Governor Mitt Romney Arrives In JFK For Tomorrow’s Wheelbarrow Duty…

Mitt Romney spotted in JFK tonight waiting in the cab line:


Wheelbarrow duty awaits:


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316 Responses to Governor Mitt Romney Arrives In JFK For Tomorrow’s Wheelbarrow Duty…

  1. G3 says:

    I mentioned this before but, Mitt better have a check ready for the carpet he ruined when Mr. Trump held a fundraiser for him. And, Mitt remember to wipe your feet.

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  2. Southpaw says:

    Maybe his niece in Michigan wants to head RNC

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  3. McGuffin says:

    When you said Wheelbarrow duty I envisioned it full of dung and Mitt in overalls and rubber boots working to clean up the lions den. Can one of y’all make a meme or photo shop of that? 🙂

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  4. benifranlkin says:

    Isn’t Mitt expecting a piece of the Puerto Rican bailout Paul Ryan cooked up a few months back? Maybe he’s visiting the Donald to see if the deal is still on and if not what he can do to revive his investment returns. Hmmmm …Mitt and Egg McNuffin and the Mormonettes did a fair amount of damage to Donald in Utah, Minnesota and Virginia and maybe Nevad too……Donald would want to see that that was not repeated in 2020. Mitt looks so very very small now

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    • chojun says:

      Given the results Romney very clearly only damaged himself. Evan McMullin is probably politically dead because the local Utah media lifted him on a pedestal and left him there. Like a turtle on a fence post. We won’t see much of him anymore. They made him look like he had a serious shot at winning Utah when in reality he had no chance, the media was heavily gaslighting local Mormons, and McMullin got absolutely wiped out.

      Romney looked like an ass at his Hinckley Institute speech at the University of Utah (which was very heavily covered in the local media).

      Very subtle hints and clues in Mike Lee’s campaign commercials have convinced me that Romney has a hand in things behind the scenes here up and down the Utah Wasatch Front (Salt Lake, Utah Valleys). The way that the entire Utah delegation came out against Trump the millisecond “pussygate” broke tells me that it was a coordinated hit job.

      I suspect Romney is being summoned to kiss Trump’s ring and be given a chance at redemption. I sincerely hope that Romney emerges and issues a statement of penitence and unity. As a Utah Mormon I was shocked and angered by what Romney did. He unleashed the SAME EXACT types of idiotic, dishonest attacks that Harry Reid foisted upon Romney in 2012. This level of dishonesty is UNBECOMING of Mormon ideals. PERIOD.

      So this is Romney’s chance to clean things up. I doubt Romney is offered any position in Trump’s cabinet.

      However, if by some crazy chance he is offered a Cabinet position, then don’t attribute any of Romney’s virtues. Only credit Trump’s ability to forgive and look past peoples flaws to see their virtues and talents. Trump is only successful because he fosters an environment of success and lifts people to become as great as the vision he sees for them, that they may not see in themselves.

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    • longiron2 says:

      If MITTENS had any self pride he would not even show up after what he tried to do to TRUMP. Just goes to show how these SCUMBAGS politicans think of themselves . 4 time loser and looking fr a 5 th time.

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      • singingsoul says:

        If Romney has gifts and experience to share for our county that also is his then that should be considered. I am not a supporter of Romney but the election is over. The strength of he Trump administration is how President elect Trump can bring all factions together to give us the people and our Nation most success.
        I trust President elect Trump and I am trilled how he overcomes his own ego to meet with Romney.
        I speak from experience who had a person totally against me and fought me I embraced the person and the more I did the more joy in myself I found. That person turned into one of my best supporters and was very loyal. Do not always fight firer with firer sometimes overcoming one self can be rewording.
        Trust Trump he has instincts he knows what he needs to be the best President for this country. God Bless Trump and all of you.


        • Diane says:

          VA administrator

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        • longiron2 says:

          Why do we have to kiss the DEMS, LIBS, RINOGOPe arse because we WON. WE the deplorables do not have to apologize to anyone or have to try and make them like us. I remember someone saying they are welcome to go along for the ride BUT they have to sit in the back of the bus??? Screw this united BS. If they want to unite with us FINE lets do it and everyone treated with equality and respect. If NOT screw them. WE WON they LOST. Period.


