Major Moment – The Trump Family Arrive at Andrews Air Force Base (video)…

The entire Trump family, including grandkids arrive at Joint Base Andrews.


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230 Responses to Major Moment – The Trump Family Arrive at Andrews Air Force Base (video)…

  1. In AZ says:

    Very impressive how President Trump stops, then salutes.

    Obamatollah never stopped, never gave a real salute, would not even look at the soldiers. What a @$%#$

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  2. Bonitabaycane says:

    Making the First Family Great Again! 🙂

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  3. Binkser1 says:

    Wonderful to see a couple come out of AF1 that actually love this country. And it’s nice to see a real woman get off that plane (Melania) rather than a manly wookie (no offense to Chewbacca).

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  4. All American Snowflake says:

    I love the sweet spot where the President and First Lady hand squeeze. True love if anyone ever saw it.

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  5. Steele81 says:

    Thank You LORD!

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  6. Janice says:

    Today and tomorrow I am glued to the TV as I watch history. I am humbled that God haß gloriously given us this man who bleeds red white and blue. A man who has installed proud Christians into his Cabinet. The tears and smiles are flowing. MAGA!

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  7. NHVoter says:

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  8. lastinillinois says:

    There we go.
    THERE WE GO!!!

    Now THAT is what an American First Family looks like.

    “The Blue Collar Billionaire”, surrounded by loving and successful family.

    I haven’t ever seen anything quite like this, even Reagan didn’t load up the whole clan.
    Trump is a man of the American people.

    4 years ago I stopped paying attention to politics completely, having given up after watching Romney throw the fight.
    Today however, after watching this, all of a sudden I’m liking our chances ……

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  9. NHVoter says:

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  10. tsforex says:

    I am not an emotional guy…but was holding back tears at President Trump salute…ok I got my composure back…

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  11. Charles says:

    What a class act!!! The whole family.

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  12. NHVoter says:

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  13. barton2016 says:

    Just imagine. This could have been Jeb Bush!!

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    • All American Snowflake says:

      No. No. No. Please don’t ever put that image in my imagination.

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    • yy4u says:

      Never. Jeb! could not have won. What’s worse is that had he, he would not have governed any differently on the big issues of amnesty, open borders and one world government than Hillary. He might have paid lip service to taxes, education and abortion, but we would have remained on the slide into oblivion.

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  14. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    God bless and protect that family.
    I am so enormously happy it is not HRC. Thank God and country.

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  15. All American Snowflake says:

    President Donald J. Trump is “from the family of the lion and the tribe of the eagle.”
    “…but such belong not to the family of the lion, or the tribe of the eagle. What! think you these places would satisfy an Alexander, a Caesar, or a Napoleon?–Never! Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.–It sees no distinction in adding story to story, upon the monuments of fame, erected to the memory of others. It denies that it is glory enough to serve under any chief. It scorns to tread in the footsteps of any predecessor, however illustrious. It thirsts and burns for distinction; and, if possible, it will have it…. Is it unreasonable then to expect, that some man possessed of the loftiest genius, coupled with ambition sufficient to push it to its utmost stretch, will at some time, spring up among us?” ~A. Lincoln

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  16. NHVoter says:

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  17. mark4trump says:

    Very emotional — so amazingly happy right now. Thanks again to Sundance & his/her critical part in educating the electorate and giving some ‘heads-up’ strategically in this election that I believe was snapped up by the Trump team.

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  18. MrE says:

    I always wondered what it would have been like to live through the Reagan years; but never did I think I’d get to live through the presidency of someone even better. We are literally watching history being written. It’s truly awesome to experience.

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    • skyborn78 says:

      MrE, The Reagan years were good, but there was not the excitement that there is in Donald. That is partly because Ron didn’t have to replace Obama. I suspect there would have been some louder cheering back then, but this is the put down of a fraud and it gives us the feeling of having been liberated from a dictatorship. MAGA!

