Watch Pathetic Reporters Plead With Martin Luther King III To Attack Trump for News Cycle…

Martin Luther King III visited with President-elect Donald Trump today in New York. After the meeting PE Trump walked MLK III to the lobby.  The media yelled at MLK III to come back and speak to the cameras. MLK III obliged the press.

Watch what happens – Listen to “the reporters” questions:


tom-llamas-2ABC correspondent Tom Llamas frantic bait question:

“Mr. King, as you know, Representative Lewis still has the scars from the March on Selma. Were you offended by the President-elect’s tweet that Representative Lewis is all talk and no action?”…

Unknown reporter continues urgent begging:

“Sir, you know many African Americans are very concerned about a Trump presidency. A woman came in here last week and told me he’s going to have black people up against the wall, both literally and figuratively. Did he allay your concerns that he’ll be a president for all people, black and white?”…

jim-acosta-3Jim Acosta CNN annoyed the bait is not being taken:

“Sir, but if I may follow up, isn’t there something that cuts to your core when you hear the President-elect refer to John Lewis as all talk and no action? I mean, nothing could be further from the truth, isn’t that right? John Lewis is not all talk and no action.”…


trump-mlk-iiiThe Media Is Not a Reflection of Reality

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271 Responses to Watch Pathetic Reporters Plead With Martin Luther King III To Attack Trump for News Cycle…

  1. Phil aka Felipe says:

    It’s surprising that Donald Trump would let that white trash loiter in the Trump Tower Lobby!

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    • Ron says:

      It’s public, but he doesn’t let them leave their benches. True story.

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    • grannysuene says:

      Kick those corrupt people to the curb. I don’t even classify them as humans anymore. They have no shame, no character, nothing! I am disgusted that Trump is put thru this on a daily basis. We would do well to not watch any news on tv or buy papers until Trump and Sessions can weed out the corruption and our news once again is true news and not Goebbels propaganda. The public is onto them.

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  2. Ron says:

    Acosta is literally having a conversation with himself and nobody else.

    “Mr. MLK, Don’t you think it’s horrible that Mr. Trump has a bunch of money because certainly your father never had that much money and since his theme song on teh Apprentice was Money Money Money and your father never had that much money don’t you agree since you agree on that part of it that Mr. Trump isn’t anything like your father and your father would have not went to the Inaguration? ……. Hello? “

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    • rsmith1776 says:

      Not the only way in which Acosta services himself and he’s the only one to do so.

      It is true, there are jobs Americans wouldn’t do.

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      • Dizzy says:

        Underrated post.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “there are jobs Americans wouldn’t do”

        “Americans” would “do jobs” if it were required in order for those “Americans” to have a seat at the dinner table.

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      • judyw says:

        “jobs Americans wouldn’t do” narrows down substantially when the focus of our society shifts to placing more emphasis on individual initiative, independence and a “right” to be well off and physically comfortable that leads to changing self and country with the attitude of optimism — nothing is impossible — and leisure is a reward for hard work not a “way of life”.

        A belief in helping others is a personal choice not a communal expectation is one of the results of this improved lifestyle that is free from dependence on the “whims of a government entity” that doles out $ with ever changing rules and exists only from $ extracted from those who know that we are best served when we just “start where we are” and constantly look for opportunities to achieve more.

        I see that coming already! 🙂


        • pattyloo says:

          umm i think his comment about ‘jobs Americans won’t do’ refers to a previous post about how CNN reporter Acosta services himself, and no one else does this for him. the next comment was ‘yes, there are some jobs Americans won’t do’. it was a joke!

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      • Sam says:

        Trump should bring in some Mexican journalists and set them up in the press room. Maybe they’ll do the job Americans journos are no longer willing to do.

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  3. txjohn says:

    So…white reporters think they can speak for black Americans & it is ok but Trump voicing the real concerns of black ghetto dwellers (crappy schools, rampant crime, unceasing fatherlessness, lack of hope…) and he works with real black leaders to accomplish something 0 never wanted to & he’s a bigot & Hitler with better hair & a worse tan.
    I guess it all depends on your view of the narrative.
    I do like all this winning…won’t ever get tired of it.

