Tech Executives Gather At Trump Tower – Live Stream Video…

Today is a fun day to watch the Human Fish Tank –  Tech executives began to filter into Trump Tower for a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Tesla CEO Elon Musk (attended Sea Island), Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (owns Washington Post) and Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz were among the first to arrive.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, are also expected to sit down with the president-elect to discuss jobs, immigration policy, free trade, cybersecurity and taxes.

Live Stream Link HERE – CSPAN Live Stream Link HERE


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199 Responses to Tech Executives Gather At Trump Tower – Live Stream Video…

  1. M33 says:

    Ah, life is good…
    The winning keeps on coming!

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  2. Eastwood says:

    Making America great again, one meeting at a time.

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  3. 3x1 says:

    Did Larry Page have slimy Eric Schmidt in tow? Hope not. Schmidt was up to his beady eyeballs in Hildabeast support. Page and Brin should sack Schmidt. Stock may be high, but Google’s reputation has been wrecked, thanks to their censoring policies.

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  4. sundance says:

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    • sassymemphisbelle says:

      was the twitter nazi even invited?

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      • Mike24 says:

        Trump adds Elon Musk, the CEO of Pepsi (who we’re all boycotting – per Breitbart – for her freak out on twitter blaming white men for the loss of the election), and the CEO of Uber who wants to put all the Taxi drivers out of business to his Economic Advisory Council.

        I hope this is to take up their time and energy so they can’t do more pain to Americans and then Trump just ignores them.

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        • anthohmy says:

          I use Uber all the time, never ever ever took taxi’s. Know many others who do the same, so much of it is found business, rather than loss to taxis. Though technically lost business to others, as we are seriously contemplating the need for two cars as we only very rarely have occasion where two of us need a car at the same time.

          As my kids have reached drinking age and try that bar thing out for long enough to get bored it has been a sweet relief to send them out for the night departing in an uber, knowing they won’t be on the road.

          I just cancelled the auto insurance on the second vehicle to force a test after contemplating that it would take 57 trips in a year just to break even on insurance, never mind gas and wear and tear. There are not 57 times in a year we have a conflict and need 2 cars, so I think it is amore efficient use of resources to use uber right now.

          It’s the model of ordering the uber and watching it wend its way to my location on the app and having the transaction taken care of automatically, as well as the rating system (both driver and passenger) that I enjoy – have had some fairly gnarly taxi experiences in the (long distant) past, not one bad uber experience so far.

          Though I will admit, as I query the drivers, not all of them are factoring in wear and tear to the equation like they should be, nor are they withholding for schedule c. This was conceived of as part time work for people to pick up on the side (you show up to work by turning on your app – are not scheduled to work, can work as little as you want). People have turned it into full time work and are now demanding the benefits of being full time employees, which may squash the whole thing in the end. Other drivers do it for spending money, some use it solely to make a car payment on a more expensive car than they could otherwise own.

          By the time the court battles are over, Musk will have perfected the self driving car that will come pick me up, and I won’t have to worry about growing old and losing my license.

          I imagine there is loss to Taxi’s though – and some consideration for medallions needs to be considered, however, there aren’t enough medallions to cover the number of people who use Uber and it would never work the same way without the sheer number of Uber’s on the road. They would not be there if a medallion was in the mix, loss of supply would make service as undependable, reminiscent of people standing in the rain in NYC flagging dow taxis that drove by. I’d reinstate my insurance on 2nd car.

          So its a catch 22…


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          • spindlitis says:

            I’ve used Uber a few times. I went out to start the truck for a doctor’s appointment and it wouldn’t start. I called a cab and they told me it would take an hour or so. If I call Uber, it’s a very short wait. It has been cheaper for the few times I’ve used it when the truck was being worked on. I don’t have a preference either way, but sometimes you can’t just wait around.

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        • JSBachLover says:

          Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla.


      • NJF says:

        I don’t think he was. That was the impression I was getting from one of the pundits. They never said that directly though.

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      • Nope.

