Notice the Transparently Absent – It’s Who Was Not at The White House That Also Tells a Story…

Yesterday President Trump held a day of meetings with corporate business titans, CEO’s, and also skilled labor union officials.  However, two men were transparently absent from both group meetings: U.S. CoC President Tom Donohue, and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

tom donohue 3

The reasoning for their absence is more sunlight upon the UniParty swamp.  Insofar as politics in DC is a false choice assembly of two political parties sharing the same goals and ideology, the uniparty, so too are Donohue and Trumka two sides of the same coin.

The GOPe wing of the UniParty is funded by Tom Donohue and his crony capitalistic U.S. Chamber of Commerce lobbying group.  The DEM wing of the UniParty is funded by Richard Trumka and his consorts in the SEIU and AFSCME.

Both Donohue and Trumka are operational agents and groundskeepers for the Swamp.  It’s an open secret never discussed by media; however, in the era of Trump their transparent absence speaks loudly.

tom donohue 4trumka-obama-3-550x275

The AFL-CIO, SEIU and AFSCME provide Democrats with the astroturf boots-on-the-ground for their political reelection campaigns.  The U.S. CoC provides virtually unlimited financing for the Republicans to write legislation beneficial to globalist interests.  Together they hold a political synergy; they are not oppositional on any swampian endeavor.

Both Donohue and Trumka worked diligently to create ObamaCare; a legislative priority necessary for both financial benefactors, Wall Street and Big Labor.

The labor unions present yesterday were skilled labor unions, machinists, pipe-fitters, steelworkers, welders, building, construction and manufacturing unions.  Trumka was not there because he is not aligned with the same “America-First” principles carried by the Trump economic agenda.

Trumka is a stealth agent; however, he did meet with Trump in New York a week earlier:


President Trump knows the inherent motivations and what underlines the agenda of each any every entity in the sphere of economics.

Additionally, the absence of Tom Donohue shows how transparently disconnected from actual manufacturing, building, technological and industrial development the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is.

The U.S. CoC is nothing more than a Wall Street funded lobbying group under a nice sounding name that disguises their globalist-aligned agenda.  As an actual builder of great things, President Trump also understands that aspect as well.

It is all so, well, cheerfully refreshing to witness.

Good stuff.

If President Trump keeps this up congress might have to start writing their own legislation instead of allowing lobbyists to do it.  Heck, I wonder if they even remember how?…



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175 Responses to Notice the Transparently Absent – It’s Who Was Not at The White House That Also Tells a Story…

  1. nole2016 says:

    I despise both these men equally, for reasons obvious to all of us.

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    • Scott says:

      I had the opportunity to observe Trumka when he visited the Des Moines AFCME head quarters the day before the former union president was being sentenced to prison for embezzlement. I have never seen someone (and his thugs that were with him) who look just like every characterization of a mobbed up union chief. Everyone in the office was scared $h!tless of him.

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    • Buck Turgidson says:

      Trumka and Donahoe ought to be hanging from lampposts in downtown DC. Absolute criminals and traitors to our nation and its people.

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  2. shirley49 says:

    Who is that chick in jeans and sweatshirt in the midst of all the guys in suits in the oval office?

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    • NCPatrick says:

      Yes, who is that?

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    • MfM says:

      She was in the meeting, with a name card in front, I couldn’t read it. The best I can come up with is that she is one of the ‘several local union officials’ that was mentioned.


      • Her name is Mrs. Telma M. Mata,of the Heating and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union.
        My take on her is thus: When you get invited to the White House to meet with the president you just have to feel a bit honored and so you present yourself accordingly….unless you have bought into the Democrat party line about Trump then you go there with no respect for the man or the office that you consider he’s holding illegitimately.
        I’m guessing she had her mind changed by what she thought she knew about him and what she discovered about him on her own. If they ever meet again I’m betting she dresses up for the occasion.
        I personally found her attire to be an insult to president Trump.

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        • She certainly embarrassed herself for all time.

          Occupier attire is sooo 2016 darling.

