New York Times Gasps: Trump Likely to “Hinder Press as Conduit For Information”….

The Trump administration ponders changes to the White House Press Room, and the New York Times are apoplectic.

trump media wall

Could they clutch their pearls any tighter:

NEW YORK TIMES […]  Mr. Trump’s unconventional, sometimes hostile, relationship with the news media and his penchant for communicating through unfiltered Twitter posts threaten to upend a decades-old Washington tradition that relies almost entirely on protocol. The result, reporters and editors say, could be a loss of transparency that would hinder the press’s role as a conduit for information to the people.

But Mr. Trump’s advisers, and even some former White House press secretaries, say that some of the conventions of White House coverage are outdated and due for a face-lift. (more)

Oh my gosh,.. like really,.. O.M.G!  Can you imagine the audacity of a President to communicate directly to “the people” without need for :::GASP::: the New York Times…

dramatic fainting

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365 Responses to New York Times Gasps: Trump Likely to “Hinder Press as Conduit For Information”….

  1. Pam says:

    To be perfectly honest, how many people really watch press briefings? Not many. There is nothing like taking your message straight to the people.

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  2. daughnworks247 says:

    This article gives me an evil, Cheshire cat grin. Challenging the authority of the press is so sweet, it’s better than sugared plums.
    This is the crux of the problem though. The press feels it must be the bridge for ALL information and opinion on matters of importance.
    Last night, I was watching a panel (on Fox) discuss new poll which claims 86% of the public believes they can ferret out which news is “fake”. The panelist from the Daily Beast scoffed and insisted (paraphrasing) the public was to dumb to distinguish fake news from real facts.
    He was actually laughing……

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  3. QuiteContrary says:

    I support Trump, but I didn’t like it when he excluded two reporters from his press pool after their newspaper ran an editorial slamming him. The reporters had to sit in the audience at his rally rather than with the rest of the press. How is this different from Obama trying to kick Fox News out of the White House press pool? It isn’t!

    Trump should definitely continue tweeting and otherwise speaking directly to the people. However, I don’t think he or any president should be able to kick people out of the press pool just because he doesn’t like what they write about him. This is dangerous, and Trump shouldn’t go too far with this.

    Clearly, much of the media is hideously biased and not taking their task of fully and objectively informing the people. Still, they need to remain an independent entity rather than a group that’s been weeded out so that only lackeys of the president remain. The press needs to clean up its act, for sure, but Trump shouldn’t be able to exclude people who don’t give him positive coverage.

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    • gerkmonster says:

      Still, they need to remain an independent entity

      No… they aren’t independent entities. They are all run by the same cabal.

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    • OverWatch says:

      If that is what he actually did, I agree. Trump should continue his bashing of the press and not give them ‘ride alongs’ but it does not serve us well to kick them out. Even if the libtards did it back in the day I don’t think DJT should. He is doing a great job of exposing the propaganda wing of the DNC and should stay the course.


      • QuiteContrary says:

        Well said, OverWatch! If the independence of even this shamefully biased and unprofessional media is compromised by Trump, a terrible precedent will have been set.


        • mopar2016 says:

          Independence of the leftist state run arm of the democrat party? That’s laughable.
          The media get what they deserve.

          The precedent that Mr. Trump sets is a positive one.
          I’m tired of the leftist propaganda. Just because you and I can see through it, that doesn’t mean that a lot of others aren’t buying it.
          It’s pretty bad when the crossword puzzle is the only credible part of a newspaper.

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          • There are a lot of ignorant people who only get their news from the MSM and late night TV. My mother voted for Trump and only watches Fox News. She would believe their slanted news. I would constantly have to send her articles from Breitbart and Conservative Treehouse to correct the record. She would be stunned. I have a co-worker lamenting about how worried he is about his future under Trump because Trump gets eviscerated by the late night comedians. He really believes their lies.