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        • NJF says:

          That’s a little bit of a gloss over. I read an article weeks ago about this issue and Dorsey really did not play fair at all.

          They signed a contract, the team developed several emojis, money was paid and then Dorsey said no to what was produced.

          That’s the short of it, but reneging on a contract isn’t something Trump is ever going to tolerate.

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          • jbrickley says:

            Twitter is a financial failure that was heavily overvalued. In October they posted a loss of $90 million compared to the same quarter a year prior. in late January they lost four key executives. The user base is flat and ceased to grow. Excluding international users who use SMS for Twitter the number fell two million. Despite the 140 character limit and the confusion of @name and @reply syntax as well as broken windows and the inability to easily follow a conversation… The blocking of 3rd party clients who did Twitter better than Twitter. Twitter’s tech is broken just as much as it’s management. Apparently, Twitter failed to pass SalesForce’s smell test as they walked away from an acquisition. Every time there’s a rumor of another acquisition, Twitter’s stock jumps. It is so over-valued. I guess someone will snatch them quickly and quietly before the stock spikes or let it fall to abysmal levels for a deal. It’s far from a pleasant platform technically and socially. Who ever buys it will have to clean up the horrific mess. I’ve been trying to use it for years and really don’t get the popularity; it’s terrible! I follow a handful of people and it’s tricky to get the info you want.

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        • jackphatz says:

          Trump needs a completely separate social network system away from Facebook and Twitter. The HATE towards us is just too huge.
          Since Trump announced he was running Facebook has removed my “like” of Trump twice! Why?


      • The daily mail said no


      • Bull Durham says:

        Dorsey was excluded. Twitter is going to be sold soon. It does not make money.
        It keeps laying off workers, so it is not a big player.


    • Oh wow, by and large, the mega techs here look kinda old and white! So, will MSM blame Mr. Trump? They certainly are all sideways about the old-white-guy makeup of his brilliant Cabinet!

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  5. yohio says:

    Was that just Krzanich?


  6. SoCal Patriot says:

    They may have been big HRC supporters, but their true gods are money and growing their companies.

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  7. maga2016 says:

    Schmidt and Sandberg are dangerous crooks

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  8. Coldeadhands says:

    Were it not for Rometty of IBM, the smugness quotient would be terminal. They should go start a backyard clubhouse with Warren Buffett. Jug Ear enablers all. Gag…

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  9. Grace Anne says:

    Would love to have the camera going in this room. Was Jack Dorsey invited?

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    • LBB says:

      They did allow camera’s for part of it. Went around table for intro’s . Trump gave an opening statement. DJT really gave big kudos to Theil. Mission to all work together for our country and to allow companies to innovate and prosper.

      Will look for exiting feedback, and who is media twists or just informs public.

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    • Bull Durham says:



  10. If this meeting follows the pattern, these tech CEO’s will emerge big fans of Trump.

    He will reassure them, he loves all Americans and all American businesses. He wants them all to be hugely successful and makes lots of money, his administration will help them do it.

    And he won’t demand tribute from them via their lobbyists.

    They will discover Donald Trump isn’t the monster they’ve been led to believe.

    Some of them might actually fall in love with him like Jim Brown.

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  11. Pam says:

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    • PE Trump is telling these tech company CEOs that he wants to work with them. “There’s a log of restrictions, a lot of problems that I think you see. And if you have any ideas on that, that would be great.” Translation: tell us how we can help you to make more money so you can hire more people here. This will be a symbiotic relationship that they can all appreciate. Win win for everyone.

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  12. Pam says:

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  13. flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable, winner says:

    Please Mr. Trump, I cannot take much more of this winning. My smile is sore.

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  14. Pam says:

    Here is the complete introduction of everyone at the meeting.


  15. flova says:

    When are we going to see tech guy extraordinaire Putin in the Trump Tower lobby? Wouldn’t that be something? I’d tune in for that.

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  16. Pam says:

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  17. Dommy says:

    As we hold our collective breaths for today’s exciting elevator egresses I just got wind of these upcoming announcements….

