Wayne State Police Officer Shot – Black Male Suspect BOLO Issued…

BOLO: 5-feet, 11-inch black male in his 40s with a slight build beard wearing a white T-shirt with white and black lettering, a skull cap and a brown jacket.

DETROIT – A Wayne State police officer has been shot off-campus in the Woodbridge area of Detroit Tuesday evening.


The officer was shot in the head, according to Detroit Police. The canine officer is in critical condition and has been hospitalized. He was in surgery at Detroit Receiving Hospital as of 8:25 p.m.

The incident happened in the area of Lincoln and Brainard streets, near Grand River at about 6:30 p.m., just west of the Lodge freeway, according to a spokesperson with Wayne State University police.

Police are searching for a 5-feet, 11-inch black male in his 40s with a slight build beard wearing a white T-shirt with white and black lettering, a skull cap and a brown jacket.  A perimeter in the area has been set up with police looking for the suspect. Canine units and a helicopter are searching the area for what is described as a massive manhunt. He may be homeless.

“We have an American hero right now suffering from a gunshot wound we are asking for prayers,” Chief James Craig said.

Wayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt said that the officer is in his late 20s and is a five-year veteran of the department. It is the first time in history a police officer at the school has been shot. The suspect was on foot but it is not clear why the man was stopped by the officer.

“Most of the details we don’t have right now,” said Holt, adding the officer was by himself at the time in a single patrol. “He stopped and investigated the subject, backup was en route and found the officer shot.

“He is a tremendous officer, very young, very pro-active. He is ingrained with the community, he reaches out to slain officer families all over the country. He is a very caring officer.”

Police are not naming the officer yet and have the officer’s weapon. It is unclear if the gun was used to shoot the officer or if the suspect had his own gun. The same WSU officer who responded to the scene as backup, is the person who transported the officer to Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that the suspect was riding a blue BMX bike with a chain wrapped abound the seat post.

“It is a unique bike and we are asking for the public’s help,” Craig said.  (link)



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  1. dianeax says:

    We need the law and order President STAT.

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    • Juzjon says:

      Sickening……. so very wrong. Soon (hopefully) help is on the way :~(

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      Really truly praying this madness stops—Praying for the protecting hand of the Lord to cover ALL of America’s LEOs.
      May the Good Lord’s comforting healing hands hold the officer, his family and co-workers.

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    • churchladyiowa says:

      OMG! My granddaughter attends Wayne State. Several hours ago I talked to our son-in-law who told me my daughter had gone into Detroit to pick up our granddaughter. for the Thanksgiving holiday. He was expecting them momentarily, and that would have been 8:30 (two hours after the shooting).

      Our granddaughter has a full tuition scholarship to Wayne and has been there several years. Right after the election, black male students who had always been pleasant to her suddenly targeted her and three friends in the cafeteria. They stalked around their table like Indians circling a wagon train, hissing “F*** you, Trump voters!” That weekend my son-in-law made a special trip into Detroit after our granddaughter called home to tell them what was going on.

      I couldn’t believe that the administration would tolerate this kind of behavior, not to mention the fires the Trump protestors set on campus. “Mom,” my daughter explained. “The administrator is black and apparently totally sympathizes with the protestors judging by his silence.” Another sidelight to this is the fact that Wayne’s policy is that any black student who graduates high school in Detroit gets a free ride to Wayne. Our granddaughter commented that the majority of these students end up flunking out because the Detroit high schools pretty much stink on ice. “What incoming black freshmen know is equivalent to what I knew in 7th grade,” she said.

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    • Libertyvibe says:

      Well, we might not get one if we don’t wake up.
      There is a concerted effort to overturn the election results. You think it can’t happen? Jill Stein and her Greenies are angry about Global Warming, and she has joined Cankles in her fight to overturn results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. You will see the headline “recount” and scoff. But that is NOT what they are doing. They are saying that there is a disparity in Hillary’s votes between her paper ballots verses her machine votes (.7%) . This disparity proves racism, and deserves to be squared up. When you square it up, she wins the election. All it takes is a crooked judge, and a few other crooked calls. My point? We can’t afford to be arrogant. We can’t afford to not fight, or ignore what is going on, WAKE UP! THIS ISN’T OVER!


