Oh Lookie – “Media Polls” Show Trump Back On Top, Go Figure…

The Real Battle, is the Battle for Your Mind

As if on cue, or something.  All of a sudden, S.U.R.P.R.I.S.E,… a litany of polls released today show Donald Trump ahead in key battleground states (Ohio and Florida), and tied –or closer than the margin of error– in new national polls….

…. And Trump’s back to winning Independent Voters by 14 points or more.

…..And Trump has all the momentum.

Shocked… shocked I tells ya.

trump momentumtrump momentum 2

Seriously though, if anyone is still not awake, or is still suffering through “battered electorate syndrome”, this year – it is simply because they want to be.

There’s simply too much overwhelming data to evidence the intent behind every single “media poll“, and how their promoted results are necessarily connected to the ideology of the media enterprise engaged in showcasing them.

It was only two weeks ago when the media script, to accompany the polling, was saying 90% of the voting electorate had made up their mind and locked in their vote.

If that was factually true then – how the heck did the polling shift more than 15 points?

Remember what we stated on October 20th:


(Link To Earlier Discussion)


The reality is, it’s not going to be close folks.

It won’t even be close:

Republican voter turnout projected 2

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  1. Carol Brown says:

    You said this so well it almost made me cry. I love Mr. Trump too. And there really is some major hope here, now that it’s getting down to the nub and time is running out on the shenanigans of the media companies.

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  2. ZurichMike says:

    Major networks are all down double digits in viewership (average 12%) from last year. Ad revenues are down. Hillary’s SuperPACS have pulled the plug, so fewer high-revenue ads being placed with the networks. Trump is judiciously advertising, also meaning networks are not pulling in ad revenue they had counted on. Trump is not using “the usual” polling whores and consultants, meaning their income is down, too.

    As a result, the media whores and polling/consultant prostitutes are furious about not being able to cash in, and, being leftists, have been taking it out on Trump. But the all-important sweeps month of November looms — this determines ad placement (and ad pricing) for several months. To claw back any kind of credibility and viewership, the networks will move to polls that reflect reality so they can say in November to the America population, most of whom have the memory span of gnat, “See, we had good polls that accurately predicted a Trump win — you can trust us and please watch our shows again!”.

    But the media have gone to the well one too many times. Once you see the puppet strings, it’s hard to “unsee” them. More and more people get their news and information from alternative sources. Younger people get information through social media, not dinosaur media. And Trump owns social media this election cycle: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Next up: President Trump taking Congress to the woodshed.


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    • rsmith1776 says:

      A few questions:

      what is Hellacious Hellary doing with ALL THAT MONEY she’s raised, what was it, a billion or something? Some dozens of millions worth of ads, almost no travel given that she’s as energetic as a legless zombie, what else?
      mostly trivial, but I’m curious, when Donald talks about the “bleaching” being extremely expensive – can you direct me to some source?

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      • ZurichMike says:

        Her “billion” is just more propaganda — outright lie — to shock an discourage people. Hillary’s SuperPACs have pulled out — have you seen any new ads lately from her failing campaign? She’s recycling junk.

        She opens campaign offices– and they are empty.
        She gives them seed money — and they “donate” it back to her campaign.

        And since you are able to post on a blog, you should also be able to do some basic internet research yourself, no?

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      • flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable says:

        I think he was making reference to the payment to the IT firm – name escapes me ATM – for them conducting the illegal data destruction. Knowing Trump, he may have more info than we are privy to.

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      • Edie Landis says:

        She’s saving it for an escape from The Law And Order Candidate who is coming to lock her up!

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      • She’s running ads in California on ESPN. That costs a lot.

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      • Garrison Hall says:

        One thing she’s been doing with her money is spending millions and millions on anti-Trump attack ads., none of which have proven to be very effective. After spending untold amounts of money to turn people against Trump, the best she can do is stay a few points ahead of him in skewed polls which heavily oversample Democrats so as to show even this modest lead over Trump. She’s running as hard as she can, spending as much as she can, and she still can’t pull away from Trump.

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      • anarchist335 says:

        Actually the bleachbit app is a free download. Or was. So The Boss has been bum doped on that. It’s all good tho. The Boss never emails. When I get a promo from the RNC saying that Trump sent them an email I just shake my head.