  5. dianeax says:

    WHAT?! No Romney One and driver?! LOL

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  6. Willard will be consuming a wheelbarrow full of crow! Your daddy George Romney kneed Goldwater in the nuts in ’64 but he never had to face him on hands and knees as the loser! Another daddy issue Willard has to work through…

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  7. Epictetus says:

    Sorry, I just think Mitt is too weak for SoS, and its too high profile for a never Trumper, I would much rather see Rudy as SoS.
    I think Trump may have something special in mind for him, like dismantling the V.A. and putting together a program that actual takes care of it’s veterans, and in so doing, rights a long overdue wrong in this nation as well as fulfilling one of his most vocal campaign promises.

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  8. alliwantissometruth says:

    Trump: Hello Mitt, have a seat

    Romney: Hi Donald, nice to be here. So tell me, what position do you have in mind for me?

    Trump: Well Mitt, first I’d like to ask you a few questions

    Romney: Sure Donald, ask away

    Trump: Do you remember who said this… “Dishonesty is Donald Trump’s hallmark”?

    And this… “Think of Donald Trump’s personal qualities. The bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third-grade theatrics. Now, imagine your children and your grandchildren acting the way he does”?

    Or this… “Here’s what I know. Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University”?

    How about this… “I think his comments time and again appeal to the racist tendency that exists in some people and I think that’s dangerous”?

    Do you remember who said those things Mitt?

    Romney: (gulp) Well, let’s see…. um…. ah

    Trump: Listen Mitt, forget it, we both know who said those things, but it’s not important now

    Romney: What job are you offering me Donald?

    Trump: Well, it’s not really a job Mitt. I wanted to know if you’ll consider writing a piece for me regarding how unethical, dishonest, cheating lowlifes buy up companies in order to close them down for profit, putting all the workers out of jobs & destroying their families

    I’ll need it so my people can readily identify the fraudulent scam & shut the scumbags doing it down

    Trump: Will you help me Mitt?

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  9. free73735 says:

    Seem to be on the ignorant side concerning this. Could someone interpret what this means? Thanks ahead for doing so.


  10. FreedomNinja says:

    Mitt apparently does like it when animals are transported on top of vehicles.

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  11. kltk1 says:

    I’m not a man of faith but even I’m praying that DJT either 1) is messin’ with Romney by inviting him to Trump Tower to let him think he’s being considered for something. When he’s not. 2) Had Mitt sit in his office, looked Mitt in the face and laughed like he’s never laughed before. 3) Told Mitt to his face what a flip flopping, backstabbing, phony Republican he is. Mormon’s aren’t for abortion in general, they certainly wouldn’t be against it before running for governor of Massachusetts, then for it while BEING governor of Massachusetts then EVOLVE back to being pro life to run for president. Dudes a fraud. 4) My personal hope is that he called Mitt to his office to tell him he’ll never play a role in a Trump administration and needs to learn a thing or two about respect. All bets are off during a primary, once the primaries are over you get behind the chosen candidate and/or be quiet.

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  12. Ron says:

    I don’t know what to think of this. My knee jerk reaction was to react as I personally would, I thought that Trump was doing this to publicly humiliate Mitt (by not hiring him, after famously interviewing him).

    Earlier today though a wild idea kept creeping into my head… Mr. Trump is much better at all of this than I can even comprehend, so depending on how this is played (and how game Mr. Romney is) this could turn into something incredible.

    Remember, this is the same President Trump that has said numerous times, that while it would be hard and it might not happen, he would like to be the negotiator that for the rest of time is known as the man that negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine.

    People that think like that, and that are capable of ground shaking, life altering, world defining events…. they probably look at the Romney thing differently than I do.

    We’ll just have to watch; President Trump may be on the verge of something phenomenal here. Or it may go the other way, I can’t quite figure it out yet.

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  13. robertnotsowise says:

    What’s in his luggage? Binders full of women?

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  14. justfactsplz says:

    That picture is worth two pages of copy. I feel better just seeing it and reflecting on it. Good one S.D.

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  15. Mr. Morris says:

    Mitt Romney was awful to Donald Trump and also to all of us who went to caucuses and primaries and voted for Donald Trump. He tried so hard to help Hillary in the General Election by supporting Evan McMullin in Utah. McMullin had no chance to be elected President. I lost all respect for Mitt Romney. I am amazed that President-elect Trump would agree to a meeting with Mitt. He is a much better person than I could ever be.