    • Martin says:

      I think Trump should do whatever he feels is best for him and his administration. The press gets exactly what they deserve.

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      • judyw says:

        “whatever is best….” my thoughts exactly and if we really pause and think he is actually the first in a really long time…maybe ever….who has the “big picture and the players” firmly in his mind plus the absolute freedom to say out loud himself to everyone what he thinks about it.


    • dianeax says:

      I don’t think the issue is positive coverage, but rather honest coverage.

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    • Ip Siscr says:

      Just sayin’ – the press pool is merely a convention that has grown up over the years. It confers unearned status and authority to its members. It always strikes me as an unnatural and basically depraved institution. Jettison it.

      More generally, a free press, like any right, is not a right unless it is defended. The main enemies of a “free press” are the press organs themselves, with special distinction in the category of suppression of truth -and freedom – going to the NYT. The Soviet era joke “There’s no news in TASS and no truth in Pravda” applies pretty broadly to the MSM. There are much better papers bit for some reason they are always small.

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      • Rhodin says:

        Papers need ad revenue to grow as big as the NYT and people with enough money to really grow a paper would prefer someone who was willing to print what they wanted rather than print the truth.

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    • JD says:

      The MSM are complete sycophants and lapdogs for Obama and the DNC. They are beyond what they “should” or “need” to do . Trump knows this. Moreover, there is a difference between FOX news hitting Obama hard with FACTS and confronting him over his LIES, and NBC OMITTING facts (e.g., pictures of George Zimmerman’s head wounds) or OPENLY lying about Trump. In recent years, the MSM has stopped reporting and has openly advocated and lied. Doing so is different than merely possessing a more liberal view than conservative FOX news. Trump isn’t a wussie, he is not going to follow the MSM’s idea of “tradition”, nor should he. Let him take his message directly to the people and then THE PEOPLE, with the availability of the internet and its stream of communication vehicles (e.g., bloggers, social networking sites, news sites), can reach their own conclusions.

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      • fuzzi says:

        I received a Time special “Trump” edition magazine as a Christmas present. Every single article has oft-repeated lies about Trump, like the “mocked a handicapped man”, or “no Muslims celebrated 911”, etcetera. That’s what irks me: the Presstitutes just keep spewing their lies, and so many believe them.

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    • Libertyvibe says:

      He did it because they were reporting blatant lies about him. They were acting irresponsibly, and did not deserve to have press credentials. Not everyone has the privilege of press credentials.

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    • The difference is/was Obummer was pissed because they told the truth, DJT was not happy because they lied…………………

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    • BebeTarget says:

      I may be wrong, but didn’t DJT exclude because they LIED, not because they wrote something he didn’t like. . . . . they ALWAYS write something he or we NEVER like.. What else is new?

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    • 4bleu says:

      Above there: The reporters had to sit in the audience at his rally rather than with the rest of the press.

      euhhh. That’s where 99.9% of bloggers sit to report the news they see at the same events. Is there something magical about the seats in the ‘press pool?’ Better padding?

      It’s a more humane ‘time out’ than schools do to cute little kids – they isolate them from humanity by making them sit in corners staring at the walls or shove them in a closet.

      How does having to sit with ‘people’ – 100% involved and engaged in the same events – somehow limit reporting?

      When was the last time anyone remembered the journalists locked up in Cuba’s prisons?

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    • don welch says:

      it IS different ’cause they are liars and lying liars lie. it’s what they do. i don’t trust any rat ‘crat and all ‘crats are rats and can kiss my ars. what you see as balance i see as capitulation to rats.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      If it’s obvious that a so called journalist is a habitual liar, then I don’t care if Mr. Trump ostracizes them.

      Turnabout is fair play.


    • Sayit2016 says:

      When children behave badly they need a time out in the naughty chair. The press act like children…Trump is not saying you can not report the FACTS..he is saying STOP LYING. as in You stop lying about me and I will stop telling the truth about you.

