Judge Dismisses Cheri Jacobus “Dummy” Lawsuit Against Trump…

cheri-jacobus-1NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump can keep his Twitter insults flying. In a decision made public Tuesday, a New York judge dismissed a lawsuit filed last year against the Republican president-elect by a political strategist who said her reputation was trashed when he called her a “dummy” on Twitter.

Trump’s tweets might be “rife with vague and simplistic insults,” and the barbs he aimed at Republican public relations consultant Cheri Jacobus might have been hurtful, but they were still protected free speech, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Barbara Jaffe ruled.

The case has its roots in a February appearance Jacobus made on CNN in which she said Trump’s presidential campaign had not been transparent about its financing.

Trump retaliated in a tweet that night. Trump tweeted that Jacobus had “begged us for a job. We said no and she went hostile,” calling her “a real dummy.” Days later he tweeted that she was a “major loser, zero credibility!”

Jacobus filed a $4 million lawsuit, saying Trump’s online attacks had cost her TV appearances and inspired bullying from Trump supporters.

In her 20-page opinion, signed Monday, Jaffe wrote that although Trump’s “intemperate tweets are clearly intended to belittle and demean plaintiff,” they wouldn’t prevent her from working as a consultant and political commentator.

Jacobus’ lawyer, Jay Butterman, vowed to appeal the decision. He said the ruling had effectively given “now President-elect Donald Trump a free pass to trample on the free speech rights of any critic.”

Larry Rosen, Trump’s attorney, called Jaffe’s decision “well-reasoned.” A transition spokeswoman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jacobus had previously had two meetings with then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in the summer of 2015 about a possible job with the campaign. And though no job offer was ever made, both Trump and Lewandowski publicly attributed Jacobus’ criticisms to her lack of employment with the campaign.

In her decision, Jaffe ruled that whether Jacobus “begged” Trump for a job was subjective and not an objective fact.

Because it followed her own public criticisms of Trump, Jaffe ruled, the context of the exchange “signals to readers that plaintiff and Trump were engaged in a petty quarrel.” (read more)


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128 Responses to Judge Dismisses Cheri Jacobus “Dummy” Lawsuit Against Trump…

  1. frogstamper says:

    I am an old woman. Remember that when you read the following:
    Compare Cheri to Kellyanne.
    My mother was an office manager in a factory. She had several employees (15-20?)who reported to her.
    Mother worked very hard to be professional and to dress professionally….every single day. She set the bar for women who dreamed of a career in business management.
    Mother acted in a thoughtful, measured manner, used her brain for something other than keeping her ears apart, and “remained calm” in her decision making.
    The only time Mother cried was after my dad died. She went to work the day after the funeral. One of her employees had a gripe…and that very day, she unloaded on Mother and blamed Mother for being absent during this employee’s “crisis.” Mother sat at her desk and cried,
    (My sister worked in this same office at the time and witnessed this employee’s shameful rant.)
    It’s a good thing I didn’t work there for I would have slapped that silly woman into next week. And Mother would have been forced to fire me! (Ha)
    Mother never entirely broke the glass ceiling, but she helped paved the way for all woman to do so.
    And so I say with experience and an inherited authority:
    Cheri – you never exhibited the strength of character exemplified by my mothers and countless other women like her. You need to grow up emotionally and realize no one owes you anything.
    If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.
    Kellyanne, you did it. Keep to the “old paths” dear. There are countless other young girls who will look to your example. Make my Mother proud.

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    • Lovely comment. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman and a wonderful mom! And you sound like a wonderful daughter.

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    • Guy Bee says:

      Wonderful memory. Poor little Cheri – didn’t get her way and got Trump slapped. Shouldn’t have taken on the Donald. It is hard to come out a winner.

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      • Bailey02 says:

        Some people are so pesky. They tried to make money by suing rich people. When we own convenient store & gas station , we were sued with frivolous cases, e.g. a black woman came & used the washroom, didn’t buy anything and left. Half an hour later, she came back screaming that she left her diamond ring in the washroom and its now gone and I have to pay her $5000.- I said no. We got the law suit later, WTF I doubt it that she even had even a costume jewelry. We won the case but it cost us few hundred dollars. Then, we won’t allow them to use the washroom, got sue again for discrimination, etc. I really hate to say that ‘most of them were blacks’, but its the fact.

