Two More Reviews: ODNI / CIA Russia Report Was Politically “Rigged”…

Anyone who has followed politics and the intersection with intelligence reports already knew the CIA (Brennan) and ODNI (Clapper) report was constructed nonsense.  Two more former CIA officials further admit that reality...

(Via Fox News) Friday night, during her last show on Fox News, Megyn Kelly asked former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra whether he accepted the conclusion by 17 intelligence agencies in a recently released declassified report that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election and that this interference came at the direction of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hoekstra gave an answer Kelly did not anticipate.  He noted that the declassified report represents the views of only three intelligence agencies, not seventeen. Hoekstra also questioned why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) did not co-author or clear the report and why it lacked dissenting views.

The declassified report issued on January 6 is an abridged version of a longer report ordered by President Obama that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to undermine the 2016 president election, hurt Hillary’s candidacy and promote Donald Trump through cyber warfare, social media and the state-owned Russia cable channel RT. Although the report’s authors said they have high confidence in most of these conclusions, they were unable to include any evidence for classification reasons.

As someone who worked in the intelligence field for 25 years, I share Congressman Hoekstra’s concerns about Friday’s declassified Russia report and a similar Joint DHS and ODNI Election Security Statement released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and DHS on October 7, 2016.

I also suspect the entire purpose of this report and its timing was to provide President Obama with a supposedly objective intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that the president could release before he left office to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

I am concerned both intelligence assessments were rigged for political purposes.


You may remember when Hillary Clinton claimed during the final presidential debate on October 19 that based on the October 7 ODNI/DHS statement, all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had determined the WikiLeaks disclosures of Democratic emails were an effort by Russia to interfere with the election.

Clinton’s remark was not accurate. Although the October memo said “the U.S. Intelligence Community” was confident that the Russian government was behind the alleged hacking, the October memo was drafted by only two intelligence organizations – ODNI and DHS.

Since it came out only a month before the presidential election and was co-authored by only two intelligence agencies, the October memo looked like a clumsy attempt by the Obama White House to produce a document to boost Clinton’s reelection chances.  Its argumentation was very weak since it said the alleged hacking of Democratic emails was “consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts” but did not say there was any evidence of Russian involvement.

Friday’s declassified intelligence report on Russia hacking is even more suspicious.  As Congressman Hoekstra noted, this report was drafted and cleared by only three intelligence agencies, not 17.  DHS, which co-authored the October statement, added a brief tick to the new report, but did not clear it.  The Office of Director of National Intelligence, which co-authored the October memo, did not draft or clear Friday’s report, nor did other members of the U.S Intelligence Community with important equities in this issue such as DIA and the State Department’s Intelligence and Research Bureau (INR).

The declassified Russian report also lacks standard boilerplate language that it was coordinated within the U.S. Intelligence Community. This language usually reads: “This memorandum was prepared by the National Intelligence Council and was coordinated with the US Intelligence Community” or “this is an IC-coordinated assessment.”

Given how politically radioactive the issue of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election has become, why wasn’t the January 6 Russia report an intelligence community-coordinated assessment?  Why were several important intelligence agencies and their experts excluded?  (read more)

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240 Responses to Two More Reviews: ODNI / CIA Russia Report Was Politically “Rigged”…

  1. Okeydoker says:

    Clapper is a perjurer, brennan is an obama clinton political hack, comey is a corrupt moron, jeh johnson is an affirmative action obama clone. These dirtbags are the ones claiming russia was involved? ID these clown told me the time I would check my watch. And if my watch agreed I would take it in to be fixed.

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  2. JoeS says:

    I am unclear on one aspect of this EXCELLENT article. Who made this this statement?:

    “As someone who worked in the intelligence field for 25 years, I share Congressman Hoekstra’s concerns about Friday’s declassified Russia report and a similar Joint DHS and ODNI Election Security Statement released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and DHS on October 7, 2016.

