Immediate Evacuation Order – Officials: Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway In California Expected To Fail Any Moment -*UPDATE* Live Stream Added…

There is a Live Stream at the bottom of the updates:


An immediate evacuation in Butte County Northern California has been issued as the primary spillway for the Oroville Dam is expected to experience catastrophic failure at any moment.  70,000 Residents of  Downtown Oroville, Thermalito, and Palermo are under immediate threat and should evacuate with extreme urgency.

OROVILLE, Calif. – An immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream is ordered. Supervisor Bill Connelly said specifically people who live in Downtown Oroville, Thermalito, and Palermo.

An evacuation center has been set up at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico. The Elks Lodge in Paradise is also opening their RV Park for free to evacuees. Space is limited in the RV Park.

A hazardous situation has developed with the Oroville Dam emergency spillway. Officials say that operation of the auxiliary spillway has lead to severe erosion that could lead to a failure of the structure.

Failure of the emergency spillway structure will result in an uncontrolled release of flood waters from Lake Oroville.

In response to this developing situation, DWR is increasing water releases to 100,000 cubic feet per second. Immediate evacuation from the low levels of Oroville and areas downstream has been ordered.

Officials are anticipating a failure of the auxiliary spillway at Oroville Dam within the next 60 minutes. Residents of Oroville should evacuate in a northward direction such as towards Chico. (read more)


butte-countybutte-county-2(NWS Flash Flood Link)

California Department of Water Resources Twitter HERE



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565 Responses to Immediate Evacuation Order – Officials: Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway In California Expected To Fail Any Moment -*UPDATE* Live Stream Added…

  1. Gil says:

    Look whis got his hand oyt for cash!!!!!!!! Well heres the leverage Trump has on the state.

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  2. Bouchart says:

    Quick! Use the high speed rail line to evacuate everyone!

    Wait, California made a mess of that too. Never mind.

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  3. 3x1 says:

    Morning after:


  4. 3x1 says:

    More morning views. Overflow was cutting back to the espillway. If it undercuts it, it fails.


    • Gil says:

      So again how much rain on expected on Thursday and how much snow likely to melt and can they get this 50 ft drop that they need? How soon to know if erosion under spillway is at failure level?


      • 3x1 says:

        This is Oroville, but the watershed feeding the lake is north and east, higher and huge

        Depends on if the pineapple express (moisture from the Pacific near Hawaii) materializes and strengthens. Temps will affect snowmelt.


        • Gil says:

          That pineapple express pattern has been amazing. Here they said we were in a la nina year, hot and dry. Cant have been worse predictions. Sierras at at massive levels. I understand theyve had to do preemptive avalanche blasting in areas. I can only imagine what spring will bring.

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          • fred says:

            I live in So Cal and I’ve seen alternating fronts…Some are the Pineapple express and warm air so little snow but big rain…I’ve also seen polar and Siberian express come and dump snow a few days later….The two fronts I see coming could pull Pacific moisture up but also are cold fronts and bring snow….Pray for the polar express to win this …….


        • Jimmy Jack says:

          I have family in Northern Nevada in the Sierra Madre Mountains on the CA border and they are having massive flooding. If that’s the case I’d expect the snow melting scenario is highly likely.


          • Wayne Robinson says:

            In Bridgeport in town area have had to evacuate at least two times so far this year. As snow melts river can’t contain amounts of water and it starts going into Areas where people live . Massive amounts of snow in Mammoth Lakes . Rumor is it’s approaching the winter of 69′. If this is true it has already shot the lie in global warming crap. Of course they must not face up to truth or they loose their Drought bs talking points . They will be revealed to be liars . Cause that’s what light does . America has been blest with light and sunshine and it will make manifest the lies and works of darkness. It will be unbearable to some but refreshing to others


  5. JustScott says:

    My thought is they should be pouring a new emergency spillway, STAT, with reinforced concrete.


    • Wayne Robinson says:

      If seepage is behind spillway covering it wit concrete will not help . Beavers work on uphill , water side. I’m in Yuba City but didn’t leave . There was not an evacuation order for Yuba but you wouldn’t know that listening to fake news. They in turn have presented themselves as hydraulic experts and in the know. They have managed to wring out every ounce of false emotion on an issue they have no knowledge of or experience with . Same mindless crap until people learn to ignore them. They even managed to scare my old women . She was hesitant to take her sleeping pill last night cause they were telling her she had been evacuated. So much fake news. If I had been evacuated , I couldn’t come back till the order was reversed. Governor Brown is a crook and stupid .


      • Wayne Robinson says:

        My old wife just told me she was still traumatized from this morning about five. When we awoke I told her there was water everywhere. She went to bed still believing the news that Yuba City had been ordered to evacuate. I gave up trying to convince her and just let it go. I remember her talking about a scram from a movie where an old couple were in a tree something about next time let’s just evacuate. . So funny that words can have such effect even when your kidding but when paid news people are knowingly spreading lies,! I think they should have to pay with removal of their bottom jaws. It would sure make it easy to identify the liars among us.


  6. Libertyvibe says:

    This disaster is a good excuse to launch an investigation on how tax dollars have been diverted away from shoring up critical infrastructure. Where have those tax dollars gone? There really is no excuse for this. The last thing the President should do is give the same criminals MORE money. This cabal lives by the credo: Let no disaster go unexploited! Yes- help the good people of California, but the state government that caused the problem can NOT be trusted with the management of those funds.

