Action Alert Pennsylvania – Drivers Needed To Assist Amish Voters…

Attention Pennsylvania (or surrounding) Treepers.   The Amish community in Pennsylvania and AmishPAC needs our help.


Amish PAC are looking for people who can help drive Amish residents to the voting booths for this election.  There is a volunteer sign-up if you are available to assist.



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142 Responses to Action Alert Pennsylvania – Drivers Needed To Assist Amish Voters…

  1. Rex Brocki says:

    Boy I wish I was still in that part of the country… I’d burn two full tanks of gas for this effort.

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  2. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    They can ride in cars?

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      OWNING a car is considered–by them, and I’m not so sure they’re wrong–to be an act of personal vanity. RIDING in a car is not. I was about to quote the old saw “They’re crazy, not stupid,” but I think I’ll just stick with the “not stupid” part.
      I will say this: until the 1950’s, one in four Americans lived on a farm, mostly in cohesive, mutually-supporting communities similar to the way the Amish live today. I was fortunate enough to witness that America which once was… and I miss it dreadfully.

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      • Rex Brocki says:

        Here’s another example of the “not stupid” business: many (not all, they’re not monolithic any more then treepers are) Amish communities ARE now allowed to use computers and the Internet. Why? Because it is almost physically impossible to comply with &(^% federal regulations (the income tax is only part of it) WITHOUT a computer!!!
        If that doesn’t tell you something about how invasive, pervasive, and persuasive the federal gub’mint has become, you must be hiding in a hole somewhere.
        Come to think of it, whereever di you find a hole that private? I may ask to join you if–god forbid–Trump doesn’t win! (LOL)

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        • grannysue says:

          I’m still fuming because I was denied a paper ballot to vote with. I spent almost a whole day in Texas, calling the Governors office, my local elections and the powers that be who support vote fraud, demand that every one who has a voting machines at their precinct must must that and not a paper ballot. I suspect they do this all over the country to promote vote fraud. I have read those voting machines are rigged and I believe I know too many people in Texas that have had a problem with them.

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          • Jack says:

            I’m in Texas too and was unable to get a paper ballot and an electronic receipt was not an option either.

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          • AZ_Giggles says:

            I also heard that “voter selfies” were not allowed in certain parts of the country because “it might confuse the poll workers” <-what?! take that photo! booths are still private, right?


          • Kalena says:

            Looks like you guys need to put your legislature to work to outlaw machine only voting

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          • Duhders says:

            I had same concern, issue and comment. Took a pic of my ballot confirmation, but it will do no good as there is no physical evidence of a vote. Also, there were at least 2 people in my local neighborhood (reported via the NextDoor app) that they did straight Repub ticket and the Trump vote was switched to Hillary. Personally, I took the time to look up each person and voted some Libertarian candidates and none of my votes were altered on the confirmation screen…now what happened afterwards is what scares the bejesus out of me as there is no way to confirm a recount without physical evidence if a recount is requested.


          • Rebnstx says:

            Grannysue, i am in south tx. I did get a paper ballot to vote.

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          • kdee says:

            What county are you in?


        • aredtailblog says:

          Granted, they have to do it in a way that holds to their life of avoiding luxury as much as possible.

          But as you say here, the Amish are actually very keen on making sure they have just the right amount of technology to not fall too far behind in current news.


      • I don’t miss it since I live in one of those communities. What a pleasure after almost 30 years in NOVA!!!!


    • Yes mouse they can. My mom and dad drive them here in Colorado.

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    • Kroesus says:

      Amish are kind of weird in that they cannot actively interact with modern technology in most cases but can benefit from it…..some communities even allow phones (landlines) now but they are normally located at the edge of the property and often shared with neighbors

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    • I’ve seen them ride Greyhound in the late 90’s and have seen them using smart phones.


  3. wolfmoon1776 says:

    How about Ohio? We have a lot of Amish here, too!

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  4. Walt says:

    Outstanding! Why can the Amish see the truth but half of America can not????? Media mind games….

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  5. Wish I were there to help – I certainly would! If anyone is able to help and needs some gas money, give me a shout!!

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  6. justamom90 says:

    I wish I still lived up there. I would LOVE to do that!

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  7. ladypenquin says:

    I’m not in PA, but if gas money is needed, maybe there is a way, we can aid through CTH. Let us know, Sundance.

