What Are Your Suggestions For White House Communications Staff?…

Here’s an opportunity for you to assemble your thoughts for the upcoming Trump administration against the backdrop of the modern media engagement therein.

Ultimately you are the customer in this equation. What suggestions would you provide to a Trump administration to deliver a communications product?


My personal suggestions:

♦ Keep using twitter daily, or as determined.  Keep using social media, and/or any alternate communications platforms to communicate with the American People.

♦ Establish dress code for credentialed media.  No casual days, ever.  100% business professional, 100% of the time.

♦ Discontinue the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing.  Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’.  Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House.  Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr.  Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.

♦ Ten hour work days.  7am to 5pm.  Use TWO Continuous, Alternating, Press Secretaries, not just one.

♦ Have a quarterly lottery for press briefing media attendees.  Equal opportunity participation.  Seating = first come first seated, general seating, every day.

♦ Drop the traveling Presidential press pool completely.  Give the press a daily schedule, and then make media use their own resources to cover the events therein as they deem needed.  Equal access without preferential treatment.  This also includes foreign travel.

♦ When POTUS, V-POTUS, or cabinet officials travel give first preference to local media, not national.  Allow local reporters to ask questions pertaining to their community perspective on the event or engagement.

♦ Drop the insufferable White House Correspondent’s dinner fiasco.  It’s a ridiculous bubble event with no inherent value for the country.  It’s a grotesque exhibition of disconnected indulgence. There’s too much work to be done, just go about doing it.

♦ Engage the legacy media as a communications unit.  Deliver the Trump message as a communications unit.  Have a self-broadcasted roundtable meeting of communications officials with a rotating group of media invited to attend.  Maybe every other Sunday etc.

♦ Have POTUS give monthly EVENING press conferences; with part of the presser containing an ongoing and established outline to share progress on agenda.  Perhaps half for ongoing efforts, half for current events.

♦ Re-establish a media work ethic by setting high standards, high expectations and a zero tolerance for laziness.

What suggestions do you have?

We can assemble into a list and present suggestions.

Donald Trump suit


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749 Responses to What Are Your Suggestions For White House Communications Staff?…

  1. Donald Young's Revenge says:

    First order of business, ban CNN and MSNBC from press corp. If they are allowed to be there never take a question from them.

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    • Don’t forget Univision. No se puede.

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    • Fabio says:

      And perhaps have Sessions look up what laws were broken when CNN colluded with the DNC to provide q’s to the candidate. Then CNN will have some serious issues to deal with, and given their conduct during the general, rightly so. I never watched MSNBC outside of the Neocon/RINO J.Scarborough whom I strongly dislike.

      Some of this stuff you want to do so that we have a cleaner process next time and so that you put people on notice.(And maybe in jail). I think we will not have a strong DNC next election cycle, thanks to the work of Veritas, I doubt DNC will ever be the same for another 20 years. To borrow a phrase, their chickens will come home to roost and the Sessions Feds will prosecute and incarcerate, period. Including CNN. Provided the Trumpsters don’t get too full of themselves.


  2. C-Low says:

    Screw the media and their biased filter it is the 21st century communication is worldwide instantaneous their services are no longer needed to reach the gen pop. I would end it.

    In its place I would go directly to the people. A daily briefing from what would be the whitehouse spokesman not to the media but on youtube and as many as possible internet stream. Represent portray be the future, use the tech solidify the future. Give a daily brief of were he is, what the POTUS is working on, WHY that is important, what action of support is needed or not, the other half should be status of previous actions recapping results of previous actions driving home the RESULTS oriented mentality. Every weekend Sat or Sun early evening Trump himself should give a weekly briefing to the people, explaining what he is working on, why this is important, were support is needed or not, the other half should be status of previous actions recapping results of previous actions again driving home the results oriented politics (2nd to PC correctness is this feeling intentions politics were results are not important if intentions feeling are good).

    Go straight to the people that way pressure (it will be required) can be increased or decreased onto congressional reps as needed. I believe in the mid terms driving out via primary the repub saboteurs who refuse to fall in line will be just as important, as expanding majorities by knocking off Dems in the midterm will be (Trump building those cases through the years will be a great edge). Also a un filtered horses mouth message can be delivered to the people directly. This process will also help train the gen pop into the reality that they don’t need the media to filter/explain/spin what the pres says.

