Can You Imagine How Defrosted President Stompy Feet Is?…

Oh boy, this has been one stupendously wonderful Thanksgiving weekend so far.

trump smile 3Andrew Breitbart always knew the best way to create SSH (Spontaneous ‘Splodey Heads) was to enjoy life.  Nothing makes a miserable blame-casting leftist more filled with angst and teeth gnashing rage than to see people enjoying life.

The professional white-paper analysts are calling it the Trump effect:

♦ The stock market is soaring; ♦ domestic futures are through the roof; ♦ the KPI economic indicators are all pointing to the cusp of massive economic expansion; ♦ the first 24 hours of holiday sales are exceeding all expectations; ♦ and the consumer confidence index has had the largest single two-week surge in its history.   A White Hat Salute is in order:

Trump UnitedAnn-Coulter-Smile-600x444Sarah Palin smiles


farrage-collagetrump-minority-collage-african-americantrump-farage-2trump melania and donald

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131 Responses to Can You Imagine How Defrosted President Stompy Feet Is?…

  1. Peter G says:

    Donald, you are wearing me down a bit, but I am still not tired of all the winning!

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    I hope everyone will have some fun now and enjoy Christmas and the Holiday season. We deserve to be celebrating the wonderful victory God gave us and President Elect Trump. Less gloom and more merry. Tis the season. God will finish what He started and President Trump will be sworn in. Rejoice!

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  3. YvonneMarie says:

    YEP 😀 !!!

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  4. Tonawanda says:

    Keep the joy going! We are witnessing a miracle!

    It’s hard to be humble as great as we are, but our greatness will make us the best humble folks around!

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  5. DoggyDaddy says:

    Carnac The Magnificent had presaged the liberal ‘splodey heads’ disease years ago…I’m sure it’s the same sound:

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  6. Bruce Rannin says:

    Thanks Sundance. I have such hope for America’s future.

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    This has been my message all along. The way to remove the claws of leftist/globalist influence from our country is to create a viable & booming economy, create real opportunity & restore law & order & a sense of safety in our neighborhoods

    Shallow ideologies built on social justice & racial identity, created to foster division among Americans & set people up for failure, simply can’t compete with “feel it – taste it” economic success & an overt feeling of security & well being

    Hopefully, Trumps success equates to American success, which equates to individual success for all Americans willing to work for it

    Empty platitudes & rhetoric have never been turned into success. Running this country like a business with an obligation to the stockholders (taxpayers) will

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    • Sandra says:

      I’m having similar thoughts. These good things that are already happening are good for so many people, not just a few.

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    • Guy Bee says:

      They have grabbed hold of our most cherished institutions. They need to be removed. It will not be easy. Remember 50% of this country are addicted to their drug – money, misfortune and misery. It is hard to recover from their elixir of depravation and lies. We are at the beginning of a great era if we all take responsibility for maintaining it. The generations before us took freedom for granted and let it wilt on the vine. We must do better or face the same judgment in the near future. They are just waiting to pounce. The witch is NOT dead – just in a slumber. We still have to kill it.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        Couldn’t agree more Bee. In my post, I forgot to mention removing the leftist influence from our schools & putting the MS media out of business

        We’ve lost so many generations of our young people to brainwashing, & if we don’t stop it, none of our gains will mean anything down the road

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      • Janie May says:

        Yes, but how? I wish Trump would give his supporters a task to accomplish, like become involved in some particular thing to begin to re-infiltrate certain institutions and organizations. Further to secure our future success we must cultivate like minded leaders of tomorrow and next year.

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        • Janie May says:

          I have very seriously considered “writing history” day by day. You never know some day writings by patriots may become invaluable to those who record history.

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    • 108nams says:


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  8. coldsnap says:

    Whistlin’ and skippin’ along!

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  9. Sentient says:

    He’s probably taking all of the T’s off of computer keyboards.

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  10. regedit says:

    …one is looking at these pictures and there are happy people,confident people and in fact pretty people then by contrast lefties are always sad,angry and frankly…….. ugly!!!

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  11. carterzest says:

    I was thinking….

    Nothing to see here but happy.

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  12. Kevin says:

    I remember a quote I read during the 2012 campaign that had Obama upset about Romney, if he were to win, getting credit for the economy he had built. Lol.

    Obama knows the Trump economy is going to explode.

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  13. Those pictures, I so miss the daily rallies and seeing (and being) one of those happy faces. Thanks for the Memories……but there’s more to come, thank God.

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  14. freddiemacblog says:

    The professional white-paper analysts are calling it the Trump effect

    Keep in mind that we’re only 17 days post-election — Trump hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and he’s already having such a dramatic impact. This serves to underscore just how much Obama has been a drag on our nation.

    I’d summarize the Trump effect as the power of positive thinking — he’s spent months talking about his pride in America (making America great again hinges on the belief that we’d been great before), whereas Obama/Libs emphasize our problems. We all know that our nation isn’t perfect, that we certainly need to improve, but harping on our faults only depresses us and drags us down. And along came Trump, who traveled the country and talked about things we accomplished in the past and his faith that we can accomplish even more in the future. Having an incoming leader who is already working long hours before his term officially begins is certainly inspiring to many people, including myself.

