Mayor Rudy Giuliani Interview on Transitional Politics and Challenges Created by President Obama…

Earlier this morning, looking much healthier and rested, Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox News Morning show for a sharp interview.   The topic was the new sanctions on Russia, announced yesterday by President Obama, and the responses therein.


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45 Responses to Mayor Rudy Giuliani Interview on Transitional Politics and Challenges Created by President Obama…

  1. Dakotacav says:

    Love Rudy but I didn’t like that he seemed to dignify the false charge that Russia did the “hacking” of DNC emails. I know he’s trying to walk the tightrope, as everyone has to do under these circumstances, so maybe it isn’t a big deal.

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    • India Maria says:

      Yeah, according to WikiLeaks, their was no “hacking”; it was really “leaking”.

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    • lin says:

      I absolutely agree with you on this as far as Rudy seemingly dignifying the Charge of Russia hacking the elections. It smells like political fumes.

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    • Yep, this whole interview is very strange. Where is the proof of hacking Rudy? When do We the People get to see it??? And all the “hit the right target” and “hit back hard” etc…


      This is too weird.

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    • I agree that conceding on the matter of a Russian DNC hack is not wise. I think a better meme is to demand proof of such an event, because I haven’t read anything constituting the basis for an hypothesis, let alone a conclusion.

      Besides, the DNC is not a government entity. They are a private organization. Like me, they are responsible for maintaining their own internet security.

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      • EternalVigilanc3 says:

        Agreed we need to push back and demand proof. We did the other week and thats when “sources in the cia” was the “proof”. Sundance destroyed that by writing about brennan and a large section of intelligence apparatus being politicized.

        Your second paragraph is true. Do you recall the push for DHS wanting to take over the cybersecurity for the election? the demtard lemmings wont realise that its a private org.
        There will prob be a big push for the fed to “secure” the dnc and rnc just in time for the midterms. We are seeing the groundwork right now.

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        • When cheating occurs in Democrat caucuses there is never any criminal investigation “because the DNC is a private organization.” They operate under their rules, not our nation’s laws. But, now that everyone knows the DNC can’t manage its own internet security the cybersecurity of this incompetent and corrupt orgamlnization becomes a federal case of national security worthy of creating an international incident over? Makes no sense to me.

          I thought DHS DID assume responsibility for election cybersecurity. It appears they failed based on the Administration’s view of events. Why aren’t we hearing about this monumental failure of government?

          The fact that the RNC has not been hacked and Trump is taking over should nix the idea of a federal takeover of elections. Plus, the Constitution says states are responsible for running elections.

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    • Marc says:

      Fox is gaslighting us on the big bad Ruskies 24/7. It’s outright propaganda at this point. I’m certain they won’t allow their talking heads or guests to come on the shows if they deny an Russian involvement at all. John Bolton hinted it could’ve been an inside job by the CIA a couple weeks ago and he’s totally flipped the script and is decrying Russia as he usually does. Fox News has become unwatchable when even their intelligent and mostly objective talent are claiming with certainty that Russia “hacked the election”.

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    • bigsy says:

      Rudy repeatedly said that Trump should get his team together to see if it is true, then, if so, hit the hacker’s hard.

      Rudy is avoiding the ‘denier’ label here by asking why Obama didn’t do anything 18 months ago. Basically, why is Obama giving them a piddly slap on the wrist now?

      Makes Obama look a lot weaker by using the ‘if true, why now and why so weak’ filter.

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    • thefrankproject says:

      I think the strategy here is to let the outgoing cabal hang themselves and completely expose themselves as losers with apparently something very sinister they are trying to distract from. “Hey, we agree with you, hacking is really bad. Trump is still the President, though”. Trump and surrogates seem eminently reasonable, patient and open to factual arguments. The outgoing cabal is acting increasingly strange and unhinged. Everyone is watching very carefully …

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    • Manny says:

      Maybe it was for this reason that Trump did not choose him for SOS position. Rudy may be too old school conservative thinking in regards to Russia, hating Russia like it’s still the cold war. Same with best and almost all other old time conservatives


  2. rashamon says:

    Trump. Putin. Two grown-ups talking to keep their citizens safe. It’s about time.

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  3. Obama Legacy: Hickory, Dickory Dock…The Mouse!