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    • Alexsandra says:

      I was sitting in the waiting room of a car repair shop today with local news on — sounding like biased cable news — talking about Trump and Lewis ad nauseum. A black lady who was in the waiting room with me, but who had been on the phone for a while so we hadn’t spoken, stopped her phone chat, looked at me and smiled, raised her hands to the heavens, and did a Rodney King — “Can’t we all get along?” Loved it.

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      • sunnydaze says:

        Love that. The more these Presstitutes press for their Race War, the more it is up to us regular Americans (you know, the ones who would actually have to live life in their beloved nightmare), the more it is up to us to communicate our love and respect for each other thru out the day.

        I definitely have noticed these kinds of interactions between me and peeps at the stores, etc. on days when the Press is going whole hog with their disgusting message of division. People push back against it.

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    • Cee says:

      The media whores will do anything for attention because their ratings are so low.

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  4. rsanchez1990 says:

    Keep building bridges MLK III. You and Donald Trump share a mission of bringing prosperity to ALL Americans. Don’t let the leftist agitators bait you into building divisions.

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    • drdeb says:

      Amen to that comment, rsanchez1990.

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      • dutzie60 says:

        I sincerely hope he was referring to the creation of jobs and people working to lift all boats up and not some welfare type redistribution of wealth programs like we’ve had in the past.


        • dutzie60 says:

          I hope your definition is correct because it looks to me like the Drum Major Institute is just another social justice organization that advocates for “rights”. I’m not seeing too much on their website about jobs, economic/business development, or work related issues. Crossing my fingers that Trump can navigate all this and scope out any hustlers. Hope I’m not too cynical but I’ve been to this movie before and hope this one isn’t a rerun.

          Our work individually and collectively is rooted in helping communities gain access to economic justice, freedoms, and basic human rights entitled to all, by providing advocacy programs, thought leadership, education, expertise and support for
          well-needed initiatives through our staff and implementing partners.
          What We Do
          DMI is a transnational organization focused on finding, supporting, funding, and creating programs and alliances that champion human relations and global equality initiatives. Through research, edcuation, and technical assistance, we focus on generating meaningful results that establish the conditions and environment for the neediest global citizens to find the tools and resources they need to build better lives, reach their potential and realize their dreams.
          Who We Serve
          DMI is a leading equality-fighting organization that champions human relations and global equality initiatives. With a focus on generating meaningful results — we work to help the neediest global citizens to find the tools and resources they need to build better lives, reach their potential and realize their dreams.


          • dutzie60 says:

            I also don’t know what he meant by using that phrase. I decided to look into the Drum Major Institute to see what they are about after someone posted they are funded by George Soros and found what I posted above. As I said it looks like a Global Social Justice organization that is indeed funded (partially I think) by a George Soros Open Society organization. Hair in back of my neck stands up with that knowledge.

            I guess I am cynical and somewhat distrusting when it comes to these well funded global organizations. I think they are part of what our anti-global fight is all about. As I said, I hope Trump uses a fine sieve when he gets involved with these type of organizations.


          • Whatev says:

            Good points from Dutzie60, in that the DMI’s stated agenda looks like tired old empty liberal cliches. Sad!

            Still, however, MLK III clearly appears to be a liberal who although offering bad misguided liberal ideas, is at the same time sincere, honorable, and patriotic – all of which are too rare compared to libs such as Obama, Schumer, Reid, Pelosi, John Lewis, Maxine Waters, Cuomo, Pocahontas, etc., etc.


            • David_B says:

              I always liked what every MLK has said. Because it makes me uncomfortable. And when something makes me uncomfortable, it’s probably true and I don’t want to admit it.
              Don’t put your head in the sand and see what the reality is for rich vs poor.
              A rich person has the money to “fix” justice, a poor person does not. That’s what MLK has always been against, and not just for blacks, but for all humans put down by the power of others. They really are pragmatists, saying what would be the best but realizing we have to TRY, and TRY some more before we can get there.


    • Yeah, ok…

      How many bridges must we build though? How far do we have to bend for one group of people who still claim to be oppressed, when they have “black” everything, caucus, college, television, businesses (that only deal with other blacks!) etc…

      And when does the talk end of “we need to feed people, we need to clothe people”??? This nation was founded on personal responsibility. End the perpetual leech system of “welfare” and get the “government” out of our way and off our backs. The rest would fall into place… naturally.

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      • rsanchez1990 says:

        We don’t bend. We show them the way. MAGA works for all Americans.

