Of Economic Interest – Anthony Scaramucci and Stephen Miller Interviews…

Anthony Scaramucci and Stephen Miller, executive members of President-elect Donald Trump’s Transition Team, appeared on Fox News for interviews.  In a general sense the primary discussion points were Trump’s economic revitalization plans. Videos Below.

First, the Scaramucci interview.  Pay close attention at 01:30 of the first video to hear something CTH readers might be familiar with.

Perhaps, it’s fair to say this approach has become more than just “spidey sense” now.

For those who are interested in the dynamics of a Trump modern economic rebuild, the ‘outside-the-box‘ federal infrastructure financing vehicle (specifically budget neutral), we have termed “MAGA Bonds“, is also alluded to in the following video segment from Stephen Miller.


PREVIOUSLY – My spidey senses are telling me there’s going to be a rather unusual infrastructure bond program.  It would not surprise me to find Trump proposing a way to expedite $4 trillion in off shore corporate liquid assets getting repatriated, by offering a bond conversion with a zero to 5% income tax rate (basis), if the corporations repatriate the funds via Trump federal infrastructure bonds.

This alone funds the Trump infrastructure bill, and simultaneously initiates the southern border wall construction.

Those federal infrastructure bonds (containing repatriated revenues) could then be traded on the markets (returning capital to the bond holder – ie. the original off shore holding), allowing stock reinvestment, dividend payment or capital ependiture.    Just a spidey sense, a gut prediction, but very Trumpesque.

Don’t be surprised when this is the first time an executive office budget is challenged by the swamp people for NOT spending enough money.  We’ll be watching, closely. (link)



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115 Responses to Of Economic Interest – Anthony Scaramucci and Stephen Miller Interviews…

  1. HBD says:

    Lots of moving parts for a simple mind like me to keep up with. CTH helps a whole lot but I’m trying to keep up.

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    • Sandra says:

      I struggle to understand some of these economic ideas but I feel like if I hang in here and read the articles very thoroughly (and the great comments) and make my best effort to learn and understand then eventually it will make sense. What an eye opening experience this past election season has been. I cringe when I think about how ignorant I was. And I’m not a young person either, I don’t have that defense. 🙂

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      • Sandra says:

        And by the way, Sundance, you’re as prescient as Trump!

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      • heidi says:

        Sandra, our media & education system have been indoctrinating to keep public “uniformed and compliant” for decades, the focus has been on teaching “multicultural moral equivalence”, rights of various grievance groups, etc., thanks to current brave alt media, wikileaks, this forum etc., truth is being exposed in a way never available before. Thanks to those who refuse to be silenced, this is an exciting, educational time to get involved. Thank you crazy ones! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60iT640TlXE

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        • RG says:

          Let’s don’t forget that for 20 years, teachers have also been forced to focus on testing. Once we were fed sample test items, teachers were forced to teach to the test and leave anything else alone. I am guilty of having teachers do just that because our school’s performance test scores were tied to funding and in many states, teacher jobs and salaries were tied to test scores. With that command, teacher, even if they have the knowledge or ability, couldn’t focus on anything but increasing test scores. Sad but it is the Truth! I also agree that the shortage of qualified, highly trained teachers makes for an education system that is broken.

          For those of you who lack economic understanding, don’t be too hard on yourself. My dad, an old Navy man without a college education, once told me that Economics would be the hardest course(s) I would ever take in college. He was right. I took four Economics classes, enjoyed them all and realized that the math needed to understand Economics was probably beyond my high school preparation or natural ability. I always told students it was an “inexact science.” LOL


      • Jennie says:



    • I watched that last night and thought, Sean Hannity doesnt get the implications of the bomb Scaramucci dropped, which confirmed the prescient Spidey sense

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  2. NJF says:

    When Scaramucci started saying this, I literally said out loud, “holy sh$t!” And I think Hannity was tempted to make the same exclamation, but for different reasons.


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  3. The Boss says:

    Good spidey senses….
    There is more clarity today than yesterday.
    The MAGA “bonds” are looking more and more like a winning idea.

