Thursday November 24th – Open Thread

Tomb of the Unknown ChristmasOur Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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259 Responses to Thursday November 24th – Open Thread

  1. Beenthere says:

    Here’s a little fun for all:

    Not only is Mexico going to pay for the wall, they might even build it too.


  2. dman777blog says:

    Happy tday 😉

    “Pair charged in explosive device at elementary school; planned to shoot cops, start race war”


  3. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Thankful for so much this year. Praise God!

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  4. zephyrbreeze says:

    John F. Kennedy
    “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

    [Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1963]”


  5. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  6. SteveInCO says:

    Waaaaaah! None of my safe spaces are open today! 😦

    (Gun stores and ranges generally close for Thanksgiving.)

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  7. Elwood says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I found this site during Trump’s campaign. It has saved me much yelling at the TV. Did enjoy watching the talking heads go crazy on Nov. 8 though.

    And thanks to all who provided horseradish sauce recipe ideas on yesterday’s thread. I settled on a simple 322 recipe idea and was huge hit.

    3 tblsp horseradish
    2 tblsp real mayo
    2 tblsp sour cream
    Sprinkle sprinkle ground mustard
    Dash Worcester

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    • georgiafl says:


      Simple is best for my age group cooking….unless we are trying to replicate a memory and our Mama or Grandmama’s recipes.


  8. georgiafl says:

    Whilst I was cooking the old song Joy in the Morning (a Biblical reference) came to mind.


  9. georgiafl says:

    Soooo true – my chicks are scattered and I’m cooking just for me today.

    Thanks to all the Treepers – Sundance, our fearless, beloved leader and the Best Moderators and Commenters in the blogosphere!

    Thanks to Mr. Trump, his family and staff, the Secret Service and many other people who supported him behind the scenes.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Thanks most of all to God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the GOD of Love, Truth and Life,
      Who had mercy upon us and prevented another corrupt Clinton administration.
      Who will never lose power, never be dethroned or defeated,
      Whose HOLY WILL is always best.
      Who will always be in control.
      Forever and ever, Amen.

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    • Janie M. says:

      georgiafl, I’m with you in spirit. So….. now, pass me the turkey wing. Did you make a pie? I am especially fond of pecan and pumpkin. 😉

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      • georgiafl says:

        No, didn’t make turkey or pie – roast chicken, orange sauce, brown rice, broccoli, squash/zuccini casserole and apple cobbler. Forgot to buy ice cream or cream to whip…. just the bare minimum.

        Got to go for a walk around the neighborhood with little 6 yo granddaughter after they returned from their trip. That was the hit of the day! She’s my anti-depressant for sure!

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        • Janie M. says:

          Hahaha… I did a roast chicken also (just my son and I this holiday), did make dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and rolls. Yeah, the little sprites can certainly brighten up your day. Glad you had that. ❤

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  10. Bugsdaddy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving……

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow……

    We are so thankful this year, and having President Elect Trump wasn’t even on of them until a few short weeks ago.

    Thanks treepers you have always raised my spirits over the last couple of years.

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  11. lastinillinois says:

    Just a note to say thank you to the recruits from Great Lakes Naval Station who came out to Wauconda to help us kick off our 4 mile run around the lake (benefitting local food pantries).

    Or, if you have a loved one out here today, please know that they will be well fed and taken care of.
    And that their service is much appreciated.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

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  12. I wish a very happy Thanksgiving to– and for– Sundance and all the readers of this blog. Everyone here did his or her part, large and small, to help with the campaign. Some made calls, some wrote blogs, some went door to door, lots of us prayed.

    I recall reading an obituary a few months ago in which the deceased had requested, instead of flowers, that everyone vote for Trump. He didn’t live to cast his vote, but his dying request was to remind others to do their part. That’s the kind of attitude that makes America special.

    While most of us are with family and friends, many are working today: police officers, firemen, soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, and so on. We are very thankful for them and all that they do for all of us.

    I’d like to offer this prayer of Thanksgiving from the 1928 Episcopal prayer book:

    MOST gracious God, by whose knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew; We yield thee unfeigned thanks and praise for the return of seed-time and harvest, for the increase of the ground and the gathering in of the fruits thereof, and for all the other blessings of thy merciful providence bestowed upon this nation and people. And, we beseech thee, give us a just sense of these great mercies; such as may appear in our lives by an humble, holy, and obedient walking before thee all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost, be all glory and honour, world without end. Amen.

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  13. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Dora says:

    Here He Is! 🙂

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  15. Dora says:

    A lot of security. I’m glad everything went well.