    Michael Moore, Independent Filmmaker: Executive Director of White House Publicity and Audio-Visual Affairs;

    John Bryant, Kelloggs CEO: Executive Meal Planner and National Diet & Nutrition Coordinator;

    Jeff Zucker, president CNN: White House Liaison to the Television Industry, News Division;

    The Right Reverend Alfred Charles “Al” Sharpton Jr., minister, peace activist, radio & TV personality: Administration Transition Coordinator, and Executive Finance Director of Community Relations.


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  18. georgiafl says:

    Obama managed to get the tech/social media to collude with him. Obama has weaponized every agency of government against opponents and these tech people eagerly allowed their social media vehicles to became another tool for that purpose.

    Being private companies made it possible to limit freedom of speech and opinion that they and Obama did not want.

    Turning the internet over to an Islamist dominated UN that wants to enforce blasphemy laws (against Islam only) is also likely to limit freedom of speech.

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  19. Pam says:

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  20. helmhood says:

    The SJW is much like the Islamic terrorist. Not compatible with a free-thinking, liberty loving people.

    None of the economic growth and job creation will matter if these companies don’t drop their social justice agenda.


  21. snaggletooths says:

    The more I watch Trump the more disgusted I am with almost all Past administrations its so obvious now to see how our Government was working against us all these years! Making other countries rich, ruining our education system, all the men we lost In the M.E & for what.
    I doubt we ever elect another politician for President again it will be businessmen and women not lefty one’s but the one’s like Trump who will watch our bottom line who will put America first.

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  22. joshua says:

    Donald Trump has much more impressive facilities than the President of the USA….that is how to make these Industry Giant Captains feel a PART of his administration….instead of being invited to worship at the Oval Office of the POTUS…..these guys are impressed with serious power and know when they are part OF IT.

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    • Ron says:

      I agree. Trump’s clout in real estate measures up to Bezo’s clout at Amazon, or Musk’s clout in the automobile industry, for instance.

      This is Trump at his most generous, and I think many of these business men and women recognize it as that.

      He doesn’t want favors, he’s trying to say, Hey, Jump in here with me and help me lift, we’re going to Make America Great Again.

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  23. MfM says:

    I looked at the pictures of those invited to the tech summit and all I could think of was they are the Dirty Dozen.

    Trump has invited them into his territory and he was putting them on notice. He’s pretty clear he wants to have a good relationship and that everyone will thrive. What is unspoken is “OR ELSE!”

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  24. Hopefully Trump is the Founder’s Mutation to create a new type of leader for America. Otherwise after a brief golden age the backsliders will let the uniparty take over again.


  25. “And these are MONSTER companies.”
    [Classic Trump: America First or You’re Last]

    So where might this go, if they don’t play ball to

    Greatest INNOVATORS?
    [Of Exported Technologies?]

    Largest JOB CREATORS?
    [In Foreign Countries]

    CONSOLIDATORS of mid-cap companies?
    [For More Layoffs?]

    THIEVES of entrepreneurs’ intellectual property?
    [As Litigation Targets?]

    [Toward Anti-Trust?]

    SUPPRESSORS of free speech?
    [Inviting 1st Amendment Prosecution or Break-up?]


  26. MfM says:

    It is interesting looking at the pictures of this meeting. Everything is well thought out. There are nameplates so it’s clear where people are expected to sit. Everything is equal – the name plates, water and chairs are all the same. The only thing that sets Trump apart are the flags behind him and the emblem on the wall above his head.

    As to his kids being there. He has been grooming them to take over his business, I’m not surprised they are there. He’s using every resource he has to get as much done as possible. I see them being there on many levels. First as someone else mentioned they are younger and come into this from perhaps a different mindset. Secondly, I’m sure there is small talk before and after and if they mingle they can pickup on things that others may miss.

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    • Educated Citizen says:

      The kids are 6 additional eyes and ears that are 100% loyal to him and in politics there is no substitute for that. The kids will tell him things that others may be hesitant to talk about, for example any mistakes he makes.

