Vice President Mike Pence Full NATO Remarks and Press Conference…

Vice-President Mike Pence delivers remarks at a news conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday in Brussels.

Vice-President Pence reassured nervous Europeans that President Donald Trump remains committed to transatlantic ties. However, Pence also reasserted the current president’s policy that NATO allies must boost their defense spending in return.

After the prepared remarks Mr. Pence answered questions from EU news media in Brussels.



O God, You are the preserver of men, and the keeper of our lives. We commit ourselves to Your perfect care as we carry forth the tasks before us.  We pray for a safe and auspicious return from our daily endeavors.

Give Your angels charge over our president and keep him with You in all his ways. Let no evil befall him, nor any harm come to his dwelling or his family that he may leave momentarily behind. Although we are uncertain of what the days may bring, may President Trump be well protected, guided and prepared for any event.

May You continue to shepherd, and provide wisdom, courage, patience and understanding amid adversity and challenges.  Bless us O Lord, that our President may complete his journey safely and successfully each day under Your ever watchful care.


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236 Responses to Vice President Mike Pence Full NATO Remarks and Press Conference…

  1. georgiafl says:

    WHY SHOULD THE US spend $$$ and blood to protect the EU when they are bound and determined to endanger themselves and commit cultural/economic/physical suicide with Muslim/African/3rd world barbaric migrants?????

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    • John Galt says:

      “Tajani said that fixing Africa’s problems would require an investment of “billions and billions” of euros.”

      Follow the money. There’s always some sort of big money scam cooking.

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    • HonorDefendBuckeye says:

      “The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side.” — G.K. Chesterton

      Question as it appears to me is that the public has the habit of “the way things have been” and moves slowly in recognition and consequent change. DJT initiates an expansion of the conversation, and resets the stage upon which conversation occurs. The attitudes and thoughts begin to enter the bloodstream of the public mind, and customary patterns of thinking begin to alter and adapt. (Two years ago, a border wall was unmentionable by many and the media. Now it is policy.)

      We also have our enemies and quislings as you so well recognize. Also, many who stand for the right have not yet had the eureka moment.

      The EU thinks us to be vulgar, materialistic clods. They have made their bed and they can lie in it. If they choose third world and Muslim barbarism, it not ours to retrieve their error.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Amen, HonorDefendBuckeye.


      • onlyfreedom says:

        And we, the people of the European countries, must make up our minds and choose wisely or otherwise accept that we made our bed and lie in it.
        I hope that the surge of common sense will continue and that independence and freedom will be once more the most important issues, even if we need to pay for that.


  2. jeans2nd says:

    “U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Tuesday underlined America’s “total commitment” to its European allies”

    European allies. Not the EU.

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  3. Reena Hovermale says:

    Dear Lord, what that there prayer said up above, plus please guide me to keep my fist unballed in my pocket, ’cause I’m wearin’ out my jeans. So the patience part with a sprinkling of understanding that Irish roots have prickly fruits, but we love you just as hard as our heads and others, Amen.

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  4. trapper says:


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  5. Truthfilter says:

    These people (MSM) make me sick. They’re already floating the idea of “President Pence.” The media treats him better than they treat Trump. Why is that? Don’t click on the following link. I’m only providing it to prove that they are floating Pence as next in line.

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  6. paris23 says:

    I want the US out of NATO. They don’t want to pay. They are still trying to provoke a war with Russia. They have got Trump demanding that Russia return Crimea to Ukraine, fully against the will of the Crimean people. What they are calling for is the slaughter of Crimean people by the fascists the US installed in Kiev. The globalists know it. They know if Crimea were ever returned to Ukraine that the people would be slaughtered. Trump may not understand what is really going on there, but I am sure many US leaders do.

    The lunatics in Kiev are bent on exterminating ethnic Russians. They want the land in Eastern Ukraine – without the people left on it. NATO and the US insist on calling ethnic Russian people, in Eastern Ukraine, who are fighting for their lives and for their land, “Russian separatists” or “terrorists”, while we help Kiev to slaughter them. These people have never posed any kind of threat to us — and are very devout and peaceful Christians.

    I don’t want this kind of policy continuing. It is all on behalf of globalism. The people in Eastern Ukraine know they are on the front line in the fight against globalism. Trump needs to be made aware that these people are our natural allies. Why should we be fighting to promote globalism abroad and fighting to end it at home? This must stop.

    The EU leaders show terrible contempt toward the US, as well. They have used us as their peasant army for years. They have used our sons and daughters and sent them to die for their personal profit for many years. They think we are worth less than the Europeans. Enough.


    • paris23 says:

      I don’t believe Nikki speaks for Trump, but for Soros and the globalists. I still have hope that Trump can get on top of this, but I believe he needs very strong support from us – or the globalists are going to win in the realm of foreign policy.


      • Nancy Smith says:

        That’s my concern too. He has way too many people surrounding him that do not agree with him on foreign policy; much less domestic policy. And that includes Pence, Haley, Tillerson, etc.


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