Stephen Miller Discusses Roll Out of Visa Suspension and Executive Order…

Stephen Miller, senior policy adviser to President Trump, joins “CBS This Morning” from the White House to discuss the travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, and how the Trump administration plans to create new immigration vetting procedures.

As Miller easily cuts through the MSM nonsense, CBS couldn’t get him off the air fast enough….  Well done Mr. Miller !


Mr Miller also appeared on Fox News to discuss.





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204 Responses to Stephen Miller Discusses Roll Out of Visa Suspension and Executive Order…

  1. GSR says:

    Kudos to Mr Miller – he’s first rate and knows the ins and outs of immigration very well.

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  2. donebydesign says:

    He also was gracious by giving credit (in both clips) on behalf of WH to the ICE and BP agents who screen millions of ppl.

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  3. CNN should have a total ban from White house activities – if you look at their Facebook page they are no longer even a pseduo-news organization but a far-left advocacy group

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  4. Pam says:

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    • Howie says:

      Not surprising. These moles are wormed in all agency. They must be rooted out.

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    • Howie says:

      Trump will win the appeal on grounds of incompetent counsel. 🙂

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    • georgiafl says:

      Holder/Lynch DOJ hired on basis of ideology.

      Shamed to say this woman is a cousin of my children and former husband’s family, through the Quillians, a NGA family that produced generations of Methodist ministers. Leftism has become strong in the Methodists, especially today. My father in law used to call it the ‘Communist Methodist Church’ (He was Primitive Baptist or Hard Shell Baptist, as we say in the South.)

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    • frogstamper says:

      I’m not an attorney nor am I a consituational scholar.
      But I am an American citizen. I was raised to know right from wrong, good from bad, and with an awareness of the betterment of my fellow citizen.
      President Trump – I hope and pray that you utilize all legal means at your disposal to Make America Great Again.
      President Trump, I hope and pray God will protect you and lead you to the paths of righteousness for His Names’s sake.
      President Trump, I hope and pray God will give you the wisdom of Solomon and the integrity of Daniel.
      President Trump, I hope and pray that, like David, you will be a man after God’s own heart.

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  5. MrE says:

    President Trump’s Twitter account is probably one of the best things to have ever happened to this planet. “… and the tears of Senator Schumer.” 😂😂😂😂

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  6. For all the splodey heads in the media who are going bat-crazy over POTUS Trump’s immigration freeze of the 7 nations:

    I wish our POTUS would quadruple the order in response to their disinformation and inciting of violence and frenzy which is all over the tv and radio these last few days.

    There should be some penalty to the so called groups that these talking heads support over American citizens. Maybe that’d get em all to STFU unless they were to spout truth!

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  7. Betty says:

    Fire her President Trump!. America first.

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  8. Barbara Willams says:

    Chuck Shumer is our resident bad actor. In more ways than one.

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    • furtive says:

      Worse than that, he is the center of the CON-spiracy between his favorite judge & acting AG SALLY YATES. ( under Lynch)

      THE BLUEPRINT: Schemer Schumer wants Yates in as long as possible so Sessions cannot enforce the existing laws.
      She already advised POTUS 45’s DOJ 🏡 NOT TO FILE ANY PLEADINGS OR DEFEND IN THE ONGOING LAWSUITS PERTAINING TO TRUMP’s Executive Order ( aka Obama’s original one ) because she claims it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! -judge jury & executioner.
      Trump needs to conduct a SATURDAY NIGHT MASSACRE, 2.0 THIS WEEK!

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      • The “Saturday Night Massacre” multiple firings didn’t exactly work out in Nixon’s favor, if that’s what you are referring to. It was one of the main reasons Congressional Republicans turned against him.

        I’m fine about Yates though. To her credit, she was honest about not being able to support the order because she doesn’t believe it is legal. She could have stayed silent and not acted to defend it, and earned a few weeks more pay under false circumstances. She admitted her objection, and was replaced.


        • Could be. I don’t know if in government it’s better to be fired (if you think the one who fired will be discredited) or not. For whatever reasons, she made her opposition clear. I admire that, having known about a thousand employees who stayed under the radar for years, while sabotaging companies. If you disagree fundamentally with management, you SHOULD say so.

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    • Beverly says:

      Schmuck Schumer. He is a shonda to his tribe.


  9. redsequin4 says:

    The MSM was waiting like vipers to capture “tug at the heart strings” pics of foreign nationals, who had already boarded flights when the EO when into effect. It just amazes me how these “America Last” moonbats seem to care less about keeping this country safe but more about debasing our President and standing up for foreigners. Do they not care at all about keeping Americans safe from terrorism? It’s like the campaign all over again, attack, attack Trump. I’m so sick of it but I know I’m not alone. They think the optics of people stuck in airports is more important than preventing another 9/11? And it’s not just coming from the Soros left but the Uniparty and globalists who will seize any opportunity to hurt this President. He has the absolute right to protect America, which was one of his major campaign promises.


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  10. Peter says:

    Making waaaaaaay too much sense. And as soon as you hit obama …

    Oh. He need to take a hard break…

    Fake news!

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  11. coolbreeze78 says:

    Excellent rebuttal from Mr. Smith to gale king’s somewhat snarky comment. “The Obama administration didn’t do a lot of things”. Brilliance.

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  12. ZurichMike says:

    “We’re at a hard break”. Let me translate: “Stephen Miller just made us leftist talking heads look even more colossally ignorant than we actually are. Quick, cut the camera feed.”


  13. conservalicious says:

    Can we take a moment to contemplate what President Trump has done? In seven days he was able to do what no other republican has ever done. Make Chuck Schumer cry. I’m still not tired of winning.

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  14. ZC says:

    What part of “the United States is protecting itself from terrorism and has the right to be darn picky about who and how many we let in, especially now in the face of failed policies and I enforced laws” is SO DIFFICULT for any thinking person to understand???


    • The part where you unlawfully detain foreign translators who risked their lives helping the military, for one. It’s difficult for me to see how that makes us safer. I’m glad they are updating their lists on that, but it should have been done before implementation.


  15. UKExpat says:

    The ‘Meejah’ just doesn’t get it and whats more they DELIBERATELY and PURPOSEFULLY don’t get it.

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  16. SpanglishKC says:

    Well looky here… Google paid protestors in San Francisco are foreign nationals who work for Google and are afraid Americans will get their jobs. That mean Trump wants to reduce, pause or tighten up HB-1 Visas that’s so anti-American!!! Google will have to pony up more money to pay Americans…that’s wrong! Google has the right to to offshore its corporate headquarters to avoid taxes on profits and hire foreign nationals to replace Americans. To think otherwise is anti-Free Trade!



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