Grandpa Trump Departs the White House…


Video Below




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140 Responses to Grandpa Trump Departs the White House…

  1. Somewhere in Dixie says:

    Love it. Our President is one happy Grandpa.

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  2. Bob Thoms says:

    How nice……………

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  3. Atomic Betty says:

    Omg, how cute is that?

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    • Bill2 says:

      Little ones at the White House. What fun!

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      • My Grandpa raised me; an Italian immigrant with more love for this country than any person I’ve ever known. I just a man do some thing my Grandad would have laid down his life to do. Have the privilege to salute the elite Marine Guard while entering Marine 1. My President did that with two grandchildren in tow. The lessons of life and show of respect to be learned from this man, just don’t get any better than that. I am taken back to my childhood; and deeply humbled by the patriot we have been gifted with.

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  4. SR says:

    CNN is complaining that Trump is racist and grand kids are too white.

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  5. lindygal says:

    It’s nice to see my president returning his marine guard’s salute.

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  6. MIKE says:

    A penny for the thoughts of the Marine guard receiving a proper salute, after eight years of getting a coffee cup hoisted at him.

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  7. MIKE says:

    I forgot my original thought; BEAUTIFUL grandchildren. Miracles.

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  8. SeekerOftruth says:

    Donald and family I think are looking forward to a quiet weekend to have some fun with the family.
    The children already know protocol like waving to press, smiling, etc.- and are pleasant and a joy to see in public.

    Next week will be a key work and planning with the 1 week Congressional recess. Expect Exec Orders and other announcements to come out.

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  9. yardman says:

    Classy and touching !
    Speaking of classy…
    Harris Faulkner can replace Shep Smith any time she wishes, as far as I’m concerned.

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  10. Niagara Frontier says:

    President Trump is a real man of the people. Regardless of whatever faults he may have, he deserves our utmost love and respect for the sacrifices he has made on our behalf.

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  11. Joan says:

    Love that picture!

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  12. MfM says:

    If you watch the kids they are interested in what was going on, but comfortable with their grandfather. Interesting photo op for Trump. Trump’s kids say he wasn’t the crawl on the floor with trucks, but he was there for them.

    I wonder where Theodore is? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was already on Air Force One and went over earlier. He wouldn’t notice taking this flight, but the older two will, especially since there is film to jog their memory. Naps, car seats and diapers can really screw up a schedule.

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  13. deplorabledaveinsocal says:

    Will President Trump ever cease to amaze and endear us?

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  14. Kaco says:

    Praise God that isn’t Hillary walking. We are blessed.

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  15. Mary Kate Conly says:

    This is a joyful photo and those are luck kids, any way you look at it!

    If you’re a cynical smart@ass based ‘pede like myself, you can ALSO look at this as President Trump trolling all his haters who’ve said he’s “unhinged” and “thin skinned” and a monster. He’s not Hitler, he’s a doting granddad to his adorable Jewish grandkids.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      I can’t blame our President one bit to get so angry when asked about being anti-semethic or suggested that he is. His daughter, her husband and his 3 grandchildren practice the Jewish faith. It brings my cold anger to the point where I have to walk away before reengaging.

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      • Bob Thoms says:

        Did anyone ask Obama why he was anti-Semitic?

        How do these obvious falsehoods even get legs that someone would ask such a thing of the man?

        There was more Obama baggage that pointed to his hatred of Israelis and Jews than President Trump.

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        • Serena says:

          So true and he was never questioned about it. Anyone with half a brain could see in that picture of him with Bibi how Obama held such hatred and contempt for him.

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        • davincisghostofscotland says:

          Nobody in the MSM ever asked him why he was anti-american; they never got to the Judea part of the thought process.


  16. Pam says:

    I love that little moment where president Trump stops to wave, then Arabella waves, but Joseph is almost off to the races to get on Marine one. LOL Too cute! Very precious children.

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    • Serena says:

      That was so sweet and Joseph is a typical little boy. Reminds me of John F. Kennedy JR. and how he was fascinated by his Dad’s helicopter. It is so nice to have little children in the White House again. They are all just totally adorable. Hope to see Don JR’s and Vanessa’s beautiful kids there soon.

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  17. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Any time is good time, with Grandcubs.

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  18. Bob Thoms says:

    the little tike is wearing the classic old-school hooded toggle coat…………..

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  19. ZZZ says:

    talking to Grandpa….la la la…

    love how comfortable his kids and grandkids are with him.

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  20. KBR says:

    The most powerful man in the world, gently holding two tiny hands.

    Makes me smile.

