Four Chicago Thugs Arrested for Kidnapping Torturing White Trump Supporter During Facebook Livestream…

Chicago police have arrested four people in a gruesome attack after they video themselves torturing a white male victim.  The bound and gagged kidnap victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

chicago-victimFOX 32 NEWS – Investigators are looking into a Facebook Live video showing a group of people holding a young man hostage. Chicago police told FOX 32 that four people are currently in custody.

Chicago police were made aware of this video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding a young white man hostage.

The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. The suspects on the video can be heard yelling, “F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!”

Community activist Andrew Holmes was made aware of the disturbing video. FOX 32 was told the young man is now at a hospital being treated for his injuries. (read more)


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944 Responses to Four Chicago Thugs Arrested for Kidnapping Torturing White Trump Supporter During Facebook Livestream…

  1. DT says:

    I bungled the italics part a bit, they are 4 separate headlines from 4 different sources.


  2. benzy says:

    To add to the seriousness and horror of this entire story… it turns out that the four assailants in this video were arrested by Chicago Police “for an unrelated assault” and the police were able to connect them to the victim of this case whom they were interviewing about what happened to him. THIS was not their only assault that night,

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  3. Jake says:

    Why does this not surprise me it is in Chicago? Hopefully they get serious time to show that racism and political intimidation will not be tolerated in our country..


  4. jo puntil says:

    Trump should jump on this like poor Kate Steinlie! He needs to say that BLM is a terrorist org


  5. guitar107 says:

    King O’bola’s legacy.
    If he had 4 sons, they’d be just as depraved as the 4 thugs.


  6. paper doll says:

    Not only won’t it be called the hate hate crime it is, BLM/ Soros would riot if it was. Prank? I’d like to see what those calling it a mere prank would say after even 10 minutes of being on the receiving end of such a “prank “

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    • Sherlock says:

      Well, they better get ready to riot then. Hate crime charges (for what it’s worth) were filed today (Thursday).

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      • paper doll says:

        Inded. I believe because the victim has special needs, they could do it.


      • Kathy Brown, Esq. says:

        Hate crimes ought to go away, forever. It’s nothing but a sop to the PC crowd who’re perpetually aggrieved anyway.

        The elements of any crime are a bad act (actus reus) and a guilty mind (mens rea). And I’m pretty sure ALL people murdered would say that it was an act of hatred.


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    • Bob says:

      This is just the beginning, remember, the communists thought their 70 year effort was about to pay off with the election of Hillary. Very exact plans and tons of money were ready to be poured into the USA for a full United Nations Globlist take over. So hang in there and be vigilant.

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  7. Sandra says:

    Where are the hate crime charges? Where’s Loretta Lynch? I know she’s on it. Right?

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  8. pluffmudgirl says:

    As the mother of a special needs Kiddo (Down Syndrome)…this is probably one of my worst nightmares. Most special needs kids don’t see the world as something to be “aware” of. This boy was approached by someone he knew from school. He was targeted. It was premeditated. He was traumatized, tortured, abused and then released (dumped) to wander around in an area he was totally unfamiliar with. If this happened to my 17 year old… I don’t know if he would ever be able to even stay by himself or even leave our house again. The loss of security is difficult for most people, the loss of security for someone who doesn’t or is incapable of processing events is insurmountable.
    These so called “children” who perpetrated, recorded and proudly published their activities are sociopathic animals. This special needs kiddo was their second victim. They targeted white boys and escalated their abuse. This is a serial hate crime and they should be prosecuted accordingly. If their first victim is also special needs then they targeted a “protected” class. Two areas to define their “hate”.
    I have no empathy for them.
    They should hope they do not have anyone like me selected to be on their jury. I would seek retribution.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      God bless you and my prayers for you and your family. This is the worst nightmare of any parent, that their children would be preyed upon by jackals such as in this video. We must protect the helpless, and this poor kid qualifies. That the Chicago PD and the mainstream media want to shove this story in the memory hole is shameful because it will only embolden more such vicious attacks on innocents.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Their parents should also be punished for rearing such monsters.

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    • keebler AC says:

      Cowardly act by Hillrot and Opigula followers. Libs only virtue signal when they talk about protecting the vulnerables like the disabled.

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  9. Mike says:

    God bless Paul Nehlen

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  10. Huge failure by trump to not address this


  11. patrickhenrycensored says:


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  12. We NEED DJT! says:

    Has anyone seen anything from Trump about this? I was hoping by now to hear/see something. I know the loser in chief we have now…will say NOTHING. this whole incident has me sick on the stomach. How low as society we have dropped in 8 years. This is all in the hands of Obama, Clinton, Soros, Main stream Media, BLM…my heart hurts for this young man and the pure hell he went through, that no human should ever have to experience and endure. My heart goes out to his parents and the pain and fear they felt while he was missing and now that he is safe with them. This is one event in someone’s life that changes them forever, the young man and his family. I know this is ugly but this is where my heart is…I wish they would take each one of those feral animals and put them down on live TV. I’m sick to my stomach about this horrible event. And to have a live stream of it on facebook while you were doing it?!?! I can’t comprehend the evil in the minds of those 4 feral animals?! Oh god help us all!!! I want to hear Trump and I want him to address this quickly!

