President Elect Trump Releases Christmas Greeting Received From Vladimir Putin…

putin4Donald Trump suit

Earlier today “his excellency” President-Elect Donald Trump released the copy of a Christmas Greeting letter sent from Russian President Vladimir Putin.   It would appear PEOTUS is having a little fun poking the media with the bear…

putin-letter(pdf LINK) – SOURCE

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305 Responses to President Elect Trump Releases Christmas Greeting Received From Vladimir Putin…

  1. rumpole2 says:

    LOVE IT… it made my Christmas.. such Dry wit from Vlad.. having fun triggering Liberals.

    And Trump gets it…. Trump and Putin cooperating to make Liberals and especially MSM #FakeNews types have seizures.

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    • wyntre says:

      Don’t tell me you found this by searching for LOLOLOLOL?

      OK, I just spent 15 MINUTES trying to find out who that guy is and LMFAO at the comments at the clip.

      So where did you find it and who is he?

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      • rumpole2 says:

        The clip popped up a few years ago…. an early “meme”
        And you can find it by searching lolol at YT 🙂

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        • wyntre says:

          Yes, I found it by typing LOLLOLOLOL. Thing is, the guy is so fabulously horrific and the piece is so frigging bizarre I can’t get it out of my head and I just have to find out the LOL’ers identity!

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        • tellthetruth2016 says:

          Can anyone who knows the law, tell me IF Obama pardons himself, the Clintons, Podesta, Holder, etc., For any past or present corruptions, illegal deeds,..Does this mean TRUMP and SESSIONS cannot ever charge them of any crimes and they would be ” off the hook” ????
          I really, really want to see a lot of people , past and present including Obummer pay for what they have done to this Country …….I still want Lois Lerner in prison and Eric Holder for what they did ( IRS, fast and furious )…… Maybe this is Why no one including TRUMP and those around him are saying nothing but nice things right now about any of them……Kind of like holding your cards close to your chest……Does anyone know how ???


        • WSB says:

          Everything on my TV tray dinner has crashed…..tears falling out of my desert section!


        • nyetneetot says:

          My wife said it was on the radio all the time when she was a little girl. I was just a goofy song the guy wrote after going through central Asia and watching people tending cows and sheep.

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  2. JC says:

    Well, look at that. A Christmas card from Russia. I never imagined I’d see the day when Russia wished my President and my country a Merry Christmas. This is the best dream ever; I don’t want to wake up.

    Merry Christmas, President Trump.

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  3. NorthIdaho says:

    This is so very cool… Vlad and Trump. Christians. Great.

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  4. wjb105 says:

    I think I now know why the left hates Putin. He’s a white male.

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  5. MeThePeople says:

    Remember; They will defeat us without firing a shot.
    That Russian singer’s face was stuck in that position from the stroke he suffered during “intense interrogation’ by Putin during the golden era of KGB.
    They used to call him ‘Steely Vladimir’.

    I’m thinking about Ivanka’s close call.
    On Nov. 15, 2016, Lasner tweeted that “I wager Trump will have privately-run internment camps (“deportation centers”) open by March.”
    So this scholar got fired from Hunter because someone tweeted images of him having straight sex.

    I have a recurring vision of a Staffordshire terrior ripping out his wind pipe
    while everyone makes a movie and posts it.

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  6. JAS says:

    On the nuclear deterrent.: Gotta love Trump! He tweeted (to Putin), “we will expand”.

    Then “reportedly” he called a news anchor this morning and said ” Let’s have an arms race, and will outmatch them in every part and outlast them all”, this in the latest nuclear weapons exchange thing. Very Reaganesque…. We know how that turned out the last time :).

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. Vegas4now says:

    Queue the Hawaiian hissy fit… Now!

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  9. JT says:

    from Putin to Trump (and vice versa):


  10. Paul Killinger says:

    Incidentally, it was Germany’s Mrs Merkel who soured our relationship with Russia in the first place over her interest in “Europeanizing” the Ukrainians.

    Of course she misjudged that situation as badly as her decision to allow millons of unvetted refugees and migrants to roam freely throughout Europe and enter her own country.

    Now many more millions of Europeans are paying the price for her insufferable idiocy. Sort of reminds you of our own Mr Obama, doesn’t she?


  11. Pam says:

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  12. Atticus says:

    George Washington was called “Your Excellency” as well.

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  13. Sunshine says:

    Whipping up Obama’s ire. Just love this.

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  14. Will Martindale says:

    Are we seeing the beginning of some form of Pournelle’s CoDominium?


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