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          • Wayne Robinson says:

            In straight up defense of this women. Being retired Ironworkers ( you probably falsely would call me steel worker) this lady may be a representative of a union , this doesn’t mean she is a fat cat. All unions in AFL-CIO may have equal representation but this doesn’t mean they all enjoy the same economic largess. For a bunch years I worked for great pay and benefit package. I raised two children in the same house. I made good money , not living in a big city, my money was very expensive. I would wear out a vehicle every three years or so. I can assure you wearing a suite was not part of my normal attire. When I needed new close for going to church I bought new work clothes . As need arose I would merely downgrade my church clothes to work clothes . And that is how most working stiffs do it. Raising kids was expensive . I had good benefits but there was always something. People who choose to raise their families in the cities do so realizing what they will be exsposed to. There is benefits to living in big cities but there is also downsides. I spent my working life burning the candle at both ends but it was by choice for my wife and children. Fact is I spent so many years laying down my life for my wife and children I don’t know how to do anything else.

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            • Wayne, I totally understand your point. But I would guess that this lady has a nice blouse and pair of slacks that she could have worn that would have shown respect to the office of the President.

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            • Yeah, I got all of that….I too raised a large family on little money but when I needed dress clothing I went to the 2nd hand store and bought some decent clothing…..I still stand by my impression of her….it’s just MY opinion and I am aware that others have differing opinions….just saying, and saying it NOT in an offensive manner

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              • OmaMAGA says:

                I agree with you and see you mean no disrespect to her but she could have done better. It took the focus off of what was a very important meeting. I’m sure our President treated her with the utmost respect no matter how she was dressed.

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                • I’m sure that president Trump did in fact treat her with respect and that’s why I stated that I’d bet that the next time she meets with this POTUS she will dress for the occasion.
                  I usually have a pretty good read on people and that’s my take of her choice of attire….but I truly do believe that she learned a lesson about this evil, woman hating, racist president. Yes, yes, it’s sarcasm..

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            • joshua says:

              Wayne, my experience is that wealthy people “dress down” to show their independence and arrogance, whereas most less well off folks, given a visit to church or to a very important national event with an important person speaking to their issues, tend to “dress up” and figure out that to do so puts them in a positive light. Suits and better clothes are available second hand in perfectly nice condition, and very cheap. Sorry. I don’t buy the poor folks argument. I grew up in the South were all folks were mostly poor. We did not always LOOK poor and we learned social behavior as well.

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            • gina says:

              Some of my most beautiful outfits come from Goodwill.


              • Gail says:

                Most of my clothes are from Goodwill and I get compliments on theme all the time. Senior day is even better 50% off. Shopping for bargains is like hunting for women. Can be draining at times but fun.

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            • MaineCoon says:

              Wayne, I appreciate your comment. I find that a crisp, sharp, stylish yet clasic white blouse with basic black slack goes a long way. Classic is always in style.

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        • snaggletooths says:

          Its a meeting at the white house and it should be respected I don’t know her or care who she represents can’t imagine why anyone would show up dressed like that these meetings are planned it wasn’t like she was in the middle of a work job & called to meet in the oval office. All the men are in suits & ties.

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        • rvsueandcrew says:

          darnhardworker….. “When you get invited to the White House to meet with the president you just have to feel a bit honored and so you present yourself according….”

          Before we pass judgment on a person, let’s consider this scenario, and there may be another that explains the person’s clothing.

          Severe, turbulent weather in many parts of the nation. Her flight is delayed but she does arrive in Washington DC in the nick of time. However, her luggage, containing her dress, shoes, jewelry, etc, does not arrive in Washington, D.C. She finds herself in a city with which she is unfamiliar, the streets are clogged, all her colleagues are men which means they are not helpful in her predicament, and there is no time to shop anyway.. Time is running out. All she has to wear is what she wore for comfort on a plane.

          What should she do? Not attend and protect her vanity? Or does she go anyway, fulfilling her responsibility, even though it is mortifying to be improperly dressed for such an important occasion and knowing she will be photographed and, of course, ridiculed and scorned.

          It amazes me how quickly people on the internet jump to conclusions about people, especially if it affords an opportunity to criticize.

          This person obviously has the courage and perseverance to survive in a field dominated by men. She may very well deserve our admiration. The fact is…. we don’t know.

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          • BT in SC says:

            Thank you, rvsueandcrew! I was right there with criticism until I read your comment.

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          • Wayne Robinson says:

            This is correct opinion every Christian should have. Her face and hands are clean . She shows respect by showing up and not making a scene. Yes most people know the discomfort of not measuring up to the external standards set by others but I’ve got a feeling that our President wasn’t offended in the least , and was very compassionate and kind overlooking her poverty. She was probably on short notice and most likely cause others were not available for one reason or another . I really appreciate the breath of fresh air your remarks bring sounds right and godly. I wonder what Jesus estimation would be , seeing how He looks at the heart and not the clothes . Yet I see the point others are making but want to existent grace love and acceptance to others as I’m able.

