Senator Rand Paul Discussing: Obamacare, Russia, Intel Leaks and Inauguration Boycott…

Run silent, Run deep…

…until you reach a point where periscope depth is warranted as part of the plan.

Many people could naturally see an evolving ideological synergy between Donald Trump and Rand Paul back in 2015.   Despite some divergences on international approach, Paul and Trump have a very similar domestic  pragmatic Mercerism.  T-Rex sealed the deal.

Today Senator Rand Paul surfaces on CNN to discuss current political events as they unfold against the background of an incoming Trump administration.  Paul gives Wolf Blitzer a sad face.


trump-rand-paulrobert mercertrump-magic-wand-1

…”one ping, … one ping only please”.

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194 Responses to Senator Rand Paul Discussing: Obamacare, Russia, Intel Leaks and Inauguration Boycott…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Rand is really coming through for PE Trump! So happy he is doing this.

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  3. Travis McGee says:

    I find it hard to give a rat’s ass about dems boycotting the inauguration. Maybe the repubics can boycott them because they are effectively irrelevant. The only ones who care are the media, and some repubic establishment politicians and pundits.

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    As you know from my posts on here I have been saying this about Rand Paul and Trump for ages.

    Rand Paul is currently underrated and undervalued by conservatives which is a mistake.

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    • DelAware says:

      I have many particular reasons for having underrated him…

      …but he handled Blitzer magnificently, refusing to be pulled into the CNN echo chamber…while also making important points about the transition, integrity of our process, and very quietly subtexted reining in of the media’s reign of terror.

      Good job to Sen. Paul.

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      • james post says:

        Totally agree with your post. I’ve always seen Rand Paul as being very “snarky”. I believe this election cycle matured him. I certainly hope so.

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        • racerxx says:

          I was always a big fan of Ron (his father). But Rand is not his dad. I hope he is gaining some maturity from playing in the big league. I think he would be a great ally. And it would serve his own needs as well.
          I hope TEAM TRUMP keeps a “naughty and nice” list.. makes sure to deliver coal to the bad people. Jan 20 can’t come soon enough..


    • I was hoping he would be the vp pick, either him or Sessions.


  5. William Ford says:

    Rand Paul gave Wolf Blitzer the equivalent of a roundhouse right to the middle of his smug face. Great job Senator Paul.

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  6. Disgusted says:

    I am so happy and impressed with everything Rand said, and how effectively he shut Blitzen down at every try he made to discredit TRUMP, plus his complete disregard for this Democrat Inauguration stunt! POOR WOLF! He couldn’t do his job! He didn’t have a patsy on his hour to agree with his nonsense, did he?

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  7. Just_me says:

    Wow, Rand was awesome!!

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  8. Stephan says:

    Senator Paul left us with an important message at the end of this far reaching interview. His message: the democrats are opening the door for a definitive discussion regarding secure voting; including voter identification and verification.

    A political me would turn this into a rallying cry.

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    • I received an email from True the Vote discussing how they intend to validate every single vote from the 2016 election over the next 2 years. Now that the Obozo adm is out they should be able to get some cooperation. I wonder what the effect will be on the 2018 elections.

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    • fred2w says:


      Isn’t it interesting Sen. Paul brings up secure voting the same week Martin Luther King III mentions the topic after meeting with PEOTUS Trump?

      Coincidence or not. (Imitating voice of Jack Palance, host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not?)

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  9. jojo says:

    A narrow window of about 10 people who could have leaked the information. I hope Sessions goes after ’em and nails ’em. We’re going to play hardball now instead of that underhanded wussified softball.

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  10. tommyd22 says:

    Loved that opening salvo … All of Trumps picks will be confirmed… lol

    Paul is good… Wouldn’t surprise me if he is not Potus in the future.. No I don’t agree with him all the time but he is effective ..

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    • jrapdx says:

      I had a similar thought about Paul running for POTUS in the future. Likely would be a while, not before 12 years from now, probably further down the road.

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  11. Bob says:

    Paul was so on it. Creepy Wolf tried three times with the Nazi crap. Paul’s reponse was great, “somebody should go to jail” and it will likely be a Dem or a spook. Lol

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  12. Bonitabaycane says:

    Outstanding interview by Senator Paul. He is a strong asset for President eTrump.

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  13. OMG…I don’t have cable so I never see this Blitzer idiot…What a troll. Thought Rand handled himself very well.

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  14. andi lee says:

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  15. litenmaus says:

    At about 1:14 on the video interview that Sundance posted above, Wolfe Blitzer asks a question about a stock purchase made by HHS appointee Tom Price. The following article has some interesting sunlight.

    Journalistic malpractice – Ellen Carmichael debunks CNN story.

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  16. recoverydotgod says:

    Best interview regarding the leaks I’ve seen

    Rand P: Someone should be prosecuted
    Wolf B: But you would disagree….

    Wolf missed the “should be prosecuted” and set minded eyes on “would disagree”. Hard to miss. Thanks Sen. Paul!

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  17. Trump was being a bit facetious by comparing the intel community leaking to something out of Nazi Germany. Anyone without personal bias could tell that. If something like this did happen in Nazi Germany please let me know, but as of right now I’m categorizing it as phony outrage on behalf of the fake news organizations.

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  18. Archie says:

    It is 535 vs 1 has far as I am concerned. If Rand, or anyone else, says seemingly agreeable things about Trump or his agenda I am suspicious. Even if Rand looks favorably on Trump’s agenda Rand’s solutions will be from the inside-the-box perspective. We’ve tried inside-the-box for decades and that will not work.

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  19. Sandra says:

    Rand Paul did an absolutely perfect job handling Wolf Blitzer’s biased questions. Perfect.

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  20. CharterOakie says:

    Well, hey, whaddya know! Wolfie didn’t interrupt Rand Paul during that interview.

    And that’s about ALL that can be said for Blitzer and his fake news organization.

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  21. rashamon says:

    I have watched Rand for years because 1) his father Ron’s march to a different drummer, 2) both father and son being educated in fields outside the typical “lawyer seeking political office” that is the background of too many of our career politicians.

    Dr. Paul certainly has grown into an excellent communicator, not to mention the flawless dance he executed in this interview. Kudos! He might be one of the Trump administration’s most valued spokespeople. We should be proud of his fight on DJT’s behalf.

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  22. Pending Trump response to Democrat claims of “Delegitimized Elections” and “Russian Hacking of Election”:

    The federal government must restore Americans’ – and particularly Democrats’ – faith in our elections.

    So our administration will institute a National ID prior to December 31, with photo, fingerprint and biometric identification, that will be required for every citizen voter.

    Unhackable Paper ballots will be required for all future elections.

    Every voter and vote will be validated.

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  23. I’m becoming a big Rand Paul fan. I like his calm, unfazed demeanor when dealing with these media hacks. He has a subtle way of making them look dumb.

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  24. justfactsplz says:

    I have noticed that the spokespeople for President Elect Trump know how to handle the insufferable press and never let them put words in their mouths. Rand Paul is no exception. He handed Blitzer’s behind right back at him. Conservatives are smart to not get manhandled by these progressive dolts.

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  25. LEET says:

    No Wolf! The government doesn’t give people insurance! Taxpayers foot the bill for the giveaway and in the case of obamacare, those people who pay for their own insurance out of their own pocket now have premiums double and triple what they were and their deductible doubled so they can foot the bill for all the “free” insurance!!

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