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    • yy4u says:

      MrE — I did live through the Reagan years. Here’s my experience. First of all I believed the media then. I feared Ronald Reagan. I thought he was going to start a war with Russia, put women back barefoot in the kitchen and undo civil rights for the blacks. That’s what the media kept telling me. I was fooled by John Anderson (the Republican establishment senator who ran as a third party candidate). I walked the neighborhood carrying a petition to get my neighbors to get Anderson on the VA ballot. The night before the election I got robocall from the Carter people saying a vote for Anderson was a vote for Reagan so the next day I voted for Carter KNOWING he was a lousy president, had done a lousy job and that the economy was in a ditch. THAT is how effective the media was against me (a young woman — personally. It sort of mirrors what the media tired to do with Trump and would have done had there been no Sundance, no Internet, no talk radio.) I was horrified at the idea of Ronald Reagan.

      It took about ten minutes of watching the inauguration for me to realize I’d been HAD. The hostages were released and it WAS Morning in America. I have not believed the media or the Democrats since and never will again.

      Two years after he won, I was in Monaco. We’d gone to bed with a view of the Mediterranean. In the morning I woke up and pulled the drapes and moored off the harbor was a big, bold, beautiful American aircraft carrier. I’ve never forgotten that scene and the overwhelming pride I felt in my country at that moment. Two years after that I voted for Ronald Reagan and cried when the helicopter took him away for the last time.

      Looking back, there have been only two people in my lifetime I felt deserved to be president of the United States. One was Ronald Reagan; the other was Donald Trump.
      Make America Great Again, Donald.

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  19. aprilyn43 says:

    Tomorrow is a new beginning and I can’t wait till it comes!
    I wish I could be there in person, but I will be there in spirit; and I will blanket the Trump/Pence team with my prayers.
    Thank you God …

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  20. TatonkaWoman says:

    Great laugh for the day. Now I am laughing and crying at the same time. What joy!

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  21. Tazz2293 says:

    As we embark on the future with President Trump set to lead us forward let us remember the wise words of the greatest President in my lifetime to date President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    I pray that President Trump will be an even greater President and leader of and for America.

    “The true bulwark of our freedom and national independence is to be found in the souls of our people. Our greatest defense lies in their love of liberty and strength of character. It is this that makes us a mighty force for good on this planet. It is this on which our security and our free system of government rely. It is the willingness to accept the heavy burden of responsibility that comes with liberty. Freedom, you see, is not meant for the faint of heart.” ~ Ronaldus Magnus
    Remarks to Members of the Reserve Officers Association, January 27, 1988

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  22. Mike diamond says:

    A real family so fresh ,so normal, so pleasant to look at wow we love em ! Amazing grace ! Has blessed our country again !

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  23. floridawoman4trump says:

    What a beautiful and glorious sight to see the Trump family arrive in DC! May God Bless each and every one of the new First Family!

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  24. William says:

    Eagle (the lunar module): Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.
    Houston: Roger, Tranquility, we copy you on the ground. You’ve got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We’re breathing again. Thanks a lot.
    Tranquility base: Thank you.
    Houston: You’re looking good here.
    Tranquility base: A very smooth touchdown.
    Houston: Eagle, you are stay for T1. [The first step in the lunar operation.] Over.
    Tranquility base: Roger. Stay for T1.
    Houston: Roger and we see you venting the ox.
    Tranquility base: Roger.
    Columbia (the command and service module): How do you read me?
    Houston: Columbia, he has landed Tranquility Base. Eagle is at Tranquility. I read you five by. Over.
    Columbia: Yes, I heard the whole thing.
    Houston: Well, it’s a good show.
    Columbia: Fantastic.
    Tranquility base: I’ll second that.

    Liberals, globalists, and leftists, eat your heart out! Today is nearly like that day.

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    • A.D. Everard says:

      All my life I have held that moment as the best in history. Today though (to me) is better than that. It tops that. Not because it’s Donald Trump but because of all the damage that has been done and all that was almost lost. The whole world was, and in many places is still, so close to going under to totalitarian rule, globalism-socialism. Millions – billions – of people would have died and we might never have crawled out of that pit again. Not with the whole world locked down.

