President Trump Mega Deplorable Rally – Melbourne Florida 5:00pm Live Stream…

President Donald Trump is holding a supporter mega-deplorable rally in Melbourne Florida today at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport.  RSBN cameras are filming and live-streaming the event which officially begins at 5:00pm

There are massive crowds of people in attendance – not quite sure how the airport is going to fit them all in.   Three Live Stream feeds below:

RSBN Live StreamAlternate Live Stream #1 Alternate Live Stream #2


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1,033 Responses to President Trump Mega Deplorable Rally – Melbourne Florida 5:00pm Live Stream…

  1. muffyroberts says:

    I wonder who enjoyed that rally more, We The People, or President Trump.

    Our great Persident can not count on the very fake news to tell the truth, so he does it himself.

    When Obama was President, the fake news bowed to him, and did whatever he wanted.

    Not President Trump. The media hate America. Why? Maybe they sold their soul for fame and fortune, and now they must pay up.

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    • KBR says:

      Once upon a time, the media depended on its viewers or go broke.

      Now it depends more on it’s financial and political backers.

      And CNN also gets special privileges to show at airports, offices, public spaces (our taxes pay the people who granted those privileges to CNN.) I cannot wait until that is discontinued!

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    • Kay Emig says:

      The media sold it’s soul to lies, and lost our trust. That’s all.

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    • Wally Palo says:

      I wanted to see what that lady had to say at around minute 52:00, but the ABC feed said “technical difficulties”. Just after that the next speaker said “Wow! How do you follow that!” It must have been pretty good for ABC to want to censor it out.


    • Dmi60ex says:

      It was amazing the other day that Trump publicly announced his TPP and Pipeline EO and not one environmental weany question and no one talking protectionism.
      He is pulling slight of hand on them .They are chasing fake news and the Russkies and he is implementing his agenda with no little pushback.
      Makes me wonder if he didnt tells his aides to call the Russians and just BS with them because he knew the media and the Dems would chase their tails and let him do his thing .

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. TheTorch says:

    Supporter: Shout out to Trump, Our Lord and Emperor!

    LOL 🙂

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  4. Beverly says:

    I have to ask — What is UP with the Putin in one corner, Alex Jones in the other corner, of the third video stream??? is that sarcastic or what? #not good


    • TheTorch says:

      That is the Live Sat feed you are watching they do lots of silly stuff sometimes even I get confused to whether they are Trump supporters or Trump haters as some of it is just ridiculous and crude. Best is just to watch one of the other streams, so you won’t get that nonsense!

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    • starfcker says:

      I like the aircraft upgrade.looks more presidential.

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    • Lucille says:

      To me, that channel has always seemed mocking of candidate Donald Trump and now our great President.

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    • georgiafl says:

      That is a creepy video stream – I refuse to watch it.


    • Wiggyky says:

      I saw that too, including the caricature of Trump talking. Their messing around made me leave and go to the second channel. Even the second one was out of focus most of the time.

      I was disappointed with RSBN as the picture was so out of focus I could barely tell who was speaking. I hope Joe can fix it before the next rally.


      • WhatDoesThisButtonDo says:

        They said that they didn’t have an internet connection at the hanger or a satellite truck like the others. As a result they had to rely on a cellular connection that was shared with all the other cellphone users in the hanger. The end result being little bandwidth for a high def live stream. Once they get back to a better network connection they are supposed to upload a high-def version of the event.

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        • Wiggyky says:

          I read that after I posted. I also read that they are requesting more donations to help buy equipment they need. A number of us have donated but I don’t think enough people have. Of course, most of us can only afford so much but I’d rather give to RSBN and CTH than most of these outfits on TV begging for money.

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  5. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    So, will the Sunday mews shows show re-runs tomorrow? Or infomercials? I say mews shows because all there is is a bunch of caterwauling going on…

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  6. Cow wow says:

    The magic words come from all patriotic Americans for our leader…thank you Donald J Trump, our President and the leader we have waited our entire life to hear and follow!

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  7. muffyroberts says:

    I am going back to watch the second feed again. I must watch this rally again.
    Who is that, CBS? They play that song.

    They did a good job. Poor old RSBN though. Not only the picture was bad, but the sound came out of only one ear bud.

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    • entagor says:

      RSBN is going to put up an HD recording of the rally made by their crew within the next 12 hours. They did not have satellite transmission, and had to use a cell signal for live feed and there was huge interference. I am going to wait for the HD as none of the feeds were great – plus excited to see what is in their recording

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. Lady K says:

    I was so moved by our lovely First Lady, Melania, and her saying the Lord’s Prayer and I loved it when our wonderful President Trump said he wanted to be among friends!! If anyone can unite our country, I believe these two beautiful people can and we can help!! My heart is full and my tissue box is empty. Blessings all and MAGA!

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  10. fedback says:

    RSBN reporters get lots of credit and love from the crowd after the rally. So nice

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  11. Red Hats present and accounted for.

    Excited, patriotic, loyal and fierce.

    Waiting. Waiting to see if those who were entrusted with sacred democratic authority by the people will OBEY the people and fulfill their sacred trust; or whether they must be thrown from office, tried and if found guilty punished severely for their betrayal of the Republic.

    Trump is leading the way, but those who follow are keeping a faith that stretches back to the foundation and forward into a bright future if it can be secured.

    America First!

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  12. wyntre says:

    That. Was. EPIC!

    Trump just whipped off the gloves, threw down the gauntlet and put the entire establishment on notice.

    We can do this the easy way
    Or we can do this the hard way.

    But it WILL be done. Get on the train or get run over.