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  3. Why not create a website to bypass all media outlets and deliver the briefing material to anybody and everybody online? Structure it something like Infowars, which does a better job of embedding streaming content than anybody else. Update in real time — no filters. Hire somebody good from the ‘alt’ media to manage it.


  4. old_grouch says:

    Yes, no questions that are really statements. Require all questions to fit in 140 characters!


  5. zombietimeshare says:

    For any face to face let it be Ann Coulter or Milo—they can take turns. Other than that, for daily business, issue a press release and move on.

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  6. dbethd says:

    I would like updates from the Trump organization through video & press releases that I can watch & read and don’t have to get parceled through the MSM. Also some have suggested that in talks like this the president needs to give the good/bad about what’s happening and good/bad about the people he’s dealing with. Love this idea.

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    • Terryle Caywood says:

      Disallow any advantage that the big media has over Blogs. Make them hire their own way to events, pay their expenses, and give them limited access but FULLY inform the public of good and bad expectations of current events.

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  7. Rita R says:

    As mentioned earlier, many of our senior citizens receive their “news” only through the MSM. Many of our seniors are not internet connected; therefore, it’s important that Mr. Trump be aware that this very important group of voters/citizens continue to be reached when he re-organizes the method of news dissemination.

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  8. Ozark Mel says:

    Truthfully, the MSM lies so much, at this moment the only suggestion I can think of is to call the media in on day one, lock the doors to the White House Press Room, and take a flamethrower to the occupants therein. If that isn’t feasible, I would suggest we connect their genitals to a lie detector that gives an intense electrical shock every time they lie. After a few shocks, they would either tell the truth or have their little wingie-wangies fried.

    On the serious side, I like all of your suggestions. I think President Trump’s–(oh how good it feels to write that)–should revamp all of his press dealings, toss traditions aside, and do whatever is to his advantage.

    On the other hand, President Trump could just take down the “Press Room” sign and replace it with a sign that reads, “Museum of Natural History,” and leave those old media fossils and dinosaurs in place. Sadly, I think it would be one of the nation’s worst tourist attractions though, because NO ONE in their right mind wants to see any of those press people again.

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  9. StaleDale says:

    Outstanding suggestions and most seem easy to implement from the onset of the Administration next month.
    * Take a few questions from the Internet from “We the People” either submitted via WH website or another social media outlet (i.e.”Joe the Plumber”)
    * Take a few questions from rotating Guest journalists (i.e. college students, local publications, etc)
    Camera to be fixed on podium, no movement to the called upon reporter asking the question.
    * Have press briefings outside the WH; save us Tax payers money!
    * Rotate the various Cabinet Heads to give a brief update on the status of their “winning ”
    * Professional, polite atmosphere, zero tolerance for nasty attitudes and negative chatter

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  10. Keln says:

    In response to some of the suggestions I’ve read in this thread, I just wanted to point out this:

    Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…

    Gotta be careful about wanting laws that “hold media accountable”. Ultimately it is the public, the media’s customers, who need to hold them accountable, not the government.

    With that said, there are things the White House can do to punish the bad actors, including things that have been mentioned in this thread. The key is that the White House is under no obligation to hold press conferences or daily briefings with the press or give interviews or answer questions.

    And there is nothing that says the President must allow the major media outlets into such events. It is all at his discretion, so I think Trump should use that to force honesty in media. In other words, if they want access to him, then they must report facts without spin and in proper context.

    Failure to do so should have consequences, not for the specific individual, but for the media organization as a whole. As an example, for a first offense, a network’s White House correspondent will be barred from asking any questions for a time period. For further offenses, the organization can be barred from the White House altogether.

    Only those who observe journalistic integrity should be allowed exclusive access to the White House, which is a privilege, not a right. It must be earned.

    I also very much like the idea of, when asking a question in a briefing with the President or anyone in his administration holding such a briefing, the reporter must identify themselves by name, media organization, and parent corporation, in that order (ie. Jonathan Karl, ABC News, Walt Disney Company).

