President-Elect Trump Releases Transition Message Directly to American People…

If there was any doubt that Donald Trump was going to usher in a new American era of communication where the main stream corporate media were made irrelevant, well, this should answer the question.

Using Facebook –HERE– and social media (Dan Schavino and Jason Miller), President Elect Donald Trump releases a video message (directly to the American electorate) updating everyone on the Transition Team objectives and reaffirming the already announced goals for the first 100 days.

Worth noting late last night President Obama was still pitching his Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (TPP) during a press conference in Peru. President-Elect Donald Trump, within this video, states his immediate intent to eliminate the U.S. involvement in this TPP construct.

Additionally, when you consider the timing of this release (immediately following the media summit in Trump Tower) it’s transparent that President Donald Trump intends to make the filters of the corporate media irrelevant with an effective emphasis on getting out his own administration message directly to the people.

This approach is an existential financial threat to the livelihoods of corporate media executives and associated operatives.

No-one, no-one, not a single other candidate, could ever assemble the constructs for such a paradigm shift in governmental communication. This stuff is off-the-charts breaking new territory.

Boy O’ Boy, what a great time to be alive. This stuff is intensely interesting and historic.


Productive day in Washington DC at our @transition2017 Headquarters. Looking forward to being in New York tomorrow!

~ VPE Mike Pence

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347 Responses to President-Elect Trump Releases Transition Message Directly to American People…

  1. rvsueandcrew says:

    I love how PE Trump played the media. They’re such a bunch of fools.

    The other day he hands out hot chocolate and food to the press. Has ’em smiling as they go up the elevator to the off-the-record meeting. Then he rips up, down, and sideways for their lying ways.

    I can imagine it…. “I advise you all to seek another line of work because there’s no place for lying journalists in a free republic. We’re done. Don’t let the elevator door hit you on the way out.”

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  2. Marysue Howard says:

    We love you and family. All the people you are bringing together. We know you will choose the best to make America great again

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  3. Peoria Jones says:

    I may have to say this more than once:

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  4. Garrison Hall says:

    Yeee-Haww!! GO TRUMP!! 🙂

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  5. Bobby Mackey says:

    Gotta love this guys gutts and glory attitude. Sharp contrast to the Obama Administration.

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  6. LP says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    May I please have some more, Sir.

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  7. anarchist335 says:

    This, as sundance says, is a game changer. Most Americans have the internet and can see Trump themselves. I saw it on @transition2017 within 3 minutes of it being posted. Those that see it on MSM are ensured a basic level of honesty as MSM will be compared to the social media original. MSM lies will need to be less baldfaced and even more diabolical. Best Transition ever! MAGA

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    • yy4u says:

      This is the only way for PE Trump to get his message out. He has to bypass the media, including Fox Noise. I understand from reading some of the posts last night that Krauthammer and the “panel” are still at it. Can someone post the advertisers of Fox’s Special Report so I can avoid them whenever possible.

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  8. ScarletPimpernel says:


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  9. fred5678 says:

    Trump warned us that we would ask him to stop winning so much. I didn’t believe him. I thought he was joking!!

    There is too much winning, there is too much news coming too fast — and Sundance writes faster than I can read.


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    • William F BUCKLEY Ghost says:

      We can stop winning on the day after President-Elect Trump ends the disgusting H1B VISA scam and stops American tech companies from firing their American employees and replacing them with foreign workers imported here from India and Pakistan just to make Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg even richer!😉

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      • mariposa232 says:

        The only exception should be the persecuted Christians from the ME … Let’s allow them a little winning after what Isis put them through with Obamas permission.

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      • yy4u says:

        Bannon said it best in an interview I read — the Globalists “gutted the American working class to build a Chinese middle class.” And incidentally to add billions to their bottom line while hard working men and women worry about putting food on the table. Welfare is their version of “Let them eat cake.”

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    • fred5678 says:

      I heartily agree with all the replies to my comment above — there is so much President Trump can do in just the afternoon and evening of January 20th alone!!

