National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General…

A little known fact most are not familiar with – within your local jurisdiction, unless removed by State legislative construct, the County Sheriff is the highest recognized constitutional officer in your area....

trump and sessions(VIA TRUMP FACEBOOK) Every day members of the law enforcement community come to work prepared for anything. They understand that they are the thin blue line between a safe public and criminal activity — and each moment presents a new challenge.

Law enforcement understands the dangers of protecting their communities and go to work each day knowing they might be shot for their communities’ safety. This past year saw the highest number of law enforcement fatalities in five years including 21 that were ambushed, shot and killed.

Over the past few years’ law enforcement has been missing a key component to succeed in their jobs — federal government support.

While law enforcement is asked to do more and more with the ever-changing world of terrorism and public safety, the current administration has rolled-back much of the progress achieved through decades of effective policing through qualitative and quantitative resourcing.  In return the nation’s crime rates have risen faster than at any time in our modern history.

While the mood toward law enforcement at the federal level has degraded we now see how out of touch this administration has been with the public.  The dialogue between the administration and those charged with protecting us has grown outright hostile, making their jobs even more difficult and dangerous.

While this administration’s support is lacking, public support for law enforcement remains very high.

An October Gallup poll showed that three in four Americans have a “great deal” of respect for local law enforcement, the highest rate in 50 years. Americans understand the important role sheriffs, deputies and officers play in criminal justice and have confidence they will do their jobs fairly.

texas-border-1Of our nation’s institutions law enforcement ranks near or just below the nation’s military.

Not the media, Congress, schools, or the current administration have this level of support.

Law enforcement is gratified by the support and with a new executive branch administration comes new promise. Law enforcement knows that we have a federal partner with the nomination of U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States.

The Senate must confirm Sen. Sessions because law enforcement and the citizens they protect needs his expertise, dedication and honor at the Justice Department.

The nation’s sheriffs and deputies know Sen. Sessions will support them because throughout his career he has been a crime fighter who seeks justice fairly. As a U.S. attorney and Alabama attorney general, he successfully pursued and prosecuted violent criminals, corrupt politicians and white collar criminals.

During his service on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sessions has shown that he understands and values the resources law enforcement needs to do our jobs.

He worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass important legislation like the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 that rectified disparities in sentencing for drug crimes and the Fugitive Sex Offenders Act in 2012 which helps law enforcement track down fugitive sex offenders.

He likewise worked in a bipartisan fashion to reauthorize the Victims of Child Abuse Act.

Sessions supports solutions important to sheriffs and the law enforcement community. He understands the importance of the 1033 Program that provides excess, protective resources and equipment law enforcement needs to carry out their duty.

He understands that the immigration system is broken and law enforcement is stuck in the middle without a plan. Sen. Sessions agrees that jails should not be the home for Americas mentally ill and wants to work with law enforcement to reform the mental health system.

Sheriffs and deputies wake up each day knowing their lives may be in danger to keep our communities safe and protect the rule of law. They look forward to having an active ally in Attorney General Sessions to support them and do whatever necessary to make America safe.

~ Jonathan Thompson, Executive Director and CEO of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

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130 Responses to National Sheriffs’ Association Supports Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General…

  1. Support ’em well, last line of defense in LE against TYRANNY.

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  2. freepetta says:

    Yes yes yes!!! We live right next door to our county sheriff!!

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  3. emet says:

    The immigration system is not broken, the problem was that our leaders wete broken

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  4. Pam says:

    Our law enforcement realize that Trump is a law and order guy and and knowing the history of Mr. Sessions, it makes sense that they would get behind him. He won’t mess around when it comes to illegal immigration.

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  5. Abster says:

    Looking forward to law and order and knowing I live in a civilized society.

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    • I think you can count on the law and order, the other… not so much. The zombie apocalypse is in full swing out there. I see more of them every day.

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      • petszmom says:

        onlyamericans…i agree…i see more and more detachment and remoteness from the cell phone crowd. it’s heartbreaking to see an entire family walking around at the park on a lovely day with their noses in their phones. these youngsters will not have clue on how to interact as they become adults…these are the people we will have to share our earth with, truly frightening.

        Liked by 14 people

        • Howie says:

          It is amazing ain’t it. They are addicted to them. Lost without them. I have an old fashioned land line. It works even when the power goes out. No cell phone.

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          • Paul Killinger says:

            We were Ijust remarking how true that is. Often times crummy reception.

            Being fortunate enough not having grown up with the damn things, I wouldn’t miss them for a minute!