        Speaking of the RNC, they better start spending $, big $ on battle-ground state ads. They have spent like $30K w ads against Killary compared to $30Mil on Mitten last time around.

        Rince should have been fired after McCain lost in 08. Why is that POS still there? The world wonders…


      • BigD says:

        When people talk of bleaching the bits on her hard drive they are not quite understanding what the process is. This is a mechanical process that involves no chemicals and doesn’t physically destroy anything other than the data on the disk.

        Anyone can grab several different free programs off the Internet that will perform the same function as BleachBit. The cost involves having some flunkie just waiting for the programs to run and do their thing and it can take days to properly BleachBit a hard drive.

        Data on hard disk drives is stored as binary data bits with a value of 0 or 1 (off/on) on a spinning magnetic platter, each hard drive has billions of sectors that are comprised of these individual bits. Normally, when you tell a computer to erase something it just partially erases the file name and tells the computer that hey this space is now available to use again! The security issue arises because it is possible for someone to go in and reconstruct the “deleted” files because they have not been truly deleted until some other data has over written them. It is quite possible to delete say an email off your computer and still actually have the email on the hard drive just sitting there for months or years before the computer decides to use that drive space again.

        What BleachBit and similar programs do is a “Secure Erase” whereby every single bit on the hard drive is written with a random value (0 or 1) over and over multiple times. This ensures anything erased stays permanently erased and there is absolutely no way to recover the securely erased data off the computer. The drive is still completely usable and can be made to look like it was never securely erased fairly easily.

        Interestingly, there are several governmental standards in place to ensure a drive is completely unrecoverable. The US DoD 5220.22-M standard requires 7 passes be written while the British HMG IS5 and US Army and US Air Force standards only require 3 passes while the Russian GOST standard requires 2 passes to ensure a full erasure. Scientists discovered after this tool was made available that it was still possible to determine what was originally written to the drive thanks to the magnetic strength of the data written originally. Multiple passes (the more the better) wipe out this advanced recovery technique ensuring no one gets your deleted wedding emails.

        A free Windows program to do this on your home PC is called “Eraser” and it provides you the ability to securely erase just certain files or the entire drive. Similar programs for Mac OS X users are also available.

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      • John Ford says:

        Bleachbit (http://www.bleachbit.org/) is an application that allows you to completely and irrevocably delete data on a hard disk. Just because you hit the delete key does not mean the file’s data is deleted — only the file allocation table’s reference to the location of the data is removed. Any good geek with mid-level forensic ability can still pull the data — in this case Hillary’s criminal email evidence — from the disk. While I’ve never used Bleachbit personally it probably works in ways used by similar application to write data to the location occupied by the file, delete and overwrite again, so that no possible trace of the original file’s contents could possible recovered via any means of extensive data forensics.

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      • JChesney says:

        Hillary has used her “billion plus” to buy ads and ad space; buy off media; buy off government officials in the DOJ and FBI; pay minimum wage to nasty bloggers and blog site comments section jerks; and, hopefully, she will get what Jeb Bush got — a whopping 6 delegates. In her case, that would transfer to only winning 6 states.

        Bleach Bit refers to a software product that can be installed to literally “bleach” away the entire history of a server. A lot of people don’t understand the situation with emails vs servers (if you do, please indulge me). An email is like a “virtual” communication item. A server is a “physical” box, similar to your cable box. All emails are created “virtually” by logging onto to some type of “physical” server. Most individuals don’t have a private server, so when they log in to Google, Yahoo, etc., those companies host servers that store YOUR emails. Whenever an email is created and sent, there is a record/trace of that email SOMEWHERE. In Hillary’s case, it would be on her own, private server, which was managed by a private IT consultant, who had ALL of her information backed up and stored at Platte River — you know, just in case something ever happened to the main personal server. Platte River staffers are the ones who “bleached” THEIR data after Hillary no doubt destroyed the data on her private server, but the one thing that no one is talking about, is the fact that the NSA has been “spying” on EVERYONE’s data for years, and they absolutely have copies of all of Hillary’s data. According to WikiLeaks, Hillary’s data is housed in the Utah data site. Just yesterday, they sent out information on how to retrieve it, so we will see if that happens.