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    • keebler AC says:

      I’m pretty sure PE Trump is as infuriated about it as we are. He is action-oriented not talk. Talk is useless. Inauguration day is soon. These criminals will be dealt with by Trump’s cabinet picks.

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      • We NEED DJT! says:

        You know…thank you! You are right…just got a few more days and he can deal with them and we will have a justice department that will actually do something! I’m just so mad about the whole thing, At least it is going to be a “hate crime”.


        • keebler AC says:

          Trump’s policies altho the lib moonbats try to call him a racist are 100% against hate crime – by muslim terrorists targeting Americans here and abroad, by illegal aliens abusing Americans locally burning American flags and La Raza types destroying America due to their desire to continue conquesting land for their language, and BLM-Obama types who hate on whites. These are the real hate crimes. Liberalis project their racism on others to rationalize their criminal power needs.

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  13. Neural says:

    In America, the only “justice” we can hope for is for these “humans” to be locked up in prison for a very long time.
    Yet I have to ask: How is it “justice” that we the people should be required to have money taken out of our paychecks to pay for their well being for the rest of their lives?

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  14. Ha! Huffington post has this story waaaaay down on the page, headline I. small type.

    Although they don’t know the motive, they are sure it’s nothing to do with Black Lives Matter.

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  15. Dede says:

    Why would they do this to a disable person


    • Because they’re psychotic, because they think that ‘we’ [white people] deserve it. Racism is an ugly thing.


    • annied9393 says:

      because in the last 8 years we have been exposed to real racism at the hands of the two people occupying the white house. The poser first lady who HATES white people and the phony community organizer in chief have created a culture of fear and hate as they wander from talk show to talk show killing whatever morality existed with their PC crap. Race relations haven’t been this bad in many years.


  16. TwoLaine says:

    This is the definition of “depraved indifference”. Laws have been put on the books for animals who are mistreated in this manner. IF this were an animal, PETA and the SJW’s would have been all over it.


  17. All American Snowflake says:

    The Black community is so pathetic. They “own” everything any other black person does. It seems to me that as a race blacks cannot separate themselves from their black “brothers.”

    The thugs in this video “aren’t even human”. I saw the video yesterday on the Drudge Report before the Obama Administration would call it a “hate” crime and the video got taken down.


    • CDuran says:

      this is what 8 years or even more that have affected our society. They know no shame or right and wrong . These animals have no sense or humanity. Driven by drugs and lack of parental guidance they are on their own and very dangerous. This is a big faction of our urban society which we cannot ignore. I work for NYC housing. You have to see the perks these people think they deserved. Free LAPTOPS, FREE internet access, reduced rent for years, free college, free start up business services, only for protective classes “of course”. Not for my kids…I have my honor. I am sick to think of what this country can become if President tTrump DOES NOT prevail.


  18. karen says:

    Show us the pictures of the parents of the kids who did this sick thing. They should be right with their kids in jail. Punish the parents too. Take care of this now, don’t let it go for 1 month. So very uncalled for. These kids are gross. Parents should be plastered on tv as much as the kids and the victim. SICK, SICK, SICK!!! Can’t find words enough to say how disgusted I am with the parents and kids.

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    • Sandra says:

      There’s probably one parent for each, just a mother, and a crappy example of one as well. Father is roaming around or in prison. This is the culture of that neighborhood. There is no way to stop it except to cut them off. We need to stop supporting these ferals. If they had to work to support themselves they might become human.

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      • jello333 says:

        One of the girls was living with and “raised” by a grandmother, who seemed genuinely shocked by what she did. From the little I read of her comments, there wasn’t any “She didn’t do it” or anything like that. It was more “I’m in shock, this isn’t the girl I thought I knew”. We can argue that the grandma SHOULD have known the girl more, but at least this is better than the usual “Dindu Nuffin!” And for me personally, I always have to sympathize with any grandparent who will take on the job of raising a kid that SHOULD have been someone else’s job.

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      • kathykounselor says:

        Exactly Sandra! And your use of the word ‘feral’ as opposed to ‘human’ is spot-on.

        The ONLY reason these people breed and grow is that we-the-people PAY them to do so!

        Years ago I was a visiting nurse in inner city Detroit. I can’t even tell you all I saw. It was a pit then, and that was 30 years ago…

        I was doing high-risk maternal/child nursing. Most of my ‘mothers’ were girls as young as 12 or 13; I’ll never forget my shock when one of them brought her doll with her when I did her post-partum examination. Several had been impregnated by family members; and one of them was feeble-minded; her grandfather was the father of her baby.


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