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      • Dommy says:


        You and MfM got it exactly right. I believe Mike Pence is 100% trusted at this point as well. The whole thing is probably recorded too.

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      • Nchadwick says:

        I am not bothered by “the kids” there at all — I know that “the apprentice” was reality television. However, I have noticed that Trump demeanor and way of doing business was not an “act” – -his reasoning, values and principles (if you watch those the show) were an insight then to what he brings to the White House today.

        Each show, the teams were tasked with a project, Trump would assigned a trusted person for each team to be his “eyes and ears”, then afterwards they were all summons to the “boardroom” — Trump, and both of his “eyes and ears” on one side of the table and both teams on the other side. The would discuss the project, announce the winner, and the losing team leader (for that project) would usually choose 1 or 2 people to bring back into the boardroom for Donald Trump to choose out of to fire. They would all leave, however the ones picked w/ the team leader would wait in lobby until Trump and his “eyes and ears” discussed who should be fired.

        The reason I explained (not sure if anyone watched the show).. is that many times his kids would be on the show as his “eyes and ears” (others included past winners or executives from his Trump businesses)… BUT you see him really ask them their honest opinions, and they didn’t hold back — I see the same in what you mentioned that they will tell him and talk freely and they are 100% loyal and honest when it comes to business.. in the show, when the 3 would come back in – he usually would “interrogate” them (sometimes 3 on 1) — but regardless, of what was spoken about during their meeting prior to the 3 returning – sometimes it was dependent on the intense questioning — it was HIS decision, without hesitation, at times opposite the advice he got from his “eyes and ears” — which was truly impressive.

        Sorry that was so long – but I see his kids in that role — you can see when they are introducing themselves, and his begins to speak — that Ivanka scans the table and is watching the faces of the people around the table again being the “eyes and ears” for her father, which now our country is HIS BUSINESS!

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      The family is working as a team and is very used to working as a organic whole. I am glad he has them to depend on.

      In the future this experience will undoubtedly help them. Experience and relationships are always beneficial. But that is not there same as direct benefit to an insider deal due to nepotism.

      When I think of nepotism I think of someone getting a paid job or benefits or inside deals to family members. The Trump children are not being paid or gaining inside deals/financially. They are there to serve the country and help their father.

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      • WSB says:

        Very important point, Katherine. The Trump Organization works as a small family-owned business. So, there is a culture that they are used to, and a formula that works for them.


    • KBR says:

      They are fine businesspeople in their own rights. Trump decided whom to invite, with assistance of Thiel. These “kids” are adults.

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      • flova says:

        Oh my gosh he can have those kids with him 24/7. I don’t give a flyin’ fig!

        After what the commie Muslim Marxists have done to our country, and after he won the election with the hardest work put out by a candidate I have ever seen, he has every right to surround himself with 30 family members. His motivation is not the lefty lunatics motivation they want to consolidate power and throw this country under the bus–Trump’s is the opposite.

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    • Nchadwick says:

      I found this interesting… I believe when it comes to business and probably most things with Donald Trump nothing is done half-hazard, or by coincidence… which is very impressive considering how quickly he is able make decisions, complete projects, and change direction when needed to.

      I found this, maybe of interest.. attendance and seating of the event today .

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  27. Charles says:

    Google extends conservative outreach as Trump calls tech meeting

    Liberal-leaning Silicon Valley bet heavily on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton winning the White House, and many technology companies have found themselves scrambling in the wake of Trump’s election. But Google, which forged deep ties to the Obama White House and was the largest corporate contributor to Clinton’s campaign, appears to have been caught especially off guard, Washington insiders said.

    Only 33 employees of Google and its parent company Alphabet donated $201 or more to Trump, for a total of $23,300. Clinton received donations from 1,359 Google or Alphabet employees for a total of $1.6 million. Google NetPAC, the company’s political action committee, made 56 percent of its contributions to Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

    So, what does Google give a President Elect who has everything, been elected, and doesn’t need or want your damn money.


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  28. KBR says:

    On the same utube channel that was showing the elevator,

    It is now showing the Democrats in a meeting talking about the PEOTUS, legal emoluments, and their attempt to harm him, his kids and all that! Nasty talk and maybe some here should be watching!