    Questions should also be asked in a straightforward manner, without loading the question. Failure to do so means losing your turn. Reporters should be randomly selected ahead of time and go in order of selection. No more of this fifty hands going up and everyone yelling “Mr. President!” to get their questions asked. Reporters should also be allowed to submit written questions ahead of time that the president or press secretary can choose to answer if they deem it important enough.

    Finally, I fully support the idea of weekly “fireside chats”. They don’t need to be that long, just a message from the president and maybe him answering a few questions submitted in advance from the public (not questions from the press). The President should continue to reach through to the public directly by any means possible. It was highly effective during the election, and he will still need to cut through the media’s obfuscation during his term.

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    • boogywstew says:

      Excellent post !!! I wish that EXISTING laws regarding libel and slander be utilized as intended. Even the term, “fake news”, is putting a spin on what is plainly a … LIE !!! People’s lives are damaged by LIES and that’s what the laws regarding libel and slander are all about. “Fake News” makes a LIE a prank … a hoot … an acceptable form of dark silliness. It’s not, it’s malicious damage.

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    • @Keln: Excellent ideas. I am especially fond of your idea of a reporter stating his name, media outlet and especially the parent company.
      Lots of low information people don’t associate ABC with Disney; it’s time the impelling force suffers for the actions of their subordinates. Once Disney is attached to underhanded reporting and their bottom line suffers they will bring their satellites back into a respectful orbit….so to speak.


  11. Michael Wagman says:

    Limit each press briefng to two reporters. One known to be truthful. The other from the New York Times, Washington Post or any other “dishonest” media outlet. Allow each reporter to ask a set limit of questions. Then, after each reports the results of the briefing via their publications — (publicly) compare the two. That should shed some light on the dark side of journalism.

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  12. Why give so much importance to national/cable news services? Many “local” reporters still do a decent job of investigation and analysis. No more big blowhards who are overpaid for maintaining perfect hair. Invite local news media from all those flyover states. They will do a better job.

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    • Alison says:

      Not ours. Denver stations (probavly all urban areas) are owned by same corps as national stations. They spew the same ‘agenda’ crap. Fake news is fake news, whether it’s read by a nat’l shill or a local one.

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  13. Marvin Melcher says:

    The worst 8 years of our life is now over, thank God. Hope is not dead as said by Michelle, it’s alive and well now that the Obamas are out of the white house. Please make political correctness dead. Close to borders to bad guys, destroy ISIS, create jobs for hard working Americans, bring back industry, make America great again,


  14. StormyeyesC says:

    IIRC, news used to be an hour long program in the morning and/or evening. It wasn’t until Ted Turner started CNN that cable news began with a 24 hour news cycle. In order to fill that time, the networks use pundits, blowhards, opinion givers and call it news. The desperation to fill the time created the current problem.

    Any 24 hours news networks would lose all press credentials. They cannot fill 24 hours and not fabricate, expand upon, opine about the real news, thus, creating fake news. Let the non cable networks have access, but no direct access EVER to the CNN, MSMBC, and even FOX.

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    • This is a very very VERY good point. The more time they have the more CRAPOLA they feel the need to fill it with. Agree with your “no direct access EVER to CNN, MSNBC and even FOX. O YESSSSSSS!

      There is no way they can redeem themselves, they’re wicked through and through, THEY HAVE TURNS NEWS INTO “SHOWS,” a show is ENTERTAINMENT. So they market their wars and destroy lives by telling lies as “entertainment” thus making murder into a JOKE. No wonder many people don’t take murder seriously, everything is like a TV show or a video game to them. Anyone who can watch that trash and then go to sleep at night is in serious need of DEPROGRAMMING, like coming out of a CULT.

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  15. MIKE says:

    How about having each and every White House press event start with “the pledge of allegiance”, recited by all. I’d like to see it, on tv or wherever, not necessarily as a live feed, but soon after.
    If anybody present objects to that, what the hector are they doing in that meeting?

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  16. E J Kraus Jr says:

    Use Twitter for the American people to submit questions to the President. Hold a rally once a week at a location decided by Mr Trump. Where President Trump talks to the American people, answering the questions, without the press filter. With the press sequestered at the back of the hall / arena.


