Paradigm Shifts in National Security Apparatus…

Far away from the chaotic banter of political discourse, a small network of patriots have come together – yet few, if any, will ever elevate their mindset to notice the significance of their assembly.

Specifically, this Thanksgiving, we stand thankful for, and raise our glass toward, General James Mattis and General John Kelly.  Both have joined ranks with Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA), General Michael Flynn (Nat Sec) and Representative Mike Pompeo (CIA) to unite behind President-Elect Donald Trump and stand the gap after a long 65 year void.


The last retired General to run the Department of Defense was George C Marshall in 1950-1951, and he was only brought in for one very specific year. Thereafter the DoD has been headed by various business and political officials, with a smattering of institutionally academic military leaders.

We have previously presented the outline of black hats and white hats within the various domestic law enforcement and national security discussions. However, seemingly invisible to all but those who are paying very close attention, is the dawning of a new security era focused on civic defense and national restoration.

The larger dose of joy comes not from waiting for the historic writing of this time; but rather to notice these exact moments when we are within them.

With General Mattis as most likely Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, General John Kelly interviewed – potentially as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a top-of-class West Point graduate in Mike Pompeo brought in to take over and undoubtedly purge the CIA, and a lame duck struggle breaking out over NSA with Admiral Mike Rogers, the implications are pretty obvious.

mike-pompeomike-flynn-2NSA Director Rogers participates in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington

[L-R Mike Pompeo, Gen. Michael Flynn, Admiral Mike Rogers]

The white hats we have needed within the national security and intelligence departments are responding from a select group within the Defense Department.

Mounting evidence supports the ongoing thesis that DoD has actually seceded from the political elites; and with the election of President Donald Trump, they are poised on the horizon to reconstruct a nationalist-minded defense and security apparatus. This is the fundamental paradigm shift many have discussed, yet few imagined possible.

While it is prudent to avoid direct discussion of what footprints signal the evidence toward this seismic shift, we would be remiss if we did not say it’s worthwhile to pay close attention to the behavior of the congressional oversight apparatus, the “intelligence Gang-of-Eight”.

1. Speaker of House. 2. House Minority Leader. 3. Senate Majority Leader (McConnell). 4. Senate Minority Leader (Schumer). 5. Chair of House Intelligence Committee, and the 6. senior minority party committee member. 7. Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, and the 8. senior minority party committee member.

It will be interesting to see how the oversight members respond to a new direction.

As this security evolution unfolds, we can also anticipate the diminishing ‘black hats’ (those elites with a more globalist-minded/interventionist/ideological world view) will use media signaling to undermine the new assembly; as evidenced within a story from today, that does not come as a surprise.

Once you teach yourself to stay elevated and notice how the system is being constructed, the black-hat-friendly media responses become entirely obvious.

We are living in the moments when history is made.

Enjoy this.

trump standing in gap

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266 Responses to Paradigm Shifts in National Security Apparatus…

  1. Joan says:

    I know President-Elect Trump wants to unify the country – but Romney would never help him do that. Romney is a snake. Period. Just like Trump’s story of the snake.

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    • tax2much says:

      Mr. Trump wins on several fronts by considering Romney.

      It is great PR that shows Mr. Trump to be a magnanimous winner and willing to reach across the aisle. It was also painfully obvious that the never Trumpers made a significant dent in the monster vote. Mr. Trump nearly lost Arizona and his Republican vote was much lower than it should have been across the country.
      The SofS position under Mr. Trump will be nothing more than an errand boy position who is good at collecting the defense monies from our “allies” and “friends”. Romney is a very fiscally competent manager who would fit right in with that crowd.
      It soothes the RINO faction of the party and buys Mr. Trump a bunch of cooperation that he will need in the first 100 days to achieve his legislative agenda. Many of us will grumble about the selection, but ultimately will not cause us to abandon our belief that Mr. Trump will do his best to achieve our goals.

