BREAKING: Suspicious Package Prompts Trump Tower Evacuation (video)….

trump-tower-2NEW YORK – The NYPD and FDNY rushed to Trump Tower Tuesday, where the building was being evacuated on a report of a suspicious package in the atrium, sources said.

“We’re staging and units and are standing by,” an FDNY spokesman said, referring further questions to the Secret Service.  […]  The incident unfolded shortly before 4:30 p.m. as surrounding streets were packed with holiday crowds. (link)


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103 Responses to BREAKING: Suspicious Package Prompts Trump Tower Evacuation (video)….

  1. mossback says:

    And we were just commenting on H and O’s guilt’s. Odd this should happen next.

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  2. sundance says:

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  3. don welch says:

    as the left dances with joy at the intrigue. new world order and all.

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  4. Concerned says:

    Did any of the security cameras capture a bedraggled-looking blonde in a red gingham housecoat scurrying from the scene?

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  5. budmc says:

    It’s a clock.

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  6. Sandra-VA says:

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  7. Keln says:

    After many of the things I’ve read and heard from the left over the past week or so, I truly believe that there are a lot of delusional people in this country that would rejoice in response to all of the death and destruction blowing up Trump Tower would cause. It is frightening how much of their own Kool-Aid they’ve drank.

    It’s like the deluge of propaganda concerning Trump has caused mass brainwashing of a great many people, to the point where they can no longer discern that the things they are saying are sheer insanity or have any concept of comparing what they now believe to the reality around them.

    I’ve never seen anything like it outside of somewhere like North Korea. I’m not sure how someone quite recovers from that without serious help.

    I actually saw one person go on an entire rant today about how Trump is building camps to put gay people in and how he is “literally Hitler”. I mean, we laugh, but some of these people genuinely seem to believe it, and consider it justification to do or hope for just about any sort of action.

    I find that very troubling.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Yes, it is troubling. I do not know where some of these ideas start, but the amount of seriously believed misinformation is appalling.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        Half of the country is suffering from mass hypnosis after years of brain washing by the Dems and MSM. I believe that they are clinically delusional and are dangerous. It may be a hidden government program initiated by the NWO to turn American’s into zombies. I’m not joking. I don’t think we’ve ever seen supposedly rational people become so completely unhinged by an election. The meme that Trump is Hitler comes from some kind of sick subconscious mind programming that only effects Clinton supporters.

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        • WSB says:

          I completely agree with you. I also have a terrible feeling about Kerry and Obama’s next move against Israel. These next few weeks may get very rough, as SD has reminded us.

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          • Rudy Bowen says:

            I’m frankly surprised we’ve gotten this far into the ten week period after the election without something majorly bad happening. My fingers are crossed that we get through this last three weeks plus…all we can do right now is pray, I guess.

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          • jeans2nd says:

            Rough? Nah, we got this. We are Americans. We can handle anything, and come out on top. “And we will win, and win, and keep on winning…”

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    • Concerned says:

      The woman who cuts my hair is black. She’s a smart savvy person but told me that in all honesty she thinks Trump will be bad for blacks. I told her I completely disagree, a better economy, more jobs, lower taxes … how can this be bad for anyone? I told her “wait and see” which is what I tell every brainwashed person. The media really did a number on the citizens, even smart ones.

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      • Keln says:

        I think a lot of blacks aren’t so much brainwashed as completely distrusting of politicians and just go along with the ones they know.

        It’s like you said, if they see an actual positive change in their lives, they’ll jump.

        I don’t think they believe half the bs the SJW left spouts, even if they repeat a lot of it.

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        • Concerned says:

          If they see an actual positive change this is going to be massively huge for the Republican Party. 🙂 The Dems may never get them back as a voting bloc.

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        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Keln: They especially don’t go along with all the gay specific stuff. Hear it all the time,
          but not out loud. And…… to a person they believe in corporal punishment.

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          • Guide – re: your comment regarding corporal punishment. This is true, but not necessarily good. Most of the CP I have seen is brutality, not to educate the child about correct behavior. In on particularly bad case a couple of decades ago in the Portland OR area, a little girl about 6-7 years old was beaten to death by adults in a Black religious cult. They said they were “disciplining” her.

