SolidCore Fitness Studio Founder Targets Ivanka Trump…

[ SolidCore ] is a fitness/workout studio with numerous locations including several in Washington DC. –Website Here

The founder of the studio, Anne Mahlum, discovered President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was registered for workout classes at one of the locations under an alias due to Secret Service security concerns.  Today, Ms. Mahlum uses her social media (facebook) to target Ivanka Trump demanding a meeting to discuss her political views.

This type of public targeting is wrong, and extremely dangerous, on so many levels.



Setting aside the inherent self-righteous virtue signaling once again evident through the use of a business to target a customer for special attention, ie. scorn; owner Anne Mahlum shows a complete lack of professional concern for her clients and customers privacy with the public broadcast of her intention.


Additionally, intended or not (most likely so), company owner and founder Anne Mahlum puts the safety and security of Ivanka Trump at risk by openly providing the details of activity for a member of the first family.  This is exceptionally dangerous business behavior.

Apparently Ms. Mahlum does not recognize the inherent issues, and defends her action via her Twitter Account:


The original Facebook Post was first noticed by Twitter User Betsy Klein, and subsequently retweeted by Katie Pavlich who seems to understand the larger issues:


Reference / Sourcing:

Good perspective from History Teaches:

The cultural civil war has been fermenting and simmering for decades. Trump’s election has rocked the complacent world of those invested in the most radical of liberal world views. With near complete control of the media and educational system the narrative was barely challenged.

Even when the GOP were in power they largely deferred to mainstream pop cultural movements, afraid of being ridiculed and too cowardly to fight back. Not to mention all the uniparty connections that were kept hidden as much as possible.

They didn’t see, or preferred to ignore the signs of disgust shown by the Tea Party movement and the reason the midterms were so decisive. When pushed came to shove, the GOP revealed they were part of the crooked status quo orchestrated by the globalists.

Every day now literally is a war of values, beliefs, ideas. From personal and social behavior to business conduct to the ethical grounds of science and education to matters of the Spirit.

The pendulum has swung so far to the left that much of the world is dysfunctional, stupid and pacified with empty platitudes and juvenile distractions. All intentional objectives of a globalist agenda.

Trump was as unlikely a person as could have been imagined to lead a counter movement, but heroes often emerge in unexpected ways. It is so gratifying seeing him move forward, taking all the abuse, trickery and opposition in stride. The left has rarely faced a Republican they couldn’t shame, intimidate or neutralize. Trump is an opponent from another planet to them.

The war will continue every day, but I think that in a few months Trump will have whipped them so badly that they will break into factions and fight amongst themselves. The courts are really their only hope of slowing the movement and a full Trump team exposure and counter attack will deflate much of that hope.

trump momentum

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392 Responses to SolidCore Fitness Studio Founder Targets Ivanka Trump…

  1. angelwhiskers says:

    She wants a meeting-for what?

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    • jefcool64 says:

      Lessons on elegance

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    • MrE says:

      Tips for dealing with split ends

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    • mary says:

      She is pulling all this crap for publicity! She is a sore loser who can’t deal with her loss, just like all the insane Liberals. She is paranoid, delusional and insane. The perfect, hateful Liberal. She looks like we say in the horse world, “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet.” Holy Moses, she is one tough broad. (IF she really is female).

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      • Justah says:

        Is everyone sure this isn’t “FAKE NEWS”, designed for publicity?
        The Daily Mail UK has an article about Ivanka’s move to D.C. posted today – that article says that Ivanka uses the same workout club in D.C. that she used in New York City and she always uses her real name.