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          • All plausible scenarios and it’s possible I’m wrong but all I did was offer MY opinion, just as you offered yours. Thanks for an alternate point of view but I’m sticking to my first impression

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          • 4bleu says:

            That’s quite the hypothetical story to garner sympathy and understanding yet slathered with negative assertions about men in general and the men attending.

            “Her colleagues are men which means they are not helpful in her predicament.”
            Gee, does the story really require a bad guy, indeed a bunch of bad guys… men?

            So, we can all agree on this statement: “The fact is: we don’t know” either that airplanes or unsuspecting men contributed to her wardrobe malfunction or not.

            But, good advice for professional women: never go too casual as you never know when your next meeting is with the President of the United States. Just thank goodness she wasn’t a educator dressed to work on ‘pajama day’.

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            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Lost luggage is “quite the hypothetical.” I beg to differ. Happens all the time.

              I wasn’t clear regarding the men not being helpful…. I was assuming they could not lend her a dress or a pair of shoes.

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              • 4bleu says:

                Indeed lost luggage happens so much that business travelers tend to use only carry-on bags to make sure they have what they need in hand, not in checked baggage.

                She could have done better, her outfit of choice did not complement or enhance her leadership position while her peers made sure they looked professional, even though they didn’t know in advance either that they would be meeting the president.

                In some countries, she would have been not allowed to enter until she was wearing something more appropriate, but fortunately in the US people will not make such demands and they were all able to focus on the opportunity to get a good dialogue started and get something useful done. The essential was achieved, so overall everyone is satisfied.

                Fundamentally, in a leadership position like hers, she is representing a large group of people so taking some time to present a good first impression on their behalf always helps.

                On to more important issues.


            • dilonsfo says:

              I read that as the men were not able to help her with loaning her clothing for her to wear but then I wasn’t looking for something negative about men. But, that just might be me.

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        • wrd9 says:

          There are quite a few people who have no clue about what is appropriate attire. There are plenty of articles about Millennials who are ignorant of job interview etiquette. And remember that several years ago a women’s volleyball team went to the White House and some wore those cheap flip flops.


        • Buck110edc says:

          Is it possible she is not an actual union official, but someone that was working on a jobsite the day before? Sometimes those unions elect representatives from the rank and file, as opposed to business agents or union presidents go to those meetings.


    • She may be representing a Native American tribe in all honesty. Anytime a cell tower goes up the telecom co has to contact and get consent from every tribe that was known (or if being accurate claims) to have crossed that particular land. The consent involves a payoff between $2k and $5k per tribe per tower. The only reason I know this is a very good friend of mine just had one erected. And she doesn’t appear to be Latina but I could be wrong.


    • heldnmut says:

      I’m going to take a leap her – no facts to support whatsoever, and guess that she wanted to “assert” herself and demonstrate her disdain for President Trump. I’d say there’s a good chance she left with a better opinion. That us going to keep happening a lot! Winning!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      I was trying to give her a little credit. Maybe somebody else was supposed to go and got sick and she had to fill in at the last minute. At least, I hope that is what happned. SMH

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  3. tvollrath66 says:

    I don’t think they know how..they would have to hire someone. Also eventually he is going to expose the ones that are not interested in getting out of the muck.

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  4. anarchist335 says:

    Content removed. Continued use of profanity will get you banned.

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  5. Ralph Hondo says:

    Yes, good stuff. Trump is starting from the beginning. The first step is for Congress to see these photographs, and hear those simple words. They know what’s coming. Trump won’t name names… yet. You don’t do that on your first Monday, or your second. For now, the photographs will do much of Trump’s talking, as here.

    The Uniparty and their paymasters are feeling the infamous “cold wind”. About time.

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    • phil fan says:

      Powerful photograph of ‘coach Donald’ and the new recruits huddled around him ready for war. Another arrow in the quiver of Team Trump. Formidable!

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    • kittymyers says:

      It’s as those Trump has been preparing for the presidency for his whole life.

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      • After so many Hollywood versions of what a President should act like (political posturing and pontificating), plus the traditional Republican tendency to focus on someone with “good moral character”, we haven’t had any examples of “doers” in the WH for a generation or more. Even someone who is a “good person” is worthless to us if the country goes downhill.