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      • Larry says:

        I don’t understand why she sent 1.8 billion to Qatar and the feds did not say anything?


    • ALEX says:

      Spot on.

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    • Dixie says:

      Next up: President Trump taking Congress to the woodshed.

      Music to my ears, ZM!

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    • justfactsplz says:

      “Taking Congress to the woodshed”, oh happy day!

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    • NorthIdaho says:

      Next up: Maybe a New TV Network as well….

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      To your point, today, Dana Trash interviewed Trump after the ribbon cutting and spent half of the interview badgering him about running ads…doesn’t he need to, how much is he willing to spend, etc. Trump finally said move on to next q. It was if she was demoted to the advertising dept.

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      • ZurichMike says:

        And sex-obsessed Megyn Kelly asked Huckabee about Trump taking time off from the campaign — and Huckabee unfortunately didn’t answer hard enough. What he should have said is: “What are you talking about? This is a key property and a symbol of the only thing in Washington that works — and then he announced several times that he was doing 3 campaign stops afterward. Apparently you missed that, Megyn, because you’re too interested in “gotcha” journalism. And by the way, have you noticed that Trump can open a hotel and go to three campaign rallies drawing tens of thousands, and sick Hillary can barely muster up enough energy to do one short event per day to handfuls of supporters. Why haven’t you reported on that?”

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        • Shadrach says:

          I know, I heard on my radio that “Trump excuses taking a day off from the campaign to open his hotel” and I was laughing to myself. First, it’s not a day off if you’re opening a hotel. Second, he’s been running rings around Clinton in the “working hard” department.

          It was so biased it was funny. I wonder if our media can ever recover. We’re already sunk to #41 country in the world for free press (actually surprised we’re not lower). Next stop 1950’s Russia.


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          • MfM says:

            Scheduled for 11 a.m. so he could do a full day of campaigning. Did they even listen to his speech? Most of it was a campaign speech!

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          • We actually are lower.
            The rsf.org ranking is essentially about reporters being repressed, prevented from or punished for reporting the truth. In that we’re #41.

            But the biggest problem here isn’t repression or punishment, it’s the simple fact that the media are owned by 6 conglomerates that are all in for the Clinton/Bush mafia.
            Reporters COULD legally report much of the truth. But they don’t because their bosses don’t WANT the truth.

            In terms of actual freedom of the press THAT IS ACTUALLY BEING USED, we’re much worse than #41.


      • Apfelcobbler says:

        I happened to catch it and also thought her behavior was really odd. I would have told her, “well Dana, I’m not going to discuss numbers with you since you are in Hillary’s p r team.”

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    • jeans2nd says:

      “the media whores and polling/consultant prostitutes are furious about not being able to cash in…”

      You mean they might be fearing LOSING THEIR JOBS????? Oh, the poor dears…

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  3. barton2016 says:

    When you consider all major networks are controlled by 6 globalist billionaires it all makes perfect sense.

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  4. Ghostrider says:

    Breaking News: Trusted sidekick, Huma says HRC–> was overwhelmed by her grandchildren’s weekend, two-hour long visit. She needs more rest; is requesting an election extension.
    Trump Camp response: No, and Hell no!

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  5. Mr. Izz says:

    We keep hearing about how Hillary has a massive ground game too (look where that got Lyin’ Ted). Here’s the problem with that analysis. Hillary has to pay people to be in her ground game. Trump supporters happily volunteer to spread the message. Add that to your enthusiasm gap.

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  6. geoffb5 says:

    I hope this formats okay when posted.

    Ratio of No 4 year or more college degree to having a 4 year or more college degree in the general population. 68% No 4 year degree, 32% 4 year or more degree

                                                     2.125 to 1 is the General Population norm.