    I also suspect the entire purpose of this report and its timing was to provide President Obama with a supposedly objective intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that the president could release before he left office to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election.

    I am concerned both intelligence assessments were rigged for political purposes.”

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  3. Paco Loco says:

    It wasn’t the Russians. The likelihood is high that an insider copied the emails off the DNC server and dumped the files to WikiLeaks. THERE WAS NO HACKING! The copier had to have access to the email servers passwords to get in. It was an inside job by someone that wanted to screw Hillary.

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  4. bessie2003 says:

    Just musing aloud here, but it seems the entire “Russia hack” story line is just the first step in setting the groundwork for the next Presidential election, using the Congressional and Senatorial elections coming up in 2 years to expand into the mind of the ordinary voter that “something must be done” before the Russian’s “steal” the next Presidential election; musing this is all part and parcel to nationalize the elections, usurping a constitutional right the individual States hold, of how to run their elections.

    It looks like a step of the longer game they plan to run with, not dissimilar to how in one seemingly innocuous television interview several months before the Romney campaign started to get busy the country was presented with the opening salvo on the so-called “war on women” which the media pushed to make it the dialogue the entire Left then used throughout that campaign.

    It’s the only thing that makes sense to me, at this point in time, as the reason those 3 agencies are pushing the false narrative as hard as they are, just part of laying the groundwork in their next move.


    • Deb says:

      It already set up the “anti-propaganda” bill that was pushed through. Watch for more legislation to “protect” our elections.

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      • scotl70 says:

        That brings up some interesting irony. The same people who oppose protecting our elections via voter ID (because these people are committing fraud) are now trying to make us believe they are concerned about “protecting” our elections.


    • Sharkdiver says:

      I’m afraid you’re giving the other side way too much credit. Trump will change the narrative once he installs his own intelligence personnel and no one will give any of this current nonsense a second thought.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      Yes, something must be done:
      1. Paper, scannable, numbered ballots.
      2. Mandatory spearate voter ID — no exceptions.
      3. Voter registration in person at office of the registrar of voters, not DMV.
      4. Voter registration ends 60 days before an election — no exceptions.
      5. All absentee ballots must be counted by 6 am on election day, results not given until polls close.
      6. Severely limit “early voting” scams.
      7. No media (polling) within 500 feet of a voting station.

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      • RG says:

        As a person who has worked the local elections held in my district, I could not agree more. State election commissions need to conduct oversight in polls unannounced. There needs to be a process where reports of voting violations can be reported in secret. I live in a small country and the person in charge of elections must run every four years to continue serving. That keeps oversight and damage control at the polls from occurring as no one who is elected wants to make an enemy. States must play a part in election reform and that includes reforming many voting precincts.


        • RG says:

          I do wish there was a correction or edit button as I meant to say county…not country. I hope others feel the way I do because once a comment is posted, it is done.


      • Auntie Billie says:

        And (1 ) a receipt issued to the voter after vote is cast; (2) vote with photo id only (3) birth certificate or certified proof of USA citizenship at registration. Just like it used to be…

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  5. anthohmy says:

    If manipulating an election is cause for an investigation, reports, press conferences, press junkets, front page headlines for weeks, and swift punishments, when is the DNC going to be subject to the exact same given that the information revealed that supposedly manipulated the election showed that the DNC manipulated the election to keep Bernie off the ticket.

    Wasserman stepping down with Brazille stepping up just turned it into round 2.

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  6. catluver99 says:

    This would be hysterically funny if it wasn’t so sad.
    Our ‘intelligence’, while trying to disparage Trump, is claiming they are the most incompetent people ever. Who screams from the roof tops telling everyone they don’t know how to do their jobs? Over the past 8-10 yrs, how many countries have cyber attacked our government? And they still continue (not that I believe any of the tripe from the CIA about Russians stole muh election’) but I’m sure Russia, along with China and Korea have been hacking us for a long time. And still, we don’t do or can’t do anything to protect ourselves? These alphabet agencies are useless. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out why these fools are trying so hard to discredit themselves. I’d be too embarrassed to admit that I’ve been with an agency for years and don’t know what I’m doing.

