Need a Labor Secretary?


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209 Responses to Need a Labor Secretary?

  1. tuskyou says:

    All aboard the Herman Cain Train!

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  2. Joe Knuckles says:

    And if course anybody who votes against him is obviously racist.

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  3. bulwarker says:

    Oh god not Cain, why not Thiel?

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Goodness, Thiel would make the DEMON(c)RATS shred themselves…..

      Wow, what a sight that would be…..

      In the Isaac Asimov “Foundation” or “I Robot” world, that would be called ROBLOCK.
      Fascinating to watch…..

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    • Somebody says:

      Thiel would be fantastic too, no women problems like Cain. I don’t know if either would be interested. There is also a lot of pressure on team Trump to add a Hispanic to the cabinet. I would think POTUS has a lot of great candidates in mind, but how many are willing to walk through the fire?

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      • Neural says:

        I don’t care if there’s a zillion tons of proverbial pressure on the President to add a Hispanic to the position of White House toilet cleaner, if someone else is better qualified for the job, then they should be hired. As soon as we let people dictate our actions based on a persons genetics, we lose once again to the juggernaut of Political Correctness.

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      • Beverly says:

        Ah, but did you notice that Cain’s accusers just … went away, when the women were no longer needed? Funny how you didn’t hear about any court cases after that hit job had been completed and he’d withdrawn from the race.

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        • Guyver1 says:

          All the ones who said they were going to sue just vanished.
          And so did Gloria ALL RED.
          It was a complete hit job, them going back on suing proved it.
          And that would actually insulate Cain now. If the commie ALL RED drags them back out, all he has to say is “You did not sue back then because you had nothing, the only thing you had was lies. And that is still the only thing you have. Now go away.”
          While he waves his hand at her in a dismissive way. Watch ALL RED’s head explode!!!

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      • Deadbeat says:

        Caiin had no “women problems”. He was set up by Gloria Allred. It would make a great statement to all of those in the Soros camp.

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      • swamp cracker says:

        There were no “woman problems” with Cain, it all went away as soon as he pulled out of the race. similar to what was tried against President Trump.

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    • JohnPaulJohnes says:

      Maybe unavailable? I’m not sure if I’m up to date on Thiel running for CA gov in ’18.

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  4. thetrain2016 says:

    The only problem, KKK Democrats and the MSM could restart the witch hunt over women as they did in 2012, then the usual Republican suspects would gladly kill the nomination.

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  5. Coldeadhands says:

    What a great injection of good sense and high energy he would bring to cabinet meetings.

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  6. M33 says:

    Sundance, are you just trying to cheer us up?

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  7. brucefdb says:

    I’m on board.

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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    He is another one I would love to see on board the Trump Train.
    (Sundance-Why is all of your pics on tweeter coming out as being sensitive material).

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  9. mpmp2015 says:

    I like Cain on many levels, highly qualified, but one needs to look back at how the Left deep sixed his presidential hopes back in 2012….a bunch of women accused him of sexual impropriety and Gloria Allred got involved. It was a horror show and Cain was knocked out pretty decisively afterwards. This will come up again in the news and feeds into the incorrect narrative about Trump being anti-women. Granted most of the women were discredited (but not all), so the story will resurface again and that’s the LAST thing Trump needs.

    We really need another candidate that doesn’t have these issues….

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    • Wavetheshales says:

      Gloria Allred is ALL RED. She is also a $cientologist.

      ’nuff said?

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    • Deb says:

      Trump proved that this type of smear campaign doesn’t work anymore, and Caine being vindicated after 4 years would be just desserts.


    • georgiafl says:

      Same thing happened to Justice Clarence Thomas. Remember Anita Hill?

      Leftists come out against any conservative, particularly a black conservative.

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    • A bunch of holier-than-thou faux-conservatives allowed a good man to be hung on innuendo and lies back in 2012. It’s time to stand with our good people. We don’t need perfection. We need fighters.

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    • The following facts should ease your mind: Cain’s 1st accuser’s charges were sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and were dismissed. The accuser repped by Allred never provided an affidavit. And the most well-known accuser Ginger White was found guilty of libel in an unrelated case around the time Cain ended his campaign.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Rush talked about these tactics a while back, after Cain’s accusers melted into the background after he was dragged through the mud. … Create a narrative (no proof, mind you), spread it around the media and make a big deal of it, then scream loudly and pompously about how “we don’t have any proof yet, but the seriousness of the rumours demand a full investigation!”.

        Then, find all kinds of spurious allegations, lots of innuendo, and when the character assassination is complete and the person destroyed, regretfully announce that the needed proof isn’t ghere, and we just need to “move on”.

        Just scum of the earth. Those participating should have their tongues cut out.

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    • unconqueredone says:

      We have a current president who is reputed “have these issues” and I voted for him. We have had repeated presidents who absolutely had “these issues” and THEY voted for them. I’d love to be purist, I was for 30+ years in my political approach. But now we are at a point where unless it was vile, illegal and predatory we need to yawn and shout “Bill Clinton” at our opponents every time they open their mouths. For too long we have let the left trot out unsubstantiated accusations and destroy people, then act as they choose, create a double standard and hold our people to a standard they themselves despise and few attain. In a perfect world we don’t even need government, and I don’t foresee that happening any time soon. If Cain can do the job, lets get him in place.

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  10. Newman says:

    I like Herman Cain. And I know he would be loyal and fight for Trump.

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  11. jefcool64 says:

    Not Russian enough

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  12. Beenthere says:

    YES, if his women issues are gone!!