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          • muffyroberts says:

            I gave up the landline. I never used it and the only calls I got on it was telemarketing.

            A smartphone can do a lot more than being a phone. If we had those when we were young, we would have been glued to them too.


          • weavinplain says:

            Same here.
            Love the stupid blank expression on people’s faces when they ask for my cell number and I say I don’t have one.

            Same expression on the face of the nurse at the eye doctor when she asked how many prescriptions I take. When I told her ‘none’ she glared at me like I was lying. She doesn’t get that answer from many 80 yr-olds.

            Not too many renegades like us around, Howie 🙂 Like the ones who dumped TV in the recent past 🙂 🙂

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            • OmaMAGA says:

              There were enough of us around to band together with young and old deplorables to help elect Trump to save this country for future generations. Now we have to continue to stick together to see the job gets done. Make America safe again.


          • Abster says:

            Yep, I have a flip phone. Don’t know where it is half the time and have no idea how to text. Electronics seem to be the downfall of many.

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        • psadie says:

          Did you ever try to have a conversation with this group of millennials? They cannot carry on a conversation…so why would anyone hire them?

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          • petszmom says:

            oh, that’s right, they don’t believe in being employed…lol! i actually have quite a few conversations with very young people at the gym and maybe it’s because my county is very conservative but all have goals, aspirations, and can speak in complete sentences. if i were to move a few miles south or north to austin or san antonio i’d have a different experience, i’m sure. sadly, we are being infiltrated and infested with many, many newcomers from other states.

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          • annieoakley says:

            Old people have their drawbacks too. I am not fast enough on a cash register (ha, ha) to compete with any millennial.


            • McGuffin says:

              My first job was a cashier at the local movie theater. I was 14. We literally used a cigar box make change. We tallied the snack prices up in our heads and made change.
              I smh at young cashiers that have trouble making change even when the register tells them how much to give me.

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              • psadie says:

                How about when you give them a “penny” and they get all bent out of shape because they don’t know how to deduct/roundoff? I do this at McDonalds and they have to call the supervisor or I tell them how much to give me! Haaaaaaaaa.

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              • fuzzi says:

                My first job was at McDonalds. We had to know all the prices, write them down on a slip, add them up, and tell the customer the total, with NO calculator. THEN and only then did we open up the register, and make change. A couple years later, as a waitress, again I had to know all the prices, write them down on the check, add them up manually, and make change out of the register.

                I still can figure out percentages without a calculator… 😉

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                • psadie says:

                  Excellent…you are using your brain. That is why “baby boomers” are in demand in the workplace so don’t undersell yourself for WE know how to work and not “whine.”


        • justfactsplz says:

          It is both frightening and very rude of them. I saw it in our family during the holidays. Our children and grandchildren both had their noses in them things and barely was able to tear themselves away long enough to eat and open presents. I didn’t allow my children and grandchildren to do it but I don’t carry any weight with the step ones.

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          • petszmom says:

            i agree…extremely rude and the adults need to step up and be mature adults that consider those around them. rules should be set that take everyone into consideration. but that’s just me.

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          • fuzzi says:

            Check the phones at the door (leave them in the car?) or NO presents, no dinner.


          • Flamethrower says:

            I live in rural Australia and have wi-fi internet. When I have friends come to stay I give their kids the wi-fi password, wait an hour or so and then turn it off. When they come and ask me why their iPads won’t work I tell them they are in a country region and the service is a bit unreliable. 5 minutes later they are outside running around playing. Kids are still kids, you just need a reason to get their noses of those damn screens.

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            • justfactsplz says:

              We live in the country also and the kids do love to play outdoors once you take away those screens. The parents don’t take them away because they have their own noses stuck in their face.


  6. Howie says:

    Fighting crime will be a really good change from justifying crime.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    Mr. Trump’s law and order campaign speech was one of the most popular on RSBN website with 600,326 views on two different links, and is still gaining viewers despite not being prominently listed.

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  8. Janie M. says:

    And I hope AG Sessions/Trump informs those countries unwilling to take their criminals back they will suffer consequences, including the steep reduction in any US funded aid.

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  9. We live in Texas at the south border! So much corruptions, so many illegals. I hope we get a wall !!

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  10. DEGinTN says:

    The other night my son was involved in an auto accident. As the LEO was preparing to leave the scene he came to our car to give us additional info we needed. After he finished I told him I appreciated what he does as a LEO. He actually gave me a double take as (I assume) he never hears it. I hope it made his night better. It did mine.

