially send tens of thousands of Central Americans fleeing violence, gangs and drug cartels back into Mexico, an issue Kelly and Tillerson will almost certainly have to address.

A Mexican official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive diplomatic matters, told CNN that Kelly and Tillerson will hear from Pena Nieto, Videgaray and other officials that Mexico will not take deportees who are not Mexican nationals. A second official pointed out that is no bilateral agreement that requires Mexico to take these immigrants and that Mexico isn’t bound by any US presidential order. There is nothing the US can’t do to force the matter, this official said.

And Mexico has some leverage, the second official said. Mexico has been stopping Central American migrants before they reach the US for more than two years, the official said, adding that if Trump doesn’t stop his “orders,” it will make it more difficult for Mexico to continue this cooperation.  [*snip* that’s not leverage, that’s “blackmail”… /SD]

tillerson-and-general-kellyTrump may be trying to figure out his own ways to apply pressure to get Mexico to pay. He has suggested putting a 20% tariff on Mexican goods entering the US and his campaign has floated the idea of seizing remittances from Mexicans in the US sending money home.

The President has also ordered Cabinet agencies to inform him of the total direct and indirect aid the US gives Mexico, a move that some see as an attempt to amass some leverage in the debate over the border wall that Trump insists will be built and that Mexico will pay for. Mexican officials have repeatedly said they will do no such thing.

Under the Merida Initiative, the State Dept has given Mexico $2.6 billion since 2008. That’s to strengthen rule of law, counter narco-trafficking, support judicial reform and police professionalization. It doesn’t include aid from other State Department programs. Mexico also gets funding from the departments of Defense, Energy, Labor, Health and Human Services, Interior, the Peace Corps, the US Agency for International Development and DHS.

Kelly distributed an implementation memo on February 21 asking his staff to calculate how much direct and indirect aid DHS gives Mexico. That process is still underway. (link)

Ongoing Live Stream Below which should include the Press Conference whenever it begins:

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276 Responses to Mexican Government Fear Both Policy and Media Optics During T-Rex and General Kelly Visit – *Update* Video Added…

  1. rashamon says:

    It’s not solely the Mexicans; it’s Muslims, Asians and Central Americans. I’ve tried to look up census figures since Obama started inviting anyone who could get here to come in, and they are unavailable. However, I have volunteered in the schools since 1960s and taken in emergency foster children when the PTB decided to close the orphanages that previously supplied services, so Ihave had close contact with these new arrivals. Some of my local schools have as many as 20 different languages spoken, which affects healthcare at our hospitals and clinics as interpreters increases costs and strain the teaching staff. My property taxes have doubled in just four years, and most of my tax bill is allocated to education and social services.

    I have no problem with legal immigration if it considers time to adjust and integrate, but the political class doesn’t consider the impact on the present populations…only the new votes and potential for growing the multiple governments that they can control. I keep asking: what happened to the former legislation that required new immigrants to be healthy, self-supporting and agree to uphold our Constitution?

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    • mike says:

      We need to consider the validity of “legality” of the migrants under the Obama regime. There was simply too much bs to validate and benignly ignore.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Zennalou says:

      Speaking of 20 languages in your local school.
      Take a look at this—Suburban Georgia School District’s Students Speak 140 Languages
      As you mentioned that affects hospitals, Doctor, fire, police, everything.

      I went to see my Nurse Practitioner yesterday, this was in a rural community, office has only one Nurse Practitioner. There was a new framed sign on the wall. The office would offer interpreters for 12 different languages.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Benson II says:

      Actually with the numbers we’re receiving legal immigration is also untenable if we want to preserve any form of American society. We simply cannot absorb the numbers we’re receiving no matter what their intentions. A moratorium on all immigration for at least ten years would be very welcome and give us a chance to get our own house in order. By the numbers gives us a true view of how unsustainable our present influx of immigrants is and how it’s harming our country.


  2. Coldeadhands says:

    The current Mexican President has an approval rating similar to our media. Today, he’s being allowed to save face. Tomorrow, maybe not so much.
    There sure is a lot of Battered Conservative Syndrome out there today.

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  3. Joan says:

    I am just not sure what to make of that press conference in Mexico City. But I keep thinking that we really don’t know what was discussed or said behind closed doors and that T-Rex must think there is nothing to be gained by taking Nieto and his gang to the woodshed in public. He also probably wants to get out of there alive.

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  4. wondering999 says:

    I trust Tillerson and Kelly.

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  5. The interpreter was horrible. It was hard to follow what was being said because she was interpreting literally which means that the verb and nouns were reversed in a lot of instances. Seems like they could have found someone more experienced.

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  6. Storm Watcher says:

    Newbie to CTH – been following since early Oct.’16. Wow what a ride. Live in So.CA – we need to deport ALL illegal aliens! They have entrenched themselves into S. CA – to where it is unrecognizable as the US. The Feds need to come into CA and clean it up. CA government is corrupt just like Mexico…..that’s what happens when you have an open border for 3 decades.


  7. jojo says:

    I’ll bet T-Rex and Kelly have the Mexicans shaking in their boots and gulping tequila shooters. These GIANTS won’t take crap from anyone and report directly to POTUS. They won’t be talking publicly like ALL the other headline grabbers have done in the past. They are working for America & Americans not themselves. How refreshing to NOT have career bureaucratic lawyers in these positions. MERIT BABY MERIT! It’s how this administration rolls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Benson II says:

      I think we’re very fortunate to have any knowledgeable, successful people still willing to help our country. You might note many if not all are older, which means they remember the country they grew up in that allowed their success.


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