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  6. KBR says:

    “congress might have to start writing their own legislation instead of allowing lobbyists to do it. Heck, I wonder if they even remember how?…”

    I wonder, for most of them, if they ever knew how in the first place…

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    • I think our “lawmakers” have relied on others to write laws for them for decades. In the 80’s, a Senator told a friend of mine, “Without lobbyists we wouldn’t know what to vote for!”

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    • Southern Son says:

      Heck KBR, they haven’t even Read a Bill before Voting on it in almost a Decade!
      Add a Budget to the Training List too!

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    • R-C says:

      In my view, the United States has enough laws already on the books to cover any eventuality. (240 years’ worth of legislation ought to do it, don’t you think? At what point will we realize we ‘might’ have enough laws?) Congress meets for such a short session each year that I’d mandate the following framework for Congress:

      First, Congress shall adhere to the US Constitution, as written and legally amended. (That alone will clean up a whole lot of government spending, since the Constitution limits the power of Congress to do so much of what it has done.)

      Second, Congress shall begin each session by passing a workable, viable federal budget. So be it if that takes them the entire session.

      Third, Congress shall spend any remaining time in session cleaning up the books: repealing or updating old, out-dated legislation.

      Congress’ time could better be spent assisting the citizens of their districts, as they fight against their federal government’s myriad of regulations and constraints.

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      • woohoowee says:

        Given the staggering volume of both federal and state laws & regs, it’s hard to imagine anyone knows what the law actually is. I like your suggestions.

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  7. missmarple2 says:

    Trumka used to be head of the United Mine Workers. Look up his history; he’s an actual union thug.

    I still want to know what he was doing in Cairo during the Arab Spring. I cannot find an article now, but I am positive I heard it reported he was there. I was watching the Cairo Spring stuff intently because I suspected it would devolve to radicalism just like Tehran in 1979. I worked in the coal mining industry when I was younger so Trumka’s name was familiar to me and I literally did a double take when I heard it.

    What I CAN find on the internet are articles in which he throws his support to the breakaway unions which joined the Cairo protests. I also found that he wrote an article about globalization for the Harvard International Review, which seems sort of odd.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Heard stories about back when the coal mines were still running in Southern Ohio. I guess
      that this probably happened in other locations. Apparently, if you made the wrong coworkers mad, then a convenient collapse might occur. One that you wouldn’t make it
      out of.


    • Dogstar_K9 says:

      Every union on the planet is the “International Brotherhood of *”. Globalization is their middle name.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        My dad was none too fond of unions, but he belonged to one in Dayton. Had to.

        About ten years ago, he told me a story about specifically why he hated unions so much.

        When I was 8, he was part owner in a building supply company, just south of Dayton.
        Teamsters went on strike. The company kept their trucks running.The Teamster’s kept upping the ante. They had sharpshooters stationed on a hillside overlooking the area.
        When they got bored, they’d fire off shots down the hill into the parking lot. The strike
        drug on for months. The company trucks were vandalized during part of the strike.

        The building supply company wasn’t a large concern. My dad was a partner basically on paper. We rode around in an Chevy Bel Air station wagon. When mom and dad bought the
        car in 1961, he gave her a choice of what they could afford on it. She could either have
        automatic, or power steering. She wrestled the car for 5 years. Anyway, when the bills
        came due for the total vandalization it was $50,000. This was in 1964, so do the math.

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  8. Again, I like to ask anyone if Donahue can be replaced? Does he have this job until he dies?

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    • Jedi9 says:

      It is not a matter of replacing Donahue, but more to do with replacing the lobbyist consulting firm he made. Destroying it completely should be the end game and the prime objective!

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    • KBR says:

      “The U.S. CoC is nothing more than a Wall Street funded lobbying group under a nice sounding name that disguises their globalist-aligned agenda.” (From SD’s post above.)

      The US CoC needs to be dissolved in its entirety.

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    • MissV says:

      Can’t the C of C just go away entirely?


      • That would be too obvious even as logical as your suggestion is. The amount of effort that went in to making them appear to be non partisan also allows them to take credit for all sorts of things they don’t do. As insane as it is, it’s probably best to enlist their expertise to do some ground work in Mosul to get a CoC established there “for a country that needs the best of the best to reestablish industry”. I’m being only half serious about the where. But the best way to expose them is to give them a tremendous responsibility that fits in line with what they make it appear they do. Then when they underperform you can ask what it IS that they do…

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    • Before him was Willard somebody so I think there are elections


  9. Tommy D from the CoC looks like the therapist in this film.

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  10. Patriot1783 says:

    Donohue gotz a sad about TPP getting decimated.