        Ivanka’s new life in DC: Visits to her children’s new schools, Flywheel classes, private meetings with Mark Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla Chan and weekly date nights with husband Jared

        Ivanka remains focused on her fitness down in DC, with residents spotting her out jogging in Rock Creek Park with Secret Service agents.
        The Washington Post reported that she ‘wore sleek black leggings, a hat — and a smile for passersby’ on the jog, through the same park where murdered DC intern Chandra Levy’s body was discovered over a decade ago.
        The jogger who spotted Ivanka also noted that she ‘looked glowy.’
        Ivanka has also stopped by Flywheel, having been a fan of the studio for years and frequented the chain’s Manhattan locations as well, where riders are ranked on a board displayed for everyone to see throughout the class.
        Most refuse to use their real name for this reason, but not Ivanka who always signs up for classes as ‘Ivanka.’
        Flywheel is not as popular however as Soul Cycle, which is the spin studio of choice for the likes of Michelle Obama and Chelsea Clinton.
        Chelsea even hosted a fundraiser for her mother’s presidential campaign at one of the chain’s Manhattan locations last January.


    • 1stgoblyn says:


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    • GueppeBarre says:

      Beauty lessons – she is ugly!!


  2. Charles says:

    All you other SolidCore clients, know that when your associations or worldview or politics conflicts with those of the founder, you too will be outed.

    Find a workout business that respects your personhood and wants you to succeed in staying fit, instead of sabotaging your life.

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  3. Howie says:

    The commie libs are out of control.

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  4. jackmcg says:

    She’s hoping to get a tweet from Trump, thinks it will boost her business.

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    • TJ says:

      …or, it will expose her “business” as a new age “human potential”, marketing scheme.

      “Anne Mahlum is a successful entrepreneur and speaker. She frequently speaks on topics including business, personal identity and social change.” [website]

      Her overpriced “workout club”, is just a marketing vehicle for her “lectures” and “coach training”. She’s a “change agent”, gonna like, save the world and stuff…on sale this week for a limited time, $349/month.

      $ee if you have what it, take$, to become a “coach”…(^_~)

      Qualities of a [solidcore] coach include, being able to write [solidcore] in brackets, because [solidcore] is a brand, and [solidcore] is unique. There has never been anything like [solidcore] that has ever existed.

      [solidcore] is not for everyone, you must be DEDICATED, COMMITTED, and ENTHUSIASTIC about completing the entrepeneurial courses. As such [solidcore] requires you to pay for [solidcore] classes, before you can pay for [solidcore] training.


  5. NJF says:

    This demon pretty much scrubbed her FB, she’s still getting slammed though.

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  6. realcapedcrusader says:

    She should go over to Breitbart and see how well Kellogg’s is doing after mouthing off.

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  7. Artist says:

    Thanks for this, I shared it in two private but Y U G E Facebook groups I am in….I can’t post anything on my own page because of neo McCarthyism in my professional world…. but I did leave a message on her Facebook page, along with 38 other annoyed posters.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      I have grown to hate FB thanks to all the new McCarthyites in my business circle. Well put.

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      • Beverly says:

        Ah, if only they were — Sen. McCarthy went after real Communist traitors in the State Department — and when the KGB Archives were opened after the fall of the Soviet Union, he was proved right in every. single. instance.

        Which is why the Left keeps peeing on his grave. But he’s in Heaven now, good patriot that he was, and out of their diabolical reach.

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        • Char Char Binks says:

          I agree. McCarthy, whatever his faults, was right about Communist (that is, Soviet) spies in the US government and military. When the left can’t blame McCarthy, or any specific target, they can blame McCarthyism.


  8. JC says:

    Thanks for the heads-up and contact list for this crazed-looking business person wannabe, SD. Will “reach out” to her within the hour.

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  9. Old Crewdog says:

    Oops. wrong Email Address.


  10. Old Crewdog says:

    All those contact references are so convenient! Thank you! /s

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  11. unconqueredone says:

    If Ivanka or any of Trump’s family comes to harm because of this type of shenanigan I predict there will be hell to pay for those who precipitated the harm.

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  12. JoeS says:

    Ivanka should just open her own fitness studio.

    She would make a fortune if she was really creative. The focus should be on “deplorables”

    It would be unstoppable.

    Trump Fitness: “get America in shape again” or something like that (after some brainstorming sessions).