    God Bless those good people.

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  8. jwingermany says:

    Plains, trains, automobiles….motorcycles, scooters, skateboards. Bikers for Trump! Get these people to the polls!

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  9. Remnant says:

    I don’t live in PA, but this gives me a great idea. We have a rather large community of Amish folks in our area, and we have forged working relationships with them. Upon getting to know them and gaining their trust, we have found that they are much more aware of what’s going on in our nation than we ever dreamed of. We will reach out to them about providing rides to polling places on election day.

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  10. ConservativeFoundations says:

    Sending this out to contacts through several of the Central PA counties, Lancaster, Lebanon, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, York, etc. The Trump rally Friday is here in Hershey in the ice hockey arena, which holds 10,500, plus you will have the floor space. If anyone in the immediate area needs signs, reply back. MAGA !!!

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  11. fred5678 says:

    From AmishPAC web site:

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  12. maggiemoowho says:

    Good amount of voters👍
    Number of Amish citizens in the US by state in 2015:
    Ohio 69,255
    Pennsylvania 68,820
    Indiana 50,955
    Wisconsin 17,665
    New York 17,280
    Michigan 14,495
    Missouri 11,230
    Kentucky 11,010
    Iowa 8,785
    Illinois 7,280
    Minnesota 4,535
    Tennessee 2,750
    Maryland 1,485
    Delaware 1,500
    Kansas 2,025
    Virginia – 1,080
    Oklahoma 810
    Montana – 540
    Colorado – – 675
    Nebraska – – 810
    West Virginia – 225
    Maine – – 675
    Mississippi – 150
    Arkansas – – 270
    North Carolina – 135
    Florida* – – 75
    Texas – – 75
    South Dakota – 95
    Idaho – – 75
    Wyoming – – 75
    Vermont – – 15

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  13. Rickster says:

    I just called them, all phones are busy, must be Treepers lol. I live in Ohio atm and see Amish in the area every now and then. Will do what’s needed. Signed up. 🙂

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  14. David Kerr says:

    I am a Western Pa resident that is familiar with the Amish community. We have a strong population of Amish in New Wilmington, Pa. My family makes yearly trips to the Lancaster, Pa area as well (go if you have never been). These are great, hardworking people that could make the difference in a state like Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I work and will be working on behalf of the Republican candidate for State Rep. in my district on Election Day, but I implore anyone who is able to help get the Amish community to the polls.


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    • unconqueredone says:

      Just a little north of you! Pyme area!

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    • Annie says:

      David; Even though we live 1 hour away from Lancaster, my husband and I have volunteered. We have also sent e-mails out contacting people we know that live closer to that area. This election is so critical that there is no excuse not to help.
      Edward Evert Hale’s declaration:
      “I am only one.
      I cannot do everything,
      But still I can do something.
      And because I cannot do everything,
      I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”


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  15. unconqueredone says:

    Ok, I live in W. PA and didn’t even realize the Amish voted! Maybe I should take Tuesday off and run the wheels off my Suburban! Have to see about my work load.

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  16. E, ROBOT says:

    Why don’t they do absentee ballots?


    • Marc says:

      PA has strict requirements on who can vote absentee by mail and there’s no early voting in Pennsylvania either so in person on election day is required. I think that’s best anyway as there’s less of an issue or time to commit voter fraud. Request a paper ballot if they use machines at your local polling place.

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  17. Any word on Illinois Amish needing rides? I live about an hour from a pretty size able Amish population.

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  18. mark4trump says:

    I live in Central PA — Not far from Lancaster — I have a 7 passenger Town & Country — & I took the day off to pull bus duty 🙂 Filled in the volunteer form — so after I vote I will gladly go where they send me. I want Trump to win Pennsylvania!!!!!

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  19. chojun says:

    I’m willing to bet the local Mormon community would be willing to lend a hand (we love stuff like this). I can contact them but I need to know the general area(s) where these communities are located so that I can contact the correct LDS Stakes.

    Let me know ASAP.

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  20. aredtailblog says:

    Donated $20. Can’t drive and I’m across the country, but thought I could chip in for the gas bill at least.

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  21. fleporeblog says:

    So proud of my little brother who lives in the Bronx, NY for allowing me to register him for Election Day! He lives about two and a half hours from the Amish community. I told him I will give him $60 for gas since I can’t get off of work that day.

