Donald Trump Rally, Concord North Carolina – 4:00pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump leaves Florida and heads into North Carolina. The first NC event is a rally at the Cabarrus Arena in Concord at 4:00pm EDT:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1Alternate Live Stream #2


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132 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Concord North Carolina – 4:00pm Live Stream…

  1. Deborah says:

    The momentum of polls increase for Trump, had begun to change to Trump prior to FBI opening up case again. It was due to increase of Obama Care for Next Year. Obama Care is “PRIME” with lots of negative “IMPACT”.

    Toward the end of all Trump rallies, Trump need to remind people of Obama Care average increase of 30-39 percent for next year. Trump needs to individually name those states where the premium will go up more than 50 percent.

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  2. kimosaabe says:

    I was at this rally event in Concord,NC. Thousands upon Thousands‼️ Packed arena. All Deplorables. #MAGA‼️

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  3. Kelly says:

    I was at the Concord rally today. That venue was very near capacity. I live about 40 miles east of the liberal city of Charlotte. Our area is all in for Trump. In my county there are only 2 Clinton sign sightings. Trump signs and flags everywhere. If he doesn’t win NC it will only be because of fraud!!

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