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  7. Patriot1783 says:

    “clumsy attempt”

    Describes Obama White House for last 8 years.

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    • Ain’t that the truth!

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    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      “Clumsy attempt” also describes Ann Dunham Obama’s try at birth control.

      Few know Obamamom was a bondage model. The MSM didn’t probe into this sordid tale for obvious reasons. You can see the actual photos on the Web.

      This is the link (some say the paternal link) of Frank Marshall Davis to BO. If true, then Barry’s sperm and egg donors were both natural born American citizens. Frank was a pornographer and evidently Stanley Ann Dunham was one of his models.

      Back in the day, few legitimatety hot women would stoop to porn. So they were stuck with underage specimens like Stanley Ann Dunham and the occasional female wrestler or failed actress who wanted some money on the side.

      (Is Megyn Kelly one failed news program away from soft porn? Will Rachel Madcow join her?)

      Barack’s eye-opener must have been when he got into Mommy’s closet at about 10 or 11 in their fancy home in Indonesia and found those photos.

      How did Stanley Ann handle it?

      Did she say little Barry should be tolerant of lesbians after he saw his mom being used?

      Or did she say she would spank him like the booted lady spanked Mommy if he ever snooped on her again?

      Inquiring minds want to know.


  8. “Why were several important intelligence agencies and their experts excluded?”

    Because it’s a load of crap, that’s why!

    Apologies for the salty language, I’ve just about had it with these people!

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  9. andi lee says:

    John McAfee speaks briefly on the DNC hack, hacking in general, Intelligence tradetools, and propaganda.

    Personally, I think the DNC & MSM is trying to BRAINWASH us into FORGETTING DNC campaign misdeeds of VOTER FRAUD: vote harvesting, signing up dead people to vote, Project Veritas videos, foreign donors, fabricated stories of Trump supporters attacking Clinton-hired actors, hired-attacks of Trump Supporters, creating civil unrest at Trump rallys, hiring unionized-county employess to in-fill seats at Clinton rallys. Illegal voters, Fed suspending State voter ID law (Tx, Ks, Va?, Ill?). Let’s not forget the ‘blackbox’ vote-switch software program. There’s plenty reason to blame the Russians. Regardless, America still has a problem. Certify the vote!

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    • andi lee says:

      “…plenty reason for *DNC to blame…”

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    • Mike says:

      I still don’t believe that Hillary Whats-her-name won the popular vote. I’ve been too busy or too lazy to investigate for myself, though.

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      • anthohmy says:

        It’s too much to keep up with.

        It wasn’t a popular vote because it was I would have gotten up off my ass and gone and voted in California. I meant to, but the returns were coming in and it was way too much fun being in a room full of confused people calling out every incremental change the NYT made to their 90% Hillary meter as it flipped.

        But it wasn’t a popular vote unless everybody knew it on election day.

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      • distracted2 says:

        I don’t believe it either. If you remove the illegal votes in my state of California, she easily loses the popular vote.


        • TRiUMPh says:

          Or, “if you remove the illegal votes in…” one county, of one city, like Queens in NYC, “…she easily loses the popular vote.” More like Popular Welfare Recipients who s/b ‘double-ineligible’ to vote.

          Imagine that: foreigners paid by our government to live here illegally are then told they can vote without penalty, and we’re discussing ‘popular vote counts’. You just can’t make this stuff up.


        • anthohmy says:

          Never mind removing votes, just add all the votes from people who will go to the polls if their vote has any chance of affecting the outcome. It was a foreknown that California’s electoral votes were going to Hillary, every other election of interest was in the bag. Allota Trump supporters didn’t vote in California, would have had it mattered.