            And haven’t we seen videos right here at CTH of parents abusing their children? Most corporal punishment by people of any color is simply a repetition of what happened to them as youngsters. It was usually done in anger with no notion of teaching the child.

            It’s not quite so bad for boys/men, I’m not sure why. Sometimes beating does actually make them straighten up and fly right, my brothers being prime examples. I doubt it ever helps girls.

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      • don welch says:

        you lost her with more jobs (they want them?) and lower taxes (they hardly pay any now).

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        • Concerned says:

          I know there are a lot who don’t want to work, but this woman is paid well, she’s working at one of the top salons in Chicago, she commands a high rate, and she probably rakes in a good amount in tips too. Her husband is also a working person. So like she was one of the last people I would expect to feel suspicious about Trump’s attitude toward blacks. I never heard him say anything that would make them feel nervous, so I have to think that anything bad they heard came from the media, especially anti-Trump black voices on the MSM channels. If she didn’t sit down and watch the rallies, look at his web site, or in some other way seek out correct info about Trump, and she got all of her info from, say, MSNBC or CNN, she’s been brainwashed with misinformation. We’ve all seen it, imagine if that’s all you knew about Trump.

          But it’s OK. I’m convinced that 4 years of Trump as President will straighten that all out.

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      • US says:

        How does your hair look?

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    • don welch says:

      “I’ve never seen anything like it outside of somewhere like North Korea. I’m not sure how someone quite recovers from that without serious help.”
      they don’t recover. either they die….or we do.

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    • booger71 says:

      I saw a story attributed to the Daily Kos saying Trump was a KGB asset turned five years ago, oh and he was gay. They are desperate.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      For me it’s beyond troubling. What we are seeing isn’t caused by Trump; his election is just forcing the brainwashed to surface in their desperate life style.

      It’s been 30+ years in the making.

      It’s just time.

      People 25-45+ yo don’t een comprehend it. Kool-aid is all they know; therefore, there’s no turning back for them.

      The divide is engrained. Trump isn’t to blame, but we can never go soft.

      This is not going to be pretty, but we must stand firmly behind PE Trump and goodness.

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    • Steele81 says:

      It’s not just the left, years ago when Glenn Beck was considered semi sane he was allowing people on his web site to say that “they” were rebuilding the Jerome and Rowher Arkansas internment camps to put dissidents in. I pass one of those sites on a regular basis and it’s most certainly not.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      These people are very troubling. I had one Hillary supporter step child for Christmas dinner. Out of the whole family including her father, siblings and their spouses, and a couple of friends and neighbors she was the lone wolf. All else were avid Trump supporters. She and I got into a short but heated debate. I ended up calling her a Snow Flake. It wasn’t pretty. At least she didn’t vote for Hildabeast. Her husband told her if she wasn’t going to vote for Trump to just stay home and she did. That man deserves a medal of honor.

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    • Brought to us by THE MEDIA.


  8. tails6 says:

    Would not surprise me if more events similar to this occur at Trump properties around the world. Libs trying anything and everything to damage Trump. Relentless harassment.

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  9. PLEASE NYPD……Don’t blow up my new Nikes…..I just forgot them when the naked cowboy started hitting on me……

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  10. BMG says:

    Yes, the looneys are out there in full force. All the more reason for DJT’s family to have 24/7 protection.

    Fearful moment last week seeing Ivanka and her kids getting harangued by that unhinged gay bozo in coach section.

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  11. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    Fortunately, some suspicious packages are discovered before they can trigger precautionary security measures….

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  12. William Ford says:

    It turned out to be fruit cake from the Obamas.

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  13. MaineCoon says:

    Glad to see this “Drill” to protect PE Trump et al. Absolutely glad to see the SS properly handling this situation. They can never let down their guard. Too much at stake.

    Pray for God to protect PE Trump and family.

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  14. Lucille says:

    For those who haven’t seen the beautiful Trump Tower New York:

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  15. MVW says:

    Glass is not full enough, too full, glass is not big enough, could have been wine, wine is bad for you should have been water, water is too cold, water needs ice, etc.

    When a Libtard hears an answer, there is always a negative when it is not a Marxist glass, and if it is a Marxist glass, excuses flow like a river.

    What is the point of conversing?


  16. moe ham head says:

    it was hillarys diapers


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