Incoming Trump Administration Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Interview (video)…

Last night incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus appeared on Fox News to discuss current events including President Obama’s action against Israel at the U.N., and yesterday’s sanctions against Russia etc.

Key point at 01:30 surrounding the third party anonymous sources. Well articulated:


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111 Responses to Incoming Trump Administration Chief of Staff Reince Priebus Interview (video)…

  1. The Boss says:

    Between this and the KAC interview with CNN, I sense a high degree of messaging discipline being established by the Trump-Pence team. I sense some implicit messaging too – like the pending extinction of RINOs.

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  2. Howie says:

    The most dangerous kind.

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  3. zephyrbreeze says:

    It stinks to high heavens. As a mother, I can smell a lie a mile away.

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  4. citizen817 says:

    Gonna be a looong 3 weeks!

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  5. LP says:

    Very measured and strong messaging from Mr Priebus. Well done. Confident, resolute and gave nothing away.

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  6. Apfelcobbler says:

    Another Trump effect on the snowflakes must grow up sometime front lines!‬

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    • MVW says:

      “Another Trump effect on the snowflakes must grow up “

      There are themes and media messaging strategies behind the interviews. This is one.
      Kellyanne when she spoke to the CNN Fake Face Talker talked to the CNN flake like a misbehaving teenager who is trying to do a con. This is a very effective technique to put these fakers in their place. Maybe the CNN Flakes will eventually grow up.

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  7. Howie says:

    And the hits keep coming. Lib head explosions will be epic when they find out Trump will be doing them in on day 1. Obliterating the Obama fundamental change out of the gate.

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  8. Howie says:




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  9. markstoval says:

    The Twitter chatter by right-wingers and libertarians is making fun of the “Russia did it”. My favorite is the photos of dogs who have destroyed the house and the caption reads, “It was the Russians!” One guy wrote that he was going to tell his bank that Russian hackers did it if he ever bounced another check. 🙂

    Obama seems hell-bent on proving to everyone that the Democrats are nothing but anti-American liars.

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  10. don welch says:

    i am generally a pessimist and tend to keep my expectation low in order to lesson the impact of any coming disappointments but i must say that it looks to me like trump is going sling shot some very comfortable (feeling) GOPe from the home team and it will be up to them to either figure out how to lie their way out of the box, shut up and sit down or get with the program in very short order.


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  11. India Maria says:

    Yup. Adults taking over…..Goes to show that “leadership” doesn’t necessarily come with a title or an office. AMERICA has been successfully inoculated — it has been TRUMP-inized.

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  12. charliedontsurf1 says:

    Good job by Priebus. He takes takes a major shot at the twin warmongering Senators about halfway through. Basically says yes to the question on communicating with Bibi on the UN resolution and runs out the clock on the Putin part of the question. I myself take that as a yes as well. I think both are appropriate at this juncture given the BS nature of both moves by BHO.

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  13. Truthfilter says:

    Obama regime has failed to condemn or react to actual Muslim terror attacks both here and abroad but deports 30+ Russian nationals and institutes sanctions against Russia over some unfounded charges that Russia caused the Democrats to lose the election. The hypocracy and priorities of POTUS and his RINO supporters in Congress should be transparent to every American. Get them all out!

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    • Howie says:

      Round up all the usual suspects. Get em’ out. This is all going to play out like I thought. Trillions of graft and bribes are at stake. The leftist globalists are beating the war drums. The last reason to go to war and get millions killed is the exposure of crooked democrats. I am glad whoever exposed them did so.

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    • singingsoul says:

      This is the last gasp for Obama and his ilk trying to weaken Trump’s presidency. They do not have the “Make America Great ” concept in mind. They do not have the well-being of the uS people in mind. Obama now wants to weaken the Nationalist movement.
      All those CIA and FBI agents who allow Obama to use them to weaken the USA should be fired. Just because these people fallow orders that harm the United States and its people should be punishable.

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      • freddy says:

        It’s not a last gasp for them as they will never stop. They are marxists and dedicated like Muslims are. They will keep marching till you take out the knees and leave them in the mud…………..They aren’t called radicals for nothing…. Did you see those mall flash mobs. Those are the tests for Soros next move to start civil unrest with Obama calling the shots……

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        • truthandjustice says:

          Yes, they will never ever stop trying – as long as they any breath left. So we all must remember that. They’ll be doing evil, sinister scheming and interfering as must as possible behind the scenes (and in front sometimes). We should take nothing for granted and keep vigilant, involved, researching and spreading truths as long a we can.

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        • We’ll see what God says about what they are doing. Everyone has their plans but not everyone gets to carry them out. So far we are seeing a spectacular and dazzling display of God’s power in exposing and eradicating them, albeit slower than we want, but all in God’s Timing!

          Always amazes me to see posts always about what the wicked are doing and not so many about what God is doing. Truly we are witnessing a miracle ever since June 2015.