          He knows that, says he would have changed the way he campaigned if it matters. One wonders why Hillary bothered with California unless fundraising or putting the popular vote win in motion.


  10. Mike says:


    Could it be that the tinfoil moonbat “Russia hacked the election” conspiracy theory was an attempt to avoid the fact that Hill-dog’s campaign was an embarrassing, inept mess?

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    • Ip Siscr says:

      If McAfee’s facts are correct and complete, the attribution to state Russia is completely blown. Real analysis of state level hacking would take year(s) to complete and would involve extrapolation from hard to find fragmentary clues arising from the few flaws in a professional effort. Traditional spy work would also surely be needed.

      One could argue the Russians used a sloppy amateurish method purposely, so they would have the excuse that it wasn’t them because not pro enough. But in that case why have the sloppiness point back to them ?

      It’s then also an attempt to keep the focus of attention off the Democrat-HRC-MSM corrupt campaign methods and fake news collaborative coverup. All these groups have an interest in keeping the kleig lights off.


  11. TwoLaine says:

    “econofacts101: The report sent out by these agencies lacks any credibility and offers no support as to its “conclusions”. It actually reads that it is the opinions of the authors these things may have occurred. This is highly unusual for such a report. All it really says is that people were spreading information that was not positive to Ms. Clinton. Wow! Does this mean all the media outlets should now be also scrutinized by these agencies for the negative information they reported continuously on all other candidates but Ms, Clinton? As an independent I did not really care for either candidate but the Democrats are not helping their cause with people like me doing nonsense like this. By the way, Trump may have ran as a Republican but he is probably a true independent.”

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  12. MVW says:

    Kegyn Melly might as well be a CIA plant. The comment was there were only 3 agencies signed off on the report. The question a real investigative reporter would ask is why did the other agencies not sign off on the report. A CIA plant would never ask that and would dodge that by changing the subject back to the narrative, ‘If you don’t believe the Russians hacked then blah, blah, blah…’

    She is worthless, good riddance. In less than a year no one will remember her.

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    • Ip Siscr says:

      As The People’s Cube says, Kelly is just another one of the worthless fake news “dronettes”. Her only practiced skill is trying to turn the news segment into a contreversy of emotions. She would be a drag on a highschool newspaper.


  13. TwoLaine says:

    I said all along her debate b.s. about 17 agencies blah, blah, blah, was a BIGLY LIE. It was one CROOKED person in charge of 17 agencies. PERIOD.

    It’s time to cut off the Heads of The Snake.

    This isn’t at all surprising to me. The fact that this is even a conversation is what is beyond ridiculous. The investigation should be about what the DIM’s, the DNC, the media, and the Never TRUMPer’s/UNIParty ALL were allowed to get away with in trying to STEAL the election. THAT is the ONLY SCANDAL we should be discussing.

    Considering the obscene amounts of money that came into their coffers, it is beyond ridiculous that they ALLOWED their systems to be “penetrated”. But then again, what do they care? It’s not their info that was stolen. This is how they run the gubt, and look how many hacks have occurred there, under their watch. ILLary and Team couldn’t even run a “charity”, let alone a country.

    Look at the ObamaCare website rollout. Talk about a hackers dream come true. I guarantee you that it’s been hacked thousands of times, is still being attacked, but you will NEVER hear that anywhere. At least not until TRUMP gets into office. For years they have stolen more and more of our money for upgrades that never happened. I would bet TRUMP could get rid of at least 50% of the gubt and no one would be hurt one bit. They wouldn’t even be missed.

    It is so past time to #CutThePork and #DTS.


  14. ezpz says:

    I wonder if Michael Smerconish is on his way out of the Clinton Noise Network:


    • anthohmy says:

      Well of course they are hacking all day long. But that is a normal day and it goes both ways who left the cookies in the cookie jar?

