President Trump Signs Resolution Eliminating SEC Disclosure Rule For U.S. Energy Development…

H.J. Resolution 41, “disapproving the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule on disclosure of payments by “resource extraction issuers”, ie. energy companies.

Foreign energy companies, developers and extractors do not have to publicly show their financial transactions with foreign governments.  An existing U.S. SEC rule designed to provide disclosure on corporate ‘donations’ to foreign governments put our energy corporations at a disadvantage.

The existing rule meant that U.S. corporations were revealing where and when they were planning to invest in energy development.  Competing nations energy companies were using that public disclosure information to out maneuver the U.S. on contracts.

Prior administrations and prior congressional leadership didn’t see a problem with the disadvantage due to the inherent political ideology.  Prior U.S. political leadership maintained a globalist perspective, they advocate for globalization, which inherently means they were comfortable with the U.S. disadvantage because it spread the energy development wealth to lesser nations.

Congress voted earlier this month to kill the existing SEC rule and sent it on to Trump, highlighting the rules impact in putting American energy companies at a disadvantage.  [Insert probable Trump conversation with T-Rex here].

Today with HJ Resolution 41 President Trump removed the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advanced notification rule, and leveled the playing field for the U.S. energy companies.

White House Press Release


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152 Responses to President Trump Signs Resolution Eliminating SEC Disclosure Rule For U.S. Energy Development…

  1. chiavarm says:


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  2. M33 says:

    Oh, man. Libs gonna freak!


    This is gonna be great!

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  3. Give it time says:

    Not seeing how this helps US jobs, draining the Swamp nor fixing real issues.


  4. Disgusted says:

    Any explanation available for WHY they were put in place in the first place, and by whom? And why is Ryan ALWAYS skulking around at these events in the Oval Office? ? Get im outa there and KEEP HIS COAT!

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  5. SPMI says:

    Uh oh! Our President is doing something correct again! Moon bats alerted. It has only just begun you ignominious arses.

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  6. mikebrezzze says:

    We’re lucky to have a man of character and success to give it all up and step into the virtual gates of hell, Trump will prevail, he’s never failed to deliver!

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  7. trumpsbamagirl says:

    Love how our President put Ryan on notice about Obamacare!!!

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    • M33 says:

      Definitely don’t like seeing the words “President” ………….and…………. “Ryan” anywhere near each other!
      I don’t even like typing them out like this on the message board!


  8. Pam says:

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  9. Is that Mia Love on the left. Wasn’t she a NeverTrumper?

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    • Pam says:

      Yes to both of your questions. 😉

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    • Erik Dee says:

      I’ve always thought of her as establishment GOPe, and NeverTrump Lite. She did what she was told but only took a strong or bold stand on issues it was safe to do so. I’ve watched for several years her Facebook and all of her posts have been carefully tailored as if by a PR firm. And she NEVER speaks to the people.

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      • flawesttexas says:

        Love is also a member of Congressional Black Caucus. Not only. Left wing, but racist, too

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        • susiepuma says:

          She is also part of the Mormon mafia from Utah……………..

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        • Lucille says:

          All blacks in congress including the couple of Republicans are members of the CBC. Allen West was when he was a Congressman. Love is a good, moral, religious woman. What has she said or done or what fiscal or social positions has she taken that would give anyone the idea she’s a leftist or racist? Check out her website:

          FYI: she spoke to thousands at the WDC March For Life. Her speech was beautiful and heart-felt. If you’re interested in knowing when she’s in her district so you can hear her speak and ask her questions, you may certainly request to be put on her email list if you are one of her constituents.


          • MissV says:

            Rode in on TP coattails then voted like a Democrat. Not to mention trash the voters who put her in office. But I repeat myself.

            Allen West ditto. What a huge disappointment they both were.


      • Trumppin says:

        Mia Love began under the Tea Party and she endorsed marco rubio

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        • TheTorch says:

          Yes sadly, she had great potential and a really bright career, but since she got elected she has tuned into just another RINO.

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          • Trumppin says:

            Like all the elected Tea Party candidates

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            • progpoker says:

              The swamp has ways of making even the most earnest turn. Sad,

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            • Marc says:

              They were globalist tares among the Tea Party wheat. Sadly, just about all the Tea Party women of the last couple election cycles were agents of the Uniparty: Ayotte, Love, Ernst, etc.