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    • DGinGA says:

      Ummm, he didn’t ban them from the rally, did he? He just said they couldn’t ride on his plane or sit with their buddies at the rally. Good Lord! It’s not like he sent them to Siberia.


    • Enlightened Vulgarian says:

      “Clinton campaign bans national pool reporter from N.H. events….

      The campaign team for Clinton, who is a former US secretary of state, is not allowing a reporter from the Daily Mail, a London news outlet, to have access to her events. Nick Merrill, a Clinton campaign spokesman, said that the campaign is getting ‘blowback’ from foreign outlets….

      The intense media interest in the Clinton campaign prompted the campaign to request that the media form a pool for coverage. In the pool, a group of roughly a dozen outlets take turns traveling to cover Clinton in small, closed events and write reports off her remarks. The dispatches are first shared by e-mail with the outlets participating in the rotation, and then sent at the end of the day to all interested news outlets.

      The pool was organized by the participating media, not the Clinton campaign. Any print outlet that commits to join the traveling rotation can join. It’s currently being run by reporters from Buzzfeed and Politico….

      [David] Martosko, the Daily Mail reporter, used to be the executive editor of the conservative Daily Caller….


    • TheseTruths says:

      “I support Trump, but I didn’t like it when he excluded two reporters from his press pool after their newspaper ran an editorial slamming him. The reporters had to sit in the audience at his rally rather than with the rest of the press. How is this different from Obama trying to kick Fox News out of the White House press pool?”

      According to this article
      Univision – Trump had a lawsuit against them regarding the Miss America pageant
      Buzzfeed – “political reporter McKay Coppins penned a lengthy profile of Trump that infuriated the former reality TV star.” I doubt that was a fact-filled, fair article.
      Politico – article with concerns about Corey’s temperament. Sounds like opinion and smear, not fact.
      The Daily Beast – reported story about Trump’s first wife’s allegations that she later denied
      HuffPo – placed all coverage of Trump in the entertainment section
      The Des Moines Register – plays a big role in the election, and wrote an editorial that Trump should drop out.

      Freedom of the press is crucial, but a press that has crossed the line needs to be taught a lesson, in my opinion.

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    • kathyca says:

      “The reporters had to sit in the audience at his rally rather than with the rest of the press.”

      Why is this a problem?

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    • Jeffrey Leyerle says:

      When writers accept responsibility to report truthful events and do not hold themselves responsible, Mr. Trump, or any citizen, is correct to expose them. I do expect accurate reporting from those who perform that task.

      I’ve had to dismiss people from their jobs because of spreading rumors and fictional stories about myself or co-workers. This behavior is negative, harms workplace productivity and erodes value creation. Honest and truthful behaviors are welcome and rewarded.

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    • deanbrh says:

      Quite Contrary, if the press took a sound byte out of one of your sentences and strung a bunch of words around it to make you look like a fool, i suspect you would be all about making sure they were banned from your future press conferences. It’s not about “not liking” what’s said about you, it’s about LYING about what you said or what is said about you. I say ban forever anyone who publishes or speaks a lie. Journalists are a dime a dozen and should have to earn a seat in the room by publishing truth.


  4. daughnworks247 says:

    The press reminds me of old town forefathers.
    When a company is shopping for a new plant location, they dispatch a few VP’s and an engineer to scout locations.
    Both the company and the town are looking for the best deal and to protect their own interests.
    In each town, they are met by the town’s forefathers, a state rep for econ dev (who has authority to pass out the goodies), and the Mayor for some kind of luncheon/meet&greet.
    Some town forefathers are arrogant and insecure, only at the luncheon to have their rings kissed by those they deem as interlopers. They have no power to give to the incoming company. Their only power comes in the form of “new” gossip to their own friends. They offer no money, no tax concession, no help, no good wishes…… only obstruction…. as they attempt to jockey to retain power with a new opponent (the company) on their battlefield.
    The press is exactly like these town forefathers.