      Issue his new directives to existing departments to overturn the outrageous Obama directives to ICE/BP, etc. Those guys are probably chomping at the bit to actually enforce our laws for the first time since Ike was in office. And his national security/military folks can issue new ROE to rescue Christians, etc.

      POTUS is indeed a powerful position.

      And if I have to, I will hire more assistants to help me keep up with all the news!!! 🙂


    • Bob says:

      When ya gotten on the run…keep them on the run, don’t let them see your hand, keep them guessing. All the foolishness about not informing the press of his every move and plan is the way to fly.

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  10. Vera Sambrano says:

    love it…don’t believe anything they tell us tv anyways….thanks so much…waiting for more…

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  11. History teaches says:

    Yes indeed! A new paradigm in media relations and only a couple of weeks after the election! By insisting that the meeting was ‘off the record’ he trapped all these persnickety blabber mouths from publicly reveal content. Yet later that day he demonstrates that he doesn’t need them and makes a statement directly to the public. Game, set, match. Not only do the media honchos get ripped face to face, they are shown to be insignificant.

    To roughly paraphrase the old Paul Anka/Frank Sinatra classic, “he’s taken the blows and is doing it his way.” But it’s much more than settling scores. Trump is savvy about the entire media operation on every level. This was a warning shot. Future slander and rabid partisanship will be identified and called out. And when in power, Trump will be able to squeeze that industry from all sides.

    His most personal nemesis seems to be the New York Times. And I’m sure ‘Little Pinch’ is already dreading the root canal treatment Trump will perform tomorrow.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Awesome. Magnificent. Perfect answer to a wish, a prayer, a desire for a new beginning without the lies, obfuscations, and the hiding of evil plans under slimey rhetoric. I especially appreciate History Teachers’ comment: “A new paradigm in media relations and only a couple of weeks after the election!”

      Bravo. A man for the people. An American for Americans. We can once again treasure our traditions and honor the immigrants who want to come and share them in a reasonable, lawful way — like all of our ancestors did. They were the special ones who wanted a change in the “normal way of life” where no regular, everyday person had much say in his or her life. No regular, everyday person was left free, invited, and even encouraged, to develop their creativity and ingenuity. This was the engine of American creativity and prosperity.

      This is President-Elect Trump’s promise to us. I had hoped that the Bushes wanted to share these values with the rest of the world, to make the greatness of America available to other countries that wanted the same expansiveness and entrepreneurial spirit. Instead they chose private, imperial, family domination of a globalist nature. Another version of the evil we have been living with for much too long.

      We are on the path to MAGA with a new beginning of a Fourth Estate.

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  12. Rich Woods says:

    All President Trump supporters – PLEASE search youtube for Jim Kennedy to see who should be Secretary of energy. See also John Kutch and Kirk Sorenson. All great patriots.


  13. Bill says:

    I love him. I don’t care if it’s wrong

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  14. redsequin4 says:

    How novel, a President speaking directly to the people, keeping us informed. This winning stuff is pretty heady 🙂

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  15. psadie says:

    Yippeeeeee. Glad to hear that Trump is speaking directly to the people so there is no question about what he said and meant. I heard Chuck Schumer talk about why Hillary lost the election and it was the “wrong economic message.” Sorry but you clowns STILL DON’T GET IT AND NEVER WILL!!!

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  16. Kelly Megyn tonight was spinning the meeting as if it were just a getting to know each other session. Kelly Megyn seemed very upset that Steve Bannon had Fox News’ number and was predicting they would move towards the center Left and revolve around silly Kelly Megyn.


    • Fake Nametag says:

      Yeah, it was a getting to know your place in the food chain meeting and the MSM found out they were the plankton.

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      • dilonsfo says:

        LOL…that is a great line. Extremely imaginative writing. Congrats.

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        • Fake Nametag says:

          Our asshatted media and Trump’s brass knuckles street smart response to them makes it easy. The stuff writes itself.

          I’m learning so much from our new President about how to handle real-life situations. While he is busy rebooting our nation, so many of us are learning how to deal with our own local Obama and Chuck Todd like figures (e.g. bosses, Machiavellian workplace rivals, nosy neighbors, etc).