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  2. Major Styles says:

    “Larry Rosen, Trump’s attorney…”

    Get a Jewish lawyer. The President elect is no dummy.

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  3. Just another neo-con snowflake. Put on your big girl panties, Cheri; maybe then you’ll get a big girl job.

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  4. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    Trump exercised his right of free speech and this woman sued him for it? Too funny.

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    In representing the plaintiff highly likely Attorney Butterman was on contingency fee. No win – no $$. Most likely motive for appeal. Thought he’d make a quick buck. Dummy!

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  6. wolfmoon1776 says:

    “rife with vague and simplistic insults”


    And a model for how to fire back at the left’s insanity, rife with vague and simplistic reasoning.

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  7. Charlie says:

    Truth always has a way of leaving a mark.

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  8. 3x1 says:

    Cheri is not aging well…

    Although she is eligible for Sr. Discount day at Walgreens.

    Why she picked an attorney specializing in matrimonial law is mystifying:


    Here are attorneys Butterman & Kahn in front of a notable big wall, designed long ago to protect a country:

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  9. Sayit2016 says:

    Ok…lemme get this straight…….She lobbed a comment at Trump– Trump plays smashmouth Twitter—and slammed her back — fair enough one for one….. Her lawyer stated “the ruling had effectively given “now President-elect Donald Trump a free pass to trample on the free speech rights of any critic.” How so ? She was not prevented from speaking her mind….stop using the courts with this childish nonsense Cheri.

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  10. Marc says:

    I noticed that Cheri hadn’t been on Fox News or Fox Business at all after the twitter fight. Michelle Fields never appeared on ‘Cashin’ In’ after #GrabGate either. Fox tends to avoid bringing on folks that have made an enemy of Trump. If they did appear, it was on Megyn Kelly’s show and that’s gone now.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    Cheri “The Medusa” Jacobus was the first person in the campaign to block me on Twitter.
    After that, all bets were off. Game on.

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  12. MaineCoon says:

    Did she not learn “sticks ‘n stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you” in kindergarten? Sue her own parents for poor upbringing, receiving a dummy education.

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  13. Wayne Robinson says:

    What do you think with president zero getting a third term by Hitlerry , would it be illegal to speak any true statement ? This dumb women doesn’t want anyone to know she is dumb and unethical . The world has plenty of base characters . What we need is sterling examples of character , brains and reason . We have enough dumb and unethical people in the entire world right here in America . My God they are ripping babies out of women and sealing them by the pound and our courts do nothing because some asshole says they are not people . Makes me think of the 1800 before President Lincoln . Hurry sweet Jesus

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  14. She will henceforth by known as “Dummy”

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  15. NewOrleans says:

    Jacobus filed a $4 million lawsuit, saying Trump’s online attacks had cost her TV appearances . . .

    Jacobus didn’t ‘cost’ her TV appearances – her attitude, lack of intelligence and personality did. She’s an absolute fruitcake. And she’s been a fruitcake for the nearly two decades I remember seeing her on TV.

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  16. Matamoros says:

    Another Trump win! Poor SJW had her feelings hurt, should cry in safe room, leave adults alone

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  17. snailmailtrucker says:

    Hey Cheri Jacobus….Quit your Whining ya Big Dummy !

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  18. Maribell says:

    Cheri, in my experience, seems to be very emotionally unstable. I can say, after having worked with high level executives, she is quite unprofessional in my opinion.
    She exhibited difficulty maintaining her composure, while in an online disagreement with a person expressing an opposing view. She called upon her followers to aid her in this attack, as Ms.Jacobus often resorted to name calling, twisting of words to the very brink of defamation.
    It is simply my opinion that Ms. Cheri Jacobus is not someone that I would have hired to be in my employ.


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