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    • repsort says:

      If you call racking up Trillions more debt winning, then I guess you’re right!
      Here’s hoping it’s used to build real things instead of funding programs like obamaphones, I guess…


      • Sandra-VA says:

        Are you paying attention? Read Sundance’s main post above AGAIN.

        This program will not rack up “trillions more debt”. It won’t create ANY debt at all.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        You need to learn how a dynamic growing economy does not rack up debt.
        Quit the college of RINO-Liberal budget thinking and go sign up for Trump Econ 101.
        And audit the class on No More Stupid Stuff.

        Growth equals lowering debt. It’s been a long time, but it’s coming to a federal balance sheet near you soon.

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  4. justfactsplz says:

    The bond program is genius. It will save time and our Congress Critters won’t be adding pork to a bill meant for infrastructure spending. This is a win win situation. I love all of this winning. Day in and day out we are winning and it feels so good after all of the rino abuse.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      A light bulb went off when I was listening to the segment outlined. The fact that it bypasses Congress is the reason that Cumming was discussing his scorched earth policies on You Tube yesterday. Nothing to do with Trump’s nepotism ( that’s just the spill over, the attack du jour). Everything with not being able to legislate, skim, steal per usual.

      Oh. Here’s a simple template on everything that Uniparty types say, act upon, scream about. “We reward our friends, and punish our enemies”. Cumming’s trying to financially
      bankrupt Trump ( punishment), negate him bypassing his tax funded honeypot (rewards to
      be determined later, for the right price). Henceforth, use the template on who wins and who loses. You’ll be suprised how simple is can become. Try it and see if you can cut to
      the chase.

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    • heidi says:

      exactly! good time to invest in bonds!

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. piper567 says:

    These interviews would be able to convey more information if Hannity would shut up once in a while…I watched these to listen to the guests…Hannity only allows for verification of what he wants to emphasize, It seems to me we miss the errant swell revelation because the whole time is so tightly controlled.
    As a result, there is an unecessary level of frutration.
    If Hannity does not have enough time to allow his guests to actualy talk, he should restructure the time intervals of his show.
    I know Hannity doesn’t need my advice, but I find less of an incentive to listen to him each time I hear him doing this.

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    • psadie says:

      All Hannity does is REPEAT and INTERRUPT when I want to listen to interesting input from guests…they have to jump in and interrupt Sean to get their thoughts known. I could take his $multi-million contract and do a better job!

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    • NorthIdaho says:

      Agree. He is so annoying. Don’t watch him much.

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    • Buck Weaver (@BuckWeaver27) says:

      Piper, that was perfectly stated. Every sentence! You just summed up why I find it incredibly difficult to watch Hannity’s show.

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    • Marc says:

      Hannity’s abrupt interviews are annoying but I find the talking head sections far worse. When he started throwing Muslim v Muslim and conservative Black v liberal Black at you midway through the show and the two sides just yell at each other for 4 minutes and get nowhere, that’s when I stopped watching Hannity. It feels like a damn diversity quota that they need met.

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    • Wend says:

      We feel the same way, it’s infuriating. Interrupting Stephen Miller!? Jeeeesh.

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    • Good point.
      Hannity is becoming the “if there’s still time & interest” show after watching Lou Dobbs & Tucker Carlson.

      We tend to tire of him after the first 20 minutes.
      O’Reilly’s Me-ism has rubbed off.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      I agree. I can barely watch Hannity for this reason. What irks me the most is that he almost tries to force HIS own agenda onto the guest’s ideas… very annoying.

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    • hificomp says:

      You guys beating up Hannity a little too much. Hannity was the first to come out on Fox and support Trump at the end of the primaries. Trump will be giving him more of himself and his staff first interviews for that support. Trump trust him. But I do agree he does need to shut up and let the guest fill out their presentation more. But he is a true conservative and thats why I watch him every night.