          I don’t know about you, but I’m taking a page from Trump and making my workplace and neighborhood great again.

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        • Stringy theory says:

          I like that one too. Very innovative Fake Nametag.


    • waltherppk says:

      Diamond and Silk have replaced Kelly Megyn or uh what’s her name …I forget 😀

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      • Lavada says:

        Mayhem Kelly sold herself to the Globalists well over a year ago. I don’t have any trust in her. Just another stooge for the New World Order agenda.


        • waltherppk says:

          MK has an unpleasant phony schtick with a small palette of stupid looks that can quickly become boring, like an aging middle school drama queen.


        • waltherppk says:

          Actually the Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery schtick is similarly stupid and I can’t stand her either…both women are “too cute by half” and it just doesn’t work at all …they don’t comes across as serious people …but jokers


    • yy4u says:

      He also said she’d stab Ailes in the back — which she did.

      Question: How do we know Ailes was guilty?

      Wasn’t the same thing pulled on Herman Cain? Was he guilty? Anybody know if he paid off the ladies or if just getting out of the race was the pay off (2012)?

      Didn’t Allred try to pull the same thing on Trump that she pulled on Cain in this election?

      Hasn’t an accusation of sexual harassment (difficult to prove since guys don’t usually harass ladies in public) become the way to get rid of someone in the way?

      Fox News paid Gretchen Carlson a big box of bucks. Was it for her “pain and suffering” or was it for taking out Ailes at a time when Fox Noise was all in to defeat Trump and Ailes still was holding to the “fair and balanced” mantra?

      Just askin’


      • fuzzi says:

        Herman Cain was NOT guilty, he talked about it earlier this year.

        He was a threat to the power brokers’ empty suit candidate, so they had to get rid of him, and succeeded.

        “They” also tried to get rid of Trump, and discovered that he wasn’t as easy a target as Cain, whose pockets weren’t deep enough to fight back. I would have voted for him (Cain).

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  17. ginaswo says:

    H1B visa reform!!! Thank you thank you! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    • yy4u says:

      LIKE. First they took out the American factory worker to create a middle class in China; now the H1B visa and shipping tech help desks to India is a way to gut the American tech worker in order to create a middle class for India. Meanwhile unfettered Third World immigration is bringing down the salaries of construction workers whose jobs cannot be shipped overseas, creating lower wages for the construction workers. Can you say NEW WORLD ORDER?


  18. justfactsplz says:

    I’ll bet Trump reamed the dishonest media new ones. He knew they were, we knew it, and now they know it and what he and we think of them and their lying ways. I love they way Trump brings it right to us bypassing these loathsome idiots. I almost feel guilty for enjoying all of this winning so much. What an American adventure.

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    • waltherppk says:

      Every liberal leftie smartass who totes too much of a load of dumb ass on their shoulders where a load of brain should be instead, is headed for an education and an attitude adjustment ….watch and see how that works like magic

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    • fuzzi says:

      silverlakela wrote: “Hamilton’ Star Who Lectured Pence Under Fire for ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Tweets”

      Couldn’t happen to a NICER guy…


  19. paper doll says:

    I’m not tried of winning and I’m still pinching myself!

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  20. Deborah Murphy says:

    President Trump elections has his finger on the pulse of America. Exciting!!


  21. Congratulations President-elect Trump. I pray God give you wisdom and strength . I have hope that Americans will have jobs and can live in peace .

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  22. M P says:

    5 year lobby ban? I say it doesn’t go far enough. Make it 8.


  23. mg says:

    This country has needed a new sheriff for the last 16 years. Thank you, Mr. Trump.


  24. asawasa says:

    so he will essentially be doing a modernized version of the ole fire side chat

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  25. India Maria says:

    Every day is a MERRY CHRISTMAS in a Trump Administration!

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  26. skeinster says:

    First, let me say that I absolutely love this! A little object lesson to the MSM of their irrelevance.

    But- here’s the dilemma: over the decades we’ve seen the Internet give rise to a million little bubbles, based on our preferences. Some of these are harmless and fun, b/c they don’t shape
    opinions or knowlege of important things.

