Kellyanne Conway Discusses “Teh Russian” Conspiracy…

Kellyanne Conway appeared with Kate Boldan on CNN earlier today.  Obviously the Obama narrative creating ‘the vast Russian conspiracy’ is the primary topic.



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105 Responses to Kellyanne Conway Discusses “Teh Russian” Conspiracy…

  1. She has done great work for trump!
    Look how D.C. TREATING HER! If she was a liberal woman they wouldn’t do this! Shameful of these schools!

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    • lbmomblog says:

      oh my. Well wait till we get in, home schooling and charter schools will Rule.

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      • theduchessofkitty says:

        Why wait? We can help her find a suitable school for her kids. There are plenty of schools in the DC area that are not hypocritical towards someone who needs her kids to be educated.

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        • lbmomblog says:

          agreed duchess – find em for her. help her. you are right.

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          • Somebody says:

            This is the first I’ve heard of the school situation. Is KAC even sure she and her family are going to buy a house in DC? They may decide to live in northern Virginia. If I was working at the WH, I’d prefer to live in Virginia. In fact there are plenty of excellent public schools in northern Virginia, as well as private schools.

            Beyond that the Washington Post ran an article not too long ago with a variety of school options for Barron Trump. The list included many conservative schools, so perhaps that would be a good starting point for KAC. Also, there are some good schools in Maryland should her family decide to live in Maryland. The one that comes to my mind first is Calvert.

            It may be that the private schools don’t have any openings for this school year, but they most likely will for next year. Her husband and children could stay put and finish out the school year where they are. Home schooling is also an option, although I don’t know her or her husbands attitude about home schooling. I have to say home schooling in DC with all it has to offer would be fabulous! They could also hire a private tutor to help out with home schooling. If they’re really uncomfortable with home schooling they could order The Calvert home school curriculum (yes the same one that’s in Maryland). Calvert curriculum comes in a box, complete with pencils and paper. In addition to that there is a guide that literally tells you what to say and do, for an extra fee you can mail the papers to a Calvert teacher for grading.

            I’m sure she and her husband will figure it out. Maybe a few schools have been jerks, but I seriously doubt all doors have been closed. In fact I’d find it shocking, what school wouldn’t want to have the children of someone working in the west wing attend their school.

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        • Elspeth says:

          I have two master’s degrees. I’ll home school them for her.

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          • Somebody says:

            There you go! Home schooling is very rewarding, it truly is. The kids can work at their own pace and the whole socialization thing is bunk. If the kids attend church or are involved in extra-curricular activities they get plenty of socialization, good socialization. There are also home school groups that have field trips and other activities. There are a LOT of people that home school these days.

            It’s not for everyone, I agree, but my youngest has thrived being home schooled. She was taking college level classes in middle school.

            KAC could also employ an educational Au Pair via the state department. I have a feeling she could get her application approved quickly, LOL!

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        • wondering999 says:

          good idea duchessofkitty. May this nastiness BOOMERANG on the small minds who have attacked children because they cannot civilly disagree with the children’s parents.

          I have no idea where KAC applied of if Calvert School of Baltimore would work for them — but Calvert School of Baltimore is something to look into for the reason that they have a very-long-established homeschooling department that has been serving the children of diplomats and missionaries for over a century.

          I considered using the Calvert program to homeschool my kids (I gave them the choice but they decided to stay in school — and excelled). Something I particularly like about Calvert is the influence of Virgil Hillyer, the first headmaster, who wrote two children’s history and geography textbooks that I LOVED as a child. If Calvert’s homeschool program were suitable for KAC’s children, might be nice to custom-educate them with “classmates” from all over the world. It is truly an international school

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    • WSB says:

      DeVoss should immediately engage a conservative charter school for all of the incoming Trump Admin students. No reason to give any business to any of the others.

      In fact, denying Conway’s children should be considered discriminatory and the schools should be shut down. Fixed it.

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    • andi lee says:

      Wow! That is rediculous. Kelleyanne should check with the Mayor of DC on his “DC-TAG”, a $60M education “grant”, curtesy of Rep Jason Chaffez, for DC “low-incomers” earning $1M or less. Be a downright shame if those welfare millionaires were to lose it.

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    • repsort says:

      child abuse to put kids in those schools anyway…

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Ah, the tolerant Lefty’s in all their bigoted glory.

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    • Joel says:

      My daughter heads the English department at a great Christian school in Fairfax. Kelly Anne was raise Catholic. There are probably some good Catholic schools in the area also.

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    • MaryLS says:

      This is unbelievable. The left has totally lost it. What is the point in punishing the kids/ Bizarre and morally bankrupt.

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    • UKExpat says:

      Drain the ACADEMIA SWAP too Trump


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  3. HBD says:

    They just can not acknowledge defeat. Poor babies

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  4. TheLast Democrat says:

    Like Grandpa Jones used to say: “The truth is stranger than fact.”

