Donald Trump Ad: Our United Movement Will Save America…

Candidate Donald Trump’s closing ad:


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149 Responses to Donald Trump Ad: Our United Movement Will Save America…

  1. Deborah says:

    Promotion on Hillary selling U.S. Policy to Foreign Governments…

    A promotion to read to the effect: People who have sold U.S. policies to Foreign Governments have been considered as Spies. Hillary sells US policies to Foreign Government. Who is Hillary… really is? Selling U.S. policies to Foreign Government, we know she is out of control, dangerous, untrustworthy, unloyal to the American people, and would place this Country in harm’s way, if she becomes President. We must vote against Hillary to keep this Country safe.

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  2. History Teaches says:

    It boggles the mind to realize Trump was a raw rookie when he entered the political arena. Now at the end of this process he has run a campaign that will be studied for generations. And all the while facing hostility never before seen in modern history. No other candidate has ever had to face a united front of rabid enemy forces that extend far beyond just the competing party.

    And in this electronic, cyber age Trump has been attacked around the clock in a manner that makes the older era newspaper mud raking seem quaint. What William Randolph Hearst would have done with the same tools at his disposal!

    Even the older ideological world described by the three TV networks looks refined and subdued. Maybe the Goldwater threat scared the establishment somewhat like Trump but the discourse was about policy, not personal destruction. Even though it did at times verge on that territory, Goldwater was treated like a saint compared to Trump. Or at least, just a political opponent

    Partisanship has always been there, but never has it been been so lunatic and audacious. Without even the pretence of civility and respect. For Trump to come so far, so fast, and with such success is astounding. He was the serious policy candidate with new ideas. She was warmed over nineties boilerplate.

    And the last desperate gestures of the Hillary team to pander with the bread and circuses of celebrity exhibitions is laughable. Who on earth will change their vote because a performer puts on a show? The already committed who care about those entertainers were going to vote for her anyways. The only echo chamber they can manufacture is totally artificial. Come to the circus and escape in mindless drivel. No one made the slightest effort to see her by herself. All she did to feel solidarity was hide at the fundraisers of the corrupt and ignorant elite.

    It would be so much fun if Hollywood reverted to the way it was during the twenties and thirties, when the moguls were conservative Republican activists. Of course they had their weaknesses and self interest, but a deep American patriotism ran through the braintrust of that industry. Hardcscrabble, self made immigrants appreciated the opportunity the American system provided. And many of the greatest films of all time implicitly promoted the American way of life. Not as perfect, but as a perfect opportunity for those who would live by hard work, hold onto their ideals and trust in the positivity of the country.. Even many of the A list talent were conservative, though of course that profession is also attractive to liberals of varying degrees of political affiliation. The breakup of the studio system was inevitable for a number of reasons, but in its heyday it helped sustain American values for the masses.

    Today Hillary is feted largely by decadent celebrity hypocrites who don’t have the collective intellect to think beyond how they were programmed by fellow travellers. Most of the stars of the world war two era enlisted and many saw active duty. And many executives too. The same in sports.

    How many would do that today under similar Circumstances?

    For Trump to be demonized by the usual entertainment suspects is unforgivable. I am so looking forward to Wednesday morning when reality proves not to be a bad dream for the collective trash heap of pop culture.

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  3. Deborah says:

    On 11/3 Cox Communication utilized Neal Boortz to replace the Herman Cain Show. This Never Never Trump spoke on negatives about Trump.


    • sarrask says:

      I’ve gotten an early election present. I noticed this week that the local radio station that had Meghan McCain’s radio show after Hannity is now repeating Hannity’s entire show instead.

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  4. ZurichMike says:

    We’ve all seen candidate Trump become better at delivering his message. It is profound. I’ve heard his stump speech time and again — but this gave me goosebumps.

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    • SamSteel says:

      You are so right ZM, for me it is like when I am sermonizing, the feeling of hope, grace, and life are overwhelming and amazing. His speeches point toward a bright future full of hope and prosperity.

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  5. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Great ad! The whole household here loved it.


  6. tammy says:

    Beautiful ad. To bad I have only seen it on this web site. See hellarys ad every day. TRUMPENCE/FENCE!


    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Breitbart put it up last night. It’s just so, so good. Trump has grown rapidly into the statesman role. This is inspiring and hits all the right notes. The trolls elsewhere slam me when I write this but Trump IS the Reagan of our time. I don’t mean to compare him to Reagan, but “the Reagan of our time” is IMHO just fact.

      And the man doesn’t make the office. The office makes the man. Trump has grown immensely while Hillary has shriveled away.

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  7. Niagara Frontier says:

    Like it or not I hope that ad is airing in Spanish where it matters. Does anyone know?


  8. Jim Mayer says:

    What’s Going On? -WAR?- False Flag?
    A source inside Russia just sent alarming mess. re NATO moves near Rus bord. “Family fears increasing, growing re NATO intents.” -I Recall hacker claiming BO 2 start war w Rus but disregarded as rediculous. -RusMedia report troops massing near border, forcing Rus to retaliate w def troop mvmnts. Rus ForMin claims NATO won’t respond to Rus initiatives resuming cooperation saying, ‘NATO is shying away fr dialogue w Rus.’ ‘Military equip & troops deployed, # of MiltyExers grow, building missiles continues.” -PrincetonRusStudy ProfCohen, ‘Buildup near Rus unprecedented. Largest massing of Hostiles on Rus border since Ger Jn’41.’ D.SecAshCarter coordinating. Asked to explain NATO mobilization said, ‘bc of Putin’s aggression.’ That’s all. -This can’t be happening. On eve of election? Or is this a ‘wag the dog’?? What’s Going On Here?


  9. kallibella says:

    Great ad! Trump gets better and better and We the People get more and more excited about WINNING!!!!!
    We will make America Great Again!


  10. Polish Rifle says:

    Yay! Compelling ad without any F-bombs, N-words or a thonged 40-something woman exposing her expansive ass cheeks.


  11. Kinene Rogers says:

    Great movement, wish it success


  12. Deborah says:

    Cox Communication had Never Trump Neil Boorzt on 11/2 to do the Herman Cain show. Everything Boorzt said was to discourage people from voting Trump…all negatives. This show is aired in Florida. Boortz did what he was paid to do. He he did an excellent job of putting down Trump.

    Last minute effort, Trump needs to get back to Florida for a rally, and have Melanie speak in Minority area, and play Video of “Boxer” before Trump makes his appearance. Very nice if video can get played on Monday Night Football.


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