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          • Iron Lady says:

            Exactly!!!! If God is with us, who can prevail against us? We must pray constantly, with gratitude, that our own hopes and desires remain within the boundaries of His will. It is indeed a miracle, and what a great God we have.

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  14. pochas94 says:

    Democrats have a history of leaving trash behind when they leave office.

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    • Howie says:

      This is the Uniparty not just Obama. They are desperate. They are pathetic. They want so badly to have a war. Get em out.

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      • singingsoul says:

        I do hope that voters learned their lesson voting for MCCain, Graham, Ryan and Rubio just because they are republicans is wrong. These people are not republicans and they are stealth traitors who use the party for their own power. They need to be voted out.

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        • StrandedinCA says:

          Make no mistake – – they have NOT learned. They will NEVER learn. They will be here at the next election(s) saying the same thing: We need to re-elect our incumbents – it’s important for Republicans to get elected so we can “get something done”. If California is successful in seceding from the Union as they want to, I hope they take Arizona and South Carolina with them.


  15. freddy says:

    From Obama you expect some half baked plot with tons of fake or unreliable evidence to feed to the corrupt news like David Rhodes and NBC. But John McCain and Lindsay going to the Balkans to do their dirty work and proclaim this is a bipartisan effort to the MSM makes one want to laugh till they barf……Then Ryan picking up the football that rolled in the dog poop and spiking it with Obama is priceless………….These clowns are so stupid and obvious it just hurts. Will they really set up hearings….yes they are setting Trump up for future evil plots like impeachment……The last throes of political corpses…..Perfect…….

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  16. Putin just MIDGETIZED OBAMA:
    Said he won’t stoop to Obama’s level of expelling diplomats.

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  17. truthandjustice says:

    Another subject some have mentioned before that we need to keep getting out are the truths about Putin/Russia. About the lying propaganda that’s been given us for decades just so the NWO Globalists could “justify” their never ending wars to benefit their agenda. They’ve been trying to keep the old Cold War, evil Commie thug Putin/Russia narrative alive and is being spouted out now of course – which is false.
    We have common enemies – Globalists and terrorism. Putin is a Christian (Eastern Orthodox I think) and not as portrayed (especially by that Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Fox) as well as McCain/Graham..

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    • Thomas says:

      You are correct. Putin converted, and millions of Russians along with him are recovering their Orthodox Christian faith. Orthodox Christian Priebus well understands their point of view. Putin is sincere. Patriarch Kiril is deeply insightful and discerning. No one insincere would receive his blessing.
      Be optimistic. Good things are coming.


  18. Bob says:

    I never thought I would say it but RP is doing a good job. Another excellent pick by DJT!

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  19. Dean Z. Douthat says:

    After Jan 20, I’d like to see Trump Administration announce that they will revert to 2 FDR policies:
    1. Strategic alliance with Russia to fight global Islamic terrorism
    2. Outlaw unions for public employees (revoke JFK EO)

    Then wait for Democrats to attack their demigod and/or contend that Putin is worse than Stalin.


  20. kimosaabe says:

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  21. kimosaabe says:

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    • LKA in LA says:

      Russia is clear and on point just like PE Mr. Trump and his cabinet with is news release. I am embarrassed for Obama’s kids because they will be forever remembered by his actions. No class.

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  22. kimosaabe says:

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  23. kimosaabe says:

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  24. kimosaabe says:


  25. kimosaabe says:


  26. kimosaabe says:


  27. Pending TRUMP TWEET:
    Why would President O invite economic and cyber sanctions on his Administration for hacking Israel’s Election?

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  28. Millwright says:

    It occurs to me there’s a certain irony in U.S. Intelligence agencies, and politicians crying “foul” over alleged foreign interference in our political processes when that’s been a favorite tactic of the USDOS and our own agencies almost from their creation. Recall the actions of the Dulles brothers in the CIA and SD in South and Central America in the Fifties. Then there’s all our past activities in the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East.


  29. jeans2nd says:

    Lest anyone doubt Obama’s dirty, underhanded treachery against our next President, Donald J. Trump, and the United States of America –

    “No US carrier at sea leaves gap in Middle East”

    Never fear, the Marines are here

    “…Fortunately, on October 14, 2016 sailors and a plethora of US Marines deployed to the Middle East and Western Pacific aboard the USS Makin Island, amphibious transport dock ship, USS Somerset, and amphibious dock landing ship, USS Comstock…”

    “At least with the Marine Corps at ready in the region, there is an fully capable alternative…Plus, the Navy says if they need a carrier, they’ll snag one out of the shipyard.”

    How’s that for having our back? One may decide for themselves Obama’s intent. Our intent is to protect the United States of America, and our true allies.

    No worries. CiC Donald J. Trump and Gen. Mattis will handle this, plus us, of course.


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