    Having read all of the Robert Ludlum, including pseudonymous, up to the Bournes, I have to say that you simply could not write this stuff. No one will believe it 100 years from now.

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  5. dianeax says:

    She looks great but exhausted. God bless her and her family.

    Can you imagine the carp the media will start regarding Barron when he and Melania move into the White House?

    Were this done to Obama’s alleged children the MSM would react with outrage. Now they are the instigators in harming innocent children!

    I love Herman Cain on F&F today!

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    • DebbieUK says:

      I really like Herman Cain.When he ran for President I thought he would have been Americas first real authentic black president. Of course the MSM took him apart.

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      • Bailey02 says:

        No, Obama had ruined the dignity and trust for all the good black people. Obama incompetent and a divider of the citizen and so adamant for Islam, made many people of non-black don’t want any more black leader for a while.


    • Sunshine says:

      I just love Herman Cain. He could have won the 2012 election had Obama via CNN not come out with a mystery woman whom nobody ever saw and who suddenly disappeared when Cain quit the race. This was one major set-up.

      I feel terrible for KellyAnne Conway. I imagine Melania will also have trouble finding a school for Baron. Such a sad situation.

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      • flova says:

        Another ‘disappearing woman’ story the media ignores.

        Cain is great-always liked him from 2011 when I attended a conference where he spoke. He was electrifying and genuine.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      When Melania and Barron move in six months from now “we” should have some bright new competitive media to write and broadcast real news — maybe a group of insightful investigative journalists. Like on the Internet — TCTH and others.

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  6. snailmailtrucker says:

    We don’t want OUR Kids going to any Schools that have these HATEFUL Liberals there anyway !

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  7. annieoakley says:

    Set up a school in the WH for the children attached. Home school within the WH and everyone wins including the children. (Kids are baby goats in my mind)

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    • Trumpmendous says:

      Why would anybody be surprised that a Muslim hates Israel?

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      • spanglishkc says:

        Exactly. I have known many Middle Easterners Jordanians, Saudis, Egytians, etc. Wonderful people. Some of them “Christians!” I have yet to meet one that was not anti-semitic (anti-Jewish more correct I suppose). You would not know it unless it came up in a conversation. Its ingrained in them from a young age. It will take another millenia to breed it out of them its so pervasive. Same in most European coutries. Lots of hate out there.

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  8. All Hype says:

    Obama is a narcissistic child with his actions over the past week. He knows he has failed miserably on the international stage over the past 8 years. Putin and Netanyahu have upstaged and beaten the man-child over and over again. Obama’s frail ego could not let things go. He had to do something back handed and stupid like a high school girl who has lost the school president election 3 years in a row. Obama knows Trump is going to bury his legacy in the first week of his presidency. Obama knows he is an emasculated man and a real adult with real leadership skills is going to outshine him in the first month of his presidency.

    Obama’s actions are no more sophisticated than an adolescent. Actually, pretty pathetic. Trump is going to bulldoze Obama’s legacy even harder now.

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  9. William Westchester says:

    1965: USG says N Viets attacked our destroyers. What happened next?
    2016: USG says Russians attacked our computers. What’s gonna happen next?

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    • WSB says:

      We seem to spend an awful lot of time screaming about hacking.

      Two questions:
      First, what does it seem that our systems are so hackable?
      Second (and probably my answer), why do we still use floppy discs at our nuclear sites?

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        I’d settle for seeing the proof that there was any hacking to begin with from Russia.
        Besides if anyone is to blame for any hacking/leaking shouldn’t the sole focus be on Hilary Clinton and her illegal, private, shadow government server?

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      • disenfranchised says:

        It’s a good thing they are- doubt our nuclear sites are hackable because of it. Why do you think Obama was so keen on upgrading them?

        Second, our political elite obviously feel their internet shopping more important than national security as any system with sensitive information should be on a SIPR net- no outside internet access. Typically there is a secondary NIPR net for internet browsing. This was standard- on base and for every exercise in the field we ever did-SIPR for sensitive and NIPR for news gathering/emails back to the unit/etc. The lowliest Private knows this so why don’t they?

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        • WSB says:

          I would still think that floppy discs would be a bit low in any storage capacity? Not even sure why discs would be needed? Why does a SIPR need anything else?


      • jeans2nd says:

        “Two questions:
        First, what does it seem that our systems are so hackable?
        Second (and probably my answer), why do we still use floppy discs at our nuclear sites?”

        One needs to understand processor hardware architecture and how software controls the hardware down to the hexadecimal coding (at least)
        See question #1, plus CPM/multicore processors

        Mix in a little EBCIDIC and ASCII understanding, as well. ah, the days of 8-1/4″ floppies…

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  10. Bako Carl says:

    The UK Russian Embassy Tweet saying that everybody, including the American people will be glad to be rid of this hapless administration and show a big picture labeled “Lame Duck” is now being shown on national TV (Fox News).

    Aahhhh! Revenge is sweet!