    Ratios used in polls which state education of respondents.
    GW Battleground 10/08-13 ——————————– 1.2 to 1
    Christopher Newport U of Virginia poll 10-16 —— .73 to 1
    Survey Monkey poll —————————————– .58 to 1
    Bloomberg 10/19/16 poll ——————————- 1.58 to 1
    AZ Republic newspaper poll 10-18-16 ————– .74 to 1
    Survey USA —————————————– 1.43 to 1
    Monmouth Wisconsin 10-19-16 ————- 1.11 to 1
    Monmouth NC poll 10-24-16 —————————- 1.08 to 1
    WMUR/ U of NH ——————————————- .66 to 1
    Emerson —————————————————– 1.02 to 1
    CBS/YouGov ———————————————— 1.04 to 1
    Fairleigh Dickinson 10-18-16 NJ poll. ————— .49 to 1
    Gravis 10-24-16 national ——————————– 1.02 to 1
    Gravis Indiana —————————————- 1.06 to 1
    NYT Siena 10-25-16 NC ——————————– 1.13 to 1
    Bloomberg Florida poll 10-26-16 ——————– 1.13 to 1
    Monmouth NH 10-26-16 ————— ——————- .87 to 1

    I realize that each State would have a different mix and that it is likely that those having lower levels of education, which includes me as a “some college” guy, may have lower turnout. But also that is just the working “class” people, the base that Trump is energizing in his rallies.

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    • flounder, rebel, vulgarian, deplorable says:

      For that “68% No 4 year degree,” is that only counting voting age adults? If so, you may be on to something intriguing.


      • geoffb5 says:

        It is the US census figures for adults 25 or older, which is the age range where advanced college degrees would finally show up. The 18 to 24 shouldn’t be different except the degrees would be somewhat aspirational as most would not have completed them yet.

        The figures are:
        <HS 11.69%
        HS 29.74%
        Some-College 16.68%
        2yr Degree 9.93%
        4yr Degree 20.19%
        Grad Degree 11.77%

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    • inquirer2point0 says:

      Yep. The pollsters are manipulating the education demographic by oversampling the ‘highly educated’.

      Good job of pulling this data together.

      Trump/Pence/America First 2016 or BUST.

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    • I checked out NH census info yesterday and it polling was off by about 6%. But, there may be data to suggest that those with degrees vote more than those without. It would be a reasonable assumption actually.


      • geoffb5 says:

        I agree on that. If they are only polling those who fit a “likely voter” profile or who say they are definitely voting then that could affect the sample. Determining who will actually show up and vote is the biggest fly in the ointment for even polls that try to be accurate.

        What interested me the most about the list I posted above was the variation and that they all trended one way. The trend could be explained by higher educated people being more motivated to vote or more likely to answer a phone call and say they were voting but the wide variation and that it never comes very close to the actual adult population can’t.

        BTW it seems from looking at a number of them that the Emerson polls drop anyone who doesn’t say they are definitely voting or have voted already and so their variation is by who will say they are voting whether that statement is true or not. It might also be that the more educated don’t want to admit that they are not voting.

        Election day will tell and is what matters. My wife and I have both already voted, Trump.

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        • The other big thing when I looked at the NH Marist poll was that they added one line to the voter demographics sample information (comparing September to October) which was Participation and it was asterisked. In little bitty print, it said that it was people that had voted in a least one other Presidential election. I don’t know if they just didn’t bother to put it on their others or if the changed the sampling criteria which would mean you can’t compare apples to oranges… interesting stuff.


  7. Sundance, you’re a prophet. A veritable modern day Ms. Cleo!

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  8. thetrain2016 says:

    Here is my humble prediction. 95% of Republicans vote Trump. 20% of Democrats vote Trump. 70% of Independents vote Trump. Hillary and the other two get the rest. Go figure!

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  9. FoxyGranny says:

    I entered my early vote yesterday in Florida #MAGA Our hope for a better future.
    I am sick of the corruption of our present government as well as our News Media.
    Our children and grandchildren deserve so much more. Never will they know the innocence of my childhood. Doors unlocked, windows open, neighbors looking out for one another. Common values, respect and integrity. Old fashioned do the right thing.

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    • Dixie says:

      sounds like we were raised in the same area and era except you left out one thing…”car parked out front, keys in it”. And it was always there the next morning too.

      They were the good old days.

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      • Fake Nametag says:

        I remember riding my bike a few miles from home with friends, getting a flat, and a trustworthy stranger offering us a ride home in the back of his pickup. I can’t imagine my kids getting in someone else’s car, and I can’t imagine myself ever stopping to help a child for fear of being accused of being a creeper. Such a sad world we live in today.

