Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – Live Stream…

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is scheduled to give a White House press briefing momentarily. Live Stream Link.


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608 Responses to Sean Spicer White House Press Briefing – Live Stream…

  1. Oldschool says:

    I am reading about the security checkpoints being blocked by protesters causing delays to ticket holders and even causing them to miss the inauguration. Protesters were no surprise. We knew it was coming. They announced their plans. How were they able to wreak such havoc? I sincerely hope that this is a thing of the past because if we cannot secure D.C. for a day, how the hell are we going to secure our country?

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    • nkmommy says:

      The check point my husband and children were at was not blocked by protesters. The utter size of the crowd trying to get through security was what took 2 1/2 hours for them. I’m wondering if people who couldn’t get through another check point because of protesters relocated to their checkpoint thereby overwhelming it. He says there were 4 or 5 lanes of security checkers.


  2. pocketnuke61 says:

    I have observed that Pres Trump picks his battles very carefully. What may seem an overreaction to some is actually a very strategic move. In this case, Pres Trump asked Spicer to jump on the MSM with both feet for a seemingly minor issue. Size of the crowds? MLK bust in the Oval Office?

    However, this is how you train them. They will learn that it is NEVER acceptable to lie. Failure to learn this lesson will lead to painful public ridicule and loss of market share for their news agencies.

    Pres Trump is not just winning the battle for today; he is winning all the future battles as well. It is wonderful to watch the chess master!

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  3. Patriot1783 says:

    Anybody able to split Spicer from the 3-4 hot mic conversations?
    It sounds like Pink Floyd “the Wall” when the operator keeps trying to cut in and gets disconnected 😣


  4. Athena the Warrior says:

    Spicer’s “presser” was the equivalent of Van Halen stipulating no brown M & M’s in their concert ryder agreement. For Van Halen it was about getting all of the details. For the Trump admin. it’s about telling the truth about every story no matter the size or signifigance.

    It’s amazing how many in the media missed sight of this and focused on the trees (crowd size) rather than the forest (truthful news.)

    It was the corrupt media who overreacted. Eric Bolling was one of the few who got it.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Agreed. Also was mulling some other things on this morning’s dog walk.

      First point, regarding Spicer. Many posters here championing Ingraham and others in this role. Not saying that she doesn’t do a good job on TV and radio, but look at who she’s
      AROUND. There’s not one national televised celebrity that doesn’t rub elbow with others
      at various functions somewhere. She’s part of the crowd, although the eltists probably
      never invite her to their to dos . Spicer doesn’t travel in any of their circles. He has a large
      family at home, so he probably doesn’t have the time ( or desire) to travel in their circles.

      That increases his value exponentially. He doesn’t have any allegiances to be nice to any
      one he befriended over crab dip and cocktails. And, many of this jerks probably come across in private totally different then in public. They know when they can actually masquerade as true individuals. They aren’t journalists, many are basically failed actors.

      Second point. This one includes a note to myself on trying to follow through.

      All together now. Take a deep breath. Come up with some busy work if you are planning
      to go anywhere or do anything where you come in contact with someone who will be
      rambling on about the Women’s march , their support of it, or some other unpleasantness.

      So, I’m planning on playing hooky on my Sunday School class. One member views everything through a “women’s rights” prism. Up to, and including biblical teachings.
      Said individual was stoppped in her tracks one time when I pointed out to her that it
      was ludicrious to compare a women’s role 2000 plus years ago to the present. Different
      standards, views, customs. Today, just don’t feel like having the superiority waved in
      my face, the day after she probably joined a bunch of other uninformed downtown in
      Atlanta to have a hissy fit.

      I also won’t be calling my one sister in Ohio. She took my niece and attended a rally
      in Columbus. It’s more for her about calling Trump a doody brain or the like. Never heard
      her say anything one way or the other about Planned Parenthood. Also plan on avoiding
      my wife’s best friend, as she went to the march in Atlanta, and was proudly talking about
      having met John Lewis, that complete waste of space and oxygen.

      Anyway, the moral of the story is this: Wait it out. Avoid getting around superior ( in their
      own minds) persons for a while until the dust settles. The long range of this one will be
      Christian actions, but haven’t got my mind wrapped around the words yet. Blessings to


  5. 3x1 says:

    CNN & WaPo immediately “fact-checked” Sean, and found themselves 110% truthful, accurate and trustworthy. Much more honest than say, Mother Teresa. Shock.

    Can’t wait for Amazon (WaPo owner) is soooooo dead to me ☺

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  6. Maquis says:

    I wanna be like…The DONALD TRUMP!

    That tune will.plsy in my head for a very long time. Well done Intellectual Froglegs! Thanks for the exposure Sundance! New to me, but exactly what we need, endless truthful joyous destruction of the Culture and Lies of the Left. I’d love to loop all these on a rolling bollboard, in every city larger than 1,000 in the country, with efforts to hit the smaller ones on continuous cross country loops.

    Help destroy the Left! Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, whatever they claim to be, we know them, and must demonstrate that understanding to all, and mock and condemn without mercy.

    The only Russian hack of historical consequence was the elevation and dissemination of Marxism to putatively sane persons World-Wide, especially the West, even more so here, in these United States.

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  7. chiefworm says:

    I haven’t laughed that hard in a real long time. Sean just jump out and started beating the press corps with a switch. Gawd I love winning. This is going to be a wonderful 8 years.

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