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  13. indiana08 says:

    I think Ivanka should get a good trainer who is well vetted and make that person sign a confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement). If I were a client at this woman’s studio, I would drop her gym fast. If she’ll do this to Ivanka, she’ll do it to anyone. No one wants to go to a gym where the owner names clients on social media and demands a meeting to talk politics. She’s not only put the first daughter in danger of a leftwing lunatic but also her other clients as well. People go to the gym to get or keep in shape, not to listen to the deranged owner virtue signaling. Ivanka doesn’t own that liberal kook a meeting. That woman, Anne, needs to “relax” and realize that Ivanka’s life doesn’t revolve around liberal nutjobs and their “concerns”.

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    • theduchessofkitty says:

      “If she’ll do this to Ivanka, she’ll do it to anyone. No one wants to go to a gym where the owner names clients on social media and demands a meeting to talk politics. She’s not only put the first daughter in danger of a leftwing lunatic but also her other clients as well.”

      This, This and THIS!!!!!!

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      • Beverly says:

        That happened to me — I had a homosexual personal trainer when the Supreme Court decided that sodomy was just as worthy of marriage as natural relations. I dreaded going in that day for my workout: I’d already had to warn him off of ranting about how much he hated Christians (which he had grudgingly done), and I knew he would be crowing about how he and his “husband,” a Delta Airlines steward, could be recognized as “married” everywhere.

        So he started the interrogation right off the bat, trying to force me to join in (knowing, of course, that in conscience I couldn’t): in other words, he was bullying me. The session the following week, the same. I felt beleagured, trapped: I knew the gym manager was a leftwing black woman, and heck, everyone who worked there was a lefty as well.

        But I toughed it out, and the jerk finally let go of it. But a couple of weeks later, when he was ogling one of the men working out and I told him he needed to behave since he was “married,” he turned on me and exclaimed, with scorn, “Monogamous??!?!? We’re not monogamous! I’m a f****** gay man, for f***** s*****!!!”

        So, I’m thinking, what, you old sodomite, are you playing at marriage for? and the answer of course, is this: to put his thumb in our eye, his boot heel on our throat. Nothing more than that. Pure spite.

        So yeah, going to a lefty-owned gym is like being a Jew and trying to get service in 1934 Germany: before they’d really gotten cranking on the pogrom, but were already treating them like dirt in public. That’s about where we are, folks.

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        • PatriotGalNC says:

          Beverly… I have worked with gay men off and on, and would have to listen how gay people had the right to be married, etc…and ADOPT CHILDREN, etc. I think this is totally wrong, but would keep my opinions to myself. I did notice that in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE where these guys would get “married”, that none of them were faithful. N.ON.E! So, to me gay “marriage” is nothing but a couple of guys or gals “playing house” together, and the sanctimony of the marriage contract is meaningless. These guys would go off with other men at the drop of a hat. A pathetic joke. And don’t get me started on gays adopting children, OR lesbians doing same, OR opting for artificial insemination! Totally wrong. And I do not buy their crowing arguments that they can provide a better upbringing to a child, than say a poor couple who live in a trailer can. Children living in a gay household live an unbalanced life, and this has been documented by children of gay people! The LGBT lobby keeps this vital information hidden, because it damages their narrative. I am sickened to have to watch mainstream commercials on TV that show two women getting married or two men. It goes against my very core.

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    • Little Miss Susie Q with the bleached hair needs to have a restraining order slapped
      right on her fat a$$ — read her remarks and see if they don’t sound threatening. She has anger because of friends and customers being hurt and harmed, she also claims that she fights for and takes seriously her duty to protect them. Sounds like she might do harm to Ivanka, grounds to get a restraining order!

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      • COLibertyBelle says:

        Which in many states marks that person for life…they cannot own a firearm – ever – if they have had a restraining order taken out against them.


    • Charlie says:

      Curious, Ivanka tends to be more liberal on social issues wonder if these awful experiences have had an impact. No one should have to endure unfettered liberals.
      Melania’s decision to stay in NY may be a blessing for their family.