  2. bofh says:

    Getting uglier and uglier as the 0bama presidency circles the drain…

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  3. What a total loser he is.(OBummer) Black people should shun him forever.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Oh no – Obama should have to live in the ghetto/projects with his people he has kept on food stamps, etc.

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      • Bull Durham says:

        His people are in Kenya or Indonesia or Qatar or Saudi Arabia. They aren’t anywhere in the USA.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Unfortunately Obama is going to continue to live in DC until their oldest daughter has graduated from High school. he will still be there mouthing off while Trump is President. He even threatened to break with tradition about former presidents criticizing the new elected President. What a piece of garbage he is! No doubt the worst president in US history!

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      • In AZ says:

        He has three multi million dollar mansions in exclusive all White areas…..DC, California and forget where the other is.

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  4. Eric Herman says:

    The perp nation must be crushed. DJT will do just that! Prayers for the wounded.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      The media, obama, and his supporters are culpable in these cop shootings.

      They’re not smart enough to realize it, but it’s on them.
      Inciting people with a sub 70 IQ to shoot police officers should be a crime.

      And they wonder why “that word” won’t go away.
      I believe that it applies to all of the above mentioned.
      They personify it so well.


  5. sunnydaze says:

    I think we all need to pray for this mans complete recovery.

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  6. annieoakley says:

    Late 20’s. I have a nephew rookie Cop in his early 20’s. He loves his job.

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  7. booger71 says:

    This is a coordinated attack against the police by the BLM.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      And the Dem Party and their MSM backers/supporters, CNN being Exhibit # 1.

      They fueled this fire and they are still doing it now.

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      • Yes, has everyone noticed the #TrumpRiots have all but faded away as the kids get bored with it? This is the real hard core, ‘allegedly’ paid via Soros moveon.org and BLM, last stand. AG Sessions DOJ will be very busy cleaning this up.

        Cultural marxism is actually the real enemy and always has been.

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        • sunnydaze says:

          heh. Friend of mine who lives in Portland, Ore. said a couple days ago that there are still “protestors” (tho smaller group) but that the “protest” has morphed away from anti-Trump into anti-Pipeline.

          The Left always does this. But this race thing will be more difficult because the MSM and Dem Party are using it as their last card. They just keep pumping away.

          And this poor policeman got caught in their crossfire.

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  8. fleporeblog says:

    This is so heartbreaking to read each and everyday. The fact that no one seems to care in the MSM and our POS President infuriates me.

    Does this get worse during DJT’s first few months as President? Do they try to cause as much chaos as possible when he takes over? I really wonder. What will put a stop to this? Is Trump’s presidency the antidote?

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    • Regedit says:

      White supremacists are dusgusting??
      Oh Yeah- at least they dont kill people
      San Antonio, Florida, the despicable bus driver in Tennessee-yes im a racist – crucify me- had enough of this bull* hit

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      • flova says:

        I think the police and we the people need to start making some noise ourselves–what about finding a way for millions to get to to DC and stand outside the DOJ like the cop haters and Trump haters stand outside Trump tower.

        Trump is meeting with the enemy-the MSM hwo have incited all of this-I don’t get it. Why not have a million of us including police officers go to New York Times building and confront these accomplices to murder.

        Come on Mr. Trump. They are going to ratchet this up before Jan 20 and probably after too. The Obama-controlled MSM is to blame.

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        • Singingsoul says:

          This is going to get worse after Trump is in. Evil forces do not want him to succeed.
          Prayers for healing for the young man and for strength .

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          • sunnydaze says:

            No, Singing, it will get better.

            With the help of God, Trump and his supporters will move the MSM and enemies out of the way.

            Then Trumps real message of Unity of will prevail.

            Hello! That’s what has happened every step of the way for almost 2 years now. Why the heck would it stop now?

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    • Odds are that it does get worse, fleporeblog… sadly. I think not only Trump’s actions as a President for ALL Americans, we are the antidote.

      With all the concern, handwringing, pearlclutching and near trolling over the media crap being spewed right now, my question would be to those doing so… what have you already begun working toward to MAGA?

      Alderman, city council, even school board??? Anything more than just spectator/commenting?

      It’s each and every one of our duty.

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  9. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    Has the San Antonio shooter been caught yet?