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        • MfM says:

          Bet you had a knife in every kids pocket. Even though I was a girl, I carried a pocket knife from about the age of ten. Flew on many an airplane with it before all the silliness.

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    • I was at Mobile Speedway recently watching the races. The night was beautiful, everybody was friendly and a good time was had by all. The thought occurred to me, that this is the life and people the liberals despise. If Trump is not elected, this sport will be regulated away.


  10. aprilyn43 says:

    Hey .. I’m all for Trump and I’m glad for the up date, but I won’t stop fighting and being concerned until Trump and Pense take the oath of office in January 2017!
    Until then .. It’s evil, Hillary Clinton that will do anything to win; and I do mean anything!
    Also, we still have the Muslim Ibamanation of Desolation in the White House.

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  11. rumpole2 says:

    Trump Drain The Swamp Plan.. Point #7

    TERM LIMITS for pollsters, media hacks, TV news “personalities”, pundits and pontificators.

    Kick all the bums out after a year… let them find a real job.

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  12. rsmith1776 says:

    Hannity (one of the extremely thinned herd I’m still watching at Fox) had a nice, encouraging show tonight. He explained some paths to victory for Trump on the Big Map in a clear and optimistic way…. and he had Newt on, which was one more deserved slap in the face of Hillary’s Fox pimp.

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  13. hellandahandbasket says:

    What still blows my mind, is that a shocking amount of males tell me their wives are voting for The Clinton War Machine. They tell me their wives think Mr. Trump is a sleeze-ball, and/or EvilTwatHillary deserves the wife vote because of her vajayjay. Crazy thing of it all …these are USBorder Patrol agent wives. My response after trying diligently to dissect it all, is …”Then grow a set, and tell your wife she is a idiot”. Most of them shrug their shoulders and have no answer, aside from reiterating how offended these wives are with Mr. Trump. I guess my next question to these male agents should be “Does your ‘offended’ wife stash her dog-eared copy of 50-Shades of Grey under the mattress, or in her lingerie draw…?”
    My take on this phenomenon …The Feminist-Cult must save-face with their following, and will gladly aid in the destruction of America to save themselves from ridicule and bashing from fellow cultists. The Feminist-Cult’s mind-control is much, much more powerful than we realize, and much much more powerful than the Liberal-Cult — hands down.
    This cult following is so twisted, they would rather vote for evil, knowing it will mean the end of their husband’s career, and welfare of their family …just to save-face.


    • Ace says:

      On the flip side, I’ve met a lot of men who are voting Trump because of Ivanka!

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    • Dixie says:

      Since the husbands won’t oppose their wives anyway, hopefully the husbands will vote for Trump and wipe their wives’ votes out without ever having to say a word.

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      They need to remind their wives to consider the stakeholders – the 16,500 border patrol union members, the 5,000 ICE union members, the 10’s of millions held hostage in failing schools who will be crushed if Trump doesn’t win because their childhoods are doomed.

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    • incisor says:

      I’ve been married to my wife for 28 years.
      I’d divorce her tomorrow if she voted for Kankles today.
      Fortunately (for me) she’s smart enough to know a lying, cheating traitor when she see one.

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    • My take on this (non tran-gender female here) is the reflex voting on “women’s” issues has nothing to do with politics or any political candidate or where the country is at the moment. It is an internal reflection of the emotional state of those women. Some have a chip on their shoulder or bitterness from some past real or perceived wrong. I think some shrinks told the Dems years ago a that centain people can be triggered into doing irrational stuff if you hit them with the right messaging. Marketing people know these tricks.
      So yeah, when you say it’s a twisted cult, you’re not far off.

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    • deanfitz says:

      Tell them its not Trump v Clinton.Its nasty socialism v Nationalism

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    • perfect beast says:

      It might be worth mentioning to these women that Hillary wants open borders. That means muslim immigration here like in Europe. And when these women find a hoard of muslim men coming after their “vajayjay” with a dull razor blade, they’re going to have some Kodak moment looks on their faces.

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    • jim jones says:

      My female neighbour asked me why she should vote for Brexit, “Because youll be wearing a burqua if you dont”

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    • deh3k says:

      Read scott adams blog. Last 2 posts. Women need to know that Clinton has set Americans against each other. Her supporters are bullies. She has convinced people that nearly half the country deserves to be attacked for what they believe. Feminists are the worst bullies of all. Scott Adams says it better than me. Some women can be persuaded.