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  7. WSB says:

    If I am not mistaken, this is pretty much a non-Congress, private venture. Chuck Schumer was just wailing a week ago that he would have to have ‘certain’ provisions in a ‘stimulus bill’ in order for him to approve it, and for it to pass the Senate.

    So Chuck will not get his kickbacks for his unions, or anything else. Great!

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  8. Monadnock says:

    We are about to experience an economic boom the likes of which none of us have ever experienced, including those of us who were around to witness the incredible Reagan economy. It is going to massively redefine the meaning of the terms “economic growth,” etc. A year from now we’ll be reminding each other how, once upon a time, 3% growth in GDP was considered robust.

    So pay attention; don’t miss it… oh, and buckle up, because it’s going to be an amazing, satisfying, national renewal type ride.

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    • There’s no question that you are right. I foresee the very same things. Some people are writing white papers expecting 6-8% GDP growth, and even THAT may prove to be shockingly understating the potential of what’s going to happen.

      THIS COUNTRY HAS NEVER SEEN THE LIKES OF A PRESIDENT TRUMP! An accomplished MULTI-BILLIONAIRE who has been thinking on these subjects — often discussing them in interviews and among other businessmen — for 40 years!

      Watch this thing unfold…it’s going to be amazing, and we are blessed to be able to witness this phenomenal history in the making during our lifetimes. 😀

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Running it over and over upstairs for 4 decades. Watching what works, what doesn’t. Seeing what outside forces changes the equation. Doing intel on who’s benefit the new outside forces are for. He’s been performing a 40 year ongoing diagnosis on a sick, previously healthy patient. Taking a continual medical history from any and all that cross his path.

        Contrast with Obama. What he’s been doing also goes back decades, to 1968. With Ayers,
        and his merry band re doing what they attempted back when. Most of the disruption’s not
        Obama. He has others do the heavy lifting, actual thinking. His role is to write the executive orders for the revenge that Ayers and his accomplices have worked up since
        early Nam.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      People who have been looking for jobs (like me) are going to have opportunity again – I can just see it coming. MAGA.

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    • Triple whammy: energy, taxes, regulations. Our economy has struggled but moved forward with the Obama brakes on it. The Trump administration will remove the brakes and provide fuel. This is going to be awesome.

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  9. psadie says:

    The main difference is that you have a team of “successful businessmen, bankers, entrepreneurs” instead of LAWYERS who can’t tie their shoe let alone run a YUUUUUUGE country like the USA. They know better than Congress how things should be done so it makes sense and circumvents the “politics.” Another reason all these folks cry about Trump is because AMERICANS in particular will be shown how to get everything (for the most part) accomplished WITHOUT CONGRESS…so what will they do with their time? Don’t need them after all. Uh-oh.

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    • INDEED! And your comment raises another important point: The “vocation” of politics will NEVER be the same after Trump’s TWO terms. Once the nation has witnessed TRUE COMPETENCE at the executive level, EVERY other executive — from the local, to state, to federal levels — will be expected to perform similarly.

      Lawyers will soon be finding it nearly impossible for anyone to take them seriously when they run for office, outside of legal-related offices, and perhaps a few legislatures. 😉

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    • Maybe Congress could have shorter sessions, leaving time for the Congress people to work at their “real” jobs – farming, law, medicine, manufacturing, building, logging…..

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  10. You nailed it, Sundance! Great job, again! 😀

    As you’ve noted also, media types & politician “elites” have NO IDEA what they are dealing with regarding Trump. Newt Gingrich made the same point powerfully yesterday at the Heritage Foundation here:


    Trump is what? A WORLD-CLASS DEVELOPER! In fact, I would say he’s in the top 1% of world-class developers!

    And what do developers do? Put together projects — which necessarily includes FINANCING — in order to make their vision a reality. Stakeholders are brought together, agreements are reached, financing is obtained (often in creative ways), and models are turned into ACTUAL buildings/developments. In the case of developers on Trump’s level, they put together YUGE projects that require YUGE financing! Thus, his infrastructure plans are not the typical “campaign rhetoric” of “all talk” politicians. He’s a DOER…and the world is about to discover that in a MAJOR way on January 20th, 2017!

