Right Side Broadcast Network (RSBN) Heads To Washington DC…

Interesting, albeit snarkily constructed, article in Politico today highlighting the ‘rag tag bunch of media outsiders’ within Right Side Broadcast Network (RSBN) and their endeavors toward covering the Trump administration.

RSBN is able to continue operating due to viewer donations and contributions toward the business objective of raw, direct and full coverage, and they were intensely valuable in the 18 month long presidential campaign.  A solid group of people.

RSBN on FacebookRSBN on TwitterRSBN Website


(Via Politico) […] The RSBN operation, which now employs 14 full-time employees and three contractors, began in July 2015, when Seales, a stay-at-home father at the time, grew frustrated with the lack of raw Trump rally footage online. He hired a freelancer to film what became the network’s first Trump rally broadcast and posted it on YouTube. When the video quickly amassed a million views, Seales realized that there was a robust demand for pure Trump footage—a feed that wasn’t clipped or talked over by mainstream outlets. “Show the full context,” he says. “People are smart enough to make up their own mind.” That was when, borrowing from a phrase he’s fond of using—“being on the right side of history”—Seales started Right Side Broadcasting Network, originally a livestream operation airing on YouTube.  (read full article)

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126 Responses to Right Side Broadcast Network (RSBN) Heads To Washington DC…

  1. Cow wow says:

    God bless ’em, too! Yea, RSBN!

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    • Any Federal funds currently going to CNN(I understand they get some direct moneys) should go to RSBN to help it morph into a network for Conservatives. They and/or OAN should become a direct communication for the White House during this Administration and replace any of the MSM’s presence. See Sundance’s criteria for the Press Pool.

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  2. Shirley32 says:

    I don’t know how we would have made it without them. Top notch. Many thanks to them.

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  3. Grace Anne says:

    We love the “rag tag bunch of media outsiders!” I wish them well and hope they continue to grow in viewership, stature, and success.

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    • Alison says:

      Politico called them ‘rag tag’?!? Hmm Sundance, I wonder whose blog those Politico grifters have been reading 😊

      Love RSBN! Can’t wait for more crowd shots & historic Trump moments on 1/19 and 1/20.

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    • Steve in Lewes says:

      Makes one wonder whether the “rag tag bunch of media outsiders!” is related to a
      “rag tag bunch of Conservative Misfits!”
      Is Joe Seales the masked man Sundance????
      “Seales moved his family from Pensacola, Florida, to Opelika, Alabama”
      I recall Sundance helping Florida folks during the hurricane!
      Seales says he messages regularly with Trump’s Director of Social Media Dan Scavino
      I remember Sundance saying he does that as well.
      Seales and Sundance both begin with a “S”.
      Just too many coincidences to ignore! Hmmmmmmmm!

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    • OmaMAGA says:

      “Media outsider” sounds like the best recommendation they could receive.

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  4. carterzest says:

    Great people indeed. #wolverines. It was so nice being able to watch the coverage of all Trump events without any filters of old. I hope the incoming administration rewards them Bigly/BigLeague.!

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  5. dot48 says:

    Happy to support them!!!

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    • TRiUMPh says:

      We should all send RSBN a few dollars. This gig in DC alone will be very expensive to cover. Butl, the number one issue is for them to be safe. Our prayers are with Joe Seales and his team. We’ll be watching for sure. Thanks.


  6. In AZ says:

    RSBN needs to be awarded full access to the Trump Administration.

    My husband just spoke to his former boss. The boss has a son in Mordor Washington DC right now for training. The son is a Border Patrol agent. The son said that DC is crawling with crazy people – protesters. He said it is unsettling and he fears for the worst on January 20th.

    If anyone knows how to contact the Trump team without using Twitter, please, contact them and Beg for Trump to be secretly sworn as soon as it is legal to be sworn in, before the public ceremony. If that means one second after midnight January 20th then it needs to be done. It can be set up ahead of time with only one or two people knowing about it. Thank you.

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  7. Raven says:

    Sweet. Love real, authentic information and not the lies meant to trick and deceive thrown out (or up) by the MSM.