              The GOPe realized they couldn’t beat the liberty movement so they embedded their own agents into the group to subvert.

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              • jeans2nd says:

                No worries. We are making government smaller, are we not? How about The T Party?


                • Marc says:

                  IMO, the Tea Party as it is, is dead. It has been corrupted and co-opted too much to become the smaller govt, more conservative movement that it began as. Think about how many duds got in office as a Tea Party candidate: Ernst, Cotton, etc. and look how many of them went against DJT. They are all beholden to Wall St and lobbyist groups for the cash.


                • Marc says:

                  Just realized you meant Trump party. Yeah, we’re going strong and we’re motivated to MAGA.


              • Trumppin says:

                Pretty sure it was coopted at the upper levels of the tea party not just those that ran for congress.


                • Marc says:

                  Of course but those that co-opted it were the ones that pushed RINOs under the banner of Tea Party. Authentic grassroots supported astroturf candidates unbeknownst to the vast majority of voters.

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        • Bob says:

          Wait? She is a racist, black, Mormon, Tea Party member who supported Rubio? You just can’t make this shlt up!


  10. ctTrumpster says:

    MAGA never stops. Stay the course all, it is hard, but remember, we ARE the majority no matter what the globalists try to portray! We are taking our beautiful country back one small step at a time!

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  11. FLOTUS Melania #1 Fan says:

    While the “smart set” in the media and the think tanks and elsewhere are focused on shiny things, Our Donald is working his tail off to get the American economic engine roaring again. He is always focused on helping us – the “little people”, the average joes, the (formerly) forgotten men and women of America who make this country work. Donald is working for us. He is a people’s president, not a think tank president. And when he wins re-election in 2020 by a bigger landslide than Reagan the “smart set” will, once again, be scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened.

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  12. He’s working so hard for the people and shame he has to deal with the corrupt Obama left overs attempting to sabotage him every step of the way.

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  13. Parkerchandlee says:

    I read this and I watch the MSM tell the world our NSA head is resigning due to a wiretap and nobody wonders what the issue is? Yeah, Russia wanted Trump to win? Seriously?


  14. silverlakela says:

    Former Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn
    Sources: Former Obama officials, loyalists planted series of stories to discredit Flynn, bolster Iran deal

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  15. Doug says:

    One thing I think people need to remember and anticipate is that this administration is pushing a lot of change and that inherently will require him to be nimble and reactive. Others will pass that off as chaotic, but its really just dealing with impediments and issues that arise. The mission is clear but the obstacles arent, so its important to have faith. Some people on the internet are acting like Mike Flynn resigning is leading to WW3 or something. I cant buy into that nonsense. trump didnt work so hard campaigning to surrender now! Everyone wants to pretend they are experts in what trump is doing when they dont really have any more knowledge than the rest of us. Ill trust the guy that just beat the media, hollywood, globalist, bushs, clintons and the GOPe over any twittering chicken littles any day of the week. Until such time its shown otherwise, I wont overreact to everything with such cynicism.

    Good governance as shown by this commonsense law is why we elected him and its ultimately why he will succeed!

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  16. Oldschool says:

    Let me get this straight, congress passed a resolution, sent it to POTUS, POTUS signed it. What a novel excersise.

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    • KBR says:

      Another one just signed is here:

      If you scroll down to the green print, there are some more there, with brief explanations.

      If we want to be effective in our complaints or letters to House members, we need to be in the know about what they are actually doing. (Not just what they might be scheming.)

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      • KBR says:

        Just want to say that this, and the other House Resolutions that President Trump has signed, are a hopeful sign.

        He is getting some cooperation from the House, yous see. Kudos to President Trump.

        Now, we have a good thing to sweeten the medicine for our House Reps:

        “Thank those of you in the House who voted for HR 41″ (or choose another from the list above ) We who support our President are happy to see the House and the POTUS working together on these matters.


        Just a spoonful of sugar can help these guys to accept the bitter medicine you might be putting in that next paragraph.

        Or a simple call or note to your reps office to say thank you might be nice.

        Just a thought for those of you who believe in the carrot and stick theory. Here’s the carrot.

        An “attaboy” for good stuff might be hard to find: these are “attaboys.”

        Use them judiciously.