    THAT is what we are working with here in Trump as our new POTUS. He’s going to do an end-run around most of Washington DC in a way that they cannot even conceive, much less predict or resist, so that his first year achieves more than that of ANY president in US history. 😀

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  11. Shamrock says:

    Is roughly correct-

    Dividends get preferential repatriation treatment if they are used to purchase infa-structure bonds.
    The bonds can be traded in a socindary market. This releases the capital bavk to the repatriating corporation, after some additional transaction costs.
    Bonds have specific uses, to avoid additional pork additives through the traditional legislative process.
    Projects happen in a presumably more efficient manner and ideally as a nation we have valuable infrastructure improvements to show for it unlike the previous stimulus package that wasted billions and billions.

    Is the purpose of this program to fund these projects with minimal congressional input/interference?

    What is the mechanism by which this happens , a simple line in a budget bill providing this authority to the executive branch in an open ended fashion with no oversight?

    This plan continues to add to the national debt unless somehow the projects get monetized as used such as toll roads… or am I missing something?

    Can this be created via executive order? Is that a good precedent, or does it even matter at this point?

    Very interesting. So long as the person with all this power is wise. Sort of like dictators are good at getting things done until you get a Caligula.

    Thoughts and expand please.


    • Great post, excellent questions. This is so fascinating, has unlimited tentacles and could become the greatest use of $ the world has seen, maybe ever. OVERSIGHT is key

      I think is a nice in a lifetime option.

      Yes, how will this be repaid unless tolls. With that much brain power inthe works, they will come up with something, hopefully that’s good for the people and that can not be stolen from or reorganized by do gooders.

      I’m ready to buy some MAGA Bonds, can’t wait till they come out.

      I’m also retired at 54 and sell dahlias on our roadside for fun. My family were real estate investor, builders and I was the finance and contract person. They are all pasted now, but they live on in all they built, gave and helped others. I see a lot of Mr. Trump in my mom and family. We eat, drank, slept building and real estate. We worked 7 /24 which is what you do when you love what you do. It’s not work.


  12. Dale says:

    I’m trying to figure out what congress needs to approve for this financial structure… I think that they’ll have to approve the tax break as well as generally what the bond money will be used for e.g. the wall, urban redevelopment, airports, roads, etc.


    • Shamrock says:

      That is the interesting question. Can it be passed in a generic sense with use of the bonds put in control of a specified department to use as fit? For example Dept of Transportation, making McConnell’s a very powerful player and hence getting Mitch’s ? That cabinet pick as alluded to in prior blog posts now makes a great deal of sense.


      • sundance says:

        Secretary of Treasury is responsible for debt service and bond issuance.

        Congressional banking and finance committees have some oversight.

        However, this structure would work outside federal budget and not subject to the debt ceiling because the capital assets are actually given to the government. The bonds are backdropped by actual corporate money.

        (Not related by worth remembering -> Paul Ryan and John Boehner eliminated the debt ceiling.)

        The income tax rate is where you need congress

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        • Shamrock says:

          The bonds repaid at maturity from general funds?


        • India Maria says:

          Amazing how a great Patriot like Hannity seems to completely miss the enormity of $$ repatriation with Bond issuance as collateral. This is PRIVATE money, yet he keeps fretting about the “500 greedy Congressman” while missing the bombshell laid at his feet. It is increasingly annoying to have “our side” continue to think IN THE BOX with the same old, same old.

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          • psadie says:

            Hannity doesn’t understand repatriation and that is why he ALWAYS defers to his talking points…he isn’t well-informed. He has the same mantra again and again.


    • Dale says:

      Also, what will the rating on the bonds be? Will they be backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government? I think congress will have to approve that as well.


  13. wheatietoo says:

    This is similar to the way that Businesses bypass the banks and use Venture Capital to fund their projects.

    What is so beautiful to see, is a ‘business approach’ to running this country.