        “We have people that aren’t working. We have people that have no incentive to work. But they’re going to have incentive to work, because the greatest social program is a job. And they’ll be proud, and they’ll love it, and they’ll make much more than they would’ve ever made, and they’ll be doing so well, and we’re going to be thriving as a country.”

        We build bridges so they understand we’re all on the same side. We all want the same thing, not what the leftists agitators tell us that we want, but what we actually want: the freedom and opportunity to thrive. It’s like you said, get the “government” out of the way, and the rest falls into place naturally.

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  5. OmaMAGA says:

    Another Acosta fail!

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  6. redtreesquirrel says:

    Too bad this entire video isn’t shown on the fakestream media because people need to see this as proof that the media are operatives of the DNC and are trying to take Trump down. John Lewis didn’t even need to be standing there. How outrageous that those hacks see themselves as hitmen rather than protectors of the truth.

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  7. Ron says:

    Another great man Accosted by Acosta

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  8. Tom Anderson says:

    When you have MLK III getting sick of the one question over and over again–and he obviously was when he said “Well this is the final answer that I have because I am going to reiterate what I just said” you realize that the press isn’t asking these questions on behalf of black people, they’re just trying to bet people to say something bad about Trump. What garbage these people are.

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  9. BMG says:

    It’s time to set up a Trump TV/Radio network.

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  10. gamecock123 says:

    Lol…MSM is foaming out the mouth like a rabid dogs. MLK3 reiterated Trump’s message, we need to move on, solve problems, 60 million Americans live in provery. 60 million and whose fault is that Lewis? It sure as hell at Trump’s. Remind us again how long you’ve been in office?

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    • Alexsandra says:

      Skeletor McCain was just on Fox. All this race-baiting the Dems are pursuing is a red herring and they know it. Trump’s and our beef is with anyone of any color and of any party that has been destroying this country and only feeding themselves at the trough. America First, and that means patriotic citizens of any color. Period.

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  11. Angry Dumbo says:

    Not journalism, but advocacy. We are done with the media. The hyper sensitivity is only going to get worse as the MSM crawls into a corner and dies. Trump doesn’t need to throw the media a bone, he needs to throw a wake. Irrelevant.

    MLK III stands tall here. He is no jive. Real deal. Democrat welfare state hurts the people it professes to help. All in the name of controlling votes. Think different. Please.

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  12. Ivehadit says:

    I have a little clue for the media..WE PUT TRUMP IN OFFICE. WE are the ones wanting him to do what we elected him to do. NEVER forget that. WE are VERY pleased so far.


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  13. M33 says:

    Ah… Jim ACCOSTER…


  14. Andrew J Falsinator says:

    Trump should allow Acosta one more press conference, not call on him again and blast him to pieces as he did last week. Immediately thereafter he should permanently remove him from The White House – by force if necessary.

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  15. Deborah says:

    Lewis is not the only civil rights activist with scars. The only reason people know of Lewis as an activist is because he is in Congress. I am not surprise with Lewis remarks of Trump. It is what Lewis does best. Lewis would have “NEVER” won the 5th district in Georgia from Julian Bond, had Lewis not made remarks that hit his fellow civil rights soldier brother below the belt, to expose Bond’s demons. Instead of meeting with Bond in privacy to show concern for Bond’s demon, Lewis chose to run against Bond. During the televised debate between the two, Lewis challenged Bond to a “Pee Test”. Lewis had created a daily televised black political soap opera for the media. This ended Bond’s political career in Atlanta. Lewis disrespected his fellow civil right brother; at the time, Bond was the most prominent civil right leader behind MLK, Jr. Why one would think that Lewis would be more respectful of Trump than Bond?

    I grew up in the 5th district. Almost Lewis entire career, most of the black areas was impoverished and crime infested. I agree with Trump. Instead of Lewis working against Trump, he needs to work with Trump to improve conditions of his poor constituents.

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    • The Boss says:

      Crime stats for the three counties which are partially in D5 are still not that wonderful. They’re lower (in 2015) than they were in 1988, about the time Lewis went to DC, but I doubt he did much of anything to get the numbers down. (Source: GBI)


    • Ip Siscr says:

      Lewis never stopped being a communist. Communists do things anyone would approve the material substance of, like helping the poor, but this is just to gain credibility for themselves before their real agenda gets going. Lenin, Mao, Castro, Guevara, Alinski etc. all seemed to participate in “good works”. But their message and end is totalitarian.


