Rex Tillerson -vs- Marco Rubio on Saudi Arabia…

There were many interesting moments in the various senate confirmation hearings this past week.  One of the better exchanges comes from Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and Senator Marco Rubio.

At 06:10 (prompted below), interventionist advocate Senator Rubio challenges T-Rex to label Saudi Arabia as a “human rights violator“, and is seemingly irked by Tillerson’s reluctance to engage in labeling.  Eventually this leads to Tillerson’s eloquent and articulate adult dispatch of little Marco.  Great Watch:


Both Republican and Democrat Senators are being introduced to an administration which recognizes there are various cultures all over the world who hold different values than the U.S. It has been this way for millennia.

Interventionists like Rubio appear unhappy the incoming administration is unwilling to use brute force to influence and/or demand change.


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330 Responses to Rex Tillerson -vs- Marco Rubio on Saudi Arabia…

  1. Sen. Little Marco I had become an insufferable SJW.

    His histrionics over “Aleppo” are a case in point. I must admit, as a consumer of mostly alternative media I missed what must have been a feverish publicity campaign deploring “the terrible war in Aleppo” and how bad it was for children and growing things.

    But back to my point San. Little Marco was almost in tears about the Russkies taking time out from “hacking our election” to bomb schools, hospitals, and other sundry “atrocities”.

    Since Russia and Assad are fighting the same/same Islamist groups Israel also fights I feel certain these subhuman dirtbags placed missile batteries and other military targets inside schools and hospitals SPECIFICALLY to create the optics of bombed- out schools and hospitals (probably replete with English signage and evidence of pro-American sentiments).

    IOW Sen. Little Marco is a tool. But we already knew that.

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    • frank field says:

      I watched/read an informative interview by Assad found on The gates of Vienna website. I recommend it.



      • From the little I know about Assad, although he is aligned politically with enemies of the US and Israel he seems to be a secular westernized dictator whose oppressions are directed mainly against Islamists.

        He mostly kills people who need killing.

        On the whole someone we could probably work with.


  2. pattyloo says:

    That response from Tillerson was brilliant!

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  3. Wookiebush says:

    This idiot is my senator, I gave the fool another chance after that gang of 8 BS on immigration. It is too bad FL does not allow recalls or this idiot would be gone.

    Remove All Rubios (RINOs)!

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    • tony says:

      he just might be maturing into a charlie crist look a like.


    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      Rubio should have never won his Senate primary. There was only a 24% voter turnout in Rubio’s primary.
      The Senate primary is a Closed primary. Only voters affiliated with a particular party may vote in its primary. Voters must choose a party at least 29 days before the election. Fla. Stat. Ann. § 101.021.
      76% of registered republicans didn’t even bother to vote. Registered conservatives and registered unaffiliated voters (Independents) deliberately locked themselves out of the primary and had no influence on the outcome.


  4. Athena the Warrior says:

    Little Marco isn’t even qualified to get an interview at ExxonMobil let alone ever having a meeting with Rex Tillerson. This is his one opportunity to stick it it to someone as accomplied as Tillerson.

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  5. Beverly says:

    Tillerson is right in his approach. As a woman, I hate to admit it, because the Muslim world’s treatment of women and girls is vile, and I do so wish we could wave a wand over them and give them Christian values. Just one horrific example: the Wahhabi Islamist police (yes, they have religious fanatics who are empowered to use force to enforce Sharia dictates), when a girls’ school was burning down, forced a number of the young girls BACK INTO THE BURNING BUILDING because they hadn’t put on their burkas before trying to escape.

    A dozen schoolgirls were BURNED ALIVE. By the Islamic enforcers. For not wearing burkas.

    But it’s all copacetic, right? because they got their body bags the next day after all, and were suitable immured from head to toe.

    That said, Rubio’s line of questioning here is dangerous and stupid. The place to thrash these things out isn’t on the Senate confirmation floor. You don’t signal the Arabs that you’re going to try to overthrow Islam, which mandates all these horrors, in such a setting. And really, you can’t just waltz in and do it even if you’ve a mind to make the attempt. It’s a tough nut to crack.