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  11. Tommy D’s hat is in his who-ha.


  12. furtive says:

    Plagiarist mike barnacle on MSNBC Mika & “mourning” joe just ANNOUNCED THAT “Richie Trumpka praised what Trump did in Monday.”

    Willy Geist has referred to Trump as lying 🤥 at least 3 times today on the same show. The compulsive liar is obama.- Willy likely never called him a liar 🤥 in 8 yrs.

    Halperin: Doomsday scenario Trump’s lies will be his bane. the last administration was laudable in their FAILURE TO TELL LIES!!!

    Donnie Deutsch: Trump’s narciissism is interfering with his goals.


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  13. waltherppk says:

    The MIA’s were too busy meeting with John McCain at the Department of Hobbit Affairs.

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  14. rsanchez1990 says:

    I’ve seen President Trump already mention eight years when talking about how long he will work with the people he’s talking to. Now obviously he won’t tell them something to imply he might not win in 2020, but all the moves President Trump has been making in the past few days show he is working hard towards building such a wide and deep coalition that 2020 will be inevitable. And I think building the coalition isn’t even the primary goal. The primary goal is making these people’s lives so much better, and as a side effect they see President Trump was right all along and it only makes sense to vote for him in 2020.

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  15. The Other Donald says:

    Call them by their right and proper name: “U. S. Chamber of Commies”.

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  16. Pam says:

    We didn’t need the swamp at this meeting. President Trump knew that too.

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    • MissV says:

      Labor is where it’s at, folks. Our labor is ours and ours alone. It’s the last thing we retain after liberty and property are stripped from us. That and knowledge. I give you the example of the WWII concentration camps. There are countless others.

      Labor without compensation is slavery. It’s what the globalists have in store for us.

      It’s another reason to hate Sharia. The lack of interest on loans is a repudiation of the value of a person’s labor. And the bitch chick Sharia-supporting Moslem Pussy Head March leader touts it to her dupe marchers who are told that no credit card interest is somehow a good thing. If we don’t get to them in time, the Lofo’s will swallow it hook, line and everything else.

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      • MissV says:

        Sharia = slavery

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      • waltherppk says:

        Mohammedanism is only one more of many Barbarian credos to arise from that region of the Eastern world over the millennia from ancient times and every single one of those “tribal” barbarian WARRIOR CULT ideologies has historically shared the same fate ultimately which is extermination ….because the barbarism represented was a public health threat as much as any other plague to the civilized world.
        Every vicious slaver/tyrant/conqueror/emperor/king /potentate that has attempted complete and brutal dominion over the world has met the same fate ultimately if not as a personal defeat, then the defeat of the “empire” offspring ……and that one result is annihilation. But every ambitious new “contender” studies history as a slow learner about human history and human nature for not recognizing a creature that will never willingly be enslaved and will not endure it even unwillingly for very long.

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      • fuzzi says:

        I hate how stupid so many of my fellow women are…I want to scream at them, “WAKE UP!”

        Of course, if you believe in the inerrancy of the Bible, women have been easily deceived from the beginning…which is not meant unkindly, it just IS.

        And I speak, as a woman.

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      • barnyardboss says:

        I respectfully disagree. Interest on loans is slavery to debt. Interest (USURY) was a SIN WORSE THAN ADULTERY for over a thousand years in Europe- allowing the building of all those wonderful cathedrals in villages with small populations, and a prosperous Christian society across all of Europe. Invisible chains are no better than physical ones, and make it more difficult to notice you are a slave to your FUTURE LABOR. The word mortgage translates as “death-contract”. There are many forms of slavery, but our slavery to debt interest is one which has brought empires and nations to ruin many times in the past. The moneychangers in our temples are the ultimate enemies of Christ Jesus, who drove them out with a whip.

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        • Wavetheshales says:

          ALL sin is the enemy of Jesus Christ.

          “For ALL have sinned; and fallen short of the Glory of GOD”.

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        • pyromancer76 says:

          Be very careful when turning to centuries of warfare for the proper version of “Christian”government as your ideal — no interest. Did all those wonderful cathedrals enable the population to live better and more productive lives?