    Thanks for all the great work you do, Sundance and all.

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  8. Politico says “reporter Joe Biggs, who heavily promoted the false Pizzagate rumors.” Still trying to delegitimize Pizzagate.
    RSBN should take CNN’s place in the Press Room.

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  9. Serena says:

    Awesome! I wish them the very best and may God bless them.

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  10. Sentient says:

    Show the whole thing & let the people decide. Far better than most MSM – telling their viewers & readers what to think.

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  11. hmmmmm says:

    as far I can tell this the only member of RSBN not portrayed in a negative manner:

    “Adam Taxin, who has just walked into the studio, to lend a hand. The son of a Philadelphia-area radiologist, Taxin is the proud holder of three Ivy League degrees: an AB from Harvard and a JD/MBA from Columbia. Sporting a baseball cap emblazoned with the RSBN microphone logo and a tucked-in button-down shirt”

    is that called a cohencidence?

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    • I thought the whole crew, except for Biggs, was portrayed positively and fairly. As a former news reporter, I do know that there is a fraternal feeling in the craft, just as other tradesmen have with one another. No matter how many degrees we have, we’re all also blue color in the newsroom.

      It is the editors and publishers who are the white collar guys. And even a lot of them, mainly the older guys, don’t have college degrees. Most women reporters of any age have degrees.


  12. Budman says:

    Besides, who would have ” turned the cameras” ????

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  13. WVPatriot says:

    RSBN and The Last Refuge are CORRECT! Thank you for being the best of what you represent, and also, for connecting so many dots…what a treasure trove of resources

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  14. Bull Durham says:

    I just dropped RSBN a donation.
    These media and Internet outfits that shoestring it and work 24/7 to keep us connected and informed and grassroots-effective deserve support. Paypal took 30 seconds.

    God bless the Seales family and RSBN team. Good luck to them.
    OAN, CTH, Breitbart, Drudge and RSBN.
    At least I have a chance to find the truth, know the truth and record the truth.
    All the rest is like picking loose jewels out of a unraked barnyard.
    (Tucker, Lou, Sharyl, ?) There are very few that are consistent and good.

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  15. Tonawanda says:

    Big league respect for Seales!

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  16. freepetta says:

    Politico is a liberal rag sheet who has/had Jonathan Soros on their board of directors. Now that’s disgusting. I’m sure Nazi lover George Soros is helping to fund this pos.

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  17. Stringy theory says:

    The altleft media is running scared as well they should as their days are over. Trump will go directly to the people.

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  18. Red says:

    RSBN”s coverage of the rallys was so great! I purchased their music and Coldwater Canyons too. As soon as I hear the beginning licks to American Dreamer a yuuge smile comes. I wish Jacob Seales would perform that song at the MAGA Celebration, for me it is the official Trump song. I realize of course that his official, official song will soon be Hail to the Chief…

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  19. Dekester says:

    Do we anticipate OANN or RSBN be given a stronger voice after Jan 20.

    The U.S. and Canada really need a powerful media outlet to counter the venom and lies that pour out of the MSM.

    Thank You

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    • Canada has Rebel News which is not funded by the government, which the CBC and other Canadian MSM are. The CBC, Globe & Mail newspapers, ‘sang’ the same song as your US MSM outlets, while Rebel News gave the news straight. Most of my colleagues, etc, were watching the mainstream media, and thought Hillary would surely win. I hope that Rebel News gets bigger and bigger. They work on a shoe-string budget from donations, but are still sending a reporter or two to cover the inauguration. Maybe they can team up with RSNB for coverage.

      Pre-election, from reading CTS and watching the Trump rallies, I thought the only way that Trump would lose if his supporters did not come out to vote… and they did. Praise God!

      God works through those who are willing to let Him work through them. I am so glad that the majority of Americans let our Lord work through them, to turn the tide. Now we got to do that in Canada as well, but I fear that we are too far gone. But I continue to pray – God can do the impossible with ease.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      At the most recent presser, Trump called on OAN by name, third or fourth in the Questions.
      I think he will give OAN key access. Don’t forget, they are screwed by the cable companies not carrying them in some big markets.