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  16. decisiontime16 says:

    “Now, Therefore, I, Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States, do hereby set apart Thursday, the twenty-sixth day of November next as a day of general thanksgiving and prayer, and I recommend that on that day the people shall cease from their daily work, and in their homes or in their accustomed places of worship, devoutly give thanks to the Almighty for the many and great blessings they have received, and to seek His guidance that they may deserve a continuance of His favor.


  17. I don’t post often but I read every day and you folks here, Sundance in particular, have given me hope when I fell for the deceitful machinations of the media and also the condescending assurance of my husband that I was soon to be bitterly disappointed by a Hillary landslide. I wasn’t. So Thanksgiving this year for me is a delicate affair (no politics) but giving thanks I am. I am secretly jubilant and I am very grateful for lots- including this site and the good folks who comment here. Let the healing in my house begin!

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  18. Dora says:

    A quake and a hurricane. Bad stuff.

    Pray for them.


  19. georgiafl says:

    Please pray for Israel – fires in several areas this small country may be terrorism.

    Several countries are sending fire-fighting planes and a ship to help.

    Families have lost homes and all possessions.

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    • Janie M. says:

      georgiafl, it is my understanding (believe the article was at the Gatestone Institute), Hamas offers Palestinians bounties for Israelis they kill or whose homes they destroy. They also pay a larger bonus to the families of any Palestinian who loses his/her life while waging jihad against an Israeli.


      • georgiafl says:

        Ugly. Pure ugliness.

        There are no words to describe the rabid hate, abuse, barbarism, slavery, drug trade, etc. that emanates from Islam, even its core texts.

        When Mr. Trump says there is no moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam, he is speaking truth.


  20. kinthenorthwest says:

    Pray for Israel

    Inflammatory social media posts celebrating widespread fires in Israel go viral in the Arab world as blazes rage in the Jewish state.

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  21. MK Wood says:

    Here are two classically trained cellist who have gone outside the box. Luka Šulić (29 yo, Slovenia) and Stjepan Hauser (30 yo, Croatia). Both studied in the UK. Together they are known as 2Cellos.

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  22. nwtex says:

    Just another low key holiday for the Kardashian/Jenner clan.
    Could not be more beautiful imo!!!!


  23. nwtex says:

    Mustn’t forget the child’s table.
    It’s all so tastefully done!

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  24. A pilgrim educates a Progressive about Thanksgiving and how Socialism failed:


  25. F.D.R. in Hell says:

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  26. The Tundra PA says:

    lilbirdee12’s prayer:

    Our Heavenly Father, Your children come to you tonight to ask for healing and peace throughout our country so that we may return to being One Nation Under God. Guide us to be leaders in Your Kingdom, spreading Your Love and Salvation to all. Forgive us our sins and deliver us from evil. Lord, we ask for a blanket of protection over all our troops and law enforcement who serve to defend and protect us. Bless our representatives with the strength and wisdom they need to achieve the path You have chosen for us.

    Please place Your Guardian Angels of Protection around Donald Trump and Mike Pence as they seek to lead America back to You.

    Grant us patience, Lord, as the evil ones try to anger us and cause us to fall.

    Spread blessings over Israel and Netanyahu.

    We humbly ask that You please comfort those who are grieving and in pain.

    Thank you Father, for Your Love and the gift of Life.

    In Jesus name, we pray. Amen

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  27. georgiafl says:

    There are numerous suspicious fires all around Israel. Homes destroyed, people displaced.

    The works of Islam are not pretty or good. It is not OK just because Mohammed invented a religion and appropriated old and new testament Biblical figures into his new religion. From its inception, Islam has been barbaric, aggressive and human rights abusive.

    There is no moral or spiritual equivalence. Islam is not a great or good religion – as its fruit: its history, books, preachers, actions, doctrines, traditions and current events prove.

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    • lastinillinois says:

      Agreed on all points.

      Too bad we can’t just put that issue to rest once and for all.
      (I mean, I know we CAN – we have the technology – but we can’t. Know what I mean?)

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  28. Sherlock says:

    MSNBC: Stein recount move is attempt to delegitimize Trump presidency.

    (In a rare moment of truth). Personally, I think the Clintons are behind it. Stein couldn’t raise $50 bucks on her own.

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  29. Vast majority of Americans probably don’t know the first Thanksgiving was in the south and God was at the center of the celebration

    “As instructed by the London Company, Woodlief prayed: “We ordaine that this day of our ships arrival, at the place assigned for plantacon, (meaning plantation) in the land of Virginia, shall be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God”.

    America’s first official English speaking Thanksgiving had just occurred, one year and 17 days before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts and almost 2 years before the pilgrims held a 3 day Harvest Feast with their Indian friends, which is referenced in some materials today as the First Thanksgiving.”

    May God continue to bless our country and show favor to his people


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