    Political decisions have been crippling our nation.
    That’s because making decisions based on politics rather than on efficiency, will never net the best results.

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    • Plain Jane says:

      Back in the ’70s talk was tossed around in my state that superintendents of schools should be business men instead of educators. I was on a public school board at the time. I pretty much like the idea, but nothing came of it. Now I’m thinking that perhaps some of the charter schools are run by businessmen, but I could be wrong.

      Glad beyond giddy that our government will be run by businessmen/women.

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      • rashamon says:

        Boards of education run by businesspeople; schools run by very, very smart principals who select very, very smart teachers and know how to rid the building of the do-nothings. We could turn around education, public and private, over the next four years. Get Bill Gates and zCommon Core out of the mix.

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        • litlbit2 says:

          Yes, and remove the unions, which constantly require more money! In the name of education while taxpayers labor under the massive cost of illegals, refugees etc as they build fancy sports programs. Then send out students that can not sign their name or make change without electronic aid. A disgrace!

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    • JoeUser says:


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  14. PreNanny says:

    Suggestion: Any soon to be former sanctuary city/State should be moved to the back of the line for MAGA Bond funds.

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    • rashamon says:

      No, they should be eliminated from the line. How can you teach children to respect laws if your community of adult leaders break them and brag about it?

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    • E C says:

      The problem with that is those are the places that need LOTS of rebuilding. The people that live there are not standing at the city gates protecting their sanctuary.

      Also that interferes with Trumps plan for urban renewal, cleaning up the cesspools. If this money can bypass all levels of government then it shouldn’t be held against the residents. In addition in order to get the people to change who they keep voting for they need to see tangible results. IMO it is counterproductive to withhold the infrastructure repair IF you can bypass state and local governments.

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    • Cities will naturally STOP spending on infrastructure and use MAGA Bonds instead.

      Cities will naturally CONTINUE to underfund obligations with the above breathing room.

      MAGA Bonds might require the following:
      – No Sanctuary Cities or States
      – No reduction in infrastructure “maintenance” spending (and/or set a minimum level)
      – No unfunded liabilities
      – Only after Budgets Balanced

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      • E C says:

        Yes it will buy them a little bit of time but so did the stimulus of 2009. And it’s short term. Unlike the stimulus which we found out is baked in future spending this is temporary spending. When you start putting all these conditions on this infrastructure spending it’s easy to see how “immigration reform” got bogged down. That’s a good thing of course, but people are ready for action. Think back a couple days to Jim Brown and Ray Lewis; let’s stop talking and let’s start doing.


  15. Trump is way ahead of these congress and senate! Very trumpsky! You are right SD just have to wait and see!

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  16. USinrearviewmirror says:

    DJT has used similar vehicle to finance international deals. MAGA has a slight twist, would bring tears to Milton Friedman’s eyes and broad smiles to anyone left who understands the spirit behind and the results produced by the war bond program that won WW II. Thank you God for reawakening American spirit, ingenuity and the American dream. Thank you for DJT.

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  17. India Maria says:

    Interesting to consider that as we supporters gnash our teeth and pull our hair over the political and media firestorms raging around Trump, his Transition Team is tucked away like busy beavers accomplishing some spectacular feats to MAGA, such as nearly a full Cabinet Dream Team, at such an early date. It reminds me of Eisenhower’s utilization of deceit and subterfuge to make the Germans think he was going to land at Calais on D-Day. He even used Patton as a “decoy” invasion CINC, replete with fake communique’s and painted plastic planes and tanks. Key Panzer units were kept ready near Calais, sparing our NORMANDY landing force massive casualties and possibly defeat.

    Perhaps Trump is utilizing all this Russian stuff, recount stuff, Romney stuff, to pop smoke and let his forces position themselves under the cover of these distractions. The Transition Team seems not to be fazed at all.

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    • The Boss says:

      The Transition Team is demonstrating leadership at its finest. Do your job, and let others do theirs. When business interests intersect, work as a team. When they don’t, mind your own business. Trust others to perform at the same level you demand from yourself. Provide help when asked, and ask for help when needed.