      Sometimes, when I think about Hillary not campaigning and all the other stupid stuff, like losing consciousness on 9/11, I think she wanted to lose, but put on a good side show.

      Who runs and then doesn’t campaign?

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      • distracted2 says:

        Someone who thought she had bought and paid for it. Someone who thought she was owed it. Someone who thought, as the first woman to be nominated by the democrats, they would overwhelmingly vote for her. Someone who believes her own lies.

        Oh, I could go on and on.

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        • anthohmy says:

          Nah, they had data.

          They had the same visuals of Trump’s full stadiums. They had to know. Unless they thought they had the apparatus to ‘overcome’ any difficulties.


  15. Bad girl little Meg…You’re bratitude is about to get you in trouble again. Time to get back over here on the spanking bench so I can give you another tune up before you go crazy and chop more hair off. Your hiney isn’t going to paddle itself.



  16. distracted2 says:

    I’m actually going to miss the look on Megyn’s face when she doesn’t like the answer. 🙂 By the way, as a woman, I think the dress she’s wearing is so inappropriate.

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  17. angryduc says:

    Why don’t these shill’s simply smile largely and say we think you and your people politically placed in government are partisan? Your folks make less cash if Trump makes a deal with the Russians that doesn’t involve WW3. ME oil is not our oil. We don’t even need it. We have free energy technology. And we have cheaper more pure oil.


  18. angryduc says:

    I say let the Nazi’s pushing the mooslem invaders on the world eat cake and swim home.


  19. paulgilpin says:

    if you google “nations US has overthrown” you get a cornucopia of listings of nations where, with impunity, the US by force or coercion, have influenced or established the results of elections. heck, hussein openly campaigned against bibi during the last israeli election. but that is not the point of my comment.

    it is implied in most comments, but someone like rudy or newt should come out and say the CIA has been meddling in US elections for years. there are NYT reporters on the CIA payroll. there certainly are more media types that would gladly push for a war with russia, or, re-opening the investigation of weapons of mass destruction in iraq.


  20. Help4newmoms says:

    Why would Russia be so in favor of Trump when it was Hilary that got them all that yummy uranium? Also, why are the Dems so sure that the intelligence agencies are corrrect in Russia hacking to help Trumo but could get to the bottom of whether Hilary’s missing emails had been hacked? Where were the 17 agencies in investigating whether Hilary’s home grown server was hacked? One woman’s server should have been way easier to investigate than an entire country of Russia. The answer is that the other than the FBI, the other agencies…CIA, NSA…did not participate in the Hilary server investigation. Why is that I wonder? The Dems need to understand that we don’t believe a thing they say…after Benghazi, Hilary server investigation, IRS scandal, Fast &a furious…we don’t believe a word they say. They have much work to do to convince the American people that they are unbiased and competent.

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  21. jente says:

    16 US intelligence agencies said Saddam Hussein had WMDs — just sayin’.


  22. average Joe says:

    They didn’t even examine the DNC servers,from what I’ve read.


  23. average Joe says:

    From what I’ve read,they didn’t even examine the servers at the DNC.


  24. litenmaus says:

    I’m always fascinated when acronyms and government agencies are cited in reports and was interested in knowing who or what Open Source Center was.

    Let’s go back to around 2000 when George Bush was elected and a US intelligence agent by the name of Eliot Jardine, started a little private company that he decided to call Open Source Center. Eliot Jardine founded a service of analyzing ‘open source’ information across ALL MEDIA. You name it, Jardine tracked it…print, broadcast, on-line, etc. Then Jardine determined the ‘intelligence value’ of the information. His service was a valued service, he was well respected, he put out his analysis and information for free discussion and he provided regular publications of his information.

    In 2004 The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was established as an INDEPENDENT AGENCY.

    Remember, there was an election in 2004 and by the beginning of 2005, Jardine’s private intelligence methodology was proving its worth[I assume to silent partners] and in 2005, it just so happens that George Bush Established the Open Source Center and tasked the new department with collecting & analyzing the “intelligence value” of media across all spectrums.

