Unreal – U.S. Media Frame Obama’s Russia Sanctions as “Vote Hacking”…

Today President Obama announced sanctions against Russia for malicious cyber attacks in the U.S. during the election cycle.  However, check out how major leftist U.S. ideological media (MSM) are headlining the story.

AFP/Yahoo headline example:


“Vote Hacking”?

Together with the Obama administration, it is transparently obvious the media are trying to undermine the Donald Trump election victory by changing the actual story of “leaks from the DNC” to becoming actual “vote hacking” during the election.

There wasn’t any vote hacking, and no-one in the White House, Intelligence Community, or any agency therein has ever said a single act of vote hacking ever existed.  It’s entirely a false statement.  Fake News.

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393 Responses to Unreal – U.S. Media Frame Obama’s Russia Sanctions as “Vote Hacking”…

  1. B Woodward says:

    If the mainstream media is convinced that the Russians hacked the votes, then how does the MSM explain Trump’s win in Michigan given:

    1) the Jill Stein recount showed so much Democrat election fraud that Michigan had to stop the recount.

    2) as the Detroit News confirms, “Michigan uses paper ballots that are fed into scanning machines not connected to the internet,” eliminating any chance of “hacking”.

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  2. ZZZ says:

    Could it be Schizophrenia?

    I distinctly remember this just a few weeks ago:

    Obama Crushes Conspiracy: No Evidence that Russia Tampered with Votes in Election

    White House insists hackers didn’t sway election, even as recount begins

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  3. aredtailblog says:

    This reminds me of how glad I am that I officially won’t be working in Seattle anymore after January 7th; less overhearing idiots like the ones at my job who believe this crap.

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  4. Oh, you should see the ignoramuses commenting on the NYT story. Applauding the brave Obama for his fearless and decisive action, pleaded as punch that “Putin’s puppet” Trump will be forced to deal with this flaming bag of dog poop.

    The good news is, the Russians have stated that this is clearly an Obama provocation intended to undermine President Elect Trump. Indicating to me that no one other than the cretins writing in the mainstream media believe it.

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  5. andi lee says:

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  6. freeperjim says:

    Even Putin knows obamatollah is a wimpy loser with this mocking tweet…

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  7. Joe Collins says:


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  8. Founding Fathers Fan says:

    In other late breaking news: Visitors from other planets were seen leaving The White House after a lengthy visit in response to Obama’s plea for help to attack Israel. ;-0

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  9. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    AFP news agency is Agence France-Presse, n’est-ce pas? No worries, mate. All you need is love….


  10. andi lee says:

    Did someone say, polonium?


  11. This is an excellent segue into auditing all those crooked democrat states and districts. Uncover the real “hacking”.

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  12. Larry Bates says:

    Ordinarily, I would discount this muddying of the water as just the antics of a petulant child, but this child has everything to lose and all of the power to avoid losing it.
    The next three weeks may be the most dangerous that this nation has experienced. Keep a sharp eye out for attempts to justify not turning over the government to President Elect Donald J. Trump.

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  13. Nchadwick says:

    LOL – I know meant to be funny, but maybe it is time to start using their own b.s. against them….

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  14. average Joe says:

    Let’s get this straight the Russians hacked and told the truth about the Democrats.But believing the truth somehow changed people’s mind.


  15. kinthenorthwest says:

    Obama is getting really scary in his last days…I would not be surprised by anything that Obama does in his last days, including alienating any and all nations that can and would work against terrorism…
    I am just hope that WWIII is averted until Trump is sworn into office Jan 20th.


  16. anarchist335 says:

    Hussein: Well, how about 43 of your intel guys and maybe close a couple of annexes for the New Year?
    Putin: OK, if it makes you feel any better.
    Hussein: Yeah, thanks Vlad, I need something here.
    Putin: Sure B, gotta go, I am horseback riding this afternoon.


  17. scotl70 says:

    There was some vote hacking. Liberal operatives at Dept. of Homeland Security attempted to hack into several states’ voter databases.


  18. lin says:

    Let’s talk about obama’s hacking of America for the last 8 years. This false claim about Russia hacking elections is in fact OBAMA’S OWN HACKING OF THE ELECTIONS AND THE PEOPLES WILL.



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