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    • M.A. says:

      Wow. If you love your husband, you put him first. If my husband put his life on the line, I would follow his lead. If I felt I could not vote for his choice, then I would not vote at all for that office. Feminist women do not know how to love unselfishly.

      I just sent my hunk of burning love off to work with a hug, kiss, told him he looked good, smelled good, and to ‘stay away from the other ladies today!’ He was all puffed up!

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    • Larry says:

      I throw my wife out of the house.


  14. Ace says:

    To paraphrase Al Davis…
    Just Vote Baby!

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  15. Ace says:

    The corrupt media knows the big secret that is leading to a Trump landslide:
    He really isn’t a republican. Indies and center leaning Dems will find it easier to vote for him.
    We can thank the GOPers for this.

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  16. Jaspersgoat says:

    My personal concern may not play well. I’m 100% Trump and know he’s going to win by a margin too big to defraud him of the election. But it’s my opinion that we have such great expectations that we might be disappointed if we don’t see immediate turn arounds. The progressives have embedded the most vile communists deep inside the govt in every agency. Digging those people out and stopping their activities will take years. Let’s please invoke some realistic expectations so that we fully support him through the rugged days ahead. #MAGA

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    • GREENMIRROR says:

      I think that’s where the term limits and anti-lobbyist laws kick in.

      Those that want to stay sucking on the front teat will have to go out into the world and work for a living…or retire on a beach somewhere with their wall street investment income sooner or later.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      I fully expect the Uniparty resistance to increase significantly once Trump wins the election. He may have an entire 4 year term that is nothing but open battle with Congress where little gets done. I’m okay with this because the Congress will be fully exposed as against the people. They will get voted out of office like crazy over the next 6 years. After that the real work will start getting done.

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      • DebbieUK says:

        This is what’s happening in UK .We won the battle but we are still having to battle on and win the war. The media propagana has increased and Brexit still may not happen or will at least be watered down

        We are not going to accept anything less than out of the EU completely!

        Mr Trump may have a long battle with congress on his hands but if anyone can do it ,he can.The special interests will not disappear overnight.

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    • Government has WAY more people than it needs and WAY more facilities as well.

      Trump asks the top 1 levels of senior government managers to (1) quantify all of the Waste, Fraud and Abuse they have [no-doubt already identified] in each of their areas, (2) quantify all that their specific actions have eliminated each year under Obama, and (3) present their action plan for eliminating the rest within 1 year. [No turnaround should take more, under the caliber of leaders that Trump will recruit to his Administration.]

      Trump retains the best 33% based on their (1) grasp, (2) record and (3) plan, giving them 90 days to deliver on it or join the rest below:

      Trump moves the 67% “incompetent” rest to government facilities converted to Japanese-style “Rubber Rooms” with zero communications with the outside world or within government, where they spend 40 hours per week incommunicado with ANYONE until they resign or retire – avoiding any need for union litigation or delay.

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      • Correction to second paragraph:

        Trump asks the top “3” levels of senior government managers to report the above…

        The Top level reports on Friday of Week 1.
        [They are Incompetent if they don’t already have all of the above put together in the first place.]

        The 2nd level reports on Friday of Week 2, noting they better beat the Top level.
        [Word breaks out that this is now a matter of survival.]

        The 3rd level reports on Friday of Week 3, noting they better beat the Top 2 levels.
        [They clearly have the edge being closer to the action.]

        Those retained in their roles or promoted are announced on Friday of Week 4.
        [This isn’t hard for a decisive leader who has better things to do than coddle vipers.]

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    • singtune says:

      “Jaspergoat”~~Correction~~ NWO Globalist’s are WITHIN our Government Right now~~Including many Republican’s~! Communism is just One method to their World Domination Madness~!

      TRUMP can do MANY things at the Outset~~without needing Congress to approve them~! Just by getting RID of those Unconstitutional Executive Orders~~will help a Lot & Show everyone where is Heart is at~! In addition, TRUMP CAN get Rid of the Illegal Immigrant Felons etc, by Using Existing Laws.

