A Better Class of Pundit – Fox News Replaces George Will With Nigel Farage…

Last night it was announced that British Brexit UKIP leader and Trump supporter Nigel Farage was hired by Fox News.  Today, Fox News announces they have declined to renew the contract of the ‘nevertrumper‘ George Will.

nigel-farage-5George Will crop

Mr. Will famously railed against the candidacy of Donald Trump very early in 2015 and declared the Trump supporters were unfit to call themselves republicans:

“Trump Supporters Need To Come Into The Republican Party On Our Terms, Not Theirs” (link)

However, an honest review of what drives such media decision-making, vis-a-vis money, leans toward the conclusion the internal feud between George Will and Fox’s #1 rated pundit Bill O’Reilly over content within O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan book was more than likely a larger part of the corporate decision.


According to an outline within The Hill Fox News also refused to renew the contracts of Stacey Dash, Cal Thomas and Ed Rollins.

Nigel Farage recently attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump as a guest of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant:


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310 Responses to A Better Class of Pundit – Fox News Replaces George Will With Nigel Farage…

  1. Glad to hear it, Farage is a class act and an all around fantastic human being.
    George Will is scum beneath someones shoe, but I do agree w/ him on O’Reilly’s stupid book. It’s a waste of paper. Most of his ‘facts’ are conjecture.

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    • starfcker says:

      Can you say, UPGRADE! Fox is going first. I expect to see a whole lot more “corporate decisions” on and in every type of business. “Does the bullseye on my forehead make me look DOOMED?” This is going to be a great year. And I for one will never get tired of it.

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    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: O’Reilly may well be the dumbest person ever to earn a degree from Harvard, and he demonstrates this daily.

      I remember when Will actually used to behave like a conservative — he used to call out Jesse Jackson for the race-baiting highwayman that he is. Somewhere along the way he became comfortable pushing pseudoconservatism. Bye bye, George. There is no need for your redundant Left wing.

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    • George Will is a CFR propaganda puppet….a toxic membership….

      not mentioned in his Wiki profile….

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  2. tempo150101 says:

    I just knew he was going to get a gig on Fox. In fact, I said it right after the election when there was a story that he was here in the states negotiating some kind of a deal.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I am so happy to see Nigel Farage on Fox News and also as an advisor to Trump. The news used to be full of people who were well educated, slightly sarcastic, and humorous. This is Nigel Farage and its also why we remember what he says long after he makes his statement. He is self deprecating, intelligent and full of interesting chit chat. Smart move by the best network on Cable.

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  3. mopar2016 says:

    Will is a political hack / former RINO.
    He left the GOP because of Mr. Trump.
    I recall a few months ago when Will advised all Republicans to vote for Hillary, and then “contain” her for the next four years. What a joke!

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  4. Gail says:

    That is awesome! Farage will run circles around most of the pundits on Faux news. I have to say that I am surprised since the Murdoch boys are running the show at Fox since Ailes left and they are big HRC supporters. I guess money Trumps party.

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    • nightmare on k st says:

      its the “Piers Morgan effect”

      the MSM platform market audience target changes the hired man, not hired man changing the consumer

      ofcourse a MSM outlet can try to”go against” their audience, but even Fox News realized that their “rising star”, Megyn Kelly was losing viewers, people would literally watch the program before hers, turn her off, then watch the program after her

      we are watching the tail (deplorables) wad the dog (MSM)

      so much winning

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  5. Albertus Magnus says:

    I would know that I had died and gone to heaven if Pat Buchanan was given a contract on FOX.

    Missed him since the McLaughlin Group ended.

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  6. William Ford says:

    Farage is a great get. Will, always a crony globalist nut, became unhinged the last 18 months. He had to go.Yeah. I did think Ed Rollins had some decent insights though.

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  7. nightmare on k st says:

    the MSM hire list is the one #nevertrumpers put together of traitors

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  8. Athena the Warrior says:

    Wonder if Rupert stepped back in and is trying to maintain ratings by some of these actions. Tucker, Nigel, letting go of Megyn and now George Will. The sons on their own likely would have gone full lib. Rupert’s no dummy.

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    • LCSmom says:

      Tucker went from weekend nobody to the “it’ anchor over there. He was all over the place Inauguration day & night. Hands down the best they have right now. Except Lou on FBN.

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      • readygo137 says:

        Lou is the best no doubt about it followed by a long second HANNITY.


      • shallbe4 says:

        Tucker Carlson is terrific. He is like a gentle Pitt Bull. I also love to watch Lou Hobbs. There is such honesty and sincerity to this man whose show I enjoy so much. What is true about all the new additions to Fox News. They understand that to keep their viewers they have to relate to them, It isn’t about being sarcastic — its about being informative and fun..


  9. There are a bunch of other “conservative” pundits I would like to see them get rid of such as Chris Stirewelt, Marc Thiessen , Karl Rove, Ari Fleischer , Stephen Hayes, Ralph Peters. There are far more interesting people FOX could replace them with e.g. Ann Coulter, Roger Stone.

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    • spren says:

      I agree with your choices of who should go. Especially Stirewelt. He went off on Trump tonight on Brett Baier’s 6PM show about Spicer’s scolding of the media. He has been a NeverTrumper all along and his swarmy, snarky putrid face makes me change the channel. I also have reached my end with Krauthammer. He looks like something arisen from the crypt. Not sure I agree with your rec regarding Stone, though. I think he’s pretty dicey.