    Message delivered to:
    Swamp Dwellers
    POS loyalists

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  13. CharterOakie says:

    Just like the “old days” of the campaign. A Trump rally attended by thousands upon thousands of patriotic Americans. Can’t beat it.

    Here’s what the D.C. Swamp and enemiea don’t yet grasp: Trump can continue to do massive rallies all over the country. And STILL do the people’s business in the Oval Office.

    We’ve got a POTUS who knows how to WORK and LEAD.


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  14. Beverly says:

    I’m reminded of another great patriot, Winston Churchill, who said this after his great victory in World War II:

    “It was the nation and the race dwelling all round the globe that had the lion’s heart. I had the luck to be called upon to give the roar.”

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  15. Howie says:

    The commie lib leftists are down to wailing …Nazi….Mussolini…Hitler….how pathetic they are.

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  16. BobW462 says:

    It’s hysterical that the entire media is now obligated (read: forced) to cover their own daily evisceration. #BestPresidencyEver

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  17. Rick says:

    Will CNN report on low turnout tomorrow?
    Looks like a nice crowd to me!

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  18. wyntre says:

    I have a feeling next week is going to be BRUTAL for the establishment. Trump has been patient, gave them all time to “adjust,” “get with the program” “reconfigure their hardware.”

    Between the Friday presser and today’s rally he has made it clear the grace period is OVER.

    I can’t wait to see what he has planned for the traitors.


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  19. rf121 says:

    Laura Ingraham tweeted pics of her in front of AF1 with Bannon and Preibus at the rally today. Wonder if she is interviewing for the Comms position?

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  20. With the MAGA hat and streamer “hair”? What a cute kid! I bet he goes viral.

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  21. KitKat says:

    I thought Melania saying the Lord’s Prayer was so beautiful. She must love God very much to have done that. And if she loves God much, she will be an exceptional First Lady..

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    • flova says:

      What a difference between her and Michelle with her fawning over porn queen Beyonce and disgusting foul-mouthed rappers. Did Mooch ever say The Lords’s Prayer or just “all this for a damn flag?”

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    • entagor says:

      I was thinking Melania also might be calling a shield of protection over the event.

      Once years ago, a friend told me how Polish people in the old country used to protect their homes from evil and I did it to make my grandmother happy, sprinkling holy water, while praying to drive out evil, from the center of the home and out each door.

      I don’t know the traditions of Melania’s land of birth, but when I heard Melania begin to pray, the thought passed though me that perhaps she was calling the protection of God into the gathering by shared prayer

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      • auscitizenmom says:

        I had that same thought.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t sprinkle holy water but I do pray to drive out any evil forces and for protection for my home especially before moving into a new place. I also pray over my family. The White House needs to be prayed over.

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      • facebkwallflower says:

        Polish girl (ok, not girl; old lady) The Our Father was said before starting off on trip. Everyone would be in car and before could roll out of drive the prayer was said. When a funeral procession went by it was always said. Same with an ambulance. Before going into any event that involved large crowd, we all had to sit and wait while Dad or Mom said the prayer or we all recited together.

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  22. SeekerOfTruth says:

    not really in this thread but daily Pres. thread about done for the day

    11 Times Barack Obama Abused Press Freedom
    By Pollak one of my favorite writers.

    worth a quick read to add objectivity to your mental references in case pushed by some liberals.

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  23. Pam says:

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  24. Pam says:

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  25. nice!

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  26. wyntre says:

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  27. Determined, focused and strong speech by our President Trump. The Lord’s Prayer beautifully done by our First Lady Melania (brought tears to my eyes). Thank you the people of Florida, you did America proud!

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  28. from fox

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  29. chojun says:

    Sundance, I believe Melania Trump should lead the invocation for today’s open thread.

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  30. fedback says:

    Interesting that the Deplorable who was invited onto the stage was first in line, 13 HOURS before rally start

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  31. Ivehadit says:

    Oh my, what a wonderful day! Donald and Melania could not look happier and THRIVING in their new positions. Made to order.What a thrill to watch our Donald and his Melania pulsing through the airwaves with SO MUCH LOVE.

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  32. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I loved Melania saying the Lord’s Prayer. So great to have God back in the White House! President Trump looked so relaxed and happy to be back with “We the People!”

    In case you want to see it again, I believe I saw that CSpan is showing the rally again at 9:35 p.m. tonight.

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  33. jwingermany says:

    I am not finding anything about the terrorism in Sweden that the President was talking about. Anybody else?

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  34. Just saw a comment on FB by someone in Brazil who loves Trump and says “build that wall.”

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  35. redlegleader68 says:

    Loved the rally, of course. As many above have said, he did lay down the law to all caring to listen.

    Was it just he Mrs. and me, or did anyone else notice the two morons over Trump’s left shoulder? There is no way they should **EVER** be at a Trump rally again. Mrs. RedLeg was screaming at them during the speech; had to quiet her down. Man-0h-man was she upset with them detracting from Trump. Just sayin’ … 😉

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  36. so sweet!

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  37. very cute!

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  38. I liked when President Trump first entered the stage with his red MAGA cap in his hand. He stopped, took his finger and underlined the writing Make America Great Again several times, then tossed the cap into the crowd.

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  39. remuda2016 says:

    I learned only on Friday of a new cable news network that is truly “fair and balanced” from a friend who used to watch Fox. It’s One America News Network. Seems truly unbiased and full news. And BTW, Rush is on FNS with Wallace 0900 Sun 19…


  40. Nunya Bidness says:

    The Trump haters will have to double and triple down on the Hitler comparisons and outrage over the “Russia Connection” next week.


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