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  11. JMC says:

    KellyAnne the Velvet Stiletto stirkes again!

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  12. Augie says:

    Kellyanne did a fine job in this interview. She was intelligent, articulate, clear, frank, and unruffled. This despite the newsreader’s obesession with The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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  13. mikeyboo says:

    So these sensitive and caring liberals are taking their spite out on kids?

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  14. justfactsplz says:

    President Elect Trump states that he will get the FACTS of this situation. Believe you me he will do it and then the gig will be up for The Liar in Chief. Our Lion Leader will lay to rest this Russians did it meme just like Bibi got to the facts of the UN resolution against Israel.

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  15. MVW says:

    Obama accomplished only gigantic government debt expansion, waste, poor service to the population, poverty, job destruction, new and continuation of old wars, and group discord. How is his waning administration’s actions any different?

    And the media is doing backflips while pushing camels through needles to make this look good. Here, audience, take this mountain out of a molehill pill for this Trump story, and use these Mr. Magoo eyes to see what Obama is actually doing. Nut cases.

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  16. Isn’t it wonderful how whenever the democrats are called out for trying to undermine Trump’s victory, they immediately blurt out “no one is suggesting that …”


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  17. emet says:

    Gosh, where are those pesky facts? Leave them in my other pants? Hmmm, “Honey? Have you seen those facts about the Russian hacking?”
    “Did you look on the dresser? Or maybe they fell inside the sofa”

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  18. rsanchez1990 says:

    All the SJWs on twitter got triggered when Steve Martin sent out a thoughtful tweet that mentioned that Carrie Fisher was beautiful, but there’s no outrage from them at the farce that Teh Russians has become.

    A lot of people have seriously misplaced priorities.

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  19. JoeS says:

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  20. JoeS says:

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  21. This is another game D.C. Is playing. Boycott this restaurant!

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  22. kltk1 says:

    A stark contrast between what KAC just said and what Paul Ryan said today. Seriously, that Ryan would come out and call for what Obama did to be long overdue is entirely unnecessary and wrongheaded. In my view. Another reason not to trust Ryan and get behind Paul Nehlen to bounce Mr. Ryan out of office and into the real world.

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  23. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    Russian hacking is a red herring.
    Look for the gay Indonesian hooker to do something stupid while the world is distracted with Russian foolishness.

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  24. teajr says:

    It’s not right imho, but there’s always public schools – like the rest of us went to.


    • Deb says:

      If you want your kids to be able to read, don’t send them to public schools in DC.

      Millions more people ar homeschooling because urban public schools really are that bad.

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  25. litlbit2 says:

    The obama legacy smoke and mirrors, chaos, indecision, confusion, denial, folly, inadequate leadership!
    Pack your bag son you are so done!

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  26. big bad mike says:

    Let’s get real. Relax. Everybody knows TRUMP will be President for 12 Years. Bet on it!


  27. Howie says:

    What a contrast. The CNN apparatchik v Conway.


    • The Boss says:

      Contrast indeed. Kate Bolduon came across like a two-bit porn star faking an orgasm. Her Russian fantasy highlights how desperate and cheap our media has become. Wait until the Sunday morning peep shows when the men give this fantasy another go, only to be shown as the eunuchs they are.


  28. bill says:

    kate needs to stop interupting,,,,,, keep your piehole shut

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  29. Tommy Tunes says:

    Was this FAKE NEWS ???????? How can Hillary and the Democrats say Russia Hacked their emails when Hillary said “ No Evidence of Email Server Hack” ???
    Hillary Clinton: ‘No evidence’ of email server hack , Its really hard to TRUST our Government when they SAY its Fake News that the Russians hacked and Created when we see this Report on Their Fake News !!!!!! CIA signed off on and the Pentagon paid 500 million to produce Fake Video Propaganda in Iraq , how do we know if they are not Creating this Russian Propaganda NOW ???

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    • paper doll says:

      That’s just it…they aren’t even bothering to create ” evidence” this time….or more likely they didn’t think they needed to gin up a dossier cause Hillary was going to win….pathetic


  30. Kudos to Kellyanne for handling herself with grace! The liberal jerks are clearly trying to box her into a verbal misstep that they can blow out of proportion. If she dismisses the intelligence reports, they will say, “Conway and Trump reject American intelligence.” And the follow-up to that will be an accusation of collusion with the Russians-that we knew about this all along. We have to tread lightly with these people, they are so vicious and dishonest.

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  31. Tonawanda says:

    This is the first time Conway has been 100% competent. She omitted her signature self-referential/reverential stupidity.

    Someone got her to understand that Silly Girl was stupid.

    I trust Trump and trust Trump trusting Conway, and maybe once again Trump is right despite my reservations.

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  32. maga2016 says:

    “hacking into the election process” how much longer do we have to bear with these stupid media hacks that dont have a clue what they’re talking about


  33. wodiej says:

    Kate forgot to take her bitch relief meds the day of this interview.


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