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  10. Summer says:

    BLM must be labeled terrorist organization and held accountable. This is war.

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  11. SF says:

    The same?
    Back in August?

    … Police have since identified the suspect as Deangelo Davis, and say he is considered armed and dangerous. Police say he is a convicted murderer on a case out of Minnesota, for which he is currently on parole.


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  12. When our spirits leave our bodies there is no skin color. The hue of the outside of the body is meaningless. It’s the MEMBERSHIP and alignment based on the outside body. It’s flippin 2016, the 21sst century. There is no black race. The race is NEGROID and one attribute is brown and/or black skin. There is no white race. The race is CAUCASIAN. Yet not all Caucasians have white skin. Then there is the MONGOLOID race. These memberships into subcultures of “black” or “white” are even dumber than any species of the animal kingdom who do not separate by fur color. Human beings with black or brown skin or olive or pink or white or yellow skin are not separate SPECIES. Outlaw groups based on skin color. “People of color?” WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? All people have a skin color. The whole thing is preposterous and in the future will not exist. How long do enlightened people have to wait for the unenlightened people to catch up? Culture is binding. Language is binding. Skin color is the dumbest thing to make culture out of. Spirit has no color. Love has no color.

    Michelle Obama wrote her thesis and she said anyone who won’t recognize skin color are RACISTS. More lack of vision and lack of depth and intelligence.

    What is more important is CULTURE, American culture. I’ve even heard people say “black is not a race, it’s an attitude.” So it’s not always a skin color but an attitude. HOW FLIPPIN AMBIGUOUS and bound to subculture.

    ALL IDIOCY and a sign of a lack of enlightenment.

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  13. Texian says:

    The recent executions are the second level of Zero’s war against America. The first level were the snowflake protests. Prepare, the third level is coming up – ambushes – just like before in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

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  14. NJF says:

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  15. freepetta says:

    It seems like it’s happening daily now. They wonder why cops are jumpy?

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  16. auscitizenmom says:

    Dear God, please deliver us from this man called Obama.

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  17. Bull Durham says:

    The meme today foisted on the transition process enflaming these attackers is “White Supremacy” and its corollary, Racism.

    This is the plan and the action of the Left who lost the election but will do everything to destroy the unifying efforts. We see Obama is waiting to be as disruptive as he can after Jan 20th.

    His pattern is the same in Syria, where the moderates are using chemical weapons (the Russians have the proof), and in Ukraine where the artillery and mortar blitz every day is close to a 1000 shells crashing into civilian homes, stores, churches and streets. All product of Obama vengeance and chaos-making.

    So, they don’t need their Islamic terrorists right now. They have the criminals and weak-minded in the Black communities to go violent, murder cops and spread racial fear and hatred.

    Memes work. You can see them early in the day or late in the evening and see them spread like blood in the water. The NYTimes did it today, used Twitter live feeds to spread it, and the cable stations prepared their shows with it. “Breaking News”.

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    • woohoowee says:

      “The arrested man is believed to be the person of interest described on the university’s website and linked to a blue mountain bike, which found at the scene of the shooting at 6:45 p.m. several blocks southwest of the WSU campus.”

      Same link as above.

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  18. justfactsplz says:

    Our president can jet around other countries and give awards to despicable people but he can’t say one word about the slaughter of America’s police officers. His is an upside down world. Our president elect will set things right side up. He has true feelings towards these officers. Blue Lives Matter.

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  19. Annie says:

    The WSU campus has the reputation as the safest area in Detroit. Wayne State Police actually Patrol a 4-mile radius of the campus. That makes this very scary. My daughter attends and works there. She said there was a huge police presence there today. We are very thankful that they seem to have caught the shooter very quickly

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    • James Crawford says:

      Sounds like the campus security for Grand Canyon University in Phoenix where my daughter is a pre law major. When I first took her there her Freshman year, the surrounding neighborhoods reminded me of beautiful down town Mogodishu. It actually made my trigger finger twitch.

      Given my concern about the potential for rioting in response to the election, when my daughter returned to college I made certain that she had packed her target revolver, 9mm pistol and Ruger Mini-14 (stainless steel with folding stock, just like Hannibal Smith’s) so she can shoot her way home if needed.


  20. benifranlkin says:

    I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Mr. Obama to say something about the many dead and wounded cops this holiday week.