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    • Sandra says:

      I remember reading tweets on election night from crazed libs who noticed that the Dow futures had plummeted. They seemed almost happy about it, like it was their validation. How upset do you think they were when just hours later when the US markets opened there was a great rally? 🙂

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      • louche9 says:

        Sandra: When it became clear that Trump had won, the network talking heads couldn’t repeat it enough. “The Dow is cratering” was Chuck Todd’s mantra. They were so happy to be reporting something negative, with expressions that said, “See, you stupid hicks, we told you this would be a disaster.” When it later rocketed upward, they didn’t have much to say.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      They don’t call Barry the Drag Queen for Nuthin’.


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      • olderwiser21 says:

        Ha, ha, ha!!!! That was so great!! Thanks for the laugh, again! I am suffering from too much laughing this morning – kind of like too much winning – but I will take the abuse gladly:)

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  15. It feels like everyone has been holding their breath for eight years and finally, finally, we can let it out and enjoy again!

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    • bkrg2 says:

      More like holding my breath for past 20 years. Just holding my breath AND NOSE for past 8!

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    • mysticrose80 says:

      Yes, indeed. The last 8 years felt like pure hell (no matter how hard I tried to stay optimistic). I wasn’t pleased with the Bush era, but at least I still recognized my country. Obama, the evil scumbag that he is, transformed this country into Hell on Earth. So, yes, I WILL relish this victory. It is long overdue and much deserved.

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  16. Sltr says:

    Clicking my heels together in a happy dance. We won! We won! Don’t you just love it. No wonder all those progs are experiencing splody heads..

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  17. James F says:

    Even radical anti-capitalist marxists are spending like drunk sailors, pumping millions of doallars into the economies of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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  18. H.V says:

    Have a laugh

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  19. TheseTruths says:

    Love the Mac Davis song, LOL!

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  20. eksothen says:

    That song just made my day…

    God bless, Andrew B. For his work and EVERY American patriot for putting their hesrt in to ths, world changing , second American Revolution..

    I hope, soon Americans will realise the significance of electing Donald J Trump as your next American President.

    Especially for the Western world, one word describes President Trump’s election.


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  21. Dennis Leonard says:

    You know you are missing your bet,you should run her campaign in 2020.


  22. Keln says:

    Can confirm.

    Wife works at SEARs. She said they have never been this swamped. Ever.

    She is afraid of the weeks ahead with Christmas shopping, and the dreaded day after Christmas.

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  23. Pam says:

    Nope. Not tired of winning.

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  24. Libertyvibe says:

    Ugh!!! You guys! While we gloat the enemy lies in wait. We can’t afford to let our guard down. I know, I know beat the crap out of me. But somebody has to wake you up. They war is NOT OVER!

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    • eksothen says:

      No one is saying that the war is over. The majority will NOT become complacent.

      But we need to relish the wins, from the smaller battles, too.


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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Hey! We just beat the H out of them.

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        • Clickbait. Reposting a blog entry is not appropriate especially twice. There is no news there just a harangue. Yes we shouldn’t ignore Jill Stein/Soros/Clinton before Trump is inaugurated and in fact not even then but individuals can’t accomplish much to stop that axis. They have already done a big part by electing Trump. It is important now to support the process of the cabinet selection and the climate of rejoicing and hope to start strengthening America.

          Have some faith that Trump is a very savvy & aware guy who has surrounded himself with campaign experts & lawyers and he will be on this when its appropriate. The Oathkeepers are taking up the fight as well, and are setting up to contest Hillary in 3 states. The chicken little approach not only squanders the good that individuals do in uniting the Nation; it sows discord when we should be uniting. That is what Soros is counting on disheartening & fragmenting Trump’s support.

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    • “The future belongs to the dreamers not the cynics or critics.” –Donald J. Trump

      In case you didn’t realize the past 8 years were a defeat not because people didn’t fight, but because people didn’t WIN, they didn’t dream, they stayed in their bondage and chains of fear. It’s really ok to come out and be happy. Being fearful will not change a thing except your blood pressure or nerves. I read your article and you said it makes you want to “slap people.” Really?

      Is Trump worried? We have not heard about any call to action. Is this something you are concerned that somehow Trump has missed? Should we start doubting Trump and losing faith in him? In God? Trump is celebrating, and he is working; he is telling us how wonderful he is setting up his new administration. No talk from Trump about losing. So why do you speak of losing? As long as Trump stays alive and well he is going to be inaugurated. We are going to have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      Trump’s latest tweet:

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Libertyvibe, it is not gloating. It is JOY. Pure, unadulterated joy. One finds joy in past accomplishments, while simultaneously finding joy in the present while planning for the next battle’s victory. Count it all joy. Find joy in all things.

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    • fred2w says:


      The key is balance. We must be on guard for the latest Soros funded scheming like the Jill Stein recount. However, we must beware of forgetting about our victories.