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    • Political Reviewer says:

      You just reminded me of the old saying, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Normally this applies to mothers, but seeing these precious little ones holding their grandpa’s hands I think an exception can be made for President Trump. Anyone agree?

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  21. Pam says:

    This photo made me LOL!

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  22. EveryDayWoman says:

    Love it! God bots Mr Trump and his family!🙏🏼❤🇺🇸

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  23. Bob Thoms says:

    And to the haters = lay off President Trumps kids……

    Did you see how Tiffany was treated at the NY Fashion Show of Elle Magazine? Editors and others shunned her and wouldn’t sit with her. Low lifes, every one of them.

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  24. cheekymeeky says:

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    • JC says:

      I loved all of these pics – thank you so very much, SD – but this one was my fave. Instead of cleaning the window, I believe I’d put a little frame around the smudge. 3-yr-old boys = little field puppies.


  25. blazingnash says:

    Notice him greeting the Pilot as he steps on board. He blows me away every day with the little things he does. And people take note. They see what he does. What he says. Every facial expression, every smile, every wave of the hand, it is noted.

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  26. Patriot1783 says:

    Love Joseph blowing raspberries on the window pane at the media.
    Chip off the old Trump 😂😂😂

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  27. rightie says:

    Class all the way. I love this new President of ours.

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  28. nwtex says:

    awwww toooo sweet! What a precious moment! xo Little Joseph’s legs are too short to keep up with Grandpa’s strides but he sure is giving it all he’s got ❤


    • Red says:

      I just showed Mr Red the video and said the same thing. The little fellow was doing a little walk/ run thing to keep up with his Grandpa who is on a mission. The whole family is just beautiful and what a joyous time for us to have the White House just filled to the brim with the Lion and his pride

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      • nwtex says:

        He is the cutest little guy e.v.e.r.! Did you happen to notice that he was still waving as he approached Marine One…waving at the the helicopter? Seems to be ultra aware and curious. Only 3 y/o. May just have a very bright future out there.
        The entire vid puts a smile on my face every time I watch. Perfect family!! xooxoxoxo!!


  29. A little dust in the eye here!

    Is it just me, but it seems to me that the military guys and gals seem to really be proud to serve again? They look they are busting with pride when DJT approaches.

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  30. What a beautiful family! Loved seeing him with his grandchildren. Someday they will be old enough to understand the immense responsibilities and dangers taken on by their grandfather voluntarily and without recompense, and how he saved America. They will be as proud of him as his loyal supporters.

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  31. corimari2013 says:

    As I have been blessed with 10 grandchildren, my heart melted as I viewed the photos and video of those beautiful children walking comfortably hand-in-hand with their grandpa. SO sweet!
    Arabella Rose is 5½, and Joseph Frederick is 3–I just looked it up. : )

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  32. anthohmy says:

    How come it makes me want to cry every time I seem him salute them?

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  33. snaggletooths says:

    Much prefer pictures like this then ones from the sullen family who left on Jan 20th

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  34. Athena the Warrior says:

    That’s the America that I know. A regular citizen who is a husband, a father, a grandfather taking up the challenging call to serve our blessed nation. It’s been so long since we’ve had normal America. Sometimes I pinch myself to remind me that even with the challenges ahead, we are on our way back.

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  35. MK Wood says:

    The swamp is feigning faux outrage that money is spent on his family.


  36. webgirlpdx says:

    Picture perfect. All the little one’s are missing is a pony 🙂


    • Maquis says:

      Don’t get them started on that again!

      Then, the White House Kitchen Garden could use a good taste of that which usually goes out the front door of the WH.

      Jus’ sayin’.


  37. scottmc37 says:

    Looks great, the kids so cute, I love the coat and looks like the same one he wore on the cover of The Art of the Deal..

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  38. Maquis says:

    Gorgeous! Happy family!

    Best part (maybe best) he is not building a Dynasty With Global Ambitions Spanning Multiple Generations to Remake Humanity In His Image.

    He a danged Great man blessed with the family he deserves and has earned.

    I don’t even have time to check the vid, but I’m already brimming with tears. I am so happy for them, and for all our children in an America being renewed before our eyes, and in our hearts.

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  39. Martha Kern says:

    Mr. President, your grandchildren are delightful. The love you have for them and they for you Just glows. my commander in chief is a wonderful loving grandfather. Thank you so much for sharing the sweet part of your life with the American people!

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  40. wicketsmom says:

    Charming picture.


  41. toriangirl says:

    He’s a natural with children.


  42. rsanchez1990 says:

    Bet those children will be happy to go to warm and sunny Florida for the weekend. Those were some big coats they were all wearing.


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