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  21. Marygrace Powers says:

    1,500 Per Day: Border Patrol Opens Temp Facility to Accommodate Border Surge/

    Through November, border patrol has caught about 1,500 people crossing the southern border per day, a pace that is right in line with numbers from October.

    According to MRCTV, Customs and Border Protection is currently housing about 41,000 illegal aliens in detention centers that typically accommodate between 31,000 and 34,000 people.


    Obama is INSANE/ We are being inundated/My prayers go out to
    the young officer shot tonight/hope for his recovery/ Thoughts and
    prayers for all officers awaiting our LAW & ORDER President Trump/

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  22. kinthenorthwest says:

    This is the 5th police shooting this week.
    Front page Yahoo headline just a few minutes ago was “Suspect in Shooting Death of San Antonio Detective Says He Wants to Apologize”(Sorry But give me a break, nothing excuses shooting a man in cold blood).
    McKane told police that he was upset after losing a custody battle and “lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it.”
    “I’ve been through several custody battles, and I was upset at the situation I was in, and I lashed out at someone who didn’t deserve it,” McKane said, according to the Associated Press.
    He said he wished to apologize to the family of the slain officer.

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  23. kinthenorthwest says:

    Will it ever stop

    Volusia County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Killed, Manhunt Underway For Suspect
    Deltona, Florida – According to news sources, a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office K-9 was shot and killed in Deltona, Florida Tuesday evening after responding to a fleeing driver call.
    The K-9 hero was injured shortly before 6 PM near Whitewood Drive and Lear Terrace. When the suspect was contacted, he turned and opened fire at the police officer, and K-9 Forest was hit in the gunfight.

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  24. keeler says:

    Is my perception off base, or did these cop shootings stop about mid-September and not start again until this last weekend? Or was it the case that national media didn’t report widely on such incidents during this period? Or am I forgetting some attacks?

    It seems like these ambush shootings either stopped or were swept under the rug in the run up to the election, and have now resumed despite the fact there seems to have been no nationally reported incidents (officer involved shootings or acquittals) to set off another wave of violence.

    If anyone has a source containing a comprehensive list of attacks on police this year, I would be very interested in seeing it.

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  25. Ip Siscr says:

    Homeless guy, on a motorcycle ? Physical description and modus operandi sound like lone wolf jihadist

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  26. Maquis says:

    If you are blessed to live where your right to self defense has not been stripped away, then prepare yourself. Take it upon yourself to be a defender of the innocent, of the protectors themselves, and of our Nation and it’s Moral Fabric. If you are of the fairer sex, be prepared to protect yourself and your children. If you are of the group that God and Nature have established as defenders, MEN, prepare yourself to protect all. We should be prepared to take down any miscreant before they pass “Go.”

    Had Hillary won, we’d be buying guns by the millions. Well, Trump won, and in order to preserve the Republic we elected him to restore, we need to be prepared to keep our society from being torn asunder by enemies foreign and domestic. So we should still be buying guns, by the millions. We should be teaching our wives, our sons and daughters, where their maturity and sanity warrant such a trust.

    It is not enough to own. We need to carry. We need to be training and getting regular refreshers on use of force laws in your state. We need to be vigilant. We should learn de-escalation techniques, though lead has a strong tendency to calm bad guys down, and is often the only correct course of action. Often, the mere introduction of your weapon will suffice, as millions of crimes a year are thwarted by Ameticans without need to fire.

    Frankly, too few Americans exercise their right to carry. Not ten percent of eligible Americans have their CCW and make carrying a dedicated lifestyle. It changes the way you behave, who you associate with, the places you go. Avoiding trouble is Rule One. But if twenty-five percent carried, it would be the bad guys who would have to revise their calculations of their chances of surviving a criminal act and where they should avoid. Hint, all America and Americans should be viewed with fear by miscreants.

    I also encourage folks to get a good battle rifle. Doesn’t need to be a monster .50BMG (though I do lust for one or two…). The best is what you can carry and control. I wish I was up for a good 7.62, (NOT an AK47) but I have physical limits from my service days, and 5.56 is just fine if you can put those cute little bullets where they belong… I am a fan of Bullpups, love a full length barrel in a half length weapon. I very much love IWI Tavors, made in Israel, used by Israeli troops and armed forces around the world. The X95 is their updated version based on lots of input from soldiers in the field. A fine weapon.