  17. Bugsdaddy says:

    Local media have first go at questions when POTUS is not in White House.
    Continue social media venues.
    Continue rally venues as method of addressing the nation without the media “filter”.
    Enforce within the administration that there are NO anonymous commentaries from “persons not authorized to make a public statement”. If they are not authorized, then they need to shut up or get fired!
    Challenge media outlets which quote “unnamed sources”. (See #4 above!)
    Schedule one on one interviews with MSM operatives with the caveat that the entire content must be shared with other MSM outlets and available to be broadcast simultaneously. ie. No exclusives for anybody.

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  18. TCTfan says:

    Very clever idea having The Pledge of Allegiance recited at each press event!

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  19. floridahoosier93 says:

    Here’s the thing folks. I see a lot of comments about avoiding the MSM which I’m all for, but not sure Trump should bypass ALL media (a la just use Twitter or Youtube). Imagine what an Obama or Hillary administration would be like if they controlled all their own news. It would really be as if the MSM dropped all pretenses and became part of the administration.

    I like the suggestions to go direct to the people, but we should also start laying the seeds for growing the conservative/alternative media sources. Sources that hire real journalists that write stories that answer the who/when/why/how and what of an event. Hopefully more and more people start tuning out the MSM all together but nature abhors a vacuum. So, having the monthly or quarterly draw for which news outlets get press seating and vetting all news outlets for true journalism are good.

    Imagine if Sundance or a representative from The Conservative Treehouse was in the press pool? And how much exposure that would give to TCT? Think of how much we learn from Sundance and his awesome postings and if that was circulated to the # of people that the MSM currently reaches. How much more informed people would be! Trump has the opportunity to make that a reality too. Make American Journalism Great Again.

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    • chojun says:

      The problem with having only official media is that it needs to be counterbalanced with independent sources. Otherwise future administrations would turn the official media into a propaganda tool and would not be held accountable.


  20. Ohio Hayseed says:

    First-time poster, but long-time follower of this enlightened Treehouse. I found validation and confirmation of every value within my soul here, and I thank you all. I thank God that Sundance welcomes dialogue among us forgotten ones. I’m new, and hoping to abide by posting standards, but there’s a press standard I’d like to see. Not daily, but yearly.
    Each year, on June 6, D-Day is celebrated in France. President Trump will certainly attend each and every year, unlike Obama. My hope is that President Trump deny seats on Air Force One to MSM, and instead offer those seats to the very few surviving soldiers, who have no means to attend but deserve every opportunity to. My step-dad, 95-years old, was a Navy man who stormed the beaches of Normandy. There are so few left, and of those, many would find inspiration in such an invitation. Allow the press with less lucrative revenue (e.g. RSBN) to attend the flight, but the corporate press can certainly afford their own air fare.

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  21. chojun says:

    Here are my suggestions:

    The media has a built-in bias that filters the things that come out of the Administration. This filter worked in favor of the Obama admin and will work against the Trump admin. Therefore, it’s critical that Trump engage directly with the people as often as he can. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to have “official” Administration media IF (and only if) the traditional media is given equal access to the Administration. The media will have to carefully balance its message if it diverts at all from the Administration’s official message.

    Trump would be well advised to dispense with the notion that the media is fair and impartial. Indeed, he should continue to assume and treat them as if they have a hard liberal bias (which they do). Therefore, the Trump administration, on a rotating basis, should select reporters from a rotating pool of partisan media outlets and dispense with the fair/impartial media ruse completely. 50% of the pool should consist of conservative media (Breitbart, Fox News, etc), and 50% liberal (Huffington Post, NBC, etc). The major networks should be considered part of the liberal pool. An equal number of questions are taken from each side, and the reporters are chosen by lottery.

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  22. callahan44 says:

    I agree with Ozark Mel. What to do with the White House press corps? Did anyone ever see the mini series “The Odyssey”, with Armande Assante?. The scene where Odysseus returns, locks the doors with all of the “suitors” who have abused his wife and household, then deals with them in a very definitive way. Hmmmm. Seriously, lest I be accused of violent thoughts against snowflakes or the press,, I say we don’t want them,, we don’t need them. President Trump needs to take his message directly to us, in whatever format he feels is most appropriate. He would not be President today, were it not for talking directly to the people through his rallies. There is no more “free press” in the United States. Just a bunch of SOBs who are told what to think and say by their handlers, most of whom are the media outlet owners who aren’t even Americans, who hate President Trump, all of us, and everything good, honest, and decent in America. Ignore them, get rid of them, don’t talk to them, don’t hold press briefings; they are only going to lie about anything Mr. Trump does or says anyway. It is time we wake up to the fact that they are THE ENEMY, and treat them accordingly.