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    • Ron says:

      I was disgusted by it, I voted for Mr. Romney 3 times like a fool. I voted for him in the primary in 2008 and 2012, and voted for him for president in 2012. Then he stabs my choice for President in the back like that, after President Trump was so generous with his time and money in 2012.

      The way I was raised, if someone does something for you, you’re forever loyal to that person (within reason). I don’t see how a man can take a donation from Trump, and ask him for his endorsement… Mr. Trump at the time had a net worth 7 or 8 times Willard’s, was clearly his superior in every way. How can you take that endorsement and that donation, and talk so well of Mr. Trump and then stab him in the back publicly like that?

      So I went from voting for him three times, to having 0 respect for him. I wonder if he knows how many of us he let down that last month or so while he was running, when he wouldn’t go hard on Obama in the debates and let the election slip away from him? Then to betray God-Emperor Trump like that, I don’t know if I can ever forgive him.

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      • Wend says:

        Wow, you get the hat trick! I voted for your namesake Ron Paul in the 2008 and 2012 primaries. I did vote for Mittens in the 2012 general. I still have a Romney/Ryan watch that they gave me at the campaign headquarters.


      • mysticrose80 says:

        I voted for Penguin back in 2012 (it was between him and Ron Paul and decided to go with him). Thought he was a pretty decent and classy guy who loved this country. Boy, was I sorely mistaken. When he joined the rabid NeverTrumpers to take down our President-elect, I was officially done with him.

        Let Penguin go and meet President-elect Trump. It will be a karmic experience.


  16. Newman says:

    Can’t wait to watch the Penguin walking into Trump Tower.


  17. Donald did talk about bringing in business professionals to renegotiate the trade deals. Mitt did well for himself and made Baine Capital a whole lot of money. Donald would know more of Mitt’s business acumen and possibly this is the start of putting together a trade negotiating committee ??? That to me makes a lot more sense why they are meeting, over a cabinet post is sitting in the offering for Mitt.

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    • Ron says:

      That’s the thing, I think Trump may be serious about using Mitt. Which is crazy to us laypeople, but how many times did he say he knew the most disgusting, vile creatures in the world and he was going to use them to reneg. Trade deals? Guess he was talking about Mittens.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Trade deals?
        Nooo….Mitt would screw those up; he would give away too much.

        The only thing I could imagine Mitt be useful with, is downsizing the Govt.

        Mitt is good at downsizing companies & eliminating jobs.
        Give him the job of downsizing our bloated Govt.

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      • Fake Nametag says:

        I think he said “real killers”. I didn’t see that in Mitt when limp wrist Obama was mopping the floor with him in debates.

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      • Paul says:

        The thing is, that by choosing Romney, Trump will damage himself in the eyes of his supporters who believed his speeches about draining the swamp. This would make Trump look like a typical politician. This is the type of game played in Washington for decades. Romney should be nowhere near a Trump administration…ever!


        • singingsoul says:

          Paul “The thing is, that by choosing Romney, Trump will damage himself in the eyes of his supporters who believed his speeches about draining the swamp. ”

          I am a Trump supporter and Trump would not damage himself with me. I feel that Trump is putting the country above his own ego and feelings if he believes that Romney would bring something good to the table. What a leader !
          Trump is in charge and what ever Romney is assigned too by Trump not the other way around.
          This will also unite the party and another step uniting the country. I have complete trust in our future President.


  18. openpass2 says:

    Amazing how the fortunes of men can change in an instant.

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    • singingsoul says:

      True and now the 47% are in charge because we elected Trump…:)
      I like the picture Romney having to give voice and respect to the 47% he so dispises..:)
      Oh that was a flop he was like Hillary speaking one way to one group and another way to another group.
      Trump is a very good man and I respect him more and more.


  19. Apfelcobbler says:

    Not impressive.

    I just looked up to see Rand Paul on Eric Bolling (subbing for Bill O’Reilly). Rand has finally got an adult haircut! He’s (apparently) hired a stylist and looks like he grew up. Trump is making America Look Good Again, and Romney just missed the train!

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  20. freddiemacblog says:

    So, when’s Jeb’s appointment?