        Those few reps who are worried that we do not support them might do more pro-Trump if we support what they do now that is pro-Trump.

        If no matter what they do, we scream all the same, there is no incentive and in fact they might become increasingly hostile or apathetic to getting things done that POTUS wants done.

        We do our POTUS no service by ranting in those (hopefully less and less) rare occasions when we should recognize cooperation.

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        • mot2grls says:

          It is a bummer for those of us who live in states in which our representatives are boobs working against our president. I’m in New Mexico, we have Heinrich and Udall and a complete moron, Michelle Lujan Grisham. The only good one we have is Steve Pierce. Heinrich actually posted a petition to get rid of the “white supremacist Steve Bannon” on FB. Lujan Grisham is trying to meet with ICE here. Heinrich and Udall both voted against President Trump’s cabinet members. It is truly no representation at all. I have emailed them as well as Mitch McConnel and Speaker Ryan. I also think it’s important to let POTUS know we support him. This has to be hard on his family.

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      • andi lee says:

        Well, that’s one I wish would include Congress. Or, a clean separate bill. Mandatory drug testing for Congress!

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      • bessie2003 says:

        This was great to read! Quietly getting things done while everyone is looking at the shiny things like Flynn

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      • yakmaster2 says:

        KBR, thanks for reminding us of good things going on in the House. Progress!


      • fleporeblog says:

        KBR did President Trump sign all of those resolutions that you shared?


    • progpoker says:

      We used to be taught about this all works…

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  17. The Devilbat says:

    The boot is coming down on the swamp creatures.

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  18. David says:

    Did you notice that Preibus was not there as usual? Is Trump reconsidering


  19. ledeplorable says:

    Obama was pushing out 10’s of thousands of new regulations. Suddenly TRUMP seems to be going in slow motion. S-L-O-W M–O–T—I—O—-N
    Killing one bad regulation..when you should have killed thousands is no big deal.and you don’t have leakers and NSA call intercepts as an excuse for not doing these things


  20. beaujest says:

    Big Wheel keep on turnen ,Proud Donald keep on burnen ,rollen rollen on the river !

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  21. jojo says:

    The Johnson amendment is a law. It needs to be done through Ryan & McConnell. Pres. TRUMP needs to grab them both by the cajones, look ’em in the eyes and tell ’em to get on board or start squeezing. Bet it works.

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    • KBR says:

      You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar: (and these are flies, right?)

      Trump will know how to get more and more cooperation from Congress.
      We should help him all we can and follow his example.

      We didn’t elect a king. POTUS will need cooperation from House and Senate between now and the next time these guys are up for reelection to get things done legally.

      You don’t train a dog by constantly screaming at it: treats are appropriate when the dog manages to get it right. These dogs got it right with these HR’s, so we might consider throwing them a little treat.


  22. MaineCoon says:

    Watch, watch & watch again (w/ or w/o sound) Ryan’s reaction. Outed. Outed. Outed again.

    He’s a devil in disguise.

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    • Red says:

      I can’t stand Ryan’s looks. He is rather swarthy looking. He always has that sly smirk, I absolutely do not trust him!, and there is no way in hell I’d ever allow him to stand behind me!!!!!


  23. TexasDude says:

    This is rather interesting. Denton, Texas is getting grief for not disclosing their energy plans so as to not give private companies a leg up.


  24. silverlakela says:

    Inside The Secret Campaign To Oust Flynn

    “The Obama administration knew that Flynn was going to release the secret documents around the Iran deal, which would blow up their myth that it was a good deal…they all knew their little sacred agreement with Iran was going to go off the books. So they got rid of Flynn before any of the [secret] agreements even surfaced.”


  25. Thank you for posting the video Sundance, this is great news for our economy! I loved the part at the end where Trump got Ryan on record agreeing that he’s working on Obamacare it will done real soon.

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  26. kevinrexheine says:

    As mentioned by President Trump, the author and primary sponsor of H. J. Res 41 is Bill Huizenga (R-MI02-Zeeland). What I’d like to add is that Mr. Huizenga is my congressman, as I live in that portion of Kent County that’s in Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District (and I’m beginning to view Justin Amash as a bit of an embarassment to the movement). Bill mentioned this resolution at the 2nd District Caucus session of the MIGOP State Convention last weekend (to a standing ovation).


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