      Yes, a Lot can be done Without our NWO Congress, by using Laws that already exist. Even the Wall was supposed to be in Progress Years ago. Just WATCH.

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    • Attorney says:

      You will be surprised in part and confirmed in part. If we are talking economics, then yes I agree it will take a while but killing regulations and Obamacare can make a HUGE difference in just a year.

      If you are talking about general corruption in D.C., Trump’s DOJ can immediately begin investigating these sleazoids. But be aware, I guarantee if he wins the present DOJ will begin shredding documents immediately and the cove rups will start. There has been so much money sloshing around since Obama took office, the corruption is YUGE.

      Really sounds like the Soviet Union doesn’t it? Just wait if she wins….

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  17. todayistheday99 says:

    M.Kelly’s interview with Newt, was the “jumping the shark” moment where no one can believe the lying ass media anymore.

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  18. Keln says:

    I can say I’ve been steadfastly and vocally convinced that Trump will win.

    But then I have math on my side and I don’t watch TV.

    Data folks.

    Never argue with the data

    Or with SD for that matter.

    Liked by 10 people

  19. todayistheday99 says:

    BTW, it look like we are getting a lot of new people on this site! Welcome aboard the Trump train!

    Liked by 8 people

  20. aredtailblog says:

    This is hopeful news indeed.
    My vote will be but one, but it’ll be of the loud and clear message to this country that it desperately needs.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. Needed this.
    My heart and head say he is winning and winning big. Then you hear radio and tv a bunch of negativity.

    Liked by 2 people

  22. ed357 says:

    TPTB have to have the polling to show Hitlery ahead or a tied poll………..

    otherwise when Hitlery “steals” the election…..

    all hell would break out because people wouldn’t believe the results……

    We’ll be lucky to get a fair election with the Hitlery Clinton Crime Family involved.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. lionslover says:

    I’m very worried. Yeah, good question, why is Obama in Miami, but I have to ask the same for our side. Why is Trump in Florida and NC and not spending every waking moment in PA? If this isn’t even going to be close Sundance, then Florida should already becemented, NC too, Trump should and would be going after the hard to get PA all out, more than any other state by far, shouldn’t he? Why would he be spending all day eysterday with 4 stops in Florida and today in NC if these are wrapped up already? Surely he has internal polling from his own people which should show him the real truth, that this isn’t going to be close as you say and he should be toying with states that are always hard to get, like PA, Mich, NH, Virginia??

    I just saw again that Larry Sabado or whatever his name is, and he and others still SWEAR that Hillary is up, they are not backing off, not one inch, not one mm.

    Megyn Kelly was almost ready to laugh at Newt when they were talking about PA, are all these people really ready to look like unbelievable and total fools on Nov 9th? O’Reilly is absolutely and totally sure Trump us behind, Berny and Krauthammer too are absolutely sure Trump has almost ZERO chance of winning, and you are telling me these guys, idiot never Trumpers yes, but still smart guys are willing to look like complete fools about the polls this close out from the election?

    Goldberg told O’Reilly the other night that Trump has almost no chance to win, if Trump wins he is going to look like the biggest moron ever, O’Reilly too for that matter. So I hope to god for the sake of our country that you are right, but I am so afraid I am going to get my hopes up only to have them totally destroyed on Nov 9th. If you are right, why are all these people, many very smart eople so either folled by the polls, or purposely saying something they know is not true knowing full well they will look like complete idiots on Nov 9th?


    • starfcker says:

      Maybe those very smart people aren’t as smart as you think. Trump is in Florida going for the win. Romney plus Florida, Ohio and North Carolina means Trump wins. That must look like the easiest path. Michigan would be great. Pennsylvania would be great. Trust him, he knows what he is doing. Winning.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Peter says:

      He is in Toledo today….


    • catluver99 says:

      lionslover –
      These so called ‘smart’ people are the same ‘smart’ people who claimed Trump couldn’t win the primaries, that Trump was way behind, that Trump couldn’t get past a certain %, that no way Trump can win the candidacy. So forgive me when I call out these ‘smart’ people as just ordinary Uniparty globalist hacks. They have been completely wrong for over a year. Look back at their blathering during the primaries and tell me they don’t already look like morons. They have been completely wrong the whole time and have no credibility.