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  21. NewOrleans says:

    Poor Mitt. Having to stand in line with the common people.

    He was going to run again this election, but got scared off by Jeb. JEB!, of all people. He must be soiling his magic underwear daily re-living THAT decision.

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  22. Joan says:

    I imagine that it was Romney who requested the meeting. And I can’t imagine Trump wanting Romney for any kind of job in the administration. Trump wants unity but that doesn’t mean he has to have Romney in his administration. Loyalty is very important to Trump from everything I have read and from what he himself says. We’ll see. Cruz was being pushed for AG and that didn’t work out.


    • Joan says:

      And talk about justice – Romney standing in a line for cabs and no one is paying him any attention.

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      • Of course people are paying attention to him; that was a planned photo-op.
        The common man theme, flying commercial and waiting in line for a cab.
        Romney/Trump meeting is the weekend news spin cycle.
        It’s all part of the plan. Pres. Elect Trump is making all the right moves and we are winning bigly!


    • NCPatrick says:

      agine that it was Romney who requested the meeting. And I can’t imagine Trump wanting Romney for any kind of job in the administration.”

      I sense Reince Priebus’s hand in this which is actually why Reince is where he is in Trump’s new administration. Testing the waters of bringing the fractured Republican party back to some unity. No question that Mitt Romney used his influence to try to destroy Trump and this meeting today is part of the penance Mitt has to pay in order to even be allowed into the new game.

      As far as Mitt’s being offered a high position? That won’t happen. More likely Mitt can be convinced it is better for him to keep his mouth shut and stop trying to undercut the new administration.


  23. Illegal says:

    I think Trump will offer him the ambassadorship to the Holy See. Brother Mitt and the Roman Curia what a combo!

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  24. wheatietoo says:

    Romney is not someone you want on your team…because he always stabs his own team in their backs.

    Remember how ruthless he was with his fellow candidates in the 2012 Primaries?
    He fought hard against R’s…but then went soft against Obama.

    I hope PE Trump records every minute of his meeting with this snake.
    Romney will lie about what was said.
    So I hope Team Trump will have a record of what was actually said.

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  25. Gail says:

    Maybe Trump wants to have Mitt dismantle Obamacare. Wouldn’t that be Karma?

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  26. andymilken says:

    What I am going to say is probably w/ not be pleased by many Treepers here. IMO, leadership, especially servant, is not about oneself interest or ambition, it is about serving the interest of others. From the outside looking in, based on what is happening so far, I can say that our president is that type of a leader. His thinking, I believe, is what can I do, as a leader of this nation, to assemble the best and brightest that will help me to achieve what I have promised to the citizens of this great country. I am very sure there is personal animosity, resentment, dislike, and distrust, but as a great leader, you need to set aside those personal interests and focus on the people interests. I don’t know what Gov Romney can bring to the table, but I do trust our president and his judgment to make a right decision for the country, not for himself, which makes me admire our president even more.

    Maybe that sounds naive but great leaders, as examples in the past, always extend their hands out to others, even if they were his or her “enemies.” Also, his administration will be the most diverse, which is good, because it will not set itself up for the groupthink phenomenon. His people will not be the yes man or yes woman, which is always good for any organization. The culture will keep it from becoming an albatross of entrenchment in personal power, but instead, those “competing” ideas will create a synergistic energy that drives toward in achieving the organizational goals and objectives, whatever that might be. Let’s MAGA.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      I think we all know enough about his leadership skills and abilities to Let Trump be Trump. He will do what is right to #MAGA by making #AmericaFirst. I have the utmost faith in our leader.

      I also know that the details will come out, from TRUMP, when the time is right.

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    • Oldtradesman says:

      This is not a tea party. Trump won an important battle by the skin of his teeth. The enemy (GOPe and the buttercucked Left) have not been crushed, nor has our victory been consolidated. They stand there with a bloody nose, watching us 24/7/365, ready and highly motivated to take us down. They will not be “gracious” to us. Ever. We can’t afford to go to bed fat, dumb, and stupid, as we did following Ronald Reagan’s landslide, thinking all is going to be well in America. To do so guarantees a one-term Presidency and the complete undoing and reversal of everything gained. Now is not the time for magnanimity. There remains much to do.