      They also don’t do live Internet off a website. They stream through Klowd, which is good, but slim, thought it packages RT among its channels.
      They should do Website Live tied into their Newscasts. (Like followup interviews, analysis, commentaries).

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  20. ledeplorable says:

    RSBN was essential for us durring the campaign. RSBN is trying to transform into a 24/7 news / commentary entity. I help them with “likes” ,and even a donation.I hope they are successful in making the transition. They are also associated with Dennis Michael Lynch who I strongly recommend you check out. http://dennismichaellynch.com/
    I visit his site daily.

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  21. Fe says:

    RSBN was the only one to pan the crowds showing the massive size of each rally. They will continue to grow and become a force to reckon with. God bless them and be sure to throw a few dollars their way. They depend on us plus it’s another way to help President Trump. #MAGA

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    • SteveInCO says:

      In a way they were (and are) the C-SPAN of the campaign. C-SPAN typically just shows things going on on Capitol Hill raw. RSBN filled the need to have someone essentially follow Trump Force One around the country.

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  22. moosebytes says:

    I don’t believe that Jacob Seales will be performing at any of next weeks events. It just won’t seem right w/o “American Dreamer” !

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  23. justfactsplz says:

    I am so happy to hear that RSBN will be documenting this momentous occasion for us. I believe after Jan. 20th we will be hearing more from RSBN and that company will continue to grow. They will become our trusted news network to watch. They should be given exclusive rights to press conferences as they are the only ones to give us the truth. I can’t wait to see them pan the crowd at the inauguration.

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  24. Can someone put up the donation link to RSBN ?

    What a great American team. They truly gave Trump the real coverage that the MSM failed at.

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  25. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Guess the donation button is on the RSBN web site.

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  26. snaggletooths says:

    Joe is a nice guy but it is unfortunate his articles which people comment on was run by people who are unfamiliar with the 1st amendment.
    as for his taping of events that is his forte

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  27. Fe says:

    I couldn’t bring myself to give them a click. So sad for the people that are full of hatred. Guess their little mantra ‘love trumps hate’ was only if their unindicted candidate would’ve successfully stolen the election

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  28. WSB says:

    Congrats to the Rag Tag Network! RSBN today. Conservative Treehouse tomorrow!

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  29. blognificentbee says:

    Yay RSBN, wishing them the best of luck!! I was one of those the article referred to as holding up “makeshift” I ❤️ RSBN signs (and CTH, of course!). We are a movement, the new rag tag media!

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  30. LBB says:

    Bee-U-tiful !

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  31. WSB says:

    Other than the Treehouse!

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  32. chbailey says:

    PE Trump creates jobs…he just does. I am going to be in that line-up when the Trump admin gets rid of the regulations that swamped me in 2010. 2017 I can start it up again.

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  33. Pam says:

    It’s so exciting to see RSBN becoming so successful. Other than CTH, the one thing that made me feel optimistic about a Trump win was seeing the crowds thanks to the RSBN cameras. Those cameras would always turn when the ones with the MSM would not.

    Bee, you are a movie star. 😀

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  34. Roozter says:

    That’s what it’s like trying to follow Trump on Twitter! Alot of really nasty, foul-mouthed harassment happening there.

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  35. Davey says:

    RSBN will show the Inauguration, while CNN, MSNBC and the nets will show the protestors.

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  36. i’m going to watch only RSBN without the pundits 2 cents into everything that happens around trump! I don’t need any distractions!

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  37. bverwey says:

    The comment section of that article seems infested with bed bugs. Bravo article on RSBN and all success to them in a continuation of honest coverage in all things Trump.


  38. Lucille says:

    Go to RSBN’s YouTube site and subscribe plus click on the bell next to the subscribe button and you’ll get notices of all their programming. So glad they are progressing so well. How fun for them and us.

    A blast from the past:

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  39. CDuran says:

    off topic but JFK ‘s inauguration is on CSPAN3. He gave a great speech. Cannot wait until Friday for our President’s turn.


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