      Liked by 4 people

    • deh3k says:

      Pennsylvania does not have early voting. Florida is voting now. So Trump is in Florida. Michigan early vote is Nov 7.

      Liked by 5 people

    • M.A. says:

      We don’t listen anymore to those people you mentioned. You’re welcome.


  24. Peter says:

    What WILL Meghan “I’m not obsessed with sex” Kelly do now?

    Please start with whipping that teenager “I know everything and you don’t” smirk off your face! Such a tool for the left….

    Liked by 2 people

  25. R-C says:

    Sundance, whoever you are, know that you are simply brilliant, and that we in the R-C household thank you very, very much.

    This Bud’s for you. Cheers.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. Drazil says:

    of course they would need to post real results. hillary is doing so bad that they’d need to poll straight democrats to show her in the lead. though, in some arias, that would still be to close to call.


  27. Hallelujah, just the thing I needed to read after a seriously depressing day today. God bless our nation, all those who vote Trump, and the man himself, amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    Jeff Blow reporting from the edge …language warning

    Liked by 1 person

    • hellandahandbasket says:

      Can’t stand Michael Moore, and I would like to hear the entire premise for this motivational Trump-Love speech, I’ve heard it was a sarcastic diss on Trump’ers – although, he’s spot-on with everything said. Ironically, IF Moore really believes what he preaches, he should have been campaigning his ass-off for Trump from the get-go.


      • Maggie B says:

        Moore does get it, but he is a leftist who hates capitalism. For that reason, he hates Trump. They all get it; look at Wikileaks. The politicians and the MSM and Obama and Hillary are being paid heavily by the globalists to sell us a load of crap and call it manna from heaven.
        Crap is crap.

        Liked by 2 people

  29. maga2016 says:

    media is preparing to switch to real polls a few days before the election day to safe their face but we wont forget and wont forgive

    Liked by 1 person

  30. I’ll be early voting tomorrow. Can’t wait! Never looked forward to voting this much before. Early voting is up 60% from 2012 in the largest counties in Texas! No way that I buy the MSM nonsense that Texas is flippable for dems. A YUGE thank you to Sundance & the CTH crew for all of your great articles during this election season. God bless Texas and MAGA!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      We’ve all been hearing about the machines in Texas flipping straight R votes from Trump to Clinton. I would be interested in your experience. We’ve decided here in Florida to vote on election day. Early voting could give the criminal Clinton machine the advantage of time to figure out how to steal the election.

      Liked by 1 person

    • TakeBackOurRepublic says:

      Liked by 1 person

  31. daughnworks247 says:

    Sundance, a YUGE thank you to you and the entire crew at CTH.
    Mind-numbing strategy and investigative reporting. You have an uncanny knack for talking people off the ledge and dealing with concern trolls.
    Sundance and family need to go on vacation November 9th.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Major Styles says:

    Those polls equate to, “No need to vote people…the election is over.”

    CNN/MSNBC/FOX…none can be trusted.


  33. Sundance, the onslaught by the media has indeed been so negative, with their reporting and false polling results, that it has indeed been disheartening for many of us. Thank you for once again helping us to understand what is happening, and thus being able to lift our heads to view the new day that is ahead for us all. I feel more optimistic after reading your articles, because I have followed you since Trump made his announcement to run for the presidency, and I believe you have been correct at every turn.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. David says:

    Latest from Accurate Politics:

    APA Polling Average: Clinton +0.3
    Enthusiasm: Trump +4.1

    Early Voting: Nevada changes from “Clinton is currently leading” to “Clinton leads, but current ratio indicates a likely Trump win” meaning that with this change it looks like Trump will carry Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Nevada. In that case Trump already stands at 265 EVs if current trends continue. http://www.accuratepolitics.com/p/early-voting.html

    State Map: No changes – Trump 265 to Clinton 244. PA and CO are tossups. http://www.accuratepolitics.com/p/state-map.html

    Liked by 1 person

  35. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Only one person in this race.
    Always was.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Ken Furutani says:

    Monster Vote appearing in blue California? Officials announced yesterday that voter registration in the state has just set a new all-time record. Yet, population growth here has been static or decreasing for the past decade.


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