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    • singingsoul says:

      andymilken “leadership, especially servant, is not about oneself interest or ambition, it is about serving the interest of others. From the outside looking in, based on what is happening so far, I can say that our president is that type of a leader. His thinking, I believe, is what can I do, as a leader of this nation, to assemble the best and brightest that will help me to achieve what I have promised to the citizens of this great country”

      Very good post..:)

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  27. millwright says:

    Am has a good perspective on the Romney/Trump meeting ! Remember DJT is a New Yorker ! As such he’s undoubtedly familiar with the mafia maxim of “…keeping your enemies closer …..” . Compound this with his stated program of requiring all his appointees to sign five-year lobbying exclusionary agreement and he’s pretty much taken the GOP Old Guard out of play for his first four years. If Romney refuses this high-profile position he loses party/public stature. If he conflicts with DJT over policy he loses credibility in both arenas. IAC, his teeth have been effectively pulled. The publicity photos just re-inforce his subservient status .

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  28. dec853 says:

    I hope he brought his shine box.

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  29. mg says:

    Mittens is a grifter deluxe. He calls home Massachusetts, Michigan, Cow Hampshire and Utah.
    86 mittens, Please.

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  30. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Let’s be honest. Over the next month expect almost all the RINOs and #NeverTrumpers will make a trip to Trump Tower. They have to in order to save their Republican in Name Only status. Mittens is also desperately trying to save Tagg’s political future. Mittens has as much of being SOS as Nikki Haley, whose name is also being floated. You can be assured that Trump is getting a lot of concessions out of these #NeverTrumpers just so he will allow a press leak that they are being considered for a cabinet Post and thus be restored to viability in Washington. Again a #NeverTrumper would die just for a press leak and elevator ride at Trump Tower. Their only alternative is to switch parties and the only person that might do that is Kasich, who might run for Senate in 2018.

    Expect to see Mike Lee make the elevator ride in the next 2 weeks just to have the press leak that he is still in consideration for the Supremes.

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  31. Fake Nametag says:

    Lol, Tagg taking over as the king of the cucks.


  32. Great photo Sundance! LOL!!!!!!! 😀


  33. ZZZ says:

    sorry to be dense but romney is heading to Trump Tower?

    why? he could not have been a more disloyal and back-stabbing mouthpiece for the globalists.



  34. Illegal says:

    I don’t think Mitt wants to Park, Utah ski mansion!


  35. NoeliCannoli says:

    (Warning: extremely salty language)


  36. Pf Mahan says:

    Mitt looks like a dog going to Trump like a wounded abused wife, he has no self respect, I bet he makes little eye contact with Trump


  37. Ann Kennedy says:

    I think it’s inspiring that some people can go about their lives without a lot of hype or permission from the “powers that be”


  38. barton2016 says:

    He flew commercial (first class of course) to show us that he’s one of the little people. lol meanwhile his $20million dollar house awaits him back in Park City Utah. What a 2 faced scumbag.


  39. Jim Rogers says:

    I believe Mitt is entitled to follow and mop-up after the Tri-TRUMPHANT parade of elephants has passed…..


  40. NannyG says:

    Although he can’t be trusted to be honest any more than fellow Mormon Harry Reid, Mitt Romney is known for ”saving” the Olympics in Park City.
    Perhaps, with some adult oversight, he might be of use in cleaning out the dead weight in the VA Admin.
    Just a thought.


  41. NannyG says:

    Or…..If we need a diplomat who can lie convincingly, he might be Ambassador to some country where we NEED to lie.
    Whatever country that might be.


  42. Sherlock says:

    I would be quite surprised if Romney were to be offered any official position in this administration.
    He called Trump a racist (“trickle down racism”), a liar, and a fraud, and he helped run an aborted third party campaign against Trump, actively attempting to subvert him, and his supporters. So, no way. Romney hates everything the Trump movement stands for, there can be no doubt. He cannot and will not be given a position of power. Might as well invite Nancy Pelosi on board Ain’t happening.


  43. thirdand43 says:

    Mitt. Standing in a cab line with his shine box. Priceless.


  44. ed357 says:

    Trump45 summons “Mittens” to NYC…..

    and makes “Mittens” wait at the airport for transportation…..

    Trump45 leaves nothing to chance.


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