The Manufacturing of Controversy – General Michael Flynn Edition….

Anyone who has followed the deep weed construct of current U.S. politics against the backdrop of DC’s UniParty fear of President Trump can fully grasp the desperation of the professional political class to undermine the expressed purposes and intents of Trump to drain the proverbial swamp in Washington DC.


Toward that end – the myriad of vested financial and political interests, including those interests amid the corporate Mostly Swamp Media, are frantically lashing out -and latching on- to any issue that might aid the undermining objective.

“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones”.

This is a famous quote from Niccolo Machiavelli which acutely describes the current confluence of events.   Draining the proverbial swamp of the inherent corruption, and subsidiary corruptible influences from the entrenched benefactors, is the overriding source of the angst against the new administration.

For the media who depend on the bile in the swamp’s retention pond – to manipulate public opinion – no falsehood is out-of-bounds; no attack too severe; no rules of decency or diplomacy are considered; the ends justify all means as the war of attrition begins.

The approach from those who benefit from life amid the swamp is essentially a zero-sum outlook.  Either the parasites win, or they will have forever lost their indulgences.

Combined with the media, the aggregate interests form like swarms of frenzied piranha.  At the apex of the boil anything thrown into the mix will be devoured regardless of its political alignment.  The rabid nature of the swarm precludes the injection of logic, reason or merit; all common sense is necessarily dispatched.


The media created controversy of General Michael Flynn is a nothing-burger.

The piranha’s are biting a fake news rubber tire that has been dipped into the boil; and the swamp defenders who are holding the rope are desperate to convince the viewing audience it’s really a side of beef.

Wait for the boil to subside, and if you stick around long after the audience moves on, you’ll see a rubber tire removed.

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504 Responses to The Manufacturing of Controversy – General Michael Flynn Edition….

  1. ZC says:

    Flynn has respectfully resigned for his own reasons which are private (but the pirhannas are boiling anyway) and this article becomes even More relevant. Thank you for writing it.

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  2. WVPatriot says:

    I am stunned. President Trump turned over so many rocks and exposed and verified the distrust for so many politicians, spokesmen, et al that I felt for so many decades. I had planned on treating myself to Lt. General Flynn’s new book. I now feel as if I have had the air knocked out me. Too many words whirling around inside my head and not to continue.

    Sleep well Patriots, and pray to our Heavenly Father to preserve his chosen country…the United States of America. Please pray for our President Donald John Trump.

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  3. Libertyvibe says:

    Obama was doing everything he could to start a nuclear war just weeks before Trump got in. If Flynn had a phone call with Russia and said, “Don’t worry, we don’t support the “nuke first, ask questions later” policy, and thus talked Putin off the ledge; than I am grateful. Flynn saved the entire world from nuclear destruction. The neocons wanted that war SO BAD! They were so pissed when Putin didn’t fight back. That is when they spied on Flynn, and decided he thwarted their wicked plans. As far as I am concerned, Flynn took a bullet for the American people today. Thank you for your service, sir!

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    It’s worth mentioning that Sundance (on or around Nov 17, 2016) posted “Tread Carefully – Report: Michael Flynn Possible As National Security Adviser…” ( ) In this posting Sundance stated “if Trump would actually make Flynn the Condi Rice of his administration, there will be many people, myself included who would be very disappointed”.


  5. redsequin4 says:

    The CIA Really Is Out to Get General Flynn

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  6. NoCrud says:

    When “Spitstorn Specialists” are confronted by Truth and there is nothing they find they can do about it, nothing is working, what do they do? Why, they throw more spit into the storm. It’s all they have. And they fall back on the assumption that once again they have fooled the masses. But what have they done essentially? Nothing more than suckered the old reliable spit-for-brains once again, their dependable base that is there just for them. The Left’s deplorable Immoralbles…

    The best defense for a spitstorm is to always stay alert and upwind.

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  7. dreadnok89 says:

    No clue what he did wrong. Clinton or just about everyone else in dc should be locked up

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  8. Jennie Walsh says:

    There are billions of Satanic New World Order Swampy Goliaths trying to destroy Trump; but God is blessing and protecting Trump. Trump and the sons and daughters of God will be victorious over the Kingdom of Satan (The New World Order).

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  9. Could the Flynn affair be an attempt to distract from the real intelligence scandal in DC with the Awan brothers being the tip of the iceberg? If someone wanted attention on the Awans to turn elsewhere, the timing seems awfully convenient…


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