    We need to be able to deal with events small, and large. Our Republic needs us. Our Founders’ Dreams are in peril. There are unprecedented threats against our next President, our police, our communities, our families. Who might be the next media clown to publish the addresses of Trump voters? It is time to stand up and be serious about our responsibilities as citizens.

    We are facing a new Cold War, inside our Borders, with Invaders left and right planning to plant a Black Flag on our White House, and imposing their dark vicious Ideology upon their foolish hosts.

    I refuse to see that happen.
    As the Man said, “Let’s Roll.”

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    • Marygrace Powers says:

      Well said/totally agree/Trump will definitely get CCW in all 50 states/

      Could Trump bring universal concealed carry reciprocity to all 50 states?

      Trump’s own platform on Second Amendment rights outlines his feelings on nationwide reciprocity.

      The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway, That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.


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  27. The Devilbat says:

    I smell a rat. Obama and his communist buddies and / or that sorry SOB Soros are very likely behind this. They may well be trying to start a situation which will allow Obama to declare martial law. The idea is probably to kill enough police officers in the hope of getting the police to start taking less chances with blacks to protect themselves. All it will take is for another town like Ferguson to go up in flames and fleets of busses full of black thugs and communist USA people will roll out to expand the violence nation wide. THIS WILL BE THE CRIMINAL OBAMA’S LEGACY.

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  28. Nonnie says:

    Our son in law, late 20’s, combat marine, Criminal Justice BA, is in police academy currently. I’m so afraid for him. More afraid than when he was in Afghanistan. I believe that LEO nationwide should travel in pairs EXCLUSIVELY until this nationwide targeting of LEO is brought under control. The punishment has to be swift and severe for these scum of the earth. Obama is to blame for this hunting behavior by black men who are influenced by his despicable rhetoric. May God help and protect our officers.

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  29. alliwantissometruth says:

    Our right of free speech does not give the main stream media & our holier than thou academia the right to spread lies & disinformation in order to incite violence & inflame the already fragile emotions of thugs & no nothing young people

    When do “protest” groups like BLM & the various communist/anarchy groups that organize these riots & killings become classified as criminal organizations & are treated as such?

    When does the spread of lies taught in our schools become a subversive activity against the United States & it’s people?

    This is totally insane. Young blacks are being taught to hate America, hate white people & hate law enforcement. They’re being programmed to be anti-social psychopaths who, with zero impulse & emotional control due to the current black “culture”, lash out via horrific violence

    Other young people, whites included, are being programmed to be irrational, non-thinking zombies who hate our form of government, our freedoms & our societal norms. They too act out uncontrollably due to being robbed of a proper intellectually sound education

    Notice how many killings & riots have taken place lately. This is all the work of the Marxist mob. They’ve been allowed to take possession of & control all of our younger generations for decades now

    Black kids, white kids & every kid in between have been robbed of the right to pursue happiness & a decent life because some f***ing anti-American scumbags want them as pawns to advance their agenda

    And we do nothing

    Our country, our society, our safety & our well being are being destroyed

    And we do nothing

    Yes, the law must crack down on this violence & something must be done with our education system. But it ultimately rests with us, all of us

    We cannot put it all on law enforcement & government. It’s up to us to police our own children, our own streets, our own schools & our own society. These are our children, our streets & our schools

    We need to confront our schools & our children. We need to demand accountability. Why are our kids being allowed to grow up as thugs & anarchists? Why are parents sending their kids to radical Marxist schools? Why do so many adults pay attention to degenerate Hollywood culture?

    This shit stops when we demand our leaders do something about it. It stops when we quit funding those that hate us. It stops when we start taking our society & culture back & handing out financial consequences to those that profit from the madness

    Only a diseased & dying society would tolerate this bull****. Until the disease known as leftism is removed from the perches of power, this crap will continue. Trump can’t do it alone. He needs all of us to engage in active participation in how our government, our education system & our society is run

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    • progpoker says:

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    • quintrillion says:

      Their is no God fearing father in the home. If there is a father figure he’s in the Crips or Bloods.