      While I personally would not consider Romney for any position, Mr. Trump is a much bigger man than me and definitely a better strategic thinker.

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  2. Farook Al Bernstein says:

    What part of ‘you have no power anymore’ do Democrats not understand?

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  3. barton2016 says:

    In other words he’s not listening to the war monger fat cats like Dick Cheney who only go to war for huge defense contracts

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  4. flyingtigercomics says:

    And in a delicious piece of Thanksgiving irony, Flynn will have to give up Turkey for his new job.

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    • James O'Malley says:

      I was curious about this…if he’s selected he’ll likely be required to take a pro-Egypt stance, correct? That’s one concern people have had.


  5. Diana Prince says:

    Relief– just profound, soul-comforting relief I’m feeling with these defense appointments! I actually didn’t realize the depths of my own sadness, frustration, and despair for our national defense under Obama until Trump began naming these strong, competent patriots to our defense administration. Thank God!! We really and truly have reason to be optimistic, and calmly confident with these American patriots at the helm of our national defense. I’m a USAF officer Desert Storm veteran, and I trust these white hats to do the job. Thankful! Jan 20 can’t come soon enough for me!

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    • Jim Rogers says:

      I join you in celebrating DJT’s selections and appointments for our defense! I, too, am a former USAF officer, no longer active, but with my oath intact! I’m hopeful we will see an end to the “woosie-fication” of our armed forces and a quick return to a strong, proud military! Under the soon-to-be ex-president, our military has been reduced to programs of experimental and detrimental Political Correctness…..

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    • Remington says:

      Thank you..Diana..So well said. I have to say I could’ Not stand myself for the last eight years. just sick to death walking around with t h at 1,000 yard stare. Since President Trump took it all, I’ve discovered my world famous sense of humor…..I feel like I’ve been….”exhumed”.

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    • Old CrewDog says:

      D’ya think I should change my username to “HeyNav”…. or is that a little too ‘inside baseball’? 😉


  6. LULU says:

    From the archives (2010), an excellent insight into General Mattis:

    Among Marines

    Linked in this excellent current article:

    Mattis for Defense: Making Civil-Military Relations Great Again

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  7. “However, seemingly invisible to all but those who are paying very close attention, is the dawning of a new security era focused on civic defense and national restoration.”

    I hope this means that all those “forest fires” will no longer burn out of control. A couple of years ago when I was driving through a pine forest in eastern Washington I saw two Middle Eastern looking men just standing on the edge of the forest, near the road, with absolutely no reason to be stopped in such an isolated spot. Later that weekend there was a forest fire in that area near that very spot. Go figure. My sister says there a many unusual forest fires in North Carolina. Both of these states have a large forestry industry.

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  8. John Baker says:

    I’m so very happy we won. I had my doubts. I was ready to build my bunker to ride out the finishing Obama administration destruction of our country through a Hillary administration.

    I’m so happy I time to work on my bunker casually.

    That said, I am very disappointed in some of what the media are telling us Trump is doing or picking or coming to their side quickly. I never trusted them to tell us the truth so while I’m not really happy with some of the picks and talking heads, I will still have faith in Trump to do the right thing in the end. He’s going to have my support until the day he he no longer is worthy of it. Come day 100, I’ll make a new judgement, but until then I am so happy he’s going to be my President!

    Any chance we can move Obama out early if we all chip in and pay for it to give him a no cost move? It’s something he might like. We could even move him to Cuba and buy him a perm residence there with a nice go fund me account 🙂

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  9. kingjulianx says:

    I’m usually rational! But I think Jill the whore of Babylon Stein is pushing this veteran over the edge with her smug smile while being interviewed about getting the recount in on time. It’s time to hold people like this accountable for dividing the country more.