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  11. Paco Loco says:

    We have many illegal immigration laws that are simply under enforced or unenforced because the Executive branch politized them. ICE and the Border Patrol, ATF, the FBI …all of our police agencies have been compromised by the DoJ. This will be a monumental task to reorder how law enforcement operates because the Obama administration placed so many restrictions on them.

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  12. npsrangerman says:

    There are few gov’t officials more powerful and more protected from political interference than a sitting Sheriff. As SD said, he or she is a Law Enforcement Official of the Constitution, not city ordinance or other regulation. I’ve heard that in some jurisdiction, without a bench warrant, a Sitting sheriff cannot be arrested except by a coroner. They are very influential.

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  13. psadie says:

    I just heard on FOX the Dems are planning to slooooooow down Trump’s nominees to the Cabinet…EIGHT IN TOTAL! Americans will NOT STAND FOR THIS INTERRUPTION IN MAGA!!!
    Please get your DC phone numbers to the HOUSE/SENATE to call tomorrow and let them know your thoughts. Also don’t forget about the HOUSE REPS “NO VOTE” ON PAUL RYAN FOR SPEAKER! If this nonsense doesn’t stop then I can see MILLIONS OF AMERICANS MARCHING ON DC…then what will they do???

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  14. The Democrats are pressuring Sessions to remove himself off the ticket for the AG job. Where was the outrage when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met at the Phoenix Airport? No wonder the Dems are desperate and afraid.

    Trump and Sessions are gonna expose them

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  15. gamecock123 says:

    He has my support.

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  16. barton2016 says:

    That’s great , but Sessions had my support when I heard him railing against the visa programs that are stealing American jobs. If he is not confirmed there will be hell to pay.

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  17. quintrillion says:

    Americans need Senator Sessions for Attorney General just as seriously as we need President Trump and VP Pence. Thank you Sheriffs for standing strong in support for the confirmation of Senator Sessions as AG of the USA

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  18. rsg says:

    Huge pressure will be brought to bare on the Trumpster. All of the Beltway wants mass immigration/open borders/nonenforcement. Firms wants to create an excess of labor, liberal do-gooders want the votes of poor, brown peasants and rabid anti-American Muslims. It won’t be easy for DJT but I hope he can pull it off.

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  19. Grace Anne says:

    My small(ish) community has a new sheriff coming to town. Talking with people in the “know” he is highly thought is in the law inforcement community. I am told he is a Christian and everyone feels like 2017 is bringing good change and hope to our community. I need to look into this more… obviously. Sometimes it is more interesting to look into the national scenery when we need to pay as much or more attention to the local stuff. I think I would like to volunteer with the sheriff’s dept.

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    • Grace Anne says:

      On a similar note, I talked with a state trooper, some time ago, with the possibility of riding out with him. May still do it. He asked me if I had a gun and I said yes. He said to bring it but don’t let him know about it. Bring it just in case. I am sorry to say I never followed up. Maybe this year I will.

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    • piper567 says:

      Grace Anne…You are so right: Part of the reason the USA is in the straights it is in is that we have allowed communists, like ozero, to “organize” on the community level.
      Its time for us to move into our neighborhoods.

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  20. angelwhiskers says:

    Sheriff Joe, THE best Sheriff-Listen to what he has to say and tell the American People the truth.

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  21. McGuffin says:

    I saw this on face book and think it’s a GREAT way to show support for the Blue. A piece of blue painters tape across a back windshield, trunk, or truck tailgate. Please share with friends on fb, email etc. (My first ever attempt posting a pic on here, hope it works)

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  22. Athena the Warrior says:

    The Swamp is terrified of law and order AG Sessions and what he will do. The stench of their desperation is overwhelming.

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  23. Vixey says:

    Please, President Trump and AG Sessions, stop these sanctuary cities!

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  24. CO Gal says:

    I hope this posts. It’s a encouraging article on how well Trump is interacting with congress on both sides of the aisle, which will hopefully help get his agenda and cabinet nominees passed.

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  25. RP says:

    Sessions MUST go after this Pizzagate. These sumabitches are throwing it in our face now.

    Watch this – Katy Perry recruited to throw it in our faces..

    Here is a good analysis

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    • missmarple2 says:

      I followed the pizzagate thing while it was on the Reddit site.

      I went through the Podesta emails while they were also covered on Reddit.

      The one thing that made my hair stand on end was the reference to Moloch.