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  5. Peg_C the Deplorable says:

    He COULD hinder them as a conduit for information if in fact INFORMATION is what they promulgate. It so obviously is not.

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  6. “hinder the press’ role as a conduit for information to the people”— In other words, the 4th Estate will lose its power to control what the people know. Americans will gain MORE transparency through direct access to government, as oppose to HIllary Clinton who advocated a public position to calm the people, and a separate, wholly different private position for backroom dealing. I must say, I’m loving Trump more every day!

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    • 4bleu says:

      It helps to continue to remind everyone that the MSM is a partisan political machine, not a free press, so ‘free press’ doesn’t actually apply to them.
      That means the free press is a wide open frontier just waiting for new adventurers.

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  7. Ghostrider says:

    Liberals must think we are stupid and it is their express responsibility to educate us on all topics they consider important. Climate change, social justice, income inequality, immigration/open borders, sexual liberation theology, just to name a few. See the pattern here? All these issues have one thing in common: federal funding for large Democratic voting blocks.

    I actually love what they are doing because not only will Trump treat the press and academia as they truly are–irrelevant, he will speak nothing but the truth to people.

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  8. kimosaabe says:

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  9. OverWatch says:

    Nice catch!

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  10. Truth says:

    Why does the public need their communications “filtered” by the MSM? And how does having the MSM “filter” the communication, cause a loss of transparency? It seems to me that the MSM “filtering” the news is creating the loss of transperancy:

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  11. dianeax says:

    The NYT is transparently afraid of Trump hindering their ability to obfuscate. 😂

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  12. louche9 says:

    They’re all like that.. Remember Obama’s tech teams?…3586.16811.0.18157.….0…1c.1.64.tablet-gws..4.14.2600…0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1.Ylu1tRkc75s


  13. heldnmut says:

    Ridiculous NY Times piece stressed need for access for “urgent” reporting capabilities. They used 9/11 as example. Right — like their “accurate” reporting on GW Bush continuing to read to children despite unfolding tragedy. No Thank You!!!


  14. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    Not to worry. On Friday, Obama quietly signed The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into law….

    “And so, with the likes of WaPo having already primed the general public to equate ‘Russian Propaganda’ with ‘fake news’ (despite admitting after the fact their own report was essentially ‘fake’), while the US media has indoctrinated the public to assume that any information which is not in compliance with the official government narrative, or dares to criticize the establishment, is also ‘fake news’ and thus falls under the ‘Russian propaganda’ umbrella, the scene is now set for the US government to legally crack down on every media outlet that the government deems to be ‘foreign propaganda.’

    Just like that, the US Ministry of Truth is officially born.”


  15. Jedi9 says:

    Yep! The press are desperate to reestablish their relevancy, and they still don’t get it. They have been lying to the people, eroding their trust to the point of having no credibility any longer. Trumps brilliance of the use of social media sure did end decades of protocol and it is nobody’s fault but their own. As the saying goes “you reap what you sow” or they made their bed now they can sleep in it. Love the poetic justice! Brave new world indeed!

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    • don welch says:

      poetic justice indeed. a week or so ago my best friends live in liberal feminist was harping about something trump had said. my buddy asked her where she heard that and she said msnbc (the rachael maddow show).

      so he does a little research and finds out that trump didn’t say any such thing and in fact had tweeted an entirely different statement than maddow had indicated. turns out mama tweets so he confronted her with the truth and forced the issue so she finally took at look at what trump had tweeted.

      they aren’t even talking to each other now lol. so it goes in the new world order. this is the problem. millions of americans buy into these machinations of distortions of truth and it’s just a maddening mess. fox is also guilty. laura ingraham ripped juan william’s face off for his bilge, live on the five. it was a classic and can be found on y-tube.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Yeah I can’t stand Juan Williams! He is one the reasons why I don’t watch Fox news, along with Geraldo and Kelly anymore. I did watch yesterday the exchange between Doug Shoen, and a Trump Advocate, ( I can’t remember her name) but the topic was about Obama’s egregious UN debacle, and it was refreshing to see a Democrat give praise to Trump for his stance on the issue. Also seeing the two advocates agree and be respectful to each other was really nice to see for a change. Of course Doug Shoen is a JFK Democrat, a dying breed so I highly doubt to expect this behavior from other leftists of the party show this much civility in the coming years under Trump.