    • “Lewis is not the only civil rights activist with scars.”

      During the Civil War, 140,000 Union soldiers, sailors, and Marines gave their lives in combat to provide the likes of John Lewis with civil rights. Another 282,000 were scarred during battle.

      As one of my clients is fond of saying, “You are only as good as your last job.” By this criterion Lewis is a nullity affirmed several times over.


  16. quintrillion says:

    The person with mlkiii was holding what looked like a plastic SS Card and was trying to talk about voter ID for everyone. This sounds like a reasonable fix to combat fraud. Glad it’s being discussed.

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    • Ron says:

      Exactly, which is why Trump was talking to him. He’s probably a very balanced intelligent man, he said something about “You’re going to hear about the Trump Card…” but they kept cutting him off with nonsense. I think he probably gave Trump an I.D. card a “Trump card” as an example of what they want to do.

      This is the difference between doing something results orientated, vs. doing something politically motivated. This man seems to not be politically motivated.

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      • Great idea, but voting is a responsibility of the States, not the fed govt.
        States Rights are everything not specifically given to the feds in the constitution


        • I hear ya.
          But Fed needs to be involved to make sure California doesn’t hand them out to those illegally present. Just as the push with standardized drivers licenses across the states for security, boarding planes and such.


      • Yeah, I heard the words Trump card. What the heck?

        Give everyone a free ID card for voting. Isn’t that what we’ve been advocating all along?

        I think Trump just won this debate on this issue and has a plan of action. The press just hasn’t realized it yet.


    • thesavvyinvester says:

      “The person with mlkiii was holding what looked like a plastic SS Card and was trying to talk about voter ID for everyone. This sounds like a reasonable fix to combat fraud. Glad it’s being discussed.”

      As long as part of the process for any of us to have it includes checking for citizenship, you are not dead, and you are not forbidden to have it aka Felony Convictions. And if said card can keep you from “voting often” I am good with it


    • Jason says:

      Could be big, could you imagine them calling a national voter ID ‘raciss’ if it’s being pushed by MLKIII?


  17. alliwantissometruth says:

    What “MLK3” should have said…

    I hear your bait questions, but to answer them would be foolish. You’re here to defend a failed ideology & policies that have destroyed black Americans. I’m here looking for real solutions

    John Lewis stood up for black Americans fifty years ago, & I appreciate that, but I’m interested in today, & how black Americans are going backward due to decades of being used by the same establishment you’re defending today

    You don’t give a damn about black people. You only care about your pathetic ideology & protecting the status quo. Your little club has had fifty years to advance the progress of black Americans, & you failed miserably. You’ve done nothing but make things considerably worse in every regard

    And you have the audacity to try to bait me into saying bad things about the only man that will actually try to improve the lives of black Americans?

    Mr. Trump is a man of action. He has a proven track record & he’s a proven winner. He has specific plans to help black Americans & there’s no reason to doubt he won’t. Yet you stand here & expect me to defend someone who’s done next to nothing for blacks for the last forty years & besmirch a man ready & willing to fight for them?

    Go away. You’re all a disgrace. All of us who care about America & Americans have a country to save. Stay out of our way as you offer nothing but roadblocks to that mission

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  18. BillRiser says:

    The King Family is always so intelligent and civil.
    Alveda King Supports PE DJT. Niece of MLK

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  19. MaineCoon says:

    Ty for your post and yet another reminder of Lewis disgraceful, disrespectful. I have lived in metro Atlanta/Fulton co. – his district – for 32 yrs. A day or so ago I posted my remembrances of Lewis’ actions in response to someone putting Lewis on a pedestal when they admittedly didn’t even live here.

    As MLK3 said we shouldn’t have poverty still. Yeah, right here in Atlanta, Lewis’ district.

    “Instead of Lewis working against Trump, he needs to work with Trump to improve conditions of his poor constituents.” Well said. That would include the huge homeless people in downtown Atlanta (who were carted off the streets and ‘displaced’ during the Olympics….out of sight/out of mind scenario).

    So glad to see MLK3 meeting with PE Trump on this historic anniversary.