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  23. HolyLoly says:

    I propose that Trump start something brand new called, The White House Daily Scripture Briefing. Trump could have the press secretary announce the relevant scripture for the day’s business.

    Then watch the left run screaming with their hair on fire!

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  24. Trytobereal says:

    Let the media produce what they will, let us info consumers consume what we prefer. The truth is far more likely to come through the cacophony of multiple sources of information than through the consonant melodies of a few hand-picked sources no matter how heavily regulated they might be. We don’t need truth police. We don’t need bias protection. We all now understand there is no such thing as “objectivity”. As long as information consumers have the truth about where information comes from we will discern its veracity for ourselves, and we will put our eyeballs and ears on media sources whose veracity we believe in.

    White House, be an information producer yourselves rather than straining to transmit your message through the media. Produce your own news shows; daily, weekly or whenever. Give the White House message as professionally as can be done to present the best case for the WH position. Publish them on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, a podcast maybe, and the like. Don’t tell lies–no one will watch. Don’t patronize–we will take offense. Don’t attempt to manipulate–you will be caught and exposed. Be forthright and sensible, you will be watched and respected.

    Have a long arms-length relationship with the media with no favorites, no favors. Grant them some time but really you have more important things to do, POTUS especially, so no weekly or monthly pressers. Do them ad hoc when they are needed. The media is largely a circle-jerk, far more stimulating to each other than to the real people out there. Treat them with the respect they deserve, which is a lot less than they think.


  25. NYGuy54 says:

    No assigned seats..first come first serve


  26. HolyLoly says:

    I propose that Trump propose something brand new called, The White House Daily Scripture Briefing. The press secretary could announce the relevance of the day’s scripture as it relates to the president’s business for that day from the podium

    Then watch the left run screaming with their hair on fire!

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  27. Michael says:

    This isn’t the question but here is my 2C anyway. I would urge Trump to have an informal Blue Collar Cabinet. Those of us in hard hats build this country and Trump is seen as one who gets out on the job sites and walks around and actually talks to the people who enact his will. Stupid people (you better hope not) do not build power plants, refineries, medical production facilities, yada yada.

    I agree with a direct to constituent direct broadcast probably via RSBN. Trump can call for a LIVE and unfiltered weekly address via Jurassic media (parallel to RSBN) and if they choose not to cover I think he can then hammer them via multiple channels and I do not think they could withstand the backlash (and ratings loss).


  28. Sundance, outstanding article and suggestions. I copied and pasted it in a suggestion (with credit to CTH of course along with a link to your article and subsequent comments) to the Trump Transition website. https://apply.ptt.gov/yourstory/

    Also tweeted it.

    Excellent. Just Excellent!


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  29. First one that writes a Bee Ess story without checking the facts (i.e, ‘hands up don’t shoot’ etc) – gets their credentials pulled immediately.

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  30. Now for my opinion. Hang everyone of them by the gallows. They are guilty of murder — not just murder by bearing false witness and destroying lives — but for their marketing of the many unGodly and unjust WARS, including developing marketing slogans to make them more “palatable” to get the masses to go along with them, aka “Shock ‘n Awe,” and the false narratives against countries and legitimate foreign leaders whom Washington felt the need to get rid of and topple governments. How many untold lives they are responsible for murdering is in the MILLIONS, but seeing that the murder of ONE life there is a death penalty, ergo the gallows. Syria, UKRAINE, Russia, Iraq, Haiti come to mind. Add to that THE UNITED STATES and all those who have been killed and maimed.

    That is what the “press” deserves.

    They can pay in this world or the world to come. It would be far better for them to pay in this world, hence maybe save their souls.

    In an unfair and lawless world, let them live but do NOT let them anywhere near a press pool. They poison the earth and the people who are their audience are poisoned as well, although not guilty of murder, just guilty from taking counsel from the unGodly.

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  31. Flair1239 says:

    I think he should bypass MSM whenever possible. Do livestreamed fireside chats. Answer questions from confirmed private citizens that could be posted on a moderated bulletin board. This could be done in place of the weekly radio address which has become outdated and irrelevant. Modernize the way a president communicates.