      For 20 years they’ve been raised on gangester rap, Jerry Springer, and ganga making them paranoid and schizophrenic.

      Barry Soetoro comes along and takes disipline out of the schools and gives them license to be disruptive and criminal. “If I had a son”.

      Then they’re given a further push into anarchy by black lives matter above all others.

      I’m still waiting for a miracle to see usurper, criminal Soetoro in handcuffs led out of DC and charged with treason. There are many others, but he’s the mouthpiece along with the UN and the media in all it’s radical, marxist, inflaming forms.

      When God and prayer were taken out of the schools and culture it was the beginning of the end of a righteous civilized society.

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    • Stephen says:

      It was a “diseased and dying society” when Ronald Reagan was president-elect, and we heard similar rah-rah speeches then. At this point, the patient is deceased but has not quite assumed room temperature.


  30. hellandahandbasket says:

    What is it going to take?
    What is it exactly, that “they” want from “us”?
    What will satisfy this thirst for White blood?
    What are the consequences for letting this go this far?
    Is the White American to exterminate themselves for the Blackman?
    Is a Black overthrow of White humanity, a-kin-to the removal of “Apartheid” in America?
    Is this not an act of genocide?

    Complete withdrawal, and/or extermination of the Whiteman from Western Civilization, is the only acceptable/positive outcome for the Blackman. The past 60+ years has proven this.

    Decades of what was given, offered, said, done, acted upon, initiated, written-into-law, appropriated, affirmed, funded, and extrapolated out of the very soul of every White American, has not changed a thing, the Blackman still thirsts for Whiteman’s blood.
    Decades later, the Whiteman is despised… and despised by other Whites no-less.
    Decades of Liberal/Feminist-Cult indoctrination and rule, has convinced every White American to self-loathe themselves so much, they now gleefully usher-in, and participate in their very extermination.

    No other race in the history of the world, has outwardly declared that if you love your race, desire to prevent extermination of it, or work toward the further advancement of it, you are evil.
    No other race in the history of the world, declares they are only righteous if they willingly agree to, and participate in their own genocide, to not do so, you are racist.

    But, we are not supposed to notice the Orwellian-Mind-Grab going on here …
    …The Battle IS for Your Mind!

    Therefore, unless we come together as a “species”, in a complete resurgence as a Whiteman of humanity, we WILL self-exterminate.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Yes, and the sad thing is……..there is not an American Black here, since the beginning, who doesn’t owe his bloodline’s freedom to that same Whiteman’s bloodline.

      We, the United States of America, gave freedom to the slaves who came here, and were instrumental in ending slavery in the Western World.

      It’s amazing how little the Blackmen know of their own history. Then they prepare to join with the moose-limbs, to cause more havoc, while it was for the most part, moose-limbs who sold Blackmen to the Europeans to begin with.

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  31. Nick says:

    Obama has a lot of sons!

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  32. Effing animals. 1/20 and law and order cannot arrive soon enough. Prayers to all involved and to all LEOs.


  33. Ursula says:

    Go back to two cops per car and raise their pay. Until these assassinations stop 4 cops per car is better. I would like my taxes to pay for this.

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  34. James Crawford says:

    If President Obama had sired a bastard son in Portland Oregon, he would look like Shamar Xavier Hunter.



  35. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    5th Police Officer Shot!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch: President Obama set the record for awarding the most Medals of Freedom of any president on Tuesday at a ceremony where he recognized 21 recipients of the prestigious award including Ellen DeGeneres, Bruce Springsteen, Robert De Niro and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Smiles all around.

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  36. Stephen says:

    Those stupid enough to trust old-time media believe that the murders and attempted murders of police officers are isolated incidents but that “white nationalism” has consumed the country.

    As is usual in wartime, a large part of this continuing race war consists of propaganda.

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  37. McGuffin says:

    The Fort Worth P.D. issued two man patrols for the time being. All departments should be two man imo.

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  38. quintrillion says:

    The officer has died. Meanwhile the Chief destroyer of all that is good in America just reduced sentences for hard core dealer some serving life others being released.


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  39. UKExpat says:

    OBOZO’s sons are causing murder and mayhem all over the USA its time they put a stop to them.


  40. UKExpat says:

    APARTHEID and SEGREGATION were not abominations they were just COMMON SENSE as everybody can see.

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