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  14. Bert Darrell says:

    I suspect this Solid Core woman is, in fact, rabid anti-semite using silly excuses and pretending she doesn’t know that Ivanka, her husband and children are Jewish. I hope her other clients realize who their are patronizing and take their business elsewhere, or risk the label sticking to them as well. The rabid woman could have handled this by having a private conversation with Ivanka but chose to take her “curiosity” public, thus showing how vile she really is.

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  15. LKA in LA says:

    Sorry but there is no way I could take instruction from a female with “please notice my freaky hair for I am a desperate clown seeking attention.” Who cares what this freak thinks? I hope Ivanka tells her to go straight to hell.

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  16. Binkser1 says:

    Don’t you like this witch “asking for a meeting.” Leftists are scum.

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  17. LKA in LA says:

    So by “protecting her clients and coaches” per Ann—are they illegial? Protection from what? In the medical community, they call this—attention seeking behavior. What a pos!

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  18. Deb says:

    Is she going to go on social media to call out all her clients that disagree with her politically? What a moron. These people are so stupid it’s scary.

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    • starfcker says:

      Ivanka has led a very sheltered life, hence her liberal belief system. Nasty individuals like this are going to open her eyes real quick. She seems to be a very perceptive woman, her street smarts will improve real quick. You in the big leagues now, baby. And they’re going to throw some at your head.

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  19. jojo says:

    I’ll personally teach Ivanka anything she wants and I won’t talk. Say nothing, zip, nada. Keep being graceful and respectful as you always are Ivanka. We’re behind you 100%.

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  20. Totally Domestic says:

    It is nothing but PERSECUTION!
    I am SICK if it!!!
    Ivanka is a very sweet lady and a wonderful role model.
    They think they can break her & also
    cause anguish & distraction to knock President Trump off his game.
    She is under attack because she is effective & they fear her.
    Please pray for her & her family.
    & buy her brand.

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    • starfcker says:

      For every person who respects classy behavior, and good manners, there is another that rages inside with envy and resentment. They will be coming out of the woodwork. Remember the idiot on the plane.

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      • donebydesign says:

        Precisely. The plane was harassment and attention seeking from the perps IMO. This public outing appears to be a more serious ‘piling on’ after all the negative press of Ivanka’s fashion lines being removed. The left smells blood so they attack her as a soft target. This whole thing is so unprofessional and aptly compromises Ivanka’s security.

        Like the fake journalists, EXAMPLES need to be made of people who think they have carte blanche to publically harass members of the First Family. Let’s see some consequences for once. I’m tired of watching whack a trump become the left’s new chew toy entertainment.

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        • Yes, DBD, they do smell blood in the water. A scary image, indeed! I think they also think they have found a chink in Pres. Trump’s armor. I doubt that, but look for more attacks on his family. I hope just verbal…
          Look up the definition of assault and see what you can see. Harassment, too. That woman has probably already had a friendly visit from the FBI and the Secret Svc.


  21. Bl says:

    This woman is so unbelievably lame and unprofessional, but she’ll never understand how dumb her actions are. I hope she loses all her clientele.

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  22. blazingnash says:

    She’s not interested in starting a “conversation”. She’s only interested in shutting it down. What a hateful sow.

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    • starfcker says:

      For every barking moonbat like the present example, there are a hundred that see themselves as liberal because they think it equates to compassionate, helpful, thoughtful. This is where minds can be changed. “Really? He wants to get rid of common core?” The crazies are helping us, much like the never Trumpers did during the campaign.


  23. papiertigre says:

    Tort – A tort, in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor. Although crimes may be torts, the cause of legal action is not necessarily a crime, as the harm may be due to negligence which does not amount to criminal negligence. The victim of the harm can recover their loss as damages in a law…



  24. Kaco says:

    I feel really bad for all the Trump children. Most of their lives, they’ve mingled and led in their own ways in the high fashion, social scene of NY, when I read a link last night that someone posted, it had a slide-show of Ivanka from a child to now. There were pics as a child going to fashion shows with her mother, she apparently modeled some later, going to social bashes with red carpet pics. I’m sure all have been in the spotlight one way or another and have had no disapproval.