      That is NOT a name in common use. People who know who Moloch is/was are usually students of the Bible who understand the child sacrifice of Carthage and Canaan and why the Israelites considered Canaanites beyond the pale.

      Since I am fairly certain there are no people in Podesta’s staff who are students of scripture, that comment really got to me and creeped me out.

      I believe the phrase was “sacrifice a chicken to Moloch.”

      Har-de-har-har. Some joke.

      THAT is what made me pay attention to the entire thing.


      • fuzzi says:

        The child sacrifice habits of the tribes in Canaan were probably the main reason God told Joshua to kill the inhabitants of the Promised Land as they entered. But as usual, the Israelites did not obey God, and some of the native people were given mercy. These tribes’ child sacrificing habits were then picked up by the Jews, as is documented throughout the Old Testament. Those sacrificing their children did so to Moloch. God let the Jews be taken away from their homeland for years due to their rebellion and vile practices such as this.


  26. Grace Anne says:

    I liked her song, “Roar.” I don’t know much about her. I have been told her father is a pastor of a Christian church. Not that means anything…but wonder about her childhood.


  27. Patriot1783 says:

    Thank goodness for Judicial Watch! Hope this is one of the first cases on Session’s docket 🙂

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Notice in the article: “On Dec. 27, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed, ordering the lower court to restart proceedings on the lawsuit. The panel included both liberal and conservative judges.”

      Two takeaways:
      1. The dems can’t claim partisan politics
      2. Clinton influence is waning

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  28. justfactsplz says:

    I love Jeff Sessions and was so happy when President Elect Trump picked him for A.G. There is a lot of talk about there being trouble confirming him. The Uniparty better not go there. The American people won’t stand for it. Like always they are trying to play the race card here. I don’t mind being called a Deplorable or Vulgarian but I am sick and tire of being called a racist and every phobe they can come up with.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Millwright says:

    IMO, the best way to support of LEOs is an overhaul of the judicial system ! We can’t blame LEOs for not bringing their “A game ” to work everyday when the perps they arrest with long felony records and federal firearms violations are out on the street again before they can complete the arrest report . For decades we’ve been sawing two legs off the judicial tripod and now our PLEs are blaming the LEO community because the judicial system won’t stand.

    Liked by 2 people

    • WSB says:

      Let’s start with recalling the La Raza judge, Curiel. If his parents are not US citizens, he is not either.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SteveInCO says:

        Uh, people DO get naturalized.

        Unless you think a judge has to be a native born citizen?

        Liked by 1 person

        • WSB says:

          I do not believe in the ‘anchor baby’ fallacy. Both his parents are or were illegal when he was born, so he should not be allowed naturalization. And since La Raza is an entity that has sole interest in destroying US sovereignty, why would Curiel be appropriete for a US judicial bench?


          • SteveInCO says:

            If he’s an (alleged) “anchor baby” then I shouldn’t have brought up naturalization, but your post was vague; you simply asserted in your original post his parents weren’t citizens (which is not a barrier)…not that they were illegally here and had downloaded an “anchor baby.” So it came across like nonnsense.

            Anyhow confusion out of the way.

            Regardless of citizenship by the way, no anti-American should be a judge; we’re in solid agreement on that.

            Liked by 1 person

  30. WSB says:

    We ❤️ our sheriff…Sheriff Anderson!!!!!!!! Sheriff Anderson can be seen in many of President-Elect Trump’s pressers from Trump Tower. Very special person!

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  31. MfM says:

    County Sheriff is a political position. They are elected. Some are from a background of law enforcement, others are more political.

    Ours is from a business background and has learned the law enforcement aspect of the job. There are State and National Sheriff associations and if they are good they develop a network with other Sheriffs.


  32. ZZZ says:

    Just knowing the highest office in the land respects law and order is a YUGE encouragement.

    No more ‘It’s gonna get messy’ from the Commander in Chief.


  33. Lanna says:

    Here’s the resolution from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Organization:

    Explains more about the Constitutional obligations. There’s also a vetting survey you can use to vet your county sheriff re his/her views of their Constitutional limits and citizen rights.


  34. lose your favorite Senator to become: America’s best AG ever. That’s a bright future for the country!


  35. dennishowell53 says:

    Jeff Sessions by all accounts and appearances is a decent man and has been a good Senator. He will make a great AG, especially when compared to the criminal jackasses who filled the position for Obama.


  36. SSI01 says:

    I believe the sheriff is the only LE official specifically mentioned in the Constitution.


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