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    • Windy Day says:

      My hope is that Trump will require accountability by giving money with strings attached–like this money can ONLY be used to rebuild infrastructures (here’s the list of dams to rebuild and we are monitoring every little thing you do–one misstep and we yank the dough) and to help those in need (as in, here’s the list of those who have suffered from YOUR negligence).

      I don’t know if the government can do that, but if it’s OUR money, surely there’s a way.

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    • Wayne Robinson says:

      California just gave health care to illegal Mexicans , and passed a law protecting their right to drive even when they don’t pay their fines. Can this be real bet your ass it’s real. They are taxing bill of rights , neglecting upkeep on roads. This neglect of roads will cause deaths but they don’t care . California cares more about the comfort of illegal aliens than the lives of American citizens. Every political leader in Democrat Party in California have been adding untold millions to their bank accounts while claimed ng to represent interest of less fortunate . They are all evil just like federal level evil in effect and influence just like Hillary and rapist bill Clinton evil evil evil

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  7. fred says:

    They should be dropping fill in there right now…Big rain is definately coming. A good scientist should easily calculate how much water needs to leave as opposed to what is coming………I bet more is coming than they can empty by far… I’m no scientist but see major damage up there. Another round will undermine it…What are the engineers saying ……..


  8. Risasi says:

    This is curious. Someone on Zero Hedge mentioned this fellow, Jim Stone, who apparently was saying (as early as Feb 8th, that I’ve found) that the dam is compromised and is going to fail. His theory is that the spillway has been sabotaged. Some of the pictures he has aren’t popping up elsewhere, and he’s got some street credit now, at least in my book, for predicting “it’s bad” last Wednesday.

    Eh, I don’t know what to believe yet. I just have my tinfoil hat firmly affixed and reading this “stuff” with a healthy dose of salt. Watching and looking for a “follow the money” angle if this dam fails.

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  9. dervish114 says:

    After all of that erosion, the gold-panning might be good in the Feather River.


  10. John Galt says:

    If you like your perma drought, you can keep your perma drought.


  11. not2worryluv says:

    We’ve gotten 47″ of rain since January 1st according to our ranch’s weather station here in Sonoma County. We had three days of Sunshine over the weekend but more rain coming starting on Wednesday. It’s predicted that we will have an early Spring. Snow melt sooner rather than later. Prayers out to our fellow Californians north of us.

    NOCAL gets nothing from the State it’s all pet projects from SF south.

    Maxine Waters likely thinks the dam is the Hoover damn in Utah!!

    We’ve got Smart Bart that goes to nowhere now and the State had declared indigents can ride for free-it will become a moving Motel 6 with drugs, booze and turf wars riding the rails from Cloverdale south to San Rafael.

    If President Trump gives aid the Feds should control the project otherwise it’s going to some other pet project of Govenor Brown and his minions.

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    • Gil says:

      Theyve had the money and keep asking and nothing is done. Trump is a builder i seriously doubt he will give them a dime before they present a plan. And all money will have strings attached.

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  13. 3x1 says:

    Summary of Cal state controlled reservoirs

    Shasta is up there…


  14. 3x1 says:

    Another off the ARFcom thread, shows how big the erosion is compared to inspectors walking around


  15. MfM says:

    This reminds me of a teen or twenty-something that has a car that he/she needs to get to work/school. They have the money to replace the battery and tires, but instead take off for a wild week in Vegas with their friends. Then they come home and the car won’t start without a jump and they get a flat that can’t be fixed anymore… and inspection is next week and they fail and there are more things wrong with the car.

    Somehow it’s not their fault and they have their hand out for money from parents saying “but I can’t get to school/work” . They are going to guilt trip the Federal Government. It is going to be instructive seeing how Trump handles this.

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  16. spacette55 says:

    Getting rid of dams is/was a component of Agenda 21.

    The Purposeful Flooding of America’s Heartland

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  17. Watcher says:

    Dams and reservoirs require inspection/maintenance, one of the first in line for cost cutting.
    In this dam I suspect follow the money and where it stopped.

    The example attached had faulty water level sensors and was a unmanned facility.
    Tatum Sauk hydroelectric disaster Missouri.

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  18. Ono says:

    When the levee breaks…got no place to stay.

    Sacramento (State Capitol) is down stream from the Orville dam…Jerry (Moonbeam Brown) hope you can swim. Hope you are held accountable for this, Bullet train over infrastructure…

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  19. muffyroberts says:

    In Pam’s video, towards the end, there is a shot of the front of the spillway. Those are complete trees jammed up there at the entrance.


  20. 3x1 says:

    Cal Water changed their Oroville Reservoir filling profile after “surviving” the 86 flood

    See p91.

    This, along with bad/ nonexistent maintenance & inspection, is what got us here.

    They fill the reservoirs as quickly as possible during the rainy season due to “climate change”

    This is in contrast to the dam/ reservoir initial design specifications.


  21. 3x1 says:

    On track for record wettest NorCal

    Several months left. Remember a lot of this is stored in record snowpack at higher elevations.


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