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  10. Trump4President says:

    Embarrassed red face: I was not familiar with the EZ verse. What an apropos verse for what we’ve been up against with the “O” Administration.
    I confess that I thought this article was about Nehemiah. “The officers posted themselves behind all the people of Judah who were building the wall. Those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other, and each of the builders wore his sword at his side as he worked…. So we continued the work with half the men holding spears, from the first light of dawn till the stars came out.” ~ Nehemiah 4:16 – 4:21

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  11. I like the “related story” link in the NBC piece about Trump attending only two national security briefings: “Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Now Over Two Million”.

    How exactly is that a “related story”?

    Oh, yes – must undermine and de-legitimize Trump.

    OK. Here’s what you do, Hillary supporters:

    Take those two million popular votes and a $5 bill into Starbucks. That’ll get you a nice cup of coffee.

    Or, if you don’t like coffee write that 2 million votes headline on a soft piece of tissue paper. Keep it next to the toilet and use it to wipe your bottom when you make a poo.

    Get it? Got it? Good.


  12. lbmomblog says:

    no worries on my end, I read the Treehouse. Get my news from you.

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  13. anarchist335 says:

    sundance, thanks for defining black hats. I had a more sinister idea of the term. This is quite bad enough! “‘black hats’ (those elites with a more globalist-minded/interventionist/ideological world view)”

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  14. Eastwood says:

    Rename it back to the Department of War.

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  15. William Ford says:

    Democrats will make one final attempt to overturn the election. They will seek recounts in MI, WI and PA. Since election day the black ops people in the DNC (the folks who brought you the paid thugs sent to disrupt Trump rallies and plan massive organized vote fraud) have been printing bogus absentee and mail ballots and storing them in various polling places and will claim these “legitimate” ballots were misplaced and now must be counted. This will require court decisions in these states to allow this. But we all know judges make voting counting decisions on purely partisan basis. Judges appointed by Democrat politicians will vote to count ballots favorable to Democrat candidates. It will be easy to wipe out Trump’s win in MI (10,700 votes) and even WI (27,000 votes). PA where the margin is 68,000 votes will be more difficult but still possible. The GOP and RNC is ill prepared to counter the legal maneuvering because it is poorly prepared as usual wher as the Democrats relish and plan for these opportunities to exploit political corruption. Hold on it may not be over yet. Massive civil protests on behalf of Trump would be helpful but middle class voters are not organized for such things as the left is.

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    • missmarple2 says:

      If you think Trump isn’t prepared for this you haven’t been paying attention. They had a fleet of election attorneys ready to go before the election. I am certain that those people are still on call and will head to the appropriate states in a New York minute.

      Trump has cards in his deck he hasn’t played. I would suggest having confidence in him and not going around spreading gloom and doom.

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    • FL_Guy says:

      President Trump is not a typical R. He will not allow his election to be stolen. Count on it. MAGA

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    • Dennis Leonard says:

      You and Steven King should get together and write a book.


    • James O'Malley says:

      But will the recounts even happen? Supposedly Michigan already (twice) confirmed their results, and PA won’t even consider it without a judicial hearing and decree (supposedly).

      How seriously should we take this “recount”(


  16. Oldtradesman says:

    Sundance writes: “With …. a lame duck struggle breaking out over NSA with Admiral Mike Rogers, the implications are pretty obvious.”

    The flap over Admiral Rogers is not something three lame ducks like Obama, Ashton Carter, and James Clapper will succeed in carrying out. Here’s why:

    (1) The Democratic administration is finished.
    (2) Just setting up a new, independent Joint Command as proposed for US Cyber Command requires legislation and appropriations.
    (3) These Joint Command Commander-in-Chiefs all require Senate confirmation because they are considered to be cabinet level positions.

    Ker Plunk!


  17. coldsnap says:

    Once again, we see God’s Almighty Hand at work. At times, we don’t even keep mustard-seed-sized faith, yet He is ALWAYS there. Thank you for restoring our land and people, Father God!

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  18. moe2004 says:

    I still keep pinching myself, we won! MAGA

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  19. Paco Loco says:

    I sure want to be alive four years from now to see the results of all of this winning!


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