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  20. PatriotGalNC says:

    Two things: #1, I think that President Trump and Vice President Pence should dispose of talking at all with “the media”… Once a week, they should do a “Fire-Side Chat”, over the internet to inform the American people of the week’s events, activities and discuss things that are being worked on. This way, they can totally control the message by reaching out directly to us. #2, (Not likely…but I can dream… In light of the John Lewis situation, wouldn’t it be wonderful if President Trump and Vice President Pence took each and every senator aside and had a chat about their constituents, the projects they are actively working on and how they RATE as far as delivering the kind of representation we, as voters expect. John Lewis’s constituents continue to live in dire poverty, terrible neighborhoods, etc. What has John Lewis’s 30 years done for those he represents??

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  21. jefcool64 says:

    They’re not even being subtle about it anymore are they? Sink faster

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    • Gail says:

      All I could think of listening to them is that they were ObaMao’s little monkeys. Chattering away, shouting out race baiting questions.


  22. tvollrath66 says:

    Please please please pe trump if u let him in that new press room please please please make him sit in the back…maybe in a pen….

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  23. 1) When was the last time Lewis took action on behalf of the good of America. Methinks the answer is measured in decades.

    2) The last thing we need to do is make it easier for people to vote. Only the votes of interested and engaged citizens should count. If gou can’t arrange your priorities to register before an election, get appropriate ID, and get your ass to the poll on Election Day (or properly apply for an absentee ballot), then your vote is unwelcome and likely harmful noise.

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    • dutzie60 says:

      I agree completely. Define ‘easier’….. Correct word should ‘legally’ and at the polls in person with ID.

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      • Yes, voting must be done legally, but our laws need to restrict the ease of voting today. Motor Voter has to go. It makes lines at the DMV even longer, and registers illegal aliens. Having polls open for days or a month needs to go. The Constitution specifies an Election Day, not a week or month. Absentee ballots should be given for good cause only. And, states, such as mine, that have vote-by-mail only need to scrap that fraud-promoting practice. ID needs to be shown, because anyone voting who is not entitled, violates my civil rights. We need the death penalty for election and voter fraud. Only people with competent intelligence (eg, IQ > 70) should be allowed to vote, and only those with a basic familiarity of current affairs. Poll testing for general intelligence and civic awareness should be imposed. And, only those with a vested intetest in the nation should be allowed to vote. Military veterans should be enfranchised regardless, but anyone on welfare of any kind must be disenfranchised. Such disenfranchisement would apply to all employees, and their families, working for firms receiving corporate welfare.

        An invested, informed, competent, and self-supporting electorate is a good electorate.


  24. quintrillion says:

    Stop the video right when the weasel starts with the question and see them look at each other in astonishment at the question….totally ignoring what they just said about voting and ID’s for voters.

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    • Ron says:

      The reason they do that is because they can’t think of their own questions. They already have their questions in advance, they don’t have the intelligence to think on their feet and ask something pertinent to a situation they didn’t know was coming.

      So when he says Voter ID, nobody has told them what to ask about Voter ID. So they ask a guy who has nothing to do with it about Trump’s tweet about Lewis. They would have asked that same question if the Pope was standing there.

      The television anchors do it all the time. They’ll ask 1 question, and the person being interviewed will answer the question and say something like “But while we have to do that, keep in mind the Economy is going to grow at 4% or so for the foreseeable future”. The next question will be “do you think the Economy is going to grow or decline going forward?”

      They do this all the time, DAILY they do this. Absolutely one of the stupidest professions.

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  25. LKA in LA says:

    The media is pathetic here and am wondering why PE Mr. Trump hasn’t filed restraining orders on certain fake media readers.

    Second observation—all the discussion regarding “making it easier to vote” is also pathetic and seems like an alternate universe. My God how long do we have to pretend it is hard to vote? That is the least of the bridge problems.


  26. yardman says:

    Tucker Carlson just interviewed a former black panther that ripped Lewis and the democrats up one side and down another.

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  27. Texian says:

    Here’s a story tip for Jim Acosta CNN:

    [Stats as of 2010]. Only 9.9% of NBA athletes are white, 90.1% are of color. In the NBA drafts from 2005-2010, only 25 whites were selected, whereas 275 people of color were selected. It is obvious institutionalized racism is occurring. Quotas need be imposed. Reparations by the NBA to disenfranchised white men are in order.