    Basically reduce the MSM to reporting, instead of dictating the news cycle.


  32. Jan says:

    Require media to state actual sources quoted (officially and unofficially) in its reporting. Require media to issue immediate, highlighted, first page (or first mention) public corrections when reporting proves wrong on a previous report. Ban all media who engage in reckless and disparaging commentary of a personal nature to and/or about public and/or private figures. Ban media from engaging in a transparent public competition with other media. Require media to report the story and refrain from making themselves the story and engaging in subjective editorial remarks.

    Require media to state the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in its reporting or risk losing permanent access.


  33. Ra Conteur says:

    Ban all compromised media outlets – those who can’t find the truth or objectivity with either hand from daily press conferences – threaten expulsion for any person or outlet that betrays the privilege to a banned entity. Revoke all legacy media licenses – some were around before the FCC was formed. They must go. Time for inclusion and diversity Affirmative Action policy for FCC media licensees.


  34. idahopanhandle says:

    Forget the Media. Straight to the people!


  35. Mao's Noodle says:

    the new administration might consider a worthy communications product to deliver to the MSM – the hot end of a flamethrower


  36. Gamecock says:

    Sundance, several suggestions:

    Use Twitter strategically to make the news around news-worthy items(i,e. Carrier). Stop the rants and raves to avoid dilution of a core social medial platform

    Use You Tube for “fireside” chats that demonstrate the tangibility of the plan for change

    Consolidate all agency communications under under one core umbrella so that his gov’t is unified. Consistency doesn’t equal sameness but, having daily State Department briefings that are uninformed as to the overall admin is unwise. Likewise, links to all pertinent department information should be made available in “One Press Room”. Rich media could be made available for pick-up from other news agencies. Daily briefings should be eliminated if there is no hard news to discuss. Always be available when there is. Preferred seating should be eliminated to drain the swamp. Lose the White House Correspondent dinner. A waste of time, energy and expense.

    Continue the rallies- they will carry momentum and are a powerful visual of the President at work. Package this so that substance is delivered on our plans or updates and the like.

    Continue to use his strong persona when it is needed( Ohio State)

    Trump’s administration should should simplify documents both in real language and design. That will appeal to the everyday man and eliminate waste&deception (Obama Care Bill was designed to fool the American people) and was created that way intentionally

    Create a internal strategic monitoring group to fret out fake stories, false narratives, negative research and wrong facts that should be corrected.

    Find some trusted “branded spokespeople” and give them the training to be successful. Other surrogates should be used to amplify core message( Jim Brown, Ray Lewis)

    Use Laura Ingraham as spokeswomen. A lawyer who will not be pushed around and an early Trump advocate. You need advocacy in the role so that the connect with the people not and back and forth with the news media.


  37. Jim Rustle says:

    Invite some of the popular YouTube journalist to ask questions via live feeds.


  38. citizen says:

    have limited seating, specifically not enough to allow all the “white house press corps” to attend every press briefing. No reserved seating. First come/First serve. Dress and decorum rules (no speeches/pontificating, no shouting, no interrupting, no misrepresenting statements). Violations are treated with a “timeout” from attending press briefings (a week) and demerits. Keep a score card of violations. Have “off the record” briefings for those that have no demerits.


  39. Milo Yiannopoulos, Press Secretary.


  40. Wacahootaman says:

    Always refer to the “Mainstream Media” as “The Corrupt Liberal Media”.

    This is the accurate term.

    There is nothing “mainstream” about them and their hard left agenda.


  41. Chet Neefy says:

    Please require all registered Lobbyists or their representatives to log into a Govt. website whenever they enter Capital grounds and to whatever person or organization they are to meet. Time In, and Time Out……….thanks


  42. Oldtradesman says:

    I think Sundance’s initial list of suggestions are workable but still just nibble around the margins of the problem. The underlying idea is still focused on “reform” and “taking back” the MSM. In reality it was never “ours.” The underlying principle has to be to “displace.” A working electoral majority needs to be permanently and 100% weaned off the MSM and habituated to look elsewhere for both “news” and for relating to their government. This is the overarching goal and it should never be forgotten for a single second.