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    • readygo137 says:

      need to add Shep to your list of getting rid of. But no one watches him anyway.

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  10. Blade says:

    George Will and SourKraut were both giant pains in the arse during the Reagan years, their stock and trade was telling us what a true Conservative really is, helping to dull the knife edge of our anti-leftist opposition instead of the sharpening required. Good Riddance.

    Cal Thomas on the other hand is as reliable and true as they come. Hope it isn’t a health issue. Most likely it is just the GOPe scum flexing their muscle. Fox News is a lost cause, and never really was anything other than GOPe-TV. It must be destroyed along with the five DNC-TV outlets ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-PBS. Let them all die, stop watching.

    Stacy Dash is really great. A true independent who was an under-used asset at Fox News, or shall we be honest and call them what they really are … #BlondeLivesMatter …

    She could easily have been on any show, even Two Men and a Blonde in the Morning, or even a regular on the Hannity and Aynsley Hour, but alas, another one gets away. As usual.

    Some enterprising billionaire will see this opportunity and start a Network and scoop up these neglected talents. Who wouldn’t like to see an intelligent and feisty New View starring Katrina Pierson, Stacy Dash, and Diamond & Silk? They could invite in one stupid liberal each day to kick around!

    The GOPe dopes at Fox News are just as fearful as all the DNC networks at airing Conservative or Independent black folks, especially women. Sure, they get their short guest segments, usually being talked over by chatty hosts, but no breakout opportunities. As usual.

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  11. fedback says:

    Nigel Farage is one of the best communicators there is. He is brillant

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  12. Angus says:

    I’d be happier if they got rid of Beckel, Rivera, and Obama’s body man.

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  14. Maquis says:

    Letting Stacey go was stupid, maybe she has her sights on better already, I truly hope so.

    Nigel Farage will be, as always, a joy to watch. I only worry, who will be holding May’s feet to the Brexit fire now?

    Perhaps Nigel and DJT will work together to ensure the Brexit. Trade deals, anyone?

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  15. UKExpat says:

    Well CNN is going down the drain shortly so there will be lots of FAKE NEWS so called ‘Journalists’ on the market If Fox wants to bend that way.

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  16. Duhders says:

    This almost…almost, but not quite…wants me to subscribe to cable.


  17. nightmare on k st says:

    who is Vulgar now 😲


  18. Helen says:

    I love, love, love Farage. Bravo Fox News! Still will watch more Fox Business News. They were just more aligned w/ my POV during the primary.


  19. remuda2016 says:

    Please forgive me, lest I repeat myself, and allow me to again share my thoughts on this subject 7 long months ago, before the Cubs won and Donald was elected::

    Sat. 25 Jun 2016
    Mr. George Will
    Subj: (‘Dear John’ letter format)

    Dear George,

    Please consider these my final thoughts on our ‘association’ (which has heretofore been simply professional respect from a distance).

    After meeting you on United Flight (XXX) from Dulles to O’Hare after meeting with several congressmembers, I had always been impressed with your cognitive awareness of the constitutional conservative mantra of “equal rights”. My observations of your insight were a guide to critical thought. Also, I had always thought of you as a fellow Cubs Fan, ‘Illinoisan’ and Reagan Republican. This was special as you were born at the home of my alma mater, the University of Illinois, where your Dad, Fred, was an esteemed philosophy professor.

    However, now that I see that you have abandoned those principles of the “Common Man’s American Dream”, as espoused by Donald Trump, I find we can no longer be ‘Pals’. Your latest “show” of egocentric “pique” at the Republican Party for honoring that most precious of democratic republican responsibilities–the ‘Peoples Choice’–is tantamount to “in-house expatriotism”, only worth of disdain and contempt. This is the same disdain I hold for Brad Thor, with whom you have knowingly or unknowingly aligned yourself to your great detriment, personally and professionally.

    With all my newly found and sincerest disrespect,

    Dick Albright

    ps. May you and Roth both languish in perpetual and historical ignominy along with Mark Levin and Glenn Beck…all with diminishing book sales and vanishing sponsors.


  20. Voltara says:

    Fox is in a potentially powerful position. They will soon be the only national news service which is not eating its credibility attacking Trump. Fox can lock in a 20-25% increase in ratings over the next 4-8 years by giving Trump balanced coverage. Getting rid of Kelly and O’Reilly’s recent claim that he will not longer host partisan “experts” on his program is the start of this process. The Murdoch boys might not like Trump but they will like the rivers of gold which flow from taking advantage of the gap in the market


  21. Judith Oberheim says:

    “…come into the Republican Party on their terms…..”. That’s what’s wrong with the GOP in general and George Will in particular!


  22. shallbe4 says:

    Here’s to Tucker, Nigel and Lou. You have brought me back to Fox.


  23. Nancy says:

    I will miss Ed Rollins. A wonderful man. Maybe President Trump will hire him? Mr. Rollins came around and warmed up to President Trump; unlike some other people. Don’t know why they didn’t renew his contract but a man like Mr. Rollins will no doubt continue contributing his knowledge.


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