          When “reasonable” interest can be used to make money work for free enterprise, then we have a productive moment. Interest also can be “slavery to debt”, a la student loans, etc. “Mortgage.” if entered into reasonably, enables one and one’s family to live comfortably and safely while engaging in productive activities. It also might turn out to be an investment, too.

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          • Thank you pyromancer.

            Your comment that “reasonable” interest is not slavery is so true.

            If someone works hard to earn money, and then loans it to someone with reasonable interest so that person could buy something they could not otherwise afford but wanted, is not slavery.

            Most of us would not own homes or autos without this type of enterprise.

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            • joshua says:

              explain how our Christian nation is 20 trillion in debt and we pay INTEREST on all of it, then.


              • We did not enter into that debt voluntarily.

                Thus the Cold, Cold Anger from the voters that put President Trump where his is today.

                We were becoming slaves to the uniparty in many more ways than one.

                Reasonable interest and debt agreed to by both parties is what I was talking about.

                We ,the voters, have been complaining about the national debt for decades.

                Our elected leaders ignored us and incurred more and more debt.

                That is not even close to the same thing as what I was talking about.


  17. Peter G. says:

    Any sightings of Myth Romney or Chris Christie in the District of Corruption?

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  18. tampa2 says:

    Wall St. + K St. + Media + Trumka + BLM + PC Daffodils vs. Trump + Deplorables = A formidable War that we, the people, must, and will, win. Damn the torpedoes.

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  19. This is clipped from ZeroHedge, but look where the house is meeting to discuss their agenda today


    10am: House convenes
    10:30am: House Ways and Means Cmte Chairman Kevin Brady details panel’s 2017 agenda; U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1615 H St. NW
    Noon: House considers H.R.7, which would amend Affordable Care Act to bar expenditure of federal money to purchase insurance that covers abortion services

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  20. Paul B. says:

    I also noted Trumka’s absence, and wondered. But Trump did meet with him weeks ago, and considering Trump being open to the possibility of Romney as SoS even after his vicious attacks, one never knows exactly what Trump is up to. That, of course, is a hallmark of a great negotiator or card player.

    Trump winning over these labor leaders was a huge step forward to unifying the country and getting it back on track. He’s done more in a few days, in addition to what he accomplished before even taking office, than we were used to seeing in many years, despite repeated “pivot to jobs” preening and one absolutely stultifying “Recovery Summer “.

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    • waltherppk says:

      Petroleum, coal, mining, manufacturing, agriculture ……lower taxes, less regulation ….
      what is not to like? Business doesn’t have a party loyalty for people whose wallet is in the right place.

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  21. SpanglishKC says:

    Dang!!! … more 4-D chess. He meets with Trumka alone and “listens”. Trumka comes out praising their meeting (check) invites rest of unions for meetings post-TPP and glowing comments to press (checkmate)…what’s Trumka going to do reveal his true-self…NOT. He ignores Donohue and goes directly to CEO’s cutting Donohue out and potentially significantly cutting his revenue down stream as corporations realize they are not getting their millions worth. This looks like more WINNING!!!

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  22. truthandjustice says:

    “The U.S. CoC is nothing more than a Wall Street funded lobbying group under a nice sounding name that disguises their globalist-aligned agenda.”

    Isn’t that the truth???!!!!!
    “under a nice sounding name that disguises ..globalist aligned agenda” — describes all the other deceitful, traitorous organizations, movements, slogans. Keep getting their strategies out there – the more that understand this, which is important part of “knowing your enemy”, the more success we will have combating them.
    So much depends on factual, historical education, knowledge for the majority. That’s why they hijacked our educational system and we must get that back too and stop with the hiring of all these horrible “unbalanced” Progressive/Fascist/Marxist lefties as teachers and professors.

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    • WSB says:

      I tried to find out how the US CoC takes in money, and obviously it is muddy; however, it seems as though local and State CoC’s do provide dues as a portion of their income. I just wonder if these people know what is really going on. Also, Trump? or Kellyanne mentioned that many small business get their healthcare insurance via their local CoC’s. Does that have any bearing on income at the US CoC?

      I really believe we need a system where we do not have to JOIN a larger group to have affordable insurance. I have my own, and although it is expensive now, why should healthcare be any different than car insurance?