    Imagine that, Little Elliot starts a little intelligence sideline that earns him a step up. Little obscure Eliot Jardine was appointed by Bush as the first ever, brand new position, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Open Source.

    How obscure was Eliot Jardine? So obscure that when the CIA Director stepped down in 2006, Eliot Jardine was on the list of possible replacements.

    In 2005, under George Bush, John Negroponte was the Director of National Intelligence.

    Also, in 2005, Michael Hayden, USAF, was appointed First Deputy “Principal” Director of National Intelligence. And in 2006 it was not Eliot Jardine, but Michael Hayden who became the Director of the CIA.

    In 2009 Obama broadened the power of the ODNI by establishing that they are responsible for whistle blowing/source protection for ALL intelligence agencies.

    Let’s move forward to 2012 because the Open Source Center did some amazing work analyzing data for the 2012 election. And if you read the report put out by the Department of National Intelligence on January 6, 2017, then you have read seven pages of the report that was put out in 2012. The entire seven pages of Annex A were published in December of 2012.

    In March of 2013, John Brennan was appointed by Obama as the Director of the CIA and by the end of 2013 the National Intelligence Open Source Center ended the service of producing transcripts or any analysis or tradecraft and like Hillary Clinton, seemed to drift into intelligence obscurity.

    October 1st, 2015, the DNI Open Source Center was renamed Open Source Enterprise and swallowed up by the CIA’s Directorate of Digital Agency Innovation under the curtain of John Brennan’s “agency modernization”.

    A seven page report, done back during the 2012 elections, created by a CIA agency that has not existed since October 1, 2015, is cited in seven pages of a current investigation ordered by the President and recently released by the Director of the Office of National Intelligence?

    Good Lord!

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  25. Bursterer says:

    From the start of this factitious administration it is only fitting to conclude with the fallacy of intelligence.
    Why not entire IC inclusion? Maybe to avoid infighting over verbiage. This would be necessary for an expedited Intelligence Collusion Report, although a year late, for Obama to give voice to the truth for his followers. Maybe the excluded abc’s are hoping the Trump axe will miss them, I doubt it.

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  26. Digleigh says:

    What struck me today is when I saw Hoesktra’s interview, Nunes, and parts of Priebus in the last day, the pettiness of the Obama administration. From what I heard, when the news (NBC came out) Nunes (gang of 8) were stunned that they did not get the report and asked for it!! I believe they were not given it until Tuesday!! Look how these Obama idiots(Clapper, Dems, Brennan, etc.) were willing to risk the safety of AMERICA by NOT informing the incoming President, gang of 8, transition team and Trump’s new intel guys(14-16 days before Obama’s so called need for a SMOOTH TRANSITION the Dems begged for!!) with urgency, and immediacy when Obama had kicked out diplomats and their families at holiday time with a 72 hr. NOTICE!!!! What an a–h–le!!! So , there were days of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday when the new incoming administration ( WAS LEFT IN THE DARK regarding the “supposedly”worst breach of our security in HISTORY???? ) What a joke!!! These people are hypocrites, and LIARS. Jan. 20 cannot come sooner!!! Prayers for all of you in this mess!!!!

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  27. lbmomblog says:

    I have to say, family and friends of mine – just don’t care about what the reports say. They aren’t worried, they don’t care, and they are tired of hearing about it. They are simple country folk, American’s, and participate in their right to vote…but just aren’t concerned with this.

    That reflects well on what I said in a post a few weeks ago, keep it simple, make it easy for folks to understand….
    while we need to keep this post going, and the info coming in…main stream avenue folks, aren’t too concerned. They see thru the BS.


  28. UKExpat says:

    LEFTARD America has the Intelligence Services it deserves it goes along with the world laughing stock Lame Stream Media in America too.


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