    I can’t imagine how gob-smacked they all are now, I hope Melania finds a good school for Baron, they shouldn’t have to sequester themselves through his presidency. I’ve never seen a first family so persecuted and for what, for being pro-American and pro-American worker and businesses and holding up law, order and security.

    We are very lucky our president has been bearing the “slings and arrows” without batting an eyelash. But sometimes I can see in Donald Jr.’s eyes how he sees how unfair it all is. If there was a way we could send a group letter of support and understanding to the family, I’d love to sign my name to it. Thousands of signatures could offer some bit of comfort.

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  25. ALEX says:

    At its base level this is bullying…Ivanka can defend herself and your world does change when a family member is President, but this goes on every single day in schools…

    The internet mixed with leftist views is extremely dangerous. One has to look only at communism to see what propaganda can inflict on hundreds of millions…We are in for rough times and very dangerous…


  26. avannr says:

    Let’s book out all their trainings. Use their tactics to protest. Uh huh.

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  27. dreadnok89 says:

    Threatening right? Wut?


  28. QuiteContrary says:

    Ms. Mahlum and her ilk are such ugly, hateful people that it’s hard to understand how they can view themselves as good. We all know they do, even as they verbally abuse, boycott, and demand the firing of anyone who dares to voice an opposing view. People like this have psychological problems. These are not the actions of a mentally healthy individual.

    I’d be interested to know whether Ms. Mahlum loses business as a result of her public knocks against Ivanka and her shocking disregard for Ivanka’s safety. Were I a customer, I would never set foot in her gym again. It is one thing for Ms. Mahlum to disagree with President Trump. It is another thing for her to try to publicly shame those who don’t see things her way. Those who do this do not get my business, whether they sell products and services or sell tickets to their shows.

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  29. Nunya Bidness says:

    Ms Malum (in se?) might as well post a Going Out of Business sign now. She’s blown it with her unprofessional gabbing about her personal views of her clients.


  30. remuda2016 says:

    Ivanka (AKA ?)…Please…Go elsewhere to workout. Solidcore will close in two weeks. Your cover is blown anyway.


  31. Mike diamond says:

    All the stores who disrespected ivanka will not be happy when more than half their sales and money began to dry up! More than half the american people won’t shop at their stores!

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  32. Mike diamond says:

    Not solid core but rotten to the core!


  33. ensitue says:

    Never trust a person who gets hair advise from a Korean/Japanese Anime


  34. GueppeBarre says:

    “The left has rarely faced a Republican they couldn’t shame, intimidate or neutralize. Trump is an opponent from another planet to them.”

    That is because he’s not a republican.


  35. Farmon says:

    Maybe I’m missing something about her but Ivanka seems to be the real deal. She doesn’t have to go to a class to get workouts in… She has chosen to be a stay at home mom, supporting her husband in his high profile (and stressful job). Good for her and for her family. Her kids need that. Her husband needs that. While she doesn’t need to go looking for a public workout class she does it anyway. She doesn’t need to fly coach (or even on a carrier flight) she does it anyway. Are we starting to get the picture that she’s an American who does things just like millions of other unknown Americans? The men on the flight that caused such a ruckus about her are probably going to pay dearly ($$$) for the legal issues they caused themselves.

    Gotta love a woman like her: Mom, wife, businesswoman, and she hangs it all up (for maybe 4 – 8 years) while her family is serving their country. And from what we’ve seen so far, I do mean serving our country. It made me proud to see her going to Dover AFB with the President to honor and respect our fallen SEAL team member recently. Class act through and through. Let’s continue to pray for her, her family, PDJT and the new administration.


  36. Johnnycomelately says:

    All the tweets to Annes accounts are getting traction.
    She has closed them all down and gone silent.
    She will be out of business soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. TreeperInTraining says:


    Her Twitter is in private mode…and she has just officially announced that she was “misunderstood”.

    Snort .


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