  23. C. Lowell says:

    Great analysis as usual…

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Maquis says:

    No bill drafted by these guys, or like Obama’s “Apollo” charlatans that wrote his “stimulus” bill, should ever be allowed to even be presented for consideration, even if solely to test the waters in a committee.

    Any Representative, or Senator, that attempts to introduce a bill that he and his staff didn’t write TOGETHER should lose his right to introduce any more bills, EVER. If they try it again, automatic impeachment and removal from office.

    We did not elect Donahue or Trumpka to write bills for us. They are Mobsters, well regarded in our Compromised Capital, by fellow grifters, but Mobsters just the same. They need to be driven into the wilderness, far from OUR House, and OUR Senate, and most especially OUR White House. I’m sure there’s a comfortable Super-Max in FlyOver Country that has openings for these two.

    In any case, barring my fantasy solution above, I would like to suggest the following: no bill influenced by any Lobbyist or outside Organization or even a single independent Individual, should be allowed to be presented without identifying who the actual writers of the bill were.

    Full Disclosure, to include the background of the parties in question, their alliances, their finances ie: who pays them to intercede without our consent in the governance of our Nation, and their interest(s), associations, pay-masters, Ideologies and Foreign Influences that led them to attempt to play legislator using our elected Representative as cover.

    Let this be at the beginning of every such bill. It shall be the responsibility of the Rep and his/her staff to obtain and document that data. The Rep, on introduction of the bill, will read that “report” out loud, under oath. The author(s) should be present to answer questions and explain how they came to be before our Congress with a bill they drafted, instead of the Representative he has co-opted to further his bill, all under oath. The appropriate Investigator General, not a Congress controlled entity, fully independentl, will review such statements, written and oral both, and if any obvious or suspected untruths or significant omissions are suspected then an Investigation will be opened and the FBI may be employed in executing that investigation.

    The Rep can be censured, impeached, ejected, likely mandatory in some cases, consequences ALWAYS if falsehoods are revealed. If the author of such a bill is found to have proffered falsehoods and/or effected significant and pertinent omissions, Federal Civil Penalties may be imposed. Concealment of Foreign Influence or Pay would be a Federal Trial, Jury or Bench, and upon a conviction prison WILL be imposed.

    That would create a difficult straight and narrow way, beset by honesty and truth, with no permitted concealment of dark secrets or unsavory alliances, just dripping with Righteousness. Just the kind of path most Congress-Critters fear to tread, with those dread twin terrors of Accountability and Consequences.

    Such a scheme would change the face of things. It clearly leaves room for good citizens with good ideas [CTH!] To step up and offer solutions, yet terrify and keep away charlatans and self-dealers. Way too great a risk for the two master-parasites whose antics Sundance is keeping us aware of here. I do hope they get three hots and a cot, no more.

    And Soros we should arrest, charge him with a thousand counts of sedition, then send him back to, Hungary, n’est-ce pas? Where he is wanted for crimes for which they have made an extradition request, and they are not afraid to mete out justice. We’ll grant the rewuest only on the condition that if he’s still breathing after he’s paid his dues there, then back he comes for his sedition trial.

    Liked by 6 people

    • PNWLifer says:

      Well Congress is never going to do that, but there’s nothing preventing the Trump Administration from creating a cover sheet with all these things and requiring a sworn oath that it’s true for every piece of legislation that comes across his desk. I can just hear Kellyanne and Sean Spicer “As part of President Trump’s America First policy he wants to know who is writing these bills and believes the American people deserve to know who is writing the them and why. Most people don’t know the lobbyists write the bills. Does that make sense? Don’t we elect our Congressmen and Senators to write legislation? Why do they outsource that work?” More sunlight is a good thing. Let’s get these jerks in Congress on the Sunday morning shows defending how they don’t write the bills they present.

      Im sure Sundance knows exactly what such a cover sheet needs to include.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. EbonyRapror says:

    One of the things that President Trump is bringing to the fore is that he and his policies are acting in the best interest of American labor, thereby wresting away from the Democrats the mantle of the party who fights for the common man. The Democrats are being reduced to the party of extreme special interests. If President Trump can get the middle class job situation moving in the right direction, then the Democrats will be effectively finished. Getting America working again is a tall order so I’m not getting ahead of myself here, but if the union labor force gets behind Trump – that would be a very beautiful thing. BIGLY.

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  26. MICHAEL DO says:

    F*ck Donohue. USA sellout to foreigners. Let hang that MF


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