President Elect Donald Trump Announces Press Secretary and Senior Communications Team…

You dance with the ones who bring ya… Loyalty.

  • Press Secretary – Sean Spicer
  • Adviser/Director of Strategic Communications – Hope Hicks
  • Adviser/Director of Communications – Jason Miller
  • Adviser/Director of Social Media – Dan Scavino

sean-spicer-1hope-hicks-4Hope Hicks, Daniel Scavinojason-miller-1


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194 Responses to President Elect Donald Trump Announces Press Secretary and Senior Communications Team…

  1. History Teaches says:

    Sorry for the weird auto correct. “inexperienced faces”


  2. georgiafl says:

    Hope Hicks is absolutely gorgeous – and very shy – but a real Professional Personal Assistant. Her father also was a Professional Personal Assistant. Their job – to make their boss’s life run smoothly, ‘on time and under budget’ – heh!

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  3. psadie says:

    The bottom line is Trump gives these folks a chance and if they don’t work out then they are GONE!


  4. Pepperjelly says:

    I noticed the last week or so Fox News had Sean Spicer and Laura Ingraham on almost back to back every day. I really believe they were real-time auditioning for the Press Secretary job. I like them both, but I have to say Sean won me over in the last couple days and apparently Trump thought so too!

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  5. georgiafl says:

    Press Secretary would be a serious demotion for Laura Ingraham.

    She’s got a law degree, is a published author and a media personality.

    She’s best doing what she does on the outside of the White House, like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Ann Coulter, Jeanine Pirro, et al – defending common sense conservatism and President Trump’s sound, pro-American policies.

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    • Ray Titus says:

      Law degree? Like that’s important. Too many of those in Washington. They rarely understand how businesspeople work. And Laura is definitely one who does not understand business. I’m not saying Spicer does, but Trump may feel he’s more trainable. Laura thinks too much of herself. They needed to find another Tony Snow, but those are hard to come by.

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    • anarchist335 says:

      I think Laura is great. She is a smart cookie. She clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thomas. There is a “but” coming – but, she has a thin skin and has a lot of buttons that can be pushed and she goes off. It would be fun to watch but she would make news instead of being the point of contact vis-a-vis the press and the Administration.

      On the other hand, Sean is a cool customer. I have watched all MSM election night coverage on YouTube (I love watching the faces of MSM as it dawned on them that Killary was doomed) and I saw him for the first time on ABC and he was, well, a cool customer with George Step-on-all-of-us.

      I think Kellyann wanted the job but she is not “press.”

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  6. Very disappointed with Spicer as P.S. Isn’t he buddies with Preibus?

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    • maiingankwe says:

      I really really liked Dan Scavino, he did a heck of a job for Trump with social media. He’s super smart in this area, and so happy to see him continue with Trump.

      It’s got to be so rewarding when one works so hard, and is then given a chance to continue further and higher. My goodness, the WH on your resume, so awesome and well deserved in this case.

      I don’t even know Dan Scavino personally and yet, I am ever so proud of him. I loved seeing him the few times Trump brought him out and thanked him. I always thought that was really special and touched my heart with Trump’s kindness and ability to give recognition where it’s due.

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      • georgiafl says:

        Dan Scavino was great to keep us posted on Trump’s whereabouts and processions to events. I loved his Periscopes, Tweets, Videos, Instagrams, etc.

        All Trump’s people worked so hard all through the primary and general election campaigns.

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. Jimmy Jack says:

    Yay for Hope Hicks. Please tell me again he’s a misogynistic.

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  10. georgiafl says:

    Well, I had heard both Kellyanne Conway and Katrina Pierson defend Mr. Trump, but had never even heard Sean Spicer’s voice before tonight – so I went to YouTube to see what he can do.

    This example of Sean Spicer’s ability is very impressive:

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  11. Martin says:

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  12. LBB says:

    I am just comfortable to know all these people chosen to be amongst DJT. I hope that everyone excels.

    On a side note- last June I was downloading a pic from Scavino’s twitter and got a file of a couple of dozen other things. Personal photos, etc. So I hope the Trump team is going to have superior devices and training so there are no Oops on something that maybe should not be public consumption. Learn from the whole H team debacle.

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  13. zephyrbreeze says:

    Sean Spicer creeps me out. His voice, his looks, that pasty skin, beady eyes. He reminds me of Obama’s first press secretary, Robert Gibbs, who also creeped me out, for the pasty complexion and small beady eyes.


  14. mari says:

    I say we pull raw talent directly from US Trump supporters who want to make history. Why should we be beholden to Marxist, globalist, open border, America last celebrities?


  15. 3x1 says:

    Hicks 2032!

    You read it here first. 😀

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  16. Dogstar_K9 says:

    Take into consideration the changes that will be coming with the new Communications team. I think the old afternoon presser will go the way of the dodo and buggy whip. A better way to control message is timing. Keep the media on their toes and remove the old evening news schedule, especially with the 24 hour cycle.

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  17. Mike24 says:

    Miller is out. He took himself out after AJ Delgado tweeted he might have a baby daddy problem. Then AJ Delgado erased her tweets.


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