      I have taken this to heart as a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center that offers abortion alternatives. What I noticed about veteran pro-lifers is how they keep going in the fight against abortion by celebrating little victories:

      An unwed teenage mother who chooses life is a victory.
      A woman who learns she is forgiven by Jesus for an abortion in her past is a victory.
      A guy who chooses fatherhood over abandoning his unborn child is a victory.
      An abortionist who quits and becomes pro-life is a victory.

      And so on.

      So, we must keep fighting while not losing our joy.

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      • Libertyvibe says:

        The picture that keeps popping in my mind is Moses and his buddies holding his arms up during battle. When they hold his arms up they win. When they don’t, they start losing. I wonder if the church is praying and fasting, as much as they were right now, as they were the week before the election? I believe celebrating victory equates to giving thanks to the one who gave us that victory, and WE SHOULD DO IT. It does not mean gloating at the expense of others. I have to admit, I am guilty of this a little myself, and have had to check myself. I do appreciate the tone of your post though. I knew I would get pummeled when I wrote it. I even knew the ones who would do it, and I was correct. Even got reported to the mods. That’s what you get.


  25. Joseph says:

    Donald Trump is the Anti-Obama. Two men could not be more different: one sad, divisive, and anti-American and the other happy, uniting, and proudly pro-American. God bless Donald Trump! MAGA!

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  26. quintrillion says:

    Sundance is the happiest humble intelligence on the internet, The treehouse one big hallelujah.

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    • ufferndan says:

      Dear Santa:
      All I want for Christmas is to see PET on tape performing ‘it’s hard to be humble’ karaoke style, wearing his new cowboy hat.


  27. LP says:

    Bye Bye Obama.

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  28. Emily says:

    Oh let’s not forget the the Dodge Ram “Praise” commercial which debuted T-day…the Trump effect!

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  29. mg says:

    Rubber room construction for the exploded heads could be the largest construction boom on earth.

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  30. Mike says:

    Headline below Castro death, Black Friday sales breaking all known records! LOL! I know I have been shopping! First time in years that I have done that, knowing that I can afford it! Work is already coming back in my industry! Just announced the other day, a company that was moving to Mexico here in Michigan is now staying, hiring and expanding! That is just one of many that I have heard of…

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  31. ZZZ says:

    My question is –> WHY would anyone fight these things and want more of the same as we have experienced these past 8 years?

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  32. Midnight Rambler says:

    Let the sunshine….let the sunshine in…

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  33. Give it time says:

    So right on the money! It has been a wonderful weekend watching the left implode. I wonder what the excuse will be when the recounts show Trump winning by more!

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  34. India Maria says:

    Happy Days Are Here Again! AND, we are not going to have WW III !! And Russia is now an ally…..I wonder if Breitbart is going to do a poll to ask “Do you want Putin appointed as a Trump Ally?”……..

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  35. fred2w says:


    Thanks for the timely post.

    Do we have challenges after 8 years of Obama and decades of progressivism in higher education, politics, and popular culture? Sure.

    However, you are right that we really win against progressivism by fighting as happy warriors in the spirit of Reagan, Breitbart and now Trump.

    Just my two cents.

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  36. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Great thread – Thanks all!

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  37. jwingermany says:

    That photo of Trump and Farage in the lift is simply HISTORICAL!

    Those shit eating grins just bust me up every time I look! I am literally laughing out loud! I’m in tears!

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  38. georgiafl says:

    I just want an ‘arress.’
    ….actually several.
    …actually dozens, well hundreds.


    Put Obama in the slammer.
    Put the Clintons in the clink.
    Put Holder in holding.
    Put Lynch in the pinch.
    Put Reid and McCain in lots of legal pain.
    Take away all their gain.

    Would be great if they could get Sharpton and Crump on something as well.

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  39. The pictures of Nigel smiling just have me laughing this morning. Perfect, just perfect!

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  40. barton2016 says:

    Low energy Jeb is a bit frosted too. Best year ever!

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  41. SSI01 says:

    And Hillary and Stein want to reverse this upward surge and send it swirling around the circular porcelain file by demanding recounts. . . . .

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  42. susiepuma says:

    Yep…happy days are here again but I am still waiting for our voice, our messenger (proclaimed over and over and over in every rally) to appoint a Conservative, a Christian, an Evangelical, even an ordinary American citizen to this overloaded GOPER, neverTrumper, bushie loaded cabinet that has been appointed to so far…………………………

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  43. labrat says:

    Interview on NH Today radio this morning on the ride home: Local restaurant owner said this is the most optimistic he’s been in 10 yrs. Looking to open several new stores in the next couple of years. Not even sworn in and the jobs are already coming.

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  44. jmclever says:

    Hee Haw salute.


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  46. EJ says:

    I bought a vehicle – a FORD b/c they did the right thing after a little arm twisting and the vehicle is made in my hometown so I am supporting the locals as well. I happy to show my confidence in President Elect Trump.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!


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