Former Obama Spokesman Threatens Trump Over Media Access…

In the continuing media saga/melt-down over President-Elect Donald Trump’s audacity to eat a meal in a restaurant with his family we find the following quote from former Obama administration spokesperson Tommy “Dude” Vietor:

tommy-vietor-1Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee

Former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor emails:

The White House Correspondents Association has to be ready to respond much more forcefully if Trump continues to ignore long-standing traditions of press access. That’s especially true for the five network bureau chiefs who hold most of the power.

I’d like to see them publicly detail their expectations as well as the potential repercussions if those demands continue to be ignored.

This is too important, and the Trump campaign learned all the wrong lessons during the campaign when they faced no penalty for blacklisting reporters.” (link)

Oh noes, the dreaded double-dog “potential repercussions” threat….  What’s the media going to do Tommy, stop reporting on Trump?  Ignore Trump? LOLOL… that’s not exactly a threat.   Tommy is so going to be riding his bicycle in slow circles in front of the White House…

Then again, it’s possible for the media to begin labeling President-Elect Donald Trump “Double Hitler” or something.  Surely there’s an unused pejorative in the dictionary or ancient Fleet Street scrolls somewhere that the bureau chiefs can deploy.  Gottabe.

As wheatietoo eloquently said: ” At this rate, the press will soon be boiling rabbits and screaming…”We will not be ignored Donald!”

fatal attractionTommy “Dude” Vietor


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668 Responses to Former Obama Spokesman Threatens Trump Over Media Access…

  1. Sheri Pulcher Pulliam says:

    Please deny MSM access… American will love it!!

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  2. Sally says:

    What are the “repercussions,” Tommy? Horse heads in their beds?


  3. daremo says:

    Any way to advise Trump that the public airwaves should “vote like America” and be partitioned to represent all citizens and not just the left? 75 years of monopoly control by the left is long enough. The public airwaves belong to all the public. Not just the left.

    Let the left pack all their existing narrative into 2 channels and set aside the other 2 networks for programming provided by the right as vetted and certified by the right. It is impossible to remove bias without removing human beings. The only solution is to grant all sides proportional control of the airwaves as determined by each presidential election. In practical form, that means 50% of the public airwaves must be removed from leftist control. There are no moral, ethical, or even legal grounds for opposing this.


  4. AWV says:

    Maybe DJT should require news networks to be “fair and balanced” in their reporting before access is granted! Hope I don’t suffer repercussions for saying that…


  5. Here's Your Sign says:

    “the potential repercussions if those demands continue to be ignored.”

    DEMANDS? As Andrew Klavan says, you would think that a media that had been so violently rejected by the electorate would learn some humility. Obviously, that won’t happen.


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