  28. Binkser1 says:

    I do like how because he was a civil rights activist (now he is just an agitator), the press and Leftists believe he cannot be criticized no matter what he says or does. Well, Ted Bundy saved a girl from drowning, does that mean he should have been excused and acquitted from all the murders he committed? I know that’s a stretch but it’s basically the same idea: because you did something good, it cancels out all the stupid, hideous things you’ve done. Leftists are sick, deranged people.

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  29. Davey says:

    Excuse my ignorance everyone, but can someone tell me anything that John Lewis has done to benefit black Americans, other than get his head busted open on a bridge years ago? Jobs are still leaving his state. Did he fight to keep them? Is he fighting to get them back? I really am expecting President Trump to do more for black America within 6 months than the whole CBC has ever done. And THAT scares the crap out of them.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      I remember back during the Baltimore riots Lewis being interviewed and he said “I want to know who is going to help these kids?”

      I remember thinking at the time “How about you dumbass, you’re a congressman.”

      Then Trump comes along saying he is going to help those kids and Lewis attacks him.

      The Democratic Party has gone completely batshit crazy.

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    • fred2w says:

      Exactly. Even when I was a Democrat, the CBC never impressed me because they sat on their behinds and collected a check. They never ENGAGED voters in their districts to learn their concerns and offer solutions.

      Lewis and his ilk in the CBC are freaked out that a White billionaire Republican will empower inner city Blacks while exposing these Black leaders as fakes.


  30. HarryJ says:

    Ok, this is interesting. MLK3 has proposed to include photo in Social security card and use it as ID for voting. I think this has merit and get sopport from both side. Now if trump tightens rules such that illegals can get ssn, then thisight work fine.


  31. paper doll says:

    Really impressed with MLK III seeing Mr.Trump today of all days and saying it’s time to move forward…true in so many ways

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  32. feralcatsblog says:

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  33. fred2w says:

    Lewis does look like the alien. The similarities end there since the alien had higher moral standards.


  34. M33 says:

    In court, these types of questions would be called “leading the witness”.

    Yeah, these folks are objective, alright…



  35. Laura Wesselmann says:

    The vast majority of main stream media wants riots, shootings and massive unrest. People dying in any fashion will be documented ad nauseum to advance their political agenda. This is fascism. It’s been growing, now blooming since the late sixties.


  36. hugofitch1 says:

    Make it easier to vote? With over three million illegal votes cast, shouldn’t we be focused on making it harder to vote?


  37. horologia15 says:

    Trump has his twitter account, and he’ll get to expand the WH press conferences to include bloggers and other unbiased media outlets.

    But what of his cabinet appointees and other members and public defenders of his administration? They don’t have those instruments. MLK III here is a perfect example. The only people with resources enough to hound everybody on the Trump side and pressure them with the fake narrative are the MSM.

    For those working to achieve Trump’s agenda, it will eventually wear them down. It is relentless and shameless and never let’s up. It’s an Achilles heel for Trump’s agenda.

    No blogger can replicate the MSM on this. They have the monetization channels of practical monopoly and a regulatory regime that effectively locks out new entrants. Even YouTube, the only effective counter to this monetization barrier for new entrants, regularly shuts down right-leaning voices and denies them ad revenue.

    The system is broke and needs fixing. This is the fundamental aspect Trump needs to appreciate. New media cannot break through on the strength of market forces alone. Legal and regulatory structures must be gutted and built afresh to ensure a truly free press.

    If there’s any disillusion with the Trump agenda four years down the line, I guarantee that this will be the precise root of it. You can come back and re-read this comment, and wonder if I had prophetic powers. Unfortunately, I don’t, but this is the truth of the matter.


  38. UKExpat says:

    FAKE NEWS propagator CNN is digging itself deeper and deeper in to oblivion and they are so STUPID they can’t see it.


  39. dreadnok89 says:

    Trumps comments are correct tho. Atlanta is terrible. The voting issue is silly as well


  40. U.S.A. Citizen says:

    Attention, all of you uninformed people that watch only the very bias networks like MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. are being brain washed by these networks because they are so far left Liberal Democrats that can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump won the Presidency. Now the celebrities that will entertain at the Inauguration of Donald Trump are being sent death threats because they want to entertain at the Inauguration, January 20, 2017. How could anybody vote for a Democrat after seeing this. The Republicans have never done this if a Democrat won. Only the evil Democrats. Please Democrats, change your party before you get involved in this horrible, evil Democrat party. If you want to know the truth, please watch Fox News. They are the only network that is not biased.


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