    But news sources and editorializing are another thing. It’s comforting to hang our with like-minded people, but we still need to know what others are thinking, even if we violently disagree with them.
    As someone remarked on the other media thread, we don’t want a Trump-puppet media- that would just be swinging the pendulum too far the other way. Distasteful as it is, I try to keep up somewhat with oppo groups, to see what they are actually saying themselves.

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  27. unconqueredone says:

    Please consider strengthening Trump’s approach here by going to the youtube channel and subscribing, thus increasing the viability of using it to bypass a MSM who will play only they want you to hear. If you do FB or whatever, “like” it there or whatever else you do. The more strength the bypass has in numbers, the weaker the MSM becomes in this area.


  28. Markethive says:

    Those old enough do you remember how Reagan defeated Tip Oniel (House Speaker) and a Democratic house? He went direct to the people with his agenda and stirred up the people to put pressure on Congress to pass Reagan’s bills and agenda. And it worked, back then when all there was, was the MSM.

    So watch this master of the message President (elect) Trump (Oh my that sure does sound wonderful doesn’t it?) relegates the MSM to the trash bin as he leverages the masses to pressure Congress to his will to serve the people!

    His truth is marching on…..

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  29. F D says:

    P E Trump-de facto President Nov 9.


  30. cali says:

    Reading the Japanese press this morning – an interview by President Abe – who was the very first leader to visit DT after his election to congratulate him in person among the little pow wow they had – stated and validated that there will be no TPP and even if it were to go forward – it would be useless without the participation of the US ergo validating DT’s promise to sign the TPP out of existence and into the memory hole.

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  31. Patriot 1 says:

    Does Trump have his own Youtube channel or the like for updates on how’s he progressing? Love the idea of bypassing the msm.


    • boutis says:

      I think Youtube is for the transition and on the cheap. On inaugeration he will have his own DotGov video chanel and won’t have to rely on the rats in Silicon Valley and their social media platforms. Then they loose the traffic and ad money that goes with it.


    • David Lim says:

      So far, it is the same old internet. No matter what domain you built and which channel you switch to, it is the same old internet. The Trump Team can also use older technology and network such as radio channels and flyers. Some will have facilities to receive them. But internet is the fastest and widest way to reach the population and the World, right now. Do you not feel you need a transistor radio somewhere in your possession? Perhaps that should be added to your list of Christmas gifts. Merry Christmas and Alleluia.
      – Mt Rev Dr David Lim


  32. Lone Gunman says:

    What I want to know is, what’s up with this crap????

    “Trump won’t pursue charges against Clinton”


    • cali says:

      I’ve read this on Zero Hedge this morning. It was reported by Scarbrough and his co-host and verified by Kelly Conway. I’d say at this point it doesn’t matter because DT is not inaugurated at this time plus there are the other investigations taking place in various other agencies.
      Let’s wait and see what happens after the inauguration – watch what DT and team does rather than what they’re saying at the moment. It’s a bit early and team Trump has bigger fish to fry right now getting his administration off the ground.

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    • west1890 says:

      I’ve seen that same claim on several sites this morning. I hope it isn’t true. With the mountain of evidence that exists it would be a travesty to allow her to escape justice. It brings to mind the video showing her brushing the “lint” from her shoulder while before Congress- with that haughty, arrogant smirk on her face.


      • Lone Gunman says:

        The very foundation of this country is “The Rule of Law” applied EQUALLY to EVERYONE! Not to charge her is a virtual slap in the face of all who respect and obey our laws!!

        I’m definitely NOT happy about this at all!!!


    • Orygun says:

      Not to worry. Trump will not pursue charges but then again he is not AG. He is playing word games with the left. A little of their own medicine.

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  33. ZZZ says:

    President Elect Donald J. Trump

    Finally…a PRESIDENT who talks to us and not AT us.


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  34. I wa going to say God bless you Mr. Trump but obviously he has. 🙂

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  35. mike diamond says:

    the media will learn,trump is for real! i hope he keeps talking to the american people on you tube,never give the press the time of day! as nasty as they were to him.he owes them nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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