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  4. After viewing this I am glad that PE Trump passed over Giuliani for SoS. Half of what came out of his mouth was complete nonsense.

    First of all Rudy accepts the narrative that Russia hacked the U.S. despite the fact that Obama has failed so far to provide any EVIDENCE that hacks occurred as opposed to leaks. As we know – Julian Assange has said the leaks did not come from Russia. You would think that as a former prosecutor and self proclaimed cyber-security expert – Giuliani would be more skeptical of Obama’s claims. You would think Giuliani would demand EVIDENCE before accepting the claim that Russia “hacked” the election. Ironically he ends the interview by recommending PE Trump “make decisions based on facts”.

    Next we heard Giuliani repeat neocon nonsense such as Obama “invited Russia into Syria”. Russia was invited into Syria by Syria – a sovereign country and thank god they did because with the help of Russia Syria is winning the war against Islamist terrorist groups armed and funded by Obama! On Syria Giuliani recommends that a President Trump “hit back harder”. Hit back against who? The Islamist terrorist groups armed and funded by Obama? (which include ISIS and Al Nusra). Hit back against the sovereign nation of Syria – a country that has never posed a threat to the U.S.?

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  5. Apfelcobbler says:

    The US has a huge problem with cyber security and data. Remember the Congressional hearings (1-1/2 yrs ago) where it came out that nearly every government employee and contractor has had their data compromised? Right around that time it became clear the White House had been compromised too.

    The truth is we need a serious data systems overview and overhaul of legacy data formats, from top to bottom. It’s a national security nightmare waiting to happen. Not fixing this is irresponsible and blaming others for attempting to breach it is juvenile.

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    • The people we allow to burrow into government agencies, all of them, that spy on US, We the People are probably hacking the entire world and we end up with this bovine scat charade being sold???

      Give me a break. How lame can it get?

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      • jeans2nd says:

        No worries, onlyamericans. The old guy hackers are on the outside now. No one sees us. And we know who the bad guys are, where the bad guys are, and we know the Millenial good guys. There are many, many more of us good guys than their bad guys. We got this.

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  6. seabrznsun says:

    The pitiful politicians and their side kicks should have realized last time they got caught with their pants down their email are vulnerable, sooo be careful what you say. Last time the emails showed the level of contempt of high level officials in other countries held by our politicians.
    Repeat. It would not amount to a hill of beans if the contents weren’t damaging.
    The government really needs to tighten the cyber infrastructure.


    • The “government” needs to be restrained and returned to We the People left that are sane. Only WE can do this… with Trump’s yuge assistance.

      Remember, he told us all along, he was just the messenger. It’s true and it is up to all of us here to work with him in any way possible while working to return our local “government” to a sane and tamed beast. The globalist psychopaths have infected every aspect of our lives… Time to end the madness while we have the chance.

      “Preaching to the choir”… I know… but… well yeah.

      The Human Condition

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  7. helmhood says:

    Obama who?

    I can’t wait for President Trump to knock the hell out of ISIS.

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  8. USinrearviewmirror says:

    Rudy might be going rogue, angry that Donald rejected him for a position in the administration. Rudy’s excessive drinking ruled him out. Rudy is now, will always be a great man, but he needs to be a team player even if he’s not allowed on the team.


  9. Paco Loco says:

    Obama needed a boogie man to shift the attention away from his abject domestic and foreign policy failures. With his legacy in flames, he’s trying to blame Russia for hacking the DNC when there is absolutely no proof. The lie that Russia hacked the election is a meme to undermine Trumps victory and to make Obama look like he’s standing up to Putin. What a weak, cowardly, amoral little man he truly is. The next three weeks are going to be excruciating.


  10. LM says:

    I think it might be good for us to focus on what was IN the emails–on what lies have been told to the American people, and by whom.

    People have risked and even lost their lives (mysteriously) trying to reveal the truth.

    To me, the story is what was revealed–or should be, and perhaps why and at what risk. The elaborate make believe Russian boogey man is a change of subject introduced so that we look away from the revealed truth.

    I believe that this truth needs to be honored and exposed and that we must not cooperate ever again with deceit.

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  11. anthohmy says:

    How come Obama didn’t take back the Uranium instead of the 45 acre mansion in Maryland? Geez…

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