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  22. Ptmliz says:

    I signed up. I’m on western border of the state but we have a sizeable Amish population
    Thanks for posting this Sundance

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  23. entagor says:

    I don’t see a donate tab at the top. On the left I can open a display with Donate. When I click Donate, I get a request to help Amish Pac pay for mailings to the Amish. Does this pac also collect money to pay for transportation? Anyone talk to them?


  24. tuskyou says:

    We’ve got to get them to the polls! I hope an effort is made in Illinois. I donated gas $.


    • entagor says:

      You have been pranked. That website is not abcnews,com

      Don’t click this site. Scrolling down it gets into x rated and unfortunately I clicked ‘about before scrolling down

      if I search duckduckgo for abcnews,com the website is the fifth one down 0

      dirtbags. What a dirtbag election

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  25. I offered to drive 4 hrs round trip to help! I love Amish country and appreciate their culture. I’ll be voting early in NJ, but after that it’s Cinderella’s Taxi Service if they would like me to help! 🙂

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  26. valheisey says:

    I migrated to Florida from Lancaster County and I sent this link to my nephew who lives there. He said he would pass it along to others too. I am going to send it to other Lancaster County friends to do the same.

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  27. I live in wv and I told them I would come up to pa on Monday and stay all night and take as many as I can on Tuesday. No charge.

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  28. I’m waiting on them to call me back. I live in wv but told them I would come up on Monday and stay in hotel and give as many rides as I can on Tuesday. Told them I don’t want no money just want trump to win.

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  29. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Is therea federal law requiring states to provide paper ballots, if they are requested?


    • Article 1 of the US Constitution gives the states the responsibility of conducting elections for representation to federal government offices. It’s up to your state’s legislature. That’s why we have such a variety of ID laws, and so many different systems for tabulation and recording.

      I’m with you all on the comparative safety of paper ballots though. I live where it’s ALL vote-by-mail only. We have to sign our ballots, and provide a contact phone # in case of problems. Registration is in-person, and those forms are compared to the ballot signatures before certifying a result.


  30. jello333 says:

    This (among many other reasons) is why I love the Treehouse!

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  31. LANE says:

    I will pass this along and try to get the day off. Lancaster is about 1 hour from me and I know allot of people who live out that way. Trump is going to be in Hershey PA tomorrow night. We may be able to get a hold of the campaign HQ and get some people out there. I will call the Malvern HQ and ask them. Will keep you posted. The Amish have Billboards up and signs everywhere. They know the stakes are high. Hillary would love to get her hands on their land.

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  32. jessie diconti says:

    I am sharing this information everywhere in that area


  33. Aidan Cullen says:

    I live in Harrisburg PA, not a citizen, but a valid greencard holder. Also a heavy Trump supporter.
    I am a CDL driver for UPS, and think i could be of great help. I would like more information on this endeavor…
    If I’m not alowed to vote, ill drag all legal voters to the Trump ballot instead. (with Love)
    I’m gonna go by the name Aidan until i know more about this.
    Lets do this folks!

    PS: i speak Dutch. Real Dutch, not PA Dutch unfortunately…

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  34. justfactsplz says:

    I love that Wolverines always answer the call when there is a need. Carry on.


  35. DellainSC says:

    Have Amish transport GoFundMe page to reserve bus.


  36. Jodie Adams says:

    I don’t live close enough to give any of you awesome Amish a ride but I have friends who do, and I will share this on my Trump groups. Facebook keeps deleting our shares to try and get you all rides…but we keep trying.


  37. Danielle Cooper says:

    I volunteered, but I don’t know where the Amish live.
    wish there really was a “Trump train” we could send them there on the Trump train.


  38. Kev says:


    Or me, I charge 15$ hr, cuz would have to take off of work for it.


  39. Connie Williams says:

    I shared this with my cousin who lives in Pennsylvania. Hopefully he can pull some friends together to help.

    A basement dwelling Florida deplorable.


  40. Michele Nieves says:

    Is there something like this going on in Ohio? I’m disabled & can’t drive to Pa,but I can do here. We are a swing state. We might have Amish communities.


  41. Gretchen Ruby says:

    My husband and I will be available. Lancaster, York, Delta, Airville area


  42. Danny says:

    The people pictured up top used to be Amish but now they drive cars
    I personally know quite a few of them


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