    Sundance! You getting this?

    It just stopped mid sentence.

    It was a panel called by Cummings. There is news media, but not a Republican in the room.
    The last speaker claims Republicans were invited, but none were there.

    It came back on.

    They are “trying to help the president” cough cough “to avoid entanglements” and “adhere to the promises he made” to his supporters. Oh how nice, the dems are concerned about the Deplorables. But “this is not partisan.”

    (Of course there is no mention of promises made by Obama, entanglements of their former candidate, or the fact that Bill Clinton clearly stated that his wife was part of his presidency!
    These *+#%wipes are too late to do a dam& thing except snarl. They were told that it was up to Congress whether emoluments were a problem. Faces fell.)

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  29. ctTrumpster says:

    The most transparent administration in history.


  30. Bull Durham says:

    All of them put together haven’t created more American jobs than Trump. And most of them want to replace Americans with H1B Indians and Pakis for one third the cost under chattle contracts that bind them to the importing corp.

    They are wealthy, but detached from America. And they are way over-rated as creative forces.
    Most made 90% of the wealth because of IPOs not revenues produced from product or services.

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  31. Pam says:

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  32. Apfelcobbler says:

    Here’s copy of the agenda:

    Create a safe space within the conference room. Clear extra elbow room next to VPE Pence for Sheryl to lean in. Remind the Tech Tots that “H1B First” is not to be confused with “America First”. Hand out “The Importance of the First Amendment” coloring books. Review the Constitution. Have pop quiz on the Constitution. Distribute participation trophies. Help Sheryl lean out so she can get out of her chair. Call recess. Arrange for future play dates.

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  33. Charles says:

    Companies Vow Tens of Thousands of U.S. Jobs After Trump Win

    Rebuild it and they will come.

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  34. Pam says:

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  35. quintrillion says:

    Not sure if this came out of this meeting. They are joining forces to stop online terrorist communication and videos

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  36. Ron says:

    Just my opinion, and I know many won’t agree, but this is how I feel.

    I don’t hold any animosity towards any of these people in that room. Lots of them are social justice warriors, yes, but that comes from a backwards belief that they are helping people who need to be helped. They do that out of compassion, they’re just completely ignorant about how it’s harmful instead of helpful.

    The main thing these people are ‘guilty’ of is the same thing you can accuse most large corporations of, outsourcing jobs.

    Donald Trump has the cure for that disease.

    I’m not going to confine myself to hatred for Bill Gates because I don’t agree with everything his charity is doing, or whatever. Bill Gates is a genius, and anything President Trump can do to work with Bill Gates to make America a better place for ALL citizens I’m down with.

    Same thing with Elon Musk. Yes, he gets a government subsidy, yes, that should stop… but the man is doing things people have said were impossible for a long, long time. Will I be driving one of his cars? No, I like my internal combustion 60’s and 70’s cars personally, but many people will. Musk is doing most of his business in America, has hired thousands of people, built factories right here in America, and I appreciate that. I’m not on the Elon Musk hate train.

    I have faith, and you may think it’s naivete, but I have faith that SOME, not ALL, SOME of these tech leaders will do more to help America after this meeting. I think that’s a good thing.

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    • fedback says:

      The difference between politicians and top business people should be that business people know how to set aside differences and work towards a common goal.
      It’s good you have faith

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  37. Mr. Morris says:

    Great idea to have titans of tech come to Trump Towers to meet with PE Donald Trump and PE Mike Pence. Except for Peter Thiel, all were part of the Hillary Fan Club and donor base. There are many Americans who are qualified to work in tech but the Titans of Tech have fired them and chosen to use H1B workers. This is not good. I hope Donald Trump hold the line on visa’s.

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  38. Pam says:

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  39. WSB says:

    Dennis Miller on BOR right now! Deliriously funny!

    Elon Musk and Trump are going to get together and create a new fragrance…Trump’s Elon Musk… and sell it at the Trump gift shop!


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