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    • India Maria: Such thoughtful insights on how Trump’s appreciation of strategic military successes will fuel modern-day applications!

      We continue to count the ways “He’s Got This”.


  18. blognificentbee says:

    That Stephen Miller, he is a gem! It warms my heart to know that he will at DJT’s right hand on policy. He will protect and inspire the President. Not tired of winning yet.

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  19. BakoCarl says:

    . . . and all this requires a mention of one of my favorite Yogiisms (the bear, not the Berra), that can be applied in spades to our new, inestimable leader:

    “Hey, Boo Boo. I’m smarter than your av-er-age bear.”

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  20. pyromancer76 says:

    The economic education, and reeducation, and innovative-ideas education on TheConservativeTreehouse is amazing to behold. Step by step a world of possibilities has been, and continues to be, newly opened to all of us readers and subscribers. I donated and was thanked with an assurance that all donations go to whatever it takes to do this amazing research, the results of which we awaken to each morning.

    A huge thank you to Sundance and crew. A huge thank you to President Elect Trump for giving patriotic Americans hope once again. We were losing hope for years and then the darkest eight years happened. Thank God for the light again, a new birth, and Merry Christmas.

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  21. EJ says:

    IF, the bonds are not backed by the US, they will be risky. This is a voluntary project, what is the incentive for companies to invest? If I am a large corporation, why not just invest the money elsewhere?


    • That why you’d receive a lower tax rate when repatriating the money. Then once the bonds are sold in the secondary market, you get your money back. Or, you may not need the money but want the (hopefully tax free ) income. That’s a lot of money and will take some time to generate/develope ideas, buy land, ….


  22. Bull Durham says:

    Very interesting process Scaramucci talks about.

    Here is the SitRep on repatriation.
    There is 2 Trillion, maybe more.
    The Congressional hearing a few years ago suggested 10% to the big companies, particularly Apple. Cook said he wanted 6% tax maximum.

    Now these companies want to keep money in their subsidiaries for overseas acquisitions.

    Trump wants it all here, and most of it for investment, not used for stock buy-backs and M&As.
    He wants the bonds backed by these big funds.
    So, 0-5% would shake the trees very substantially.

    The other spoken amount is very sub-One Trillion, like Miller said: $300 Billion. I’ve heard these low figures the last month. In other words, Wall Street and the CEOs are Jonesing for near-tax free repatriation if it isn’t going to be allowed to be kept in their hands for the next ten years. In essence, they are a sub-Treasury guarantor of the Bonds. So, the tradition is tax free, like municipal bond holders and some interest growth maybe like regular T-bills.

    I like any approach that keeps it away from Congress and gets the job done. I don’t care if they never pay tax on those earnings. Capitalism requires capex. We get a rebuilt America which will be dynamite for Americans, permanent jobs and competition with other nations, plus will bring in tens of millions of tourists to see a 21st Century USA that is drug free,crime free, safe from terror and winning again.

    Go for it. Let’s get Rich again.

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  23. Hillbilly4 says:

    The Congressional allocation-money to build the Wall is already there…has been for some time. The current POTUS just ignored it. It all starts with the Border, and ends with the Border.


  24. hificomp says:

    My Name… Bond…Trump Bond

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  25. wyntre says:

    Why does Hannity insist on inviting that motor-mouthed idiot Goolsbee on the show?

    I ALWAYS turnthe channel when I see his fugly mug. He’s one of the original Barry-boys and is just as FOS as his former boss.


  26. Elwood says:

    These bonds will be repaid from where?

    Article 1 Section 9 states in part:

    “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

    Also it states that the congress is delegated the power to borrow money. The treasury acts as the agent of congress. Congress must agree to any scheme like this. So it doesnt make sense to create some new program.

    We need to let the companies bring back their money and invest it in their own businesses. PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN GOVERNMENT JOBS.


  27. Elwood says:

    Why does Sean Hannity remind me of Jimmy Hoffa?


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