    • Deb says:

      He didn’t have issues, he had a media smear campaign that tried to take him down, and a family that didn’t want to deal with it.

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    • Shanna Gruen says:

      You didn’t read Nibbler Myers’ comment just 3 comments upthread from yours? It says:
      “The following facts should ease your mind: Cain’s 1st accuser’s charges were sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and were dismissed. The accuser repped by Allred never provided an affidavit. And the most well-known accuser Ginger White was found guilty of libel in an unrelated case around the time Cain ended his campaign.”

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  13. roxiellTX says:

    I would love to see Herman Cain in that position. Because he had a radio show, he’s had lots of experience dealing with idiot questions. His hearing would be fun to watch.

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  14. NYGuy54 says:


  15. missmarple2 says:

    Whoever the next nominee is, I hope it’s someone that gets the lefties in a complete meltdown.

    Cain works for me. Maybe it would be an opportunity to destroy Gloria Allred.

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  16. WSB says:

    I love Herman. But who would be his adversaries?


  17. filia.aurea says:

    Thiel is questionable for a number of reasons. Cain is battle-tested.

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  18. NYGuy54 says:

    Trump’s day…meetings with Netanyahu, dinner with Marco, interviews 2 Labor Sec candidates…what a pace

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  19. justfactsplz says:

    Cain has been a good Trump supporter. I heard someone ask him months ago in an interview if he would serve in the administration if he were asked and he said he would. He would be a good choice. There are several good choices imo.

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  20. Illegal says:

    Do not fill the position. Assign enforcement of labor rules to the IRS.

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  21. jackphatz says:

    The media will resume where they left off with him…those women…Cain’s inappropriate behavior. Where have we heard that old story.


  22. Steve says:

    How about we start shutting down the labor department since we don’t have a laborer secretary. Start transferring them out to other departments. Oh well, I guess businesses can do anything they want to now, unless some democrats want to help get my guy through the Senate.
    It wouldn’t hurt to tell Mitch that most of us will never vote Republican again if he messes this up for us.


    • Illegal says:

      If Trump wants to save money and drain the swamp do not fill the position. The functions could be managed by other departments. The unemployment insurance program could be overseen by the IRS snce they are not doing ACA enforcement.


  23. Oh how I just LOVE Mr. Cain, but it would be too easy and perfect to put him in office. The Dems, just out of spite or obstruction, would never approve him. But I just love Mr. Cain. He is one of the classiest men of the 2008 election, bar none.

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  24. Deb says:

    Ooh, yes please!


  25. I can live with Herman. Educated in math, excellent success in business, and steeped in politics through his talk radio show, he is definitely qualified. But, he dropped out of his run for the Republican presidential nomination because of bimbo eruptions, a resume enhancer for Democrats, but a poison pill for Republicans. The bimbo eruprions ceased, as I recall, as soon as he dropped out, but could they reappear?


  26. Watcher says:

    Just get someone that can add and subtract.
    Tired of 8 years of phony jobs math.

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  27. Caine has guts and he has never swayed from his message.

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  28. MIKE says:

    All aboard, Herman! And bring your brother Quai Chang, we’re going to need a little muscle!

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  29. Paul Killinger says:

    Yes, that’s EXACTLY right!


  30. rashamon says:

    No to the department; i.e. no to Mr. Cain. Actually, he should be brought in to tear up the Federal Reserve. He has the background (and the cents of humor…yuk, yuk, yuk).

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  31. way2opinionated says:



  32. DebbieUK says:

    I loved Mr Cain when he was running and thought he would be the first truly black president, not mixed race like Obama.I always get annoyed that his white heritage gets ignored.Im sure he’s ashamed of it because of so called colonialism but still its there and he appealed to a lot of whites.

    Black conservatives don’t fit with the identity race politics. In UK many non Muslim Asians are conservative and vote accordingly.Many entrepreneurs and money makers adding to the economy. It drives the BBC crazy.Doesnt fit their narrative of discriminated against immigrants.


  33. aur1640 says:

    Slam that “Easy” button, I’m in!! 👍😎😁


  34. Patriot Lady says:

    Thanks a million Sundance! What a great idea! .
    Now I have a great reason to dust off my ‘Cain for President’ campaign pins and put that extra Cain bumper sticker on my car! 😎 😎

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  35. nightmare on k st says:

    anybody yet notice that Trump candidate picks are not what Patriots would chose?

    Herman Cain. Michelle Bachman, Allan West, Sheriff Clarke, Duncan Hunter. Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Laura Ingrahm, Dave Brat, Paul Nehlen, Chris McDaniel


  36. nightmare on k st says:

    Herman Cain is the name and I served on the Trump Train


    The Night, they drove Andy Puzder down, and all the people were singing, LA, LA, Land


  37. Mickey Wasp says:

    Excellent idea. Had not thought about Herman Cain – but, I’d be ‘All In’ if President Trump nominated him. Local story … Glenn Beck was on our local AM station in the morning and Herman Cain was on late evening – pre-recorded. Well, after Beck went full ‘Never Trump’ and stated he would vote Hillary. Myself and many others organized and started hammering the local station and advertisers and the various other call-ins that are local in nature (small market, population around 20K) to remove Beck – it took awhile but we did succeed.

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  38. peachteachr says:

    LOVE. What a great choice. #HermanCain


  39. Buck Turgidson says:

    Two thumbs up on Herman Cain. Love that guy. We lose Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice, we get Ben Carson and … Herman would be great! What great role models for the black community and what a monumental step up from the incompetent affirmative action communist losers lynch and rice. Herman could help downsize Labor and also help with communications with the inner cities about responsibility, hard work, all that.


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