Rediscovered Election Night Video – Jake Tapper: “We Need”….

A person of twitterable consequence known as Steve Kirby happened upon rediscovery of a CNN segment from election night coverage.

Kirby notices something in the Freudian verbiage of Jake Tapper that, in hindsight, appears rather predictive of current narratives; namely, Tapper’s use of “we need”.  WATCH:



Perhaps that better explains THIS:


(Left) October 15th, 2016 – (Right) January 26th, 2017

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183 Responses to Rediscovered Election Night Video – Jake Tapper: “We Need”….

  1. JAS says:

    Another Classic Moment!

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    • Funny I send this around all the time!


    • jello333 says:

      I wish this was the Chris Matthews we saw ALL the time. I can’t help but like the guy, but often he’s an idiot. On the other hand, there are times (like here, and in that town-hall event where he talked about why Trump was popular) that he seems… real. I think Chris is a normal, working-class, compassionate guy at heart, but he’s been working in the MSM so long that it’s kinda buried underneath… only to resurface when he gets a little angry.


  2. Laura Wesselmann says:

    We-uh-she-uh-Hillary-uh-she needs-uh-we need-help me here Wolf

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  3. Tell it like it is Chris Matthews!


  4. Sayit2016 says:

    There is Rachel… again with the lies ” Trump calling All Mexicans Rapists”. She is still trying to defend Hillarys massive lost. She is despicable. Matthews is right on this…..Hillary attacked Trump ad nauseam and did not have a cogent plan to do anything new or different. She talked to her liberal base, Trump spoke to America. She was about her winning the election. Trump was about America winning. That is why she lost. She LOST. This makes me cry….tears of uncontrolled JOY that she did lose. I still watch the last segment on THE CIRCUS at least once a week, it is called ” President”..( Election day ) just to see her lose AGAIN. Watching her lose NEVER gets old. It is kinda like a bedtime a story you want to hear again and again…; )

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  5. ElaineDr says:

    I was watching this when it happened and my husband and I both caught it. LOL, the sad faces on CNN and MSNBC….what a night.

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  6. entagor says:

    Local broadcast news in Detroit is mainly chat, fluff, and giggle spots, but there is never a moment’s doubt that they are trying to convey disgust with Trump. It is like watching bad vaudeville.To the Left, the Trump platform of empowering the people in flyover is like unleashing roaring carnivores inside a peaceful left wing nudist camp

    The Left has made all religions equal, which makes religion a matter of personal taste. With all religions trivialized, what is Truth? The Left finds its Truth not in the Bible, but in political doctrine. That is why the MSM considers itself ‘fair and balanced’.

    In the old days, Good versus Evil was defined by the Bible. Now Good is defined in one party platform, and Evil is everything else

    News anchors do not believe they are prejudiced when they attack Trump. They are fighting Evil.

    Marx was correct. First you must remove religion. It is like fighting zombies to get through to this bunch

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  7. Libertyvibe says:

    Whoa! CNN is biased.

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  8. Mike diamond says:

    All the media was in the tank for Hillary, and she lost,I’m so very thankful!

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  9. john lorenz says:

    want to see the Goebbels-Pravda Orwellian Ministry of Truth really go nuts? Reopen the cases against the foundation and the emails/server. Too F’ing sweet. Do it Jeff do it.


  10. Angry Dumbo says:

    Why Trump loves Carson. Carson gets the media. The media is desperate like flies buzzing on their back after they have been sprayed with bug spray. Awesome!


    • jello333 says:

      I feel really, really bad about some of the comments I made about Ben back in the beginning. I mean sure he’s an odd guy, and he actually deserved some of the criticism…. but I also now realize what a GOOD guy he is. He doesn’t deserve the attacks. And I also see him as a very loyal person, someone you’d definitely want as a friend… as Donald has found out. Thanks, Ben…. and I apologize.


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