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    • USMCLt says:

      We have been protecting the Saudi royal family and by extension, the Wahhabis, for decades through military and direct foreign aid. In return for Uncle Sam’s generous support, the Saudis have funneled significant vig back into the pockets of American politicians. Cease all flow of American aid and dollars into the Kingdom, and I think the Saudi problem will take care of itself. I’d be willing to pay more for gasoline temporarily until we can make America self sufficient for its energy needs.


  6. diddle40 says:

    Tillerson answers well and clearly. It’s his Iran connections that are most troubling imho.


  7. Who are you? This is a stupid comment if I ever saw one! This man is skilled in interpersonal skills beyond your obvious little imagination . He has successfully run, managed, and led one of the worlds largest corporations. (Which is probably in your 401k portfolio ) . We should be thanking the almighty that someone of his skill set is willing to serve in these very difficult times! May God bless him and all of Trumps very talented cabinet with his grace!

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  8. tony says:

    i got the imagine of Tillerson patting rubio on the head and saying, “its gonna be ok little one” after that great response.

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  9. penny munday says:

    Regime change is every neocons wet dream. Instead of propping up these governments with US foreign aid and fighting their dirty wars for them, just stop funding them and remove our military bases. Let them suck China or Russia dry.
    But then you’d be complaining about the oil…..


    • hellandahandbasket says:

      @Bryce Armstrong …Agree!
      It’s not radicals, it’s not terrorist factions, it’s not rogue-elements…
      …it’s ISLAM period


  10. Keln says:

    That was an excellent answer right there at the end by Tillerson. Pretty much put little Marco in his place.

    Once again, T-Rex was the adult in the room.

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  11. Lawrence says:

    My opinion of Marco has changed. His self righteous virtue signaling trying to use Rex Tillerson as his prop backfired dismally. He was like a little gnat buzzing around the head of a lion. Tillerson is a serious man. Rubio nothing more that a self absorbed midget.

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    • justlurking14 says:

      Tillerson could ask Marco if Marco has authored any legislation on the subject for consideration.


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      What do you want to bet that if T-Rex had labelled Saudi Arabia a “Human Rights Abuser” or Putin “a war criminal” that little Marco would be joining the chorus shouting “those comments are reckless and irresponsible”. “If members of the administration continue to make comments like they are risking war with our allies”. You know, the usual posturing and other such nonsense.


  12. hellandahandbasket says:

    Woahhhaaaa – Color me ignorant – but …..
    I never knew “driving” was a human-right!
    Guess you learn something new every day don’t ya…?
    Thank you Little Marco! {xoxo}


  13. hellandahandbasket says:

    The People vs Muhammad – Psychological Analysis
    by J.K Sheindlin


  14. Joe Savage says:

    Rubio is a cabana boy deposited on us by the Bush family.


  15. el says:

    it is difficult to value marco’s words as they are delivered with an intensity of his anger thereby communicating his own urgency for personal agenda
    did anyone notice this?

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  16. Mike diamond says:

    Tillerson is much wiser than little rubeo, its like a papa lion talking to his cub !


  17. William Ford says:

    Rubio is a puppet 100% controlled by his globalist donors. He says and does whatever they tell him to do.


  18. 1gandydancer says:

    @7delta: This is in response to your post below beginning, “Can you give me…” WordPress seems to be confused, or perhaps we have reached the depth of response allowed in that thread, as it does not allow me to reply there.

    Here is Coke quoting Jenkins approvingly: “So in Jenkins’ Cent. (I. 3) it is most emphatically declared that ‘the being born beyond the sea under the allegiance of another king is the touchstone to try whether alien or not.” Since, except in such cases as invading armies and diplomats, the English Crown claimed, the ligeance of the offspring of aliens within the Realm, and dual ligeance was not recognized, logic would imply that the situation was as I’ve described it. Of course you are right to imply that logic would be no barrier to any English king claiming the ligeance of anyone.

    The distinction you draw between feudal practice and Common Law is one I do not recognize. In my understanding reliance on the precedent of pre-statutory law is CL whether Anglo-Saxon or Norman.

    The ligeance of Royals was, btw, usually treated as an entirely separate subject. I’m not saying that makes sense…


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