    The “Corporate MSM” is incorrigible and unreformable, and so is its subsidiary White House Press Corps franchise. More pertinent, their technological frameworks are an obsolete and unnecessary intermediary in this age of Internet tweeting and live streaming. Back when “network” meant CBS and its franchise affiliates, and the AP and its network of expensive teleprinters and dedicated long distance telephone lines located in local newspaper offices, there was a technological need and some sense to this. “Bandwidth” in the form of available broadcast time on a limited frequency spectrum and column inches of newspaper space was scarce and severely rationed. This led to ‘editing,’ which was naturally biased in favor of the interests of the media owners. None of this is applicable anymore.

    The White House Press Corps’ entire access needs to be scaled down by at least 60%. And within this remnant rump of journographers the emphasis should be placed on accredited foreign journalists. Put another way, the remaining traditional White House Press Corps pool must be involuntarily conscripted as one of President Trump’s tools of diplomatic outreach. The goal is to “Trumpexit and Brexit” all of western civilization.

    (1) The pool cameras should be replaced by a camera pool operated by White House personnel and live streamed to the world.

    (2) Direct interaction with US citizens should rise to largely displace the traditional press conferences with the “White House Press Corps.” These “press conferences” with the Lugenpresse should be displaced by Citizen Conferences. The Townhall format used in the Second Debate is the optimum. Once hostile moderators are removed what will remain is a more august form of “The Apprentice.” Citizen Conferences should be held as often as possible. Weekly would not be too often. And the example set by the POTUS needs to be followed by the rest of the Executive Branch. The goal is nothing short of a permanent culture change in the next four years. This includes the permanent destruction of the old line MSM’s intermediary role.

    (3) Press releases should be posted to whitehouse.gov for all to access immediately.

    (4) The daily or twice daily press briefings with White House spokesmen and women should be livestreamed.

    (5) Those few traditional press conferences still held should focus on foreign accredited journalists. Remaining time should be equally divided between New Media and the old line corporate MSM. Since the US Corporate MSM loves globalism, let them try life as Flyover Country Deplorables. Needless to add, the entirety of these press conferences should be simultaneously livestreamed over the internet.

    Any MSM complaints about the paucity of press conferences can be answered by referring them to the free pass they issued to Hillary when she went 300+ days during the primary and general election campaigns without holding a single press conference, and with nary a peep from her lap dog MSM sycophants.

    (6) President Trump needs to begin and sustain an in depth national discussion on the First Amendment. The most critical point to be driven home is that it applies to all of the citizens equally. Unlike Orwell’s pigs in Animal Farm, some of the citizens – i.e. employees of privately owned for profit corporate media – are not more equal than the rest.

    (7) At least five of the most egregiously biased MSM outlets from the past campaign cycle need to be publicly and permanently stripped of all White House and Executive Branch press credentials for the duration of the Administration. CNN, NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Politico all come to mind here. Let us see if they can profitably recycle aged public domain White House press release livestreamed video materials.

    If any of these entities wish to return let the CEOs first appear one on one with the POTUS during live streamed Apprentice style self-criticism sessions – xxcept that the POTUS will be asking all the questions and they will be providing the answers.

    They must be made to admit that press credentials along with FCC licenses are a public trust and not merely a franchise for favored privately owned entities to generate private profits. A chapter from Saul Alinsky needs to be deployed here. Make them live up to their present lying pretense of objectivity and also rub raw the public resentments over their evident hypocrisy and ostentatious sense of entitlement.

    (8) The White House Communication staff should wake up every morning with the same thought: “What am I going to do today to further destroy the existing MSM and foster the growth of patriotic alternate media.”


  43. Mary Hatfield says:

    Attend the Gettysburg Presbyterian Church to view the Lincoln Pew and the Eisenhower Pew to show the Office of the President continues.
    Visit the Lincoln Cottage at the Armed Forces Retirement Home to enjoy some past presidential history and have lunch with the veterans who live there.


  44. David says:

    The wall
    Here is how Mexico pays for it and we solve our logistics problem.
    We need some of their land as not to box some of our people outside the fence
    So we take their land that we need and then pay them for it which they will give that money back to pay for their portion of the wall.
    Problem solved. I hope I’m recognised for this winning Solution.


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