      President Donald Trump represents regaining freedom as never before. We have never faced such a global threat before, and he’s going to undo it and show the world how it can be done and should be done and how we can all prosper.

      I see this as the beginning away from evil, away from manipulation and false guilt, away from surrendering all to appease the few, away from willing ourselves back into the stone age to “save the planet” and onward instead into a fresh sense of self-esteem and new opportunities for all.

      This will be a Golden Age like none before it. We are witnessing history greater even than landing on the moon. I am sooo excited to be alive right now.

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      • JC says:

        Very well-said, A.D., excellent. “…because of all the damage that has been done and all that was almost lost.” We were on the razor’s edge of losing all to darkness, and the light shines as history pivots. Thank you, God.

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  25. teaforall says:

    What a glorious day PE Trump and family arrive in Washington DC on Air Force One. We have come a long way and finally the American People have WON BIGLEY.The Pride is back and Patriotism is among us GOD BLESS AMERICA
    Sundance and staff thank you is not enough.But still I will say ,Thank You for all your hard work and every Article that was written You have enlightened every one of us here at THE TREE HOUSE. I will always be eternally grateful

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  26. JC says:

    A salute from President-Elect Trump , a conversation with the people waiting at the armored car – all smiling. Our gracious, kind, classy President-Elect and First Lady. Our beautiful nation will never be the same… thanks be to God.

    I just heard that President-Elect Trump’s Transition Team expenses were under budget, and he will be returning $1.2 million to the U.S. govt. Anyone else hear that? Will try to confirm.

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  27. barton2016 says:

    Thank God Trump ran. Otherwise it would have been Bush or Clinton!!

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  28. grlangworth says:

    Welcome home, Cap’n. Now, let’s get it on.

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  29. mscott777 says:

    That’s one helluva salute !

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  30. ZZZ says:

    crying at work…

    🙂 WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The salute was my favorite.

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  31. auscitizenmom says:

    “Jewish bolshevik leftist Hiroshima of open borders immigration” Wow, I have no idea what you are trying to say with that.


  32. Annie says:

    Uhoh. Blubbering already.


  33. mg says:



  34. Those Secret Service guys (and gals) look edgy.

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  35. Spudsmc says:

    As a Canadian. This brought tears of joy to my soul and no onions around.
    Well done America…. Well done.

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  36. HolyLoly says:

    Beaming with joy! And when Trump gave his first salute I broke into tears. I have never felt so much love for any elected official. We watched him take the full vicious hatred of the left and our wretched, traitorous RINOs. And he did it all out of pure love for our country and our fellow man.

    Thank you, President and Melania Trump! We will forever be grateful and stand by you throughout your two terms.


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  37. William R. Felder says:

    Wow. Just Wow.


  38. delmarvajim says:

    I’m not sure which was more inspiring for me. The escalator ride 18 months ago in Trump Tower or the descent from the plane today. And followed with a very sharp salute too. This is really a great time to be alive as an American

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  39. SAFVet says:

    As a “concerned” dad, does anyone have info on why Barron is conspicuously absent? Hope he’s OK…


  40. Disgusted says:

    Knowing T]rump was including “My Way” [Sinatra] being performed somewhere in the programs, I read the lyrics again, and every line is perfect for him, but I believe this one just says it all: “The record shows I took the blows, and did it MY way!” Anyone disagree?? Nope. Didn’t think so!


  41. Disgusted says:



  42. COLibertyBelle says:

    Isn’t it glorious to wake each morning with excitement and anticipation of great things to happen, instead of the sense of dread we have endured (and rightfully so) every morning of the last 8 years!!?!! I thank our Heavenly Father for every moment of this wonderful time in history.


  43. Bpudica says:

    One thing that strikes me is that every single person in attendance is delighted to be there. No one bused them in or paid them to attend, and every single one is so extremely happy about what is taking place. How often has that happened? Incredible!!


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