  16. Sfwarrior says:

    We all know how the New York Times Un covered so much of the Obama administration -not at all -they have been attacking trump from day one and they are not a fair arbiter of the news !!


  17. guitar107 says:

    NYT talking about transparency. Eh?
    The soon-to-be irrelevant press is not transparent. They apply commie filters to obscure the truth.
    All they spew out is a pack of lies.

    POTUS will communicate with the people unfiltered. About time!
    Splody heads just can’t handle that.

    They can’t blame Trump. The press made itself irrelevant decades ago when it decided to become the propaganda section of the DNC and to espouse all kinds of libProg causes.

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  18. Kerry Gimbel says:

    The NYT Is not a filter. It is what NEEDS to be filtered. We the people will filter them!

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  19. georgiafl says:

    New York Times Gasps: Trump Likely to “Hinder Press as Conduit For Information”

    That’s a GOOD THING – as Martha Stewart used to say! Not a bad thing at all.

    Our MSM has become a source of lies, invented false narratives and a political action/activist vehicle.

    Ain’t nothing resembling NEWS or JOURNALISM about the MSM nowadays!

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  20. maga2016 says:

    The press has no role any other than propaganda for foreign crooks and globalist traitors

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  21. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Hey NYT!!!!!!

    CLUTCH MUCH???????


  22. It’s funny when automation and robots…get rid of *ss Holes who report bull tihS… every day of the week.
    You’ve been FIRED!!!


  23. Bloody Big Head…..
    Could they have been talking about the Main Stream News Media…In Alice and Wonderland.


  24. 2packs4sure says:

    What the hell is the NYT’s worried about???????
    They can just start making it up BEFORE breakfast……………
    Just have to dry off their thumbs, take a leak, and start fakin’ it !


  25. Oh my, the poor butt hurt media. I love how President trump communicates directly to us through Twitter, Youtube, and that other social media place.


  26. Robert says:

    No more daily press briefings. No more press in the White House. Great idea.


  27. florida91 says:

    The problem is that the media does NOT simply report and relay factual information, they apply jaded and unfair liberal bias. Trump and America doesn’t need that crap. Screw them. I hope he cuts them out entirely!


  28. All American Snowflake says:

    The New York Times is owned by the same effing Mexican billionaire that produces the Obama cell phones which American taxpayers pay this Mexican lord for. Check it out…. follow the money.


  29. Hillbilly4 says:

    The tenacity of Chesty Puller comes to mind: ‘“Great. Now we can shoot at those bastards from every direction.”


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  31. Boudica says:

    I can see why the NY Times is complaining. They used to be able to tell us what they thought we needed to know, but nothing else will change. They will comment on it, they will lie, manipulate and twist everything they can. The upside is, we don’t have to read them to get the information we need. Seems like a win win win to me:)


  32. Billy says:

    Good buy whitehouse news corp, u did it to your self!


  33. MSM is also quite guilty of lying by omission. They want control so that if a tree falls in the forest, and they don’t report it, it never happened. Time magazine pulled this crap w/ Stalin in the 1930’s and CNN w/ Iraq in the lead up to our military actions.


  34. Tommy Tunes says:

    Trump’s Twitter Times….. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  35. Todd Headlee says:

    This should be fun to watch. I hope all